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“Out of all the democratic
presidential candidates, if you had to be stuck with one
of them in an elevator overnight, who would you pick and why?” This is from Barbara. Um… I would kick it with Hickenlooper just so I could find out who he is. I’d be like, “Who are you?
What’s your story?” And then Elizabeth Warren ’cause she would definitely probably
know how to fix the elevator. She’ll be like, “I know how to
do this, I have a book on it.” “Did you watch the Fortnite world cup?” Uh, I missed it. We were writing the show so
I was like, “Hey, just record it.” But it’s crazy that that
16-year-old won $3 million. You know there’s gonna be like
a 30 for 30 on him in a few years. It’ll be like, “What happened to Kyle? He blew all his money on Mountain
Dew Code Red and Doritos.” Do you guys – Does anyone
here play video games? Nobody? Just you? Why are people so embarrassed?
Do you play video games? I’m amazed that only, like,
a few people play video games. Or they – Nobody plays Fortnite? Say what? Same here. But then, like, wasn’t that crazy when
you look at, like, the total number? Like, how much revenue it generated. It’s… That I couldn’t believe. That was wild. Played, past tense? What? Wait, your love of the NHL
is higher than video games? Man, the NHL joke really rubbed you
that, like, you were like… Fuck, okay. You’re like, “Endemic sexism, all that stuff,
that’s fine, farting, humping, cool. NHL though, dude?” I just said the NHL’s happy
to be a part of the graph! Damn, alright. Alright. You play? Why, why are we so
embarrassed about this? This is not– Dude, this whole thing has
become like herpes. It’s like, we’re just not gonna
talk about it? Alright. Yeah. But – So, okay who plays Fortnite? Okay. Does he freak out when
you pull the iPad away? I’ve seen so many meltdowns in airports. Oh, after you saw the $3 million? Are you Indian? That’s such an Indian parent thing to say. Like, “After seeing how much
money you can make, I…” Alright, “Which president from past to present
time would you trade places with and why?” This is from Sally. Um… I would say William Taft. I read that he had a huge bathtub. “What would be the way you would
dictionary-depict an Indian fuckboy?” This is from Preeti. Um, I dunno, it’d be like, it’d be like, uh, someone you know, who’s,
like, with like a lined up beard, and, They’re, like, really into sneakers, and… and into black culture, and, uh, I dunno, they think liking Jay-Z gives them a personality. Oh wait. Oh this is good, I like this. Uh, “What’s your take on Brexit?” Um… I think the Boris Johnson thing’s hilarious. He has to deliver by Halloween.
He’s not going to. I just think that, like, as Indians we should
just be celebrating. This is karma, baby. There’s Indian people in like,
in his staff, right? In his cabinet. Which to– Which to me,
that’s just beautiful. What’s your theory? I think that
they’re doing the long play? You think they’re crazy but what if,
what if this was a 70-year long play? Right? After partition they’re like, “Hear me out, our family – we’re gonna move
to London, I’m gonna get up in that cabinet.” Just be like, “Yeah, yeah, yeah,
we should totally separate.” don’t you think it’s just great
payback for colonialism? You don’t see it that way? I’m like, you think they’re awful,
I think they’re sleeper cells. I’m like, “Oh, I see what– I see
what’s going on.” “What are you most hopeful about
for your daughter’s future?” Wow, alright. You guys are writing some deep ones. I think the amount of women
getting involved in politics is such a cool thing that
she’s getting to see. I mean, she can’t… She’s… What if she was like, “This is awesome.” She can’t even talk, like… She, like, takes out her
pacifier and she’s like… Um, but no, it’s a still–
It’s a small percentage but, like, we’re seeing, you know,
