Harassed by Hidden Civilization

hello everyone my name is Jorge and this is my first time uploading a video to YouTube something I’ve been considering doing for a while but i’m not very strong at the as far as like a public communication but anyway the sort of the thing that actually has triggered me really sort of forced me and against a wall here is the fact that my health is starting to get worse before it was my health has never been that great but it was within a i would say manageable range something I could deal with now it’s starting to get to the point where I’m struggling to breathe and really sort of foggy headed right now the heart is pounding and i’m not exactly sure what’s going on and most most sensible people i’m going to put that in quotations we probably see dr. at this point you’re probably well before this point but I have my reasons for not going and that is going to be addressed in this video so I’ve had a few very strange experiences in my life and to this day I’m still trying to wrap my head around what is going on exactly only can tell you is that it’s really really strange the things that I’m going to mention would probably put put people in a mental institution because it’s just it’s just incomprehensible we live in such a sheltered reality that it’s really what it is they’ve created this illusion of finality of of safety but the reality is universe is not a safe place it is profitez far more hazardous than we realize so it’s sort of like analogy I would use is like the you know the mob going around you know a village in Sicily or something and demanding a percentage of their their profits like going to a restaurant and demanding a certain percentage of the profits to protect them against you know somebody breaking in or whatever they’re gonna protect them but in reality it’s the mob that’s I’m not the biggest fan of David Icke but he does have he has made some good points and I do like the problem reaction solution yeah whatever you would call that the what they do is they create the problem in the first place and sometimes you’re not even aware that they have created the problem you react and then they provide the solution so you probably weren’t in danger of the you know they basically blew the risk of anything happening out of proportion the forces you into getting into a contractor an arrangement with these you know criminals essentially and really uh yeah so they’re they’re protecting you from them from them essentially and so you’re forced to fork over money but anyway what we’re basically dealing with is is the Mafia but on a much bigger stage you know same mentality but oh man you know basically what i’m getting into is this is definitely getting into like the UFO area of things ufology and conspiracy it’s definitely conspiracy land and I don’t want to make it seem like conspiracies are all of you know happy the whole the whole world virtually every conflict is based on some sort of conspiratorial act there any yes or a war whatever happened there is there is an inherent to need for some sort of conspiracy so there are conspiracies that are sort of like mainstream and then there are the conspiracies are not so mainstream because the theories are a little difficult to prove you know factually but it doesn’t mean there’s there isn’t any any truth to it or any merit but anyway I’m going off at a tangent here and and I do apologize because I’m having a difficulty thinking clearly because of my health but were what we’re basically dealing with is like a advanced civilization that has been controlling us probably for thousands of years there’s evidence all over the place to support this granted it’s not you know it’s not concrete evidence it’s a lot of circumstances the circumstantial evidence but it’s certainly enough to warrant some further inquiry and research it’s just it’s there’s too much of it for it to be purely the result of human imagination or mythology and no i don’t want to under state to you know the the ability for humans are you know we have the capacity to a creates also all sorts of while the stories but the reality is when it comes to the you know the context of history we’re usually not that imaginative and if there’s a sudden you know I what I’m getting to is without getting to be long-winded you know trying to psychoanalyze humans mythology is most likely just misinterpreted your factual events that are just misinterpreted we don’t have all the information and the reason why it’s some of these historical historical accounts are difficult to substantiate is because they are so fantastic and part of it is like in the game telephone your I that they get some of the facts wrong or that some things are embellished so it certainly sounds like somebody’s just concocting a story you know making a good good story for their the buddies after you know we’re going to ceiling trip or something come back they want to give a good story and it’s just completely can complete confabulation but I tend to believe that mythology actually to a large extent it is historically based on like real factual events real people and they usually are that they can substantiate that the the many times the the characters in these mythologies are actual real historical people which is a bit strange like why would they sort of HS that doesn’t make any sense there’s a lot of a good history from like you know Plato and Pliney the