Hatriot Mail: You Ignorant Socialist Wannabe

All right, let’s get to hatred. What mail
for the week? A quick reminder, if you don’t know what Patriot mail is, it is when a professional
voiceover artist does interpretive readings of the hate mail that I receive. Take a listen [inaudible] it’s like email forwards from your racist
grandma on steroids. [inaudible] Patriot mail written by Patriots who hate
David Pacman because America and because freedom. Yeah, so this one, this hatred mail actually
gets at something that we’ve, we’ve been talking about for a little while and it’s the idea
of me being a sort of hidden socialist of some kind. Take a listen to this. You sir are a ignorant socialist one. A B.
I had the displeasure of listening to about 30 seconds of your horrible degrading and
accurate radio show after that 30 seconds that you were merely in this business to do
people out of money. So you would not have to do physical labor. In conclusion, I hope
the flees of a thousand camels infest your bed at night while you sleep. Listen, why would I only be a socialist wannabe,
right? I mean, number one, this is my show. Like there’s no risk to me getting fired if
I was a socialist, I would just say I’m a socialist. But more importantly, if I were
a socialist, socialism is viewed the most positively right now by society in the United
States that it’s been viewed in decades. Like what is the big advantage to me being a socialist,
but hiding it from you day in and day out and claiming that I’m actually a social Democrat.
I I’ve, why wouldn’t I just say it if I were a socialist? So this is the, we’ve heard this
one before. It falls very, very flat. And the best way to fight against nonsense like
this is to take advantage of the coupon code hatred, 40 H a T R I O T four zero. When you use that coupon code upon signing
up or in order to sign up for a membership on my website, you save 40% and it is like
a double middle finger to the hatred. It’s you’re telling them, not only am I not convinced
by your hatred, schism, I am going to support the David Pakman show with the coupon code
hatred 40 join pacman.com takes under a minute.

  1. The voice of hatriot mail is absolutely magnificent, the comments chosen are so ridiculous that they are funny and we love to make fun of them.
    However there is one element that spoils it all: David.
    Lighten up a little bit, damnit! You're not in an economics class reading some analysis about derivatives or some other technical shit. You're reading a stupid comment that you're supposed to mock, not act like a nerd. Why so serious????

  2. with AI a definite factor in the future, and most human become jobless. Now, imagine what's that world gonna be…………..caller? In the distant future, if you exist without socialist let me know.

  3. Most Americans do not know what a socialist is there is a different socialist and a social democrat, people who say this must either be bad educated or stupid…

  4. The US military is a government funded socialist program, also social security, public schools Medicare and Medicaid are all socialist programs, we live in a mixed economy, and have been for hundreds of years

  5. I have been called a Communist ,
    then I thought about it……………maybe they are right . Dr. Richard Wolff is my teacher.

  6. The fleas of a thousand camels though …. what are we talking about there? How many fleas does the average camel get? Should we assume that all camels have fleas? Or maybe some don't? I dunno ….. let's call it 50,000 fleas. Cool? Jut so we're all clear on the numbers.

  7. Interesting fact… Most of the socialist haters of today would greatly benefit from more socialist programs to help the regular people..The banks are getting a bail out right now… Guess what… That is corporate socialism… The bad guys here are corporations, bankers and politicians… Dumbed down America…

  8. Hold on, socialist wannabe? ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ So does that mean he believes Pakman wants to be a capitalist or is a capitalist? Pakman has stated he supports well regulated capitalism with stronger social safety nets.

  9. Not a good one for Hatriot bingo. Sure, we got socialist and a bit of poor grammar, but no anti-semitism, homophobia, MAGA, Parkman etc. etc. Donโ€™t yet have โ€œfleas of a thousand camelsโ€ on the card!

  10. A Big loud smashing of Stamps printing the burning title "Hatriots!!!" as intro followed by 0:22 would be awesome ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ

  11. ๐Ÿคฃ ah well, poor li'l feller .. using his best 5th grade grammar and punctuation, he must have forgotten that it's AN ignorant, socialist wannabe.

  12. Democratic socialists should really think about rebranding themselves… thereโ€™s to many people that canโ€™t get past the label

  13. Most Americans have no idea about the vast difference between socialism and democratic socialism.
    Socialism as a base to govern a country is a really bad idea and does not work. Democratic socialism is entirely different from this. It is based on capitalism, but has some more involvement of the government to it. Everybody is free to operate on the free market and make money, but there are limits on e.g. banks and insurance companies to sell scams and ponzi schemes. Remember 2008?
    Most European countries and others thrive on democratic socialism. They provide healthcare for all, education, social security nets and stability.

  14. Obviously this person must be a WHITE SUPREMACIST REPUBLICAN! Either way David, I am a fan of your and your show.
    Keep up the great WORK. Hopefully, this person gets attacked my some sort of flesh eating bacteria and he himself dies a HORRIBLE death.