the AOCs, the Ilhans, it’s cool. What’s that? I think of that all the time. I think about that all the time, I’m trying. Fuck. Yeah, I wish it went down to here. But then it would look weird, like I’m like… Dude, y’all are ruthless. Like, can I live? Like, Eddie, like. I’m out here doing full on, these… and now you’re just calling me
out on my finger placement? Geez. Dan, comedy in 2019 am I right,
like, my pocket placement? I think it’s a simple– but then I’m limited
in the number of pants I can wear. Be like, “These pants were great,” “this doesn’t work.” What if the solution was just sweats? I just wear sweats. I’m like, here up sweater,
just sweats down– Everyone’s like, “What’s up
with them? But his– did you see the way he puts
his hands in his pockets?” You feel like the popularity has changed me? Oh, I thought it was
a statement. I was like… What if you guys met backstage you’re like, “I’ll talk to him about his pockets,
you talk to him about his…” [laughs] Uh, has changed me? This is – You guys are–
this is getting, like, super deep. Did my sister call you? “Call him right now, he doesn’t call Mom
enough, he doesn’t dah dah dah dah…” Pockets, you think I’ve
changed? You think I’m– Yo, sometimes I’ve just gotta take the L. I take the L. I concede, I concede. Do you like the stripe, though?
You like the stripe? Come on, you gotta give me something. I can’t live, I can’t – I can’t win. I can’t win. You’ve gotta take this up with wardrobe. You know what’s crazy, wardrobe– You know, um, a philosopher
named Tan France, once told me… Fashion is about feeling
comfortable in your own skin. And I feel comfortable in my own
skin even with – Yeah. In. My. Own. Skin. I’m joking, I’m joking, I’m joking. Oh, so you wanna know the full story? So, UC Santa Cruz is just one of the jokes
that we made on the show, it’s like a running joke. Did you go to SC, Santa Cruz? But it’s a running– it’s a
running joke on the show. And uh, and then we were doing
a big story about the Ivy Leagues. And so, one of… one of our associate
producers on the show went to Cornell and I was like, “You’re
smarter than me, like, what’s Cornell’s ranking in
terms of, like, all the Ivies?” She’s like, “It’s kinda, like, on the lower.” And then I’m like, “Oh, so it’s like
the UC Santa Cruz of the Ivies?” And she’s was like, “Heyyyyy.” But she was a really good sport about it. Why did you get destroyed? Because
you represent all of Cornell? You know what’s crazy I did a– that UC Santa Cruz joke and then
this guy came after me online and he was like, “Hey man, how dare
you make fun of UC Santa Cruz. I have to go to job interviews. You need to change your
opinion about our school.” And then he goes, “Lives are at stake.” I’m like, damn you can’t… you can’t make fun
of Santa Cruz, Cornell, the NHL, people! Oh hell no. Eldest, are you kidding me? That is such a younger sister
question, oh my God. Next! What? Yes! What are the benefits of marrying
a Patel besides the free hotels? Nah, it’s beautiful. We have a–
like, I have a huge family. There’s a lot of, there’s a lot of people
that are like, “I’m your wife’s cousin!” Yeah, yeah, yeah that’s cool. Yeah, yeah. I now love Babu Ji.
Babu Ji’s great. It’s great. What’s up? What do I have against Naila Aunty? Ohhhhh. You just needed a really great aunty name. Naila Aunty is a great,
it’s a great… it’s a classic. I know, but it’s so specific,
it has a nice ring to it. Yeah, It’s like, it’s like, it’s like for an
uncle name, Irfan is a great name, like. “Irfan,” like it just has a good ring to it. I know. I… You know if I’ve learned one thing –
Can you record this for the podcast? If I’ve learned one thing today, I’ve learned
I have a lot of faults that, Eddie, I’ve gotta change about myself. I’ve gotta change my pants, I gotta
change my position on the NHL. I gotta stop making fun of Cornell. And Naila Aunty.

