He Feels That Jesus Was The First Communist

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  1. My teachers in the UK in the 1980s also told us Jesus was the first socialist. If you are not a brain washed American, still railing against universal health care etc that would be paid for thought taxation for all, etc – you would realise that Jesus wanted to help the poor and meek in society and to redistribute to ensure all are equal. Still, that's not what Fox News or the twisting of religion from your churches tell you over there

  2. my mother said Jesus's mother Mary was Jewish and Catholic people go to st. Patrick's Cathedral and pray to a Jewish woman

  3. Ignorance at its finest. I'm not religious but I know damn well that according to the bible, Jesus wanted charity, not slavery as the Communists desired. Jesus would have seen Communism as far more immoral than the Roman sell outs at the temple because Communism forces hard working people to share their wealth just because they have it. Communism is the most selfish, corrupt and immoral system ever created by man. It dictates sacrifice as a way of life, and it condemns individualism by promoting the notion that the poor ought to be poorer, provided the rich are less rich. Equally screwed.

  4. Thank you for sharing. Many people especially religious people don't like to hear the truth of matters as they exist.

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