Hatriot Mail: Somebody Call Me Phedopile

Okay. It’s time for hatred, mail, hatred,
mail. Of course, when a professional voiceover artist does interpretive readings of the hate
mail that I received day in and day out, quick reminder about hatred, mail. Hey, we’d probably poison our entire family of
Trump told us too. But remember, it’s not a call Patriot written by patriots who hate David
Pacman because America and because freedom. Okay. We have a new word coined here. I’m
going to ask your help in getting this one into urban dictionary. If you successfully
get this word into urban dictionary, please send me a link. Of course, there should be
a definition that references the David Pakman show as there is for the word Patriot fever
int and maybe some others. I’m not sure. Now that word is feed a pile. Feed a pile. Okay.
Not Pedophile. We’re reversing and the word is feed a pile. Take a listen to this. Pacman, you are the part of the problem because
you compare Trump narrative with Nazi narrative about Jews. But Nazis are lying about Jews,
like they are filthy, et cetera. And Trump never said, and you dems just handle the true.
My gay friend told me long time ago to said to me, everybody can call me with any bad
names and I don’t care. But when somebody call me federal pile just because I am gay,
then I am really pissed off. And that your narrative is going to be the key for Trump
when in 2020, this is just something else. Feed a pile.
Nazis, Nazis, Naz, I. E. S. Uh, we can’t handle the true, this is not auto correctly. It isn’t
gentleman’s that this actually seems like a lack of spell check more than more than
anything else. I don’t have an explanation for it. I just present it to you and uh, I’m
asking for your help in getting the word feed, a pile into urban dictionary. That is p h
e d. O. P. L. E. Remembered, the best way to fight hatred, autism in your community,
uh, is to sign up for a membership to our show using the coupon code hatred 40. That’s
h. A. T. R. I. O. T for zero.

  1. An example as to why the Trumpers are considered to be illiterate and thick, it is astounding that they can't speak or write in their mother's tongue…lol

  2. Oh also, DAVID… you’ve definitely done something to piss off the Google gods. It could just be some unconscious bias now that I’m paying more attention to the regularity of content in my feed. It appears that Giggles algorithm change isn’t just lending favoritism towards mainstream media, it seems like you’re singled out more than Sam,Kyle, & others. I watch more right wing media on here than is good for anyone’s health(to keep up with the propaganda the red hats are being fed) but recently your channel specifically always seems to be followed by Fox News or something from the right. I have several Gmail accounts, even with switching back-and-forth between them just to see how much my viewing history affects it, doesn’t really seem to matter. And I’d say it’s probably been a couple of months since the last time you just popped up in my feed, without having to manually search for you. If there’s anything I can do to help with specific patterns of liking and sharing to increase your chances in YouTube-land, let me know. I’m sure there’s some bias in my opinion here, but I don’t believe there’s a more honest person giving the news out there today than you. It is much appreciated.

  3. The orange man is a pathological liar but has one attribute when he opens his mouth whatever comes out doesn't send me searching the internet to understand what he's talking about which I can't say about most of the chicken shit congrees and media!

  4. Coming from people who's political representatives only this week were trying to excuse rape and incest…. LMFAO!

  5. In all seriousness, there is no way that English is this person's first language. Probably just a troll from outside the US.

  6. If you take change phedo to the Greek root phaedo you've got something to do with the soul. Change pile to the Latin root -pil and you've got something to do with hair. I think phaedopile must therefore refer to that beard style the soul patch. Just don't call it that to anyone who wears one.

  7. David, we saw those ehow pics of you helping instruct basketball moves. ⛹️ We know you're a physical education lover…you can't hide it! 😂

  8. maybe the hatriot thinks (sorry thinks?) that they are agay, (the term agay is the correct name) but they must be hidden as bit as most of the ass-holes cannot think, read or use spell check, but live in the sticks in the south but go ape-sh*t on homosexuals. maybe they should be outed so that his neighbours can let billy bob the the boy go whoop ass on him

  9. Too funny! 😂
    Side note: Right-Wingers are obsessed with Pedophiles and Pedophilia for some reason. Strange. 🤔

  10. This is what happens when someone with an IQ of 65 gets brainwashed by the right and just GOES OFF… lolololol.. please keep em coming. This made my morning.

  11. The person who sent that needs mental health care asap because people like that don't need to be around the rest of us who hate stupidity

  12. it's really funny to read comment upon comment of intellectually lazy arrogant people making fun of a supposed baseborn education (weren't the lefties the champions of the ignorant and the oppressed ???) while not having any idea of what they are talking about. If the "intellighentsia" on the left had brains instead of a formal education in pseudo sociology maybe it would have understood what that chap meant "pakman (lol what a funny name) is telling lies"… like all you nitw.ts by the way.
    Cure your TDS cause 2020 is coming.