  1. For anyone asking why he's not talking about Kashmir… It's called "Deep Cuts" not "Chop Off"! It's still ongoing and people are dying, so it's literally too soon.

  2. Please don't do an episode on Kashmir.. We are trying a new chapter by making it an integral part and spreading love, we want everyones support towards it and … spread no predefined notions… Just give us some time to prove ourselves, after that you deserve all the right to anything of ur choice 🙂

  3. Hassan, please do one on how big skincare companies are trying to close down affordable ones like The Ordinary. Would love to see your team's insights on this

  4. Can you do one show on Baluchistan , pakistan occupied kashmir and pashtunistan. How these ppl are suppressed killed and brutalised day in day out ? Also killing conversion of all religious minority and forced extinction of same …

  5. Can you please do an episode on the influence racism and sexism has on the high infant mortality rate in black female children? Thanks.

  6. The only way to destroy strong nation's is by breaking them up into smaller states through propaganda. Nietzsche said this is how China would fall. The e.u. wasn't formed untill after his death; otherwise he would have pointed this out about the e.u.

  7. 0:56 I do! 😭 I'm surprised that not a lot of people in his audience play either. Maybe some of them were too embarrassed to admit it, that or they all just has busy lives.

  8. Sometimes, I like the video and then I think about how much I enjoyed watching a clip and I wanna like..like the channel so people know how entertaining it is. But..u can’t like channels. Unless the like is in the form of a subscription. But that doesn’t feel like enough for the content I’m getting.

  9. How is there a room full of people and only one raises his hand?
    I guess him joking about gamers got them insecure.

  10. HASAN MINHAJ -This so called 'Indian' American comedian has shown his fanatic Islamic side by supporting PAKISTAN, A TERROR STATE which has SHELTERED OSAMA BIN LADEN for 10 years and LIED ABOUT HIS WHEREABOUTS and also which is active in ETHNICALLY CLEANSING its own MINORITIES in its own land and in BALOCHISTAN.. This trash of a comedian should be shamed and boycotted…

  11. I like Hasan really, but "German eats chocolat, drinks beer and believe thier grandparents were good People? "
    That was in the Film about the hough costs of medizine …
    First its wrong, cause its meat not chocolat and when we hate our grandparents for what they had done or not done
    Some jocks are no jockes…

  12. 'How dare you happen to use the exact same name as someone we're related to, lol!'

    'Ok, fine, I'll change it…'

    'How dare you change that name to that of someone else we happen to be related to!'

    Ridiculous! Stop being offended by accidental, nonspecific inferences. Perhaps that disclaimer, the one about 'persons living or dead… coincidental', needs to be read before and after every joke.

    Might slow things down but peeps seem way too touchy about frivolous nonsense details….

  13. Hasan is becoming the Kenny Beats of comedy….. someone amazing at his craft getting mercilessly ragged on for our entertainment.

  14. You should episodes on bernie sanders bills : Medicare for all, green new deal, justice reform , free college and student debt cancellation, money in politics exposing both parties and so on

  15. Who wants 2 go 2 jail ?= trump's scared he fuckt-up , like a car chase in L.A he ain't stoping.Wants others 2 finish it 4 him but is taking usa with him?Who wants 2 go 2 jail ?= like a"stolen-car" chase in L.A
    send a rape'st 2 do a MAN's job trump's rape's Contents

    1 Accusations filed in court against Trump

    1.1 Ivana Trump (1989)

    1.2 Jill Harth (1992)

    1.3 Summer Zervos (2007)

    LOCK IT UP ! ! !?

  16. brexit has potential to save the world… If Britain exits the control of Brussels it might encourage other Collective European States such as Greece to also leave the e u…

    if Greece were to reject the euro and resume printing the drachma away from the Filthy Hands of the central bankers, it might wake up the rest of the E u to the horrendous debt swindle… private central banks are indebting the world's economies….

    such a chain of events might serve to wake up the American people to the Swindle being perpetrated by the fake Central Bank aka the Fed

  17. Honestly, the joke about Sajid Javid and Priti Patel makes me a little uncomfortable, just because stating that a politician from an immigrant background is disloyal to their country is a bit…well…Trumpian. And undoubtedly what somebody on the far right would say, were their political opinions different. I'm a Remainer, but I'm content to assume that whatever political opinions they hold are as sincere as those of any other Brexiteer.

  18. 2:34 lolll that’s so true, same thing applies with playing sports in the States and learning that your son / daughter can get a scholarship for playing lacrosse 😂

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