  15. im a roofer, its fucking Sunday im 35 ft off the ground cradling a valley on a steep bastard & i had to stop to hit the like button as soon as i saw the hatriot mail upload

  16. OH! Damn, first I though it was Cristopher Titus that had a new episode out of the Armageddon Update podcast because of the thumbnail.

  17. We don't want this commie healthcare shit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOsqXxFZVMA&t=361s
    But then you pay for your car insurance?

  18. I noticed it didn't have an 'An' at the start of the letter before 'Ignorant'. But apart from that, this Hatriot Mail segment 'Letter' was the most articulate I've seen for quite a few months.

  19. These people are going to be a serious issue when the digital autonomous era hits over the next 10 years and they find out just how capitalism treats them.

  20. People need to rethink when they speak how they word things. Using our tax dollars we pay to the government is an investment into our selves. Just like how some invest in the Stock Market. When we pay tax dollars and they are turned around and used for things such as Military that helps all of us. No one person can afford to pay for military protection. When we pay our tax dollars and they are turned around and used for education that helps all of us. No one person can afford to pay for education for everyone. When we pay our tax dollars and they are turned around to be used for our medical that helps us all. No one can afford to pay for everyone's medical. "OK, sure Karma no one can. But why should I contribute to your health your education or safety?" The answer is really simple, "When everyone is safe our Nation is safe. When everyone is educated our nation becomes stronger and more productive in healthier businesses. We do not need so much legislation preventing us from doing things because some of us are unable to make a good choice on their own. When everyone is able to see a doctor our Nation is able to keep moving forward on the first two because healthy people are more productive." I like to remind people about the traveler fable that had a cooking pot and a magic stone. When this traveler went to farming places he would have everyone bring something from their farm. The man who grew corn brought corn, the man who raised cows bought meat. So on and So on. The traveler then placed his stone into the pot and proceeded to cook the ingredients. One ingredient by itself doesn't make a meal, but when everyone contributed to the magic stone a large, healthy meal was the outcome. How we phrase things and what words we use really make a difference. George Carlin has a routine about this very thing. He uses different words showing how they become more and more less threatening and politically correct over time. This prevents the words from doing damage to any one that might counter the word. One such word is "Shell Shock", he explains when men first came home after WW1 they were "Shell Shock" this then got rephrased to be something else after the next war and so on and so on and now we have PTSD. The word is not even a blink of our eye now, there is little compassion conveyed from the four letters of the alphabet. Yet when you think "Shell Shock" you think of an ex military personal hearing cannons, airplanes and machine guns going off in their head and them either trying to duck for cover or attacking someone. When you hear "Shell Shock" you want something to be done you want some form of action taken so this doesn't happen again. When the word becomes PTSD you just want to give a person a pill. So next time someone calls you a Socialist just tell them it is your money you paid for in taxes and you want to have a say in how those monies are used.

  21. "The fleas of a thousand camels"? WTF? Why not "the petals of a thousand roses" or "the adulation of a thousand nymphs" or something a bit more poetic? Oh yeah, hatriots are dumb and humorless. Never mind.

  22. Lets go over some disturbing facts. Did you know that 92% of all FEMA Funds that are collected in Democratic cities are spent and Republican states every single year!!!!
    Did you know that FEMA will rebuild their house 10 with TAXPAYER MONEY, but will never ask them to move!!!!!!!

    The 13 richest states are literally both coastlines and have been democratically-controlled for more than 20 years, where houses cost $200,000 and up because the economies are so strong!
    The 33 poorest states are Republican controlled and have been for more than 20 years where houses cost less than $100,000 because the economies are so weak!

    People who don't own cars still pay towards the roads
    People who don't have kids still pay towards the schools
    People whose house has never been on fire still pay the fire department
    People who have never been in a car accident still pay for insurance every month
    People who don't like or watch sports still pay for the stadiums that are built all over the United States
    97% of FEMA funds that are spent by Republican cities are collected in democratic cities
    Social Security and Medicare are the biggest socialism programs on the planet where we look out for each other and we have a safety net for the extremely poor because a rising tide lifts all boats
    America was literally built on Democratic socialism and 85% of it runs to this day
    Capitalism is just a Ponzi scheme with golden parachutes and quid pro quo kickbacks years down the road with a revolving door between government and corporations all while screaming too-big-to-fail on one hand and yelling at companies for price gouging on the other hand…

  23. โ€œI hope your bed gets infested with camel fleasโ€ is pretty funny. These guys have come a long way from โ€œlibtardโ€

  24. I wish these people would get away from Fox and all US mainstream media for a while. They would discover a whole new world out there based on reality. But they really don't care. They only want to hear what makes them feel warm and cuddly. Like true snowflakes.

