Hannity: Trump calls Pelosi a ‘third-rate politician’

  1. Impeachment is becoming so boring. It's like the old saying..Black lives matter.Dems…Try doing some real work instead of chasing lies.

  2. Trump has the Democrats so crazed that they are telling a Republican President that he needs to be fighting in the Middle East after bashing Republicans as warmongers for decades.

  3. I just cant get over the FACT that Hannity is a draft dodger and a chickenshit martial arts bully. Just a spoiled little bullyboy of the right wing.

  4. The way Trump is fighting for the United states is indescribable 😎I wish he is the president of Iraq,so no more rubbish Iranians taking control

  5. Calling bs on Hannity. Assad is a genocidal hate maniac and Russia is in charge of Syria border now. That is not a victory that I would be proud of. I still love you Sean but think again.

  6. In a republic, an official set of fundamental laws, like the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, prohibits the government from limiting or taking away certain “inalienable” rights of the people, even if that government was freely chosen by a majority of the people. In a pure democracy, the voting majority has almost limitless power over the minority. 😕

  7. I thinking we need younger blood in the Oval Office. Look at what the demented old fool, Trump has done…….maybe Mayor Pete.

  8. Would all the Russians that are leaving g comment text "Da". Lol. I find it hard to believe anyone can listen to Sean hannity and take him seriously. He is a joke. He keeps mixi g up the facts. I guess that is called "alternative facts". The Republicans are the party that starts most wars not the Democrats. Most people dislike trump because he is very . Rude dishonest is loyal Skirmish a con artist and the biggest liar America has ever known. . If the name calling is not annoying to you and maybe you should try to get past the mental block that still has you in junior high. This is the real world and politics why are we still hearing a news organization name-calling? I find this extremely immature.

  9. All the European and fortunately also the American special forces, who themselvs have fought with the Kurdish allies and the Iraqi allies, are furious and deeply disappointed, over how the current illegitimate US President, Donald Trump, (who himself got 5, postpones and eventually a medical statement, purchased and paid for by his father Fred Trump, about how poor little Donald Trump, suffered from bones spurs, but still Donald Trump could dance and practice sports, at home in New York, while all the brave American soldiers, fought and died in Vietnam) brags, about it was him, Donald Trump who fought against and captured ISIS soldiers.
    This is and will be causing, all the military leaders in Europe, Iraq and the Kurdish allies, to turn their backs to the United States and, in particular, the illegitimate US President " Donald the coward Trump ".

  10. The only reason to have the "impeachment inquiry" in the House Intelligence Committee, is if a FOREIGN POWER IS RUNNING THE PROCEEDINGS.

  11. None of this would have happened if the GOP would have had the balls to demand Trump show his taxes during the campaign….but they didn't.

  12. Does Sean Hannity's, self indulgent, baseless preaching remind you more of David Koresh or Jim Jones? It's the latter for me….

  13. It's so funny, they are so nuts they would want to Impeach Trump if his turds spin counter-clockwise instead of clockwise when he flushes

  14. It's only with Pelosi that I see the only evidence of white supremacy. There couldn't be any other way she is allowed to chair a girls scout not to talk of Congress.

  15. Pres. Trump may have meant a Third World politician as Pilosi is greedy, corrupt, and an opportunist
    seeking popularity from illegal immigrants.

  16. Why aren't these meetings recorded ? Like voting ! Unless you cover it, with security Dems will lie through there teeth

  17. Once Democrats retake the Senate and Oval Office, the first thing we need to do is to abolish the Senate filibuster so that we can quickly reverse the damage done to our country over these past 3 years.

  18. OMG i knew democrats were bad… they are right down evil..they dont care about anyone or anything except themselves just to get their way..

  19. In reality, Trump has only passed a few pieces of actual legislation….the rest are just EO's which the next president can simply reverse.

  20. Why would the stable genius give the ISIS new life after our people help the Kurds to get them locked up. There is no coherent policy here, who can trust us when we have a president who turns his back on people in their time of need. I certainly understand why General Mathis left. Now our own people who the Kurds fought with are holding their heads in shame because this clown does not seem to think we need allies after battles are won. I can only imagine what he would have done at the end of WW2.

  21. And as usual, Nancy projects onto the president and claims he had the meltdown.
    Everything they accuse Trump of, is stuff they are doing


  23. I don’t understand why people don’t get it . They do not have to vote for a IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY it’s a investigation all the stuff he is asking for is not required the process is you do a investigation if you find there is enough evidence then you vote for impeachment and if the house vote for impeachment they send it to the senate then they can hold court and get both sides involved this is the correct way they are doing the inquiry if you don’t believe me read the constitution

  24. What republicans don't seem to understand is, that ALL of the evidence and closed door testimony will be made PUBLIC. That should throw the fear of God into a lot of Trump supporters…

  25. "Republicans need to stop circling the wagon around Trump and start circling the wagon around the Country" Elijah Cummings, RIP.

  26. You support a pathological liar who makes fun of POW's, betrays our allies, and cozies up to communists. How far my once beloved Republican party Has Fallen. I am so deeply ashamed of you and everything you know stand for. If you want to make America great again move to Russia!! STOP TRYING TO LIE YOUR WAY TO DESTROYING AMERICA!!! TEUMP IS NOT A KING!!!!!

  27. The way her and chucky looked and acted on the lawn after storming out, i think he meant to say she is a (3rd grade politician)

  28. …and now ISIS will rise again, and you'll all pay…so get your heads out of this reality TV show, you think you're all a part of, and get real…

  29. The dems and the neo cons have joined together to become war mongers. How much money was passed under the table by the military industrial complex?????

  30. Every time when you look at the thumps down I just think of a bunch of brainwashed idiots. Clueless of what is really going on in our country. I guess they are looking forward to that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that the Democrats tell um.

  31. Wow. This guy "lies when the truth would do better", as mother mother used to say. It takes minimal effort to fact check. Come on! We are not as stupid as you seem to think.

  32. Pelosi expected that she was having a meeting with America's president…not with a petulant spoiled child who couldn't keep his temper in check…

  33. I got a question for the Democrats who are posting here… when did you realize that the Democrat party had become a communist party

  34. I didn’t like Senator Elijah Cummings ideas often times the last three years but it is a sad day that he died. We haven’t seen him in the news for a while during all this BS! Sad and sorry for his family. RIP ELIJAH CUMMINGS.

  35. So for three years now, Trump and the GOP haven't accomplished ANY infrastructure improvements, yeah, that's some leader we have….lol.

  36. At least you didn’t take a bias pole of just republicans to make your point. 57% of one side is still low….. lol….. try another spin to cover

  37. I'm from Utah and I'm so embarrassed that Mitt Romney represents me. I know he would be one of the RHINOS that would oppose pulling troops out of Syria!!

  38. It will make it even sweeter when El Presedente Chump is bought down by a third rater. I can't wait for the taxes to be revealed too and when the last appeal court says release them, watch the face of Hannity as he will go rather white.

  39. Trump's impeachment will be one for the records… A president who couldn't win the popular vote, is impeached in his first term……

  40. There will come a day when Fox News twists facts and the truth so far that they will start to claim that the sky is orange, and you freaks will believe it

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