Harappan Civilisation Walkthrough, Class 6, Social Science- History

hello my name is Hendren nearly 5000 years ago I lived in the city of mohenjo-daro today I have conjured up my city for you to show how we lived come the cities of the harappa civilization were essentially divided into two paths the citadel was a prominent mound surrounded by fortified walls it was the nerve center of the city a huge tank called the great bath was made watertight by plaster and natural tar it was probably used for bathing purposes by the rulers and had steps leading down to the water on both sides the lower town was the residential area where the common folk lived it was a thriving economic and cultural center the houses were single or double storey high where our streets were laid out in a grid like pattern is detecting each other at right angles waste water from the bathroom was directed to the drains which lined the inner streets


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