Hannity: Pelosi doesn’t really have the votes to impeach Trump

  1. 😂😂This mayne said "Look there is alot of misinformation going around", and then proceeds to confirm all of the misinformation for the rest of the interview 😏 Poor nancy she must be laying into the bottle hard tonight, you just cant make this stuff up.

  2. Let's not be ugly.
    We just wonder about fifty grand a month.
    I mean, dammit man.
    What's the sqaure root of pi?
    Who built Stone henge?
    If you have a good guess you're worth it.

  3. Wow – if it's such a big deal Hunter was on the board of directors of a Ukrainian company, then please explain what the heck is Ivanka doing in IN THE WHITE HOUSE? Giant double standard. Only the dumbest Fox viewers will fall for this low level propaganda.

  4. Guess What POTUS? Start Locking The Traitors Up And Watch The Million$ And Millions$ Roll In To Your Campaign And The Republican Party And Their Candidates Coffers 👍🇺🇸🦅

  5. You can't become a multi milionair or billionaire on a public servants salary with out being corrupt,it's time questions where asked of the ones who came into office middle class and are now extremely wealthy.

  6. This is so stupid it is almost not funny xD can anyone else think of someone who got somewhere thanks to his name ? Hmmmmm.

  7. Give the president my info I don't need a warrant or court I'm Paul from the bible the lake of fire is open China lake ask pres lava flow underneath I'm here to rid the earth of all evil look at california now

  8. Asking a favor ranks nowhere in comparison to the blackmailing threat in demanding the firing of someone from within a foreign inter justice system investigating within their own country's inter business's corruption outside foreign government relations and policies and scope…That would be like perhaps a foreign prime minister withholding millions or billions of foreign aide unless the president fires a federal prosecutor investigating into Enron's corruption… Idiots…Hunter doesn't need not even to be included but is…Hunter seems to me to be a victim of his own fathers success demands of a son…like the ivy league bribe scandals…


  10. H. Biden say's he was on the board of several companies. So look into it and let's hear exactly what  was his contribution to those companies. Are they all large energy consumers ? Was any of the money funneled down to Joe. Doe's Joe invest with Hunter ? The dems are trying to Bork Trump and anybody associated with him. So tit for tat !

  11. Has there been a rush of people trying to change their last name to "Biden"? The Clinton Foundation stopped hiring in 2016, so the name-change thing might be worth a shot.

  12. Anybody give any credit to J.Kerry. Wasn't he being an ambassador to NO specific nation? Or was it all about the "money"(control of the world "economy).NWO?

  13. Im sure Trump's experience in politics is good enough for the presidency. Im sure Trump would be as rich as he is today without a 400 million head start. You can make the case about anyone, no one would be anywhere in life without parents. I cant take a network who questions our last presidents nationality very serious.
    This is a straw man channel. Hannity doesn't have a journalist degree. The first sign of fake news was 2 years after fox news launched and falsely called the 2000 election for George Bush. ;p

  14. reed the constition low hairline intellectual. You do not need a vote. Better lLook at Individual 1, Risky Rudy and the other MOBS in the administration. Do not deflect on detaisl that are not even relevant.

  15. Not one person in Washington will see jail for any reason….
    Destroying america is the plan and its been going on for years…
    We deserve what we are going to get for setting and doing nothing
    to stop these evil criminals…

  16. We want to see arrests and hard prison time, tired of all this talk and endless investigations that are fruitless.
    As good as Trey Gowdy was, nothing resulted in any arrests…. just a horse and pony show paid for by every working persons hard earned taxes.

  17. They are corrupt and criminals and they have not rights . She is trying to fight with Nadler, Jackson, Schiff and Pelosi

  18. There are many standing up to political corruption, but alas our USA government has become quite tainted. How long can this go on until we take a fall altogether. Glad there are some journalists that hold to the truth and will let us know what is happening –

  19. The Biden's were not under investigation ever. The company Hunter worked for was not under investigation when Biden represented America and many other countries to get rid of a corrupt prosecutor.
    OTOH, tRump's bed bug hotels are showing a profit from all the business foreign countries patronizing them. And from tRump making the Air Force and Pence stay at them. Shameless.

