Hatriot Mail: Soyboy Antife Types Get to Me. TUULSI!

Okay, let’s get to hatred mail. This may be
the rare left wing hatred mail at least to some extent. Before we get to that, a quick
reminder of what hatred mail is because it’s time to make America hate again.
Hey Tree at [inaudible] written by patriots who hate David Pacman because America and
because freedom. So we, I, I recently was hearing from a few
people who said, do you ever get left wing hate mail? And I do, but it often does not
lend itself to hatred mail. I think that this week’s hatred mail may qualify as left-wing
hatred. Mail. Take a listen to this. I’m not a fan of Trump bleeds. Ooh, soy boy
and TV types really get to me. President Trump isn’t doing us badly. What is the point of
criticizing? So some communist hack can get in. Bernie Lizzy, the only damn that makes
sense is tools z and the dims already screwed her. You’ll never learn, huh? Trump 2020 is
the result. Have Fun with that. I’m leaving the country. So someone who is threatening to leave the
country over, Donald Trump being reelected, who says Tulsi is the only good choice and
doesn’t like what I’m doing and talks about soy antifa stuff. This seems like the closest
to left-wing hatred mail that we’ve received, right? At least to some degree, I guess it’s
at least ostensibly or putatively a left wing hatred mail. It’s rare, but I guess it does
exist and here it is a apparently from a Tulsi supporter, no less. Make sure that you know
the way to fight hatred, autism in your community, use the coupon code. Hey Tree at 40 hat, r
I o t four zero. When you sign [email protected] you will save 40% off of a membership and
it sends a message to the Patriots that you will not be intimidated by their hatred. Autism,
thank you.

  1. There are people who substantively like Tulsi, and there are those like this hatriot who basically are just objectifying her. Her policies are fairly in line with Bernie's, so the only reason for a nitwit like this to like her but hate him is "mommy Tulsi" or whatever

  2. Lots of trump supporters like Tulsi and Yang because they dont talk about social issues as much. The social issues are primarily what triggers them. They call Bernie a communist but these people probably wouldn't mind medicare for all or UBI.
    For Tulsi specifically, she was pro Assad which a lot of people who supported Trump in 2016 were.

  3. When people say my grammar is bad, and I don't see how it is wrong. I really hope this is not what they mean by "bad". Please say it's not that horrible. 😂 If it is then I'm leaving the country because I can't catch a break from the grammar police.

  4. As a resident of Illinois and the biggest soy-producing state, I take exception to the repeated vilification of this great nutritious and healthy foodstuff.

  5. and people got mad when TJ said there's a subset of people who follow Tulsie because of her appearance. She's basically budget Bernie lets be real. If this guy likes Tulsie and hates Bernie, then its gotta be the peepee calling the shots here.

  6. It's closer to left than the usual nutters, but that's not saying much. Also, bit of a side note, but things like "soy boy" seems to have replaced "gay" and the more offensive variants as the pejorative of choice for a lot of people. Anyone ran into this, or am I behind the curve?

  7. LOL even antifa think the left is retarded!!!! what an all time low for you guys. tulsi is the only good choice-true!!! poor weak minded lefties cant even get extreme; even antifa know its it.

  8. I don't get why the left hates Tulsi but loves Elizabeth Warren id pick Tulsi any day over I was a Republican in the 90s warren,

  9. I doubt that this is a left winger, but let's just take a moment to express regret for mental health problems that afflict both the right and left wings of America…….especially the on the right.

  10. Fuck tulsi and her fauxgressive regressive B.S. She threw every progressive under the bus when she allowed that hack, that two faced brown nosed snake Dubin to frame the questions the way he did. She even went along with some of his outrageous presuppositions in a bid to suck up to his mentally retarded audience.

  11. I’ve seen hundreds of trumptards saying they’re voting for Tulsi.

    Mind you, they’re also saying “i’d smash” at the same time

  12. Must be a Joe "parrot stupid random shit here" Rogan chud.
    I'd vote for Tulsi over a corporate Dem but the "communist hack" is at the top of my list.