elder and so on so forth that their respected for their accuracy and then historians are selective about the more mrs. of the things that the stories that are considered mythological they’re being selective about those particular narratives saying that that can’t possibly be true but i think there’s probably more truth to it and they’re allowing us to imagine so where I’m going with this is that I think there’s a lot of evidence suggests that our civilization is actually the illusion and they basically created this like I said it’s it’s super banal it it’s just we’re so used with them we think that the rest of reality of the universe outside of Earth is like this but it isn’t i’m pretty sure it actually and so they use this is a way to condition us into down playing all sorts of anything that’s fantastic that we can’t explain and certainly with the science that they’ve given us which is barely allows us to you know where we were sort of the afforded to certain luxuries I guess technologically speaking but the really good stuff they keep away from us because they don’t want us to actually be empowered they know for example give us that the technology which in my opinion most definitely exists to produce next may not be free energy but it’s a highly efficient like ninety-nine point nine percent yeah you know that is probably over unity and all that stuff the technology does exist I’ve seen many examples of how we can produce energy for next to nothing at the very least it shouldn’t be as expensive it as it is and also we absolutely without question do not need to rely on on fossil fuel that’s just a joke it really is so that there’s this whole thing this banal reality that they’ve created for us is just too it’s just a condition s into thinking that is so incredibly difficult to for one thing leave our tiny little grain of sand into you know the venture out into space that it’s extremely technically difficult and possible and it probably is but not for the reasons that they’re presenting us I mean it’s just like we can’t even we can’t get get clear through the first step of venturing into into interstellar space its it just doesn’t i think i would think but you know by this time I mean if you look you look at the progress that we made in other areas of an industry in technology it it just doesn’t seem to correspond with our progress as far as a you know space travel or propulsion systems and all the stuff it seems like that that area is falling behind of everything else I mean to me that just it’s it’s a red flag that there’s all sorts of red flags of you if you’re a technology person and you’re honest and you’re not you know in the mob so to speak which unfortunately a lot of people are the either are there willingly participating in this deception or their unwitting unwittingly involved but obviously if you’re somewhat intelligent you it almost you would have to be cognizant of what you’re getting involved in so unfortunately most of these people most people who know what’s going on all right i should say the most people who are contributing to this know what’s going on is it just it’s unavoidable if you have half a brain you quickly start to realize that our reality is not what it seems so what what this is leading to is this is sort of like framing some of the strange things that I have to say about my own personal experiences i’m not really you know I’m sort of reluctant to you know I’m very open-minded and i’m not i don’t look at two certainly the world of conspiracy is a very selective of them happen to believe that there’s a lot of the conspiracy theorists or researchers out there that are like this word as somebody you use this term that controlled opposition and what they do is they take conspiracy theories that have a sound basis and then they you know and i’m sure many of you people have been exposed to this formula where they they take a certain percentage of the truth and mix it in with with you know crap and I mean it’s not just like it’s not that simple they are very selective about what a true the release and the things that they that are really sensitive the they fabricate that they you know they say it’s reptilian aliens or something like that so that seems to be the reptilian aliens or what is it that like that their favorite scapegoat well in history you know historically it’s been certain religious groups i I just don’t feel comfortable mentioning specific ones but i’m sure you know where I’m going with this but it’s just part of an overall trend where they generate a boogeyman essentially and a lot of cases they create they go out of their way to create this boogeyman to the point of it it takes on a life of its own and which makes it more difficult for people to you know to makes it more difficult for people to discern that what’s actually going on because they’re so invested in creating these illusions that it becomes real I was Joseph gurbles the propaganda meister there from the Nazis I think he was this is his quote the longer you tell why the the most likely people are going to believe it i’m paraphrasing that’s not exactly it goes but it is true though the long you tell why the more difficult it is for people not to believe it really and that’s what’s going on the they’ve created all of these lake is smokescreens you know essentially I’m gonna have to stop there


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