  20. She doesn't need the vote moron.!! Can we all agree that electing a failed reality TV host and shady real estate developer with 6 bankruptcies, 5 kids from 3 different marriages, 16 charges of sexual assault, and 4,000 plus lawsuits as President was a colossal mistake?

  21. No proof equals pay to play. tRump admitting guilt equals harmless nothing. Par for the course.
    lol. tRump will be impeached. Maybe removed.

  22. You should have heard this Tom Steyer billionaire! He was on the debate last night and said anyone of those DEM running for President on this stage is better than that man in office now , talking about Trump. He called Trump a criminal! Hahahaha he has no clue what he is talking about

  23. If I were the president the Marines would be arresting the Treasonous TRAITORS while the house is in session…Times UP!!!!

  24. All Croats, Slovenes, Albanians, Gypsies, Montenegrins, Macedonians, Slovaks and Romanians will be killed and Croatia, Slovenia, Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia, Slovakia and Romania will be part of Germany, Italy and Austria.

  25. Blaming Hunter is a bit off-base. He was able to do wht he did precisely because his old man allowed it and even coordinated with Hunter. Joe encouraged rather than discouraged these opportunities for his son in an active appearance of quid-pro-quo. Joe's actions were no different than an active pay-for-play schem precisely because he knew what was happening.

  26. Hey Joe keep ur drug addicted kid off of the air, at least while you run for President. Yah he's still hard on the crack 100%

  27. Since the left jas taken control of the education system, they havent been giving us educated citizens but indoctrinated dumb people like SJWs and unfortunately they are too stupid to understand whats going on here. They will overlook this come voting time and its a shame

  28. Most politicians their lot in life is: they lust for power, they lust for wealth, the lust for fame, and they lust for everything else under the sun.

  29. Hunter biden just spent 2 or 3 weeks getting counsell for answering questions without answering questions. N he still doesnt convince anyone hes clean.

  30. Pelosi lost control of the house !!!the jihadis !have taken over that party they need to be arrested and charged with coup attempts treason and sedition!!! She must hold a floor vote or no Inquiry!!!

  31. Dream on. It's all a lies people! Hannity is being paid to blurr your conscience. What Political experience does Hannity have?

  32. This is treason against the American people let the military in the military prosecutors take over the case they'll call it corruption but I still believe it's treason

  33. I just went through my jobs onsite training and this is clearly something that will get you fired. They said don’t even go to a game with your best friend. ANYTHING that would look bad. Go through HR and get it approved.

  34. Not news here. Just more radical theories injecting opinion on viewers. Hannity is handing out some more brain washing candy.

  35. Biden jr. Is a LIAR
    "I didn't do ANYTHING WRONG "
    "My father did NOTHING WRONG "
    "Uh I had no sexual relations with that WOMAN UH!"
    UM HMM

  36. To all the people who live in the districts where Trump won in 2016. If these democrats refuse to take a vote, because they are afraid of losing their next election, please vote them out. Our country will not survive this kind of political corruption. Checks and balances will no longer exist if the American people allow the democrats to get away with this fake impeachment!

  37. When my father becomes president, I will no longer be the manager of any company, in practice he said he will continue to make money this way

  38. Ben Stiller would make a great Hunter Biden is Hollywood ever would make a movie about the Biden's but don't hold your breath

  39. Who in this country does not know that this crap has been going on for ever. Yes it’s about time it stops. It’s gotten way out of hand, to the point control is lost. In no way can the CIA, FBI, DOJ, any of these alphabet agencies cover their tracts any more. Fake college degrees, fake positions in administration, fake agencies, fake districts in states to have congress represented, so much of a con game on the public. I don’t believe this is what the fore fathers called our government.

  40. Robert Hunter Biden Makes more 💰 than 3 Politians do a year.
    And The politicians say he does it legally. And yet they have to steal to make their Millions.

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