  13. Tulsi is the best choice… And you are a pandering soy boy. Im a trump supporter been a dem my whole life but im not tribel and only vote dem or republican im for the better person for the country as a whole. Dave all you do is make money off playing with the peoples emotions spread false news and corrupt narritives. Im a boston boy welpt and wipped your a racist privledged white boy that couldn't walk down blue hill eithout getting beat up. Your are out of touch with the actual society around you like slot of you ravisylt white privledged ass clownsvim on the streets with people everyday what you say is one meaningless but also just such a joke otd be funny if it wasnt such a bold face lie half the times. Ive been around white people like you my whole life i have some counsins just like you, you cant fool me man whats the worst is online youve found a group of like minded privledged asshats that got nothing better to do then to pander and talk about shit they know nothing about and scream racist becaude they knowb(frpm being a racost themselves) thats one of the lowest things ypu can be in normal (hispanic and black neighborhoods). Its pamderong projection and plain malice.

  14. I am not a tulsi supporter but it is clear that he dug this up as another way to dis tulsi. It’s just him saying look how stupid her supporters are. Pakman and tyt are all out anti tulsi. I think they hate her more than cnn and the dnc.

  15. Here's a tip don't bother making videos out of people who are not serious people. You're getting sidetracked by trolls don't get off the trail of the dredge uits oh, hell I'll leave that LOL the Jesuits

  16. Wait did he actually not get it was a memer redeemer or just…was he on the next lvl where he knew it was a trollol n went with it cus lul?

  17. … I hate to tell you david but whomever that was, they arent left wing. No leftist complains about soy boys and antifa, dude. Thosw two things are exclusive to the right, no leftist is against antifa or soy boys. And Tulsi is right wing as hell. I'm just saying, im a mega lefty and I may see some people that like Tulsi's anti war stance (wrongly, cuz she is all talk), thats it.

  18. Is that even a left winger? Right wingers love tulsi dude you should find a real leftwing hater many different genre of lefties have a bone to pick with you.

  19. It's worded fairly consistently with the style of the average troll. However, it might just be the average american? j/k. I know it's ~not… 😐

  20. pac man is on the right tracks to become a fake news provider on major network , he will follow the path of the great rachel maddow

  21. What's next? A pro-Biden antisemite who hates Bernie Sanders, or a leftist who spews conspiracies about David Pakman's ties to AIPAC?

  22. Back in July I came up with a mock Hatriotesque comment I was going to type in the next Hatriot Mail video, but I forgot about it. It's mildly chuckle-worthy, so here it goes:

    "JuLY??? Moor like JEW LIE because PaRkmann's a gAy JEW!!!"

    I'll see myself out now.

  23. That was a Trump supporter.
    They just said Tulsi was the only good Dem, that's not support. They are probably leaving country for better work not cause Trump is getting in.
    It didn't sound connected.
    Trump supporter or Dem, alot of us don't like all this fighting.

  24. I see this sometimes. Many on the left, whether they be conservative leftists or leftist leftists, get all silly when their person isn't "supported by the dems" or is "cheated by the dems". It always ends up with some conspiracy theory by others on the left. At this point the dems are demonized by this person, and attacked for not promoting their guy. Going back to the Bernie ["fiasco"] of 2016, my take on it was simply that the dems thought Hillary had a better chance than the perceived "socialist". They also thought it was time for a woman. I felt the same way, too, though I was a Bernie supporter. I understood why the dems got behind Hillary. I sort of believed in that choice, and maybe still do. I am not a Hillary Hater.

  25. I don't hate you, but I do hate it when people equate criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism. I mean, I just watched a video where you criticized Israel, but if a Muslim or even a Christian criticizes Israel, you have a tendency to smear them, as you did Ilhan Omar and Linda Sarsour.

  26. Like most people here, I would assume that is a Trump troll rather than an honest Tulsi supporter.. however I think trolls always have to be dismissed as noise. Don't assume those trump trolls are genuine trump supporters either. It could be any third party seeking to profit from polarisation, or just your basic low IQ sociopath looking for the only sort of emotional interaction they can manage. It is not worth trying to deduce anything at all about the real world from anything a troll produces. They are not just bad data, they are bad data crafted with bad intent.

  27. I love Hatriot Mail, it's kind of of like casual sex in that you enjoy it while it's happening and then forget about it. But this one has me bothered and still thinking about it. I think it was a Trumpie posing as a Tulsi supporter. But the spelling errors in this Hatriot Mail seemed gratuitous. And it also lacked the usual homophobic and anti-Semitic elements. Could it be that a fake Hatriot Mail slipped through the copious screening process David tells us his staff uses? I just don't know.

  28. LOL!! Fake AF. First says Trump isn't doing so bad. Then says he's leaving the country when Trump wins again. 🤦🏾‍♂️

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