Okay. Things are sort of mixed up this week because
of the 4th of July holiday. So the Wednesday show is going to be the day
we take live calls instead of the Friday show. That would cause us to miss out on hatred
mail, which a lot of people don't want to do a, so we are going to get to hatred mail
a day early today. Quick Reminder. What is hatred? Mail? This is hatred mail. Hey, we'd probably poison our entire family
of Trump. Told us to, but remember, it's not a cold. Hey, triaged written by patriots who hate
David Pacman because America and because freedom. Okay. Uh, this week's hatred mail, picking up on
a theme from Donald Trump's state of the Union address and that has continued, which is the
theme of this is not going to become a communist country, which of course is a total straw
man talking point because there's really no threat of the United States becoming a communist
country. Take a listen to this. Pacman is a wishy washy word smithing Jew
using vague terms like progressive's when it's all if cover for social democracy, socialism,
communism, and are kiss him, et cetera. Progressive doesn't mean just because of vague
idea of progress is involved. It communist specific kind as progress. They see it as conservativism in human clothes. We will never even be communists mag sa. Yeah, mags. A some kind of make America greatly stupid
again, I guess is what Maxa would mean. A, I'm going to assume that's a typo based
on the proximity of a and s on computer keyboards. The number one way to fight hatred, autism
and to push back against it is to sign up for a David Pakman show membership and use
the coupon code hatred 40 the coupon code hatred 40 saves you 40% off of a membership. You get all of the same member benefits as
everybody else who paid full price a and hatred. It's don't like it when their hatred autism
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your [email protected]

  1. The level of illiteracy amongst the US citizenry is astounding. The education system must have been bad long before de Voss was appointed. I hate to think what it's like now.

  2. Sometimes i think these arent real because they are just so bizarre and stupid but then i read the chat at TYT and i am reminded that people that think this way do exist

  3. That idiot was drunk for sure. They're calling Dems commies when they are the ones supporting the commie Russian asset Trump. Ugh.

  4. David Pakman, don't worry, 55% of Americans are mentally defective, illiterate, inbred or Evangelicals. How else could you support a total moron like Trump?

  5. I would love to see the Venn diagram that the hatriot drew up to include anarchism with social democracy.

  6. I live in central Europe. I have noticed that many of these 'patriot' types are exactly the same people who supported the communist regimes in this part of the world. None of them were involved in the opposition to communism who they now term as being 'lefties'. So a Ronald Reagan supporting, hard core anti communist such as myself is now left wing according to these ex communists. And you thought you had it bad in the US!

  7. Here's a thought: Karl Marx said "Capitalism will destroy itself through its own contradictions". Prove him wrong, Billionaire class. Do something to promote a living wage, peace and stability, and a healthy environment.

    If you don't, chaos is inevitable. Time is running out.

  8. Let's clear the air here. MAGA really stands for "Make America Gullible Again". Ponder on that a while and let the darkness seep into your every pore.

  9. They hate communism but somehow people like him can’t buy class through capitalism … nor education. Trailer trash with money will always be trailer trash with money , just like trump .

  10. But we will throw communist parades on Independence Day complete with fucking tanks and other bull shit that we all know we already have. Someone please help me out what other Comrades I mean countries do this kind of bull shit. I won’t be surprised at all if they have soldiers goose stepping down the roads of DC.

  11. Capitalism is not the final stage of human economic evolution. It can't be. As for socialism, apparently its the same as social democracy now. I'll let everyone argue it out then we'll go from there. But Communism is a good thing. Any right winger that says Communism has killed millions, ignores the fact that it was the capitalists who fight it to preserve capitalism and it certainly isn't socialism or communism that is responsible for climate change.

  12. How is it the superAmericans suck so bad at the English language? It's like it's not their mother tongue…

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