1. So what do you think? Can people of different religious backgrounds or levels of observance make it work in a relationship?

  2. They are so genuine . I love them both. I'm wearing a smile all through out the videi becuase I could feel chemistry between them ❤❤❤❤

  3. I sympathize with the curly guy too much.
    I would never want my children to experience a internal homophobia bc of religion like I did.

  4. DAMN! Soul Pancake, ya'll gotta find me and match me with MY soul mate already…..ya'll workin' some magic up in here! Minnesota boy can GIT IT !!

  5. I think Aaron kinda looked like Darren Criss, it's the shape of his face, his nose, his eyes, especially his smile really reminding me of Darren Criss

  6. Yes, religion is a issue. Personalky myself I am not religious and I tend to stay away from dating religious men. Its a personal preferance.Both of these men are attractive, but the darker haired guy is a lot better looking.

  7. Ask him about Catholics supporting violent thugs who kill us, then blame gay people for destroying society. Ask him about child molesters in the church. Ask him why he think the bible is true when it's truly filled with evil. Ask him why Catholics hate women, and want more children in the world even though the habitat is collapsing?

    Or better yet dear. Just date someone else.

  8. The first guy that walked in I thought he was super cute…..
    Then at 0:13 he said 'him' and I was like 'Damn!' 😫

    All the good guys gotta be gay lmao 😂. They do make a good couple though. 🤗😄

  9. “Religion would be a deal breaker for me”

    1 minute later: I’d date you huge grin

    Aka, I wanna do you!

    C’mon I can’t be the only one that saw through them

  10. He kept saying the "Mormon Church" … I guess it makes sense because they hadn't made the effort to get people to stop calling it that yet … but it's never been "The Mormon Church"

  11. This is great
    This should be used on dates, it breaks the ice
    It should happen on most dates, guessing about them makes it fun

  12. The dark-haired man said at the age of 13 if they knew what we were doing they wouldn't accept it in the Mormon church. What the hell were they doing at 13 that wouldn't be accepted? That creeps me out. 13 is to Young other than innocent hand-holding kiss on the cheek and hugs, beyond that if Mormons are teaching that sex is okay at 13 and 12 there's the problem right there not the religion itself

  13. It's sad that what's driven people out of religion is people who doesn't care about anything else aside from their beliefs.

  14. I know you're all like " cute cute cute " – which it is – but you can clearly tell that the kiss at the end was initiated and wanted by Aaron (curly guy). The other one Drew, you can tell he was surprised (in a good way though).

  15. Lucky for ya aron to get drew in relationship with you. By the way, I like your hair, aron. You must smell good.

  16. Hummm… Am I the only one who felt this was more like: "I'm gonna say 'I would date you' because there are people filming this and I don't wanna be the jerk who says NO after an okay convo."?

  17. Whew the white guy is from Minneapolis? Sis, where you at?! I’m Catholic and want my kids to be familiar with religion. Sooooo let’s get lunch.

  18. Rollly polly, roll out of bed! I hope they verify before hand the sexual compatibility of these guys. Gay male sex is complex. bottom, top versatile etc etc. This is not something to be ignored. These questions don't cover that. Other than that, I Like these video. Thanks!

  19. The guy with the curly hair was on Drag Race, he was an extra on the Breastworld episode… ok, maybe I watch too much tv. Bye!

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