  13. The Trump campaign is worried about suburban women. For good reason.
    –Greg Sargent, WaPo, August 21/19

    Then there’s what happened in the 2018 midterm elections. As the Politico story notes:

    Exit polls from CNN found that women backed Democratic candidates over Republicans by a margin of 19 percentage points in 2018, the largest gap in more than three decades.
    In Pennsylvania, 56 percent of suburban female voters surveyed on Election Day said they disapproved of Trump’s job performance, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll.

  14. How this Hatriot's brain doesn't simply implode from a lack of substance (physical and mental) between their ears is beyond all science to explain at its current levels.

  15. Resorting to insults when you have nothing else. Wait, I just saw that letter. That's a mentally distorted MAGA rumpus.

  16. Hate mail is justified. It's not my fault you're a pussy ass lying Marxist commie. You perpetuate the hegelian dialect for your own personal gain by pretending there isn't a problem on the left. You're an evil subhuman traitor

  17. What was the point of showing this? Obviously the person is an idiot why even bother giving it a platform to spread this stupidity?

  18. David Pakman was right, youtube is keeping independent news from us, I did not see a Pakman link, Kyle Kulinski, Jesse Dollemore, or Farron Cousins at all during the week, not once, instead my suggestions were from msnbc in the form of "morning doe" "AM ploy" and others. This weeding out of independent voices is atrocious and needs to be stopped, corporations run corporate news and therefore ONLY THEIR INTERESTS AND MONEY INTERESTS are discussed and covered on their programs i.e. Aleppo Syria, the Rohingya crisis, Yemen, and now the Amazon fires….corporate news will never tell the truth, it will cost them views which equals money….WAKE UP!

  19. No offence David, it appears that you've got quite the right wing following which has enabled you to produce these incredible telling segments.
    When dealing with lemons, make lemonade!
    Perhaps this can allow you to realise a potential revenue stream through approaching companies marketing spell check and grammar check applications such that the individuals so compelled to send such opinions do not come off as having the inability to communicate effectively through the written word.
    If their ability to express themself is a direct consequence of the education system in America…
    sad, very sad indeed.

  20. So, you REALLY still don't think Russian and Chinese bots are messing with you??? Really?? What do you actually think the Russian trolls DID in 2016?? THIS exact crap! Maybe we should have a discussion about WHY and HOW this type of stuff is so effective. You would THINK that this is just a huge waste of their time, but look at how much exposure this one troll got. Imagine someone watching this video who actually DOES think like the guy in the letter…but was sort of on the fence. Maybe he could sort of sense how stupid his own thoughts were so he never really indulged them. But now he sees this video and sees that someone else has the same ideas he does and he thinks "Someone else thinks the same things I do! Maybe they weren't such stupid thoughts after all! Maybe I'll run with my beliefs and let them keep getting crazier and dumber."

  21. Some need to tell that caller that David can't be a Phedopile because David is already a Gay white and very dead teenager which was on the news many years back.

  22. 😂😂😂 It’s been a hard long week and I’ve got to say thank you for the laughter! Whew! That was a good one!!! 😂😂😂

  23. MOST pedophiles are conservative … FACT. This depraved behaviour is highlighted by the fact these people like to hide in closets and are not progressive about their behaviour. MOST violent criminals have conservative views. ALL religious nuts, irrespective of their faith are conservatives. the root cause of these problems is conservatism.

  24. That was nigh straight up word salad. That guy (you know it's a guy) needs to see a doctor or that stroke is going to do him in.

  25. Not sure this went the way you intended, Mr. Pakman. This is the only definition I could find on UrbanDict. FWIW, I give you money, and I'd have to be paid to watch Sam Seder (I don't have a problem with him, I just don't care for his show).


    What a gay friend gets pissed off at when someone calls him that. Something to do with a copycat of Sam Seder.

    Hatriot: My gay friend told me long time ago to said to me , everybody can call me with any bad names and i don’t care , but when somebody call me phedopile just because i am gay then i am really pissed off. 
    David Pakman: Wut? 
    Hatriot: and that your narative is gonna be the kee for Trump win in 2020


  26. people hate nearly everything these days without ceasing – I wish folks could just calm down and learn to love themselves first…

  27. Hang on now, no one called you a phedopile. The author wrote that their gay friend (note the use of the singular, cause you only need of them) once said that if someone had called them a phedopile just for being gay they would be really pissed off. I get that. Gay or not, if some calls me a pile of pretty much anything it's going to piss me off as well.
    As to what it is and getting defined in Urban Dictionary – obviously it's a pile 'o pheds. Now if we can just figure out a "phed" is…

  28. Phedopile: Phe-do-pile /fedo pīl/: noun:

    The pile of dusty fedoras you bought in 2010 and never wore because you were too embarrassed.

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