  25. It's ok David – Einstein was a "Socialist Wannabe" as well. He had a vision as to the best future for mankind – it was as a Socialist society. His essay on Socialism is worth the read – I had to read it 5 times so far. It's hard to fully understand that man's mind but I think I'm getting an idea as to why…

  26. I fully recognize that greed run rampant is destructive, but personally I don't think the human species is ready to attempt to fully implement a post-capitalist socialist economy, ergo we need to remain mixed, just recognize and properly fund those areas where greed causes the most damage.

  27. If it makes you feel any better David, I just got called a commie for saying "If your against UBI or policies to help end poverty, I'm sorry but I was taught Americans can do anything they set their mind to. ๐Ÿ™„ Sorry you're so pessimistic." ๐Ÿ˜‚ I guess the American dream means nothing to these supposed patriots.

  28. Socially Responsible Capitalism exists in several democracies world wide. If you want to know the definition of Socialism you'd better look it up because it isn't what you've been told by main stream media in the United States since the 1980's. America is the only fully developed nation to NOT offer universal healthcare to it's citizens. America and Papua New Guinea are the only two nations on Earth that do not offer paid maternity leave. I had to look on a map to find Papua New Guinea.

    The very minute everyday Americans point out the fact that other countries provide pre-k and latch key programs to help working parents, the ultra-rich holler "Socialism!" or "Redistribution of wealth!". Well, as I see it, a very small 10% minority of the ultra-rich are very busy "redistributing" the wealth of the 90% majority of Americans right back into their already over-stuffed pockets. Reverse Citizens United and Accomplish Campaign Finance Reform if you wish to "keep" our democracy, but do look up Socialism so that we can define Socially Responsible Capitalism AS Capitalism and work toward a better future for ALL Americans. Not just the wealthy few.

  29. โ€œ so you would not have to do physical laborโ€. Hmm, letโ€™s see, the caller is obviously in favor of capitalism and Donald trump who grabs a shovel and a hammer to go to work every day.

  30. This guy doesnt know David at all! If i know anything about David, it's that he wouldnt get into a bed he suspected of having a single flea in it.

  31. Donโ€™t let your Racist Grandma use Steroids! (my advice to 1 of 2 meanings from the Intro)

  32. The right wing radicals always scream tag words like "socialism" any time there is a discussion about a fair tax code, and fair ocial and health services. The reality is they' want a "fascist, totalitarian" government. If we had a true capitalist society in the US. we wouldn't have a market that's rigged for the rich, oil prices that are controlled by the rich. We would have rents, goods and services that would go up and down with the economy. Instead, we have been lied to for the past 2 years about a strong economy. We don't. That's why rent prices in NYC are so high. Just wait. In 2008/2009, landlords were forced to bring down rent prices, and that's going to be happening soon. That should have happened two years ago.

  33. Would be nice to see what exactly this individual thinks is inaccurate and horrible, but I am guessing he/she just doesnโ€™t like having beliefs questioned. Granted, no one does, but the minute you stop listening is when you stop learning. Sad to see

  34. Number two, why would you stop at a thousand camels why don't you get the fleas of a million camels infest in your bed I mean go all the way David don't let that don't let that guy stop you short! LOL

  35. These are the same people you see on Judge Judy, Jerry Springer and Honey Boo Boo..
    Not exactly our best & brightest lol

  36. I love this segment โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ Exposing idiots ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  37. It always amusing when someone like this moron calls someone else ignorant when they themselves are the total embodiment of the word.

  38. Harriot Mail is my favorite.. I find it hilarious that these people take the time to write in without thought. The things they say Crack me up.. This person acts like being a Democratic Socialist is a bad thing just like being a liberal ๐Ÿ˜†

  39. So…IS David a socialist? Saying wannabe implies that David is not…
    Also, was anyone able to decipher the second half of that Hatriot?

  40. My brother-in-law, a tRump supporter who's lived his ENTIRE life off social programs, first off a father who was retired from the military and worked on an Air Force base as a civilian, then in the Air Guard for years himself until he retired, and is married to a woman who works for the public school system, HATES socialism.

    He's, never in his life, received a pay check from a non-government source. Tax payers have paid for his entire existence. Just odd that he's so opposed to government run programs and supports tRump.

  41. after 30 seconds of listening to hatriot mails, you know the author has the mental capability of a (not so smart) child. so he hates ben shapiro/random right winger for not doing physical labor? no logic at all.

  42. "…so you don't have to do physical labor"

    Exactly, why can't you just be a proponent of capitalism while having your physical labor be exploited by capitalists that make other people do the physical labor, while sitting on their ass, profiting from it?
    This dipshit does know that being a contributing member of society through physical labor is a socialist concept, right?
    The essence of capitalism is literally getting other people to do the work for you, and making money off of that labor to invest.

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