Hannity on Democrats’ ‘Soviet-style’ impeachment inquiry

  1. We all know Pelosi, Nadler and Schiff have crossed the line trying to impeach a President wit lies and distorting our Constitution. Its Treason why arent they in jail for trying to overthrow the government.

  2. No Sean, we cannot compare the Democrat Party today to the former Soviet Union! I would choose ten times to live under the former Soviet Union than living under that Party today. Former
    Soviet Union was a brutal Dictatorship that was enslaving people, but they were not killing their babies, there were no homosexuality which is one of the abominable sins in GOD’S EYES! There were no democrat which is the party of the troublemakers today, they were not forging evil against each other, and they were respecting the hierarchy which is the principal base for the surviving of any Government or business around the world!

  3. NO IMPEACHMENT WITHOUT REPRESENTATION ! This is the Boston Tea Party 10.0 against Adam "Shifty Bull-Schiff" and nasty Nancy vile Pelosi's Impeachment Inquiry.

  4. Who is REALLY betraying the country here? Congress has chosen to DELIBERATELY IGNORE the directives set forth in the very CONSTITUTION they have SWORN AN OATH TO DEFEND AND PROTECT in an attempt to OVERTHROW A PRESIDENT! Isn't it just a WEE BIT HYPOCRITICAL to accuse someone else of treason while IGNORING THE SUPREME LAWS OF THIS LAND WHILE MAKING VERY SERIOUS ACCUSATIONS? Throw the book at these TRAITORS!

  5. Military needs to impliment Marshal law and arrest all the people involved in this coup. Military took an oath to protect our President against enemies both foreign and Domestic. In other countries they call it treason in America they call it the left.


  7. Bahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa the Sheep and Russian bots are thick on Insanity Hannity's video. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!! The Orange Menace is going down. And once he does, NY State has a nice cold 8 X 10 cell waiting for him!!!!!

  8. The “DO NOTHING” Democrats will stop at nothing to impeach President Trump! And they forgot that it will backfire at them!

  9. Kick the Dems out of these publicaly owned buildings. Let them rent a hall somewhere. Once they are there lock them down. Let them blow hot air all they want.

  10. Even the likes of Clinton, and Nixon were treated with more respect than this Noble and blameless President. All he has done, is UPHOLD the concepts that have made AMERICAN greatness the standard the world looks up to.

  11. Hummm, didn't Hillary try to keep Nixon from having legal representation during his impeachment hearings?? I think so!! Why hasn't anyone mentioned that??
    I also think this impeachment circus is being directed behind the scenes by her.

  12. Just saying withholding military aid that has been approved by Congress being held by the President is illegal. Not to mention FOX News is the most opinionated media news outlet of all time. Shep Smith was the only anchor who criticized Trump and was honest.

  13. Why is Trump waiting to call on the army and dispose of all of there traitors!? He's playing by the rules of a game rigged to make him fail!

  14. the reason u r not able to win this war is because there are some officials with supernatural powers .but don't worry my children we r your elder brothers and we also weild power.we shall win .just don't worry my children don't worry

  15. yes what you say is true – just the mention of Trumps name sends my friend into shouting/screaming ~ ` she even told me to F Off! 30 years of friendship – gone. Just because she 'hates' President Trump whereas i hope he succeeds in what he is trying to do. Its a real thing.

  16. All those involved in this "unconstitutional" action in the House of Representatives, the F.B.I, C.I.A or any other group should lynched for their treasonous actions against We the People.

  17. The impeachment of DJT will find its way to the historie books. The TV-Trash we see here, with Hannity, will disappear forever, and nobody will remember. And this is ok.

  18. Sean, you should play the tape of Joe Biden bragging about getting the Ukrainian prosecutor, who was investigating Hunter Biden, fired.


  20. if what the left is doing really is unconstitutional , then why is it that nothing is getting done to stop it, if it really is OBVIOUSLY unconstitutional then OBVIOUSLY something could be done AND ITS NOT, what am I missing here, all that seems to be happening is a lot of republicans are whining about it, but not going anywhere, why?

  21. The news here in Denmark is so Anti-Trump! They believe all what CNN,NBC,ABC (MSM) is saying!!!All the lies,All the corruptions.Its so sad….

  22. this is not an impeachment anything. it is political theater. they need to keep impeachment in the news to keep the stupid among us thinking orange man bad

  23. Do you all realize what's going on is an investigation? It's what they do BEFORE charging someone. They are not required to share what they have learned yet. When a formal impeachment is voted on, ALL of these interviews will become public. Do you think if this was illegal, what they are doing now, they would continue? They know they'd lose. So if you are so confident in The Orange Man, let the left continue, let them fall on the faces. It will only help reelection

  24. "denyed the president the right to cross-examine witnesses, to call witnesses, to receive transcripts of testimony, to have access to evidence, to have counsel present, and many other basic rights guaranteed to all Americans" – Jesus, he hasn't even been charged yet. You can't have discovery (Hannity calls it "access to evidence" D'oh) until there's something to discover.

    "Who needs facts? They don't show my reality!" – Bucky Goldstein

  25. If Warren be nominated and be the running candidate against Trump in 2020, she’ll run the same faith as Hillary Clinton on 2016.

  26. When about 3 or so dem congress members said one after another "no one is above the law".Then shifty Schiff with his parody. If the camera's weren't there, we know "they" would of never said it. I have voted for all parties over the years. I have jumped off the fence and landed Republican. The Dems are crooked to the core. I even voted for " slick willy" on his first term. Hil-lie-ry is crooked as hell, I'm not really sure who is worse. I feel like Hil-lie-ry has detatched Bill's testicles and keeps them in her purse. Her power runs very deep and the country, more than likely, dosent know 75% of it. The body count, the 30k emails deleted (OOPSIE). The swamp needs to be drained. We know all Dem representatives aren't corrupt, but wont stand against the Clinton machine. Due to the possibility of ending up pushing daisies from the wrong side. I'm conservative just by the person I am by nature. The needs of the House and Senate require a good mix of both the GOP and the Dems. But the Dems are being lead by some of the most corrupt politicians in history. They refuse to work with the citizens of our country and the GOP. Out of hate for Presedent Trump and fear of repercussions by the Clinton-Pelosi murderous "hit man" mentality and ways. The 2020 elections are going to see how tired this country is of the current Democratic party. AOC better get her resume to Applebees or TGI Fridays quick! If they will have her, that is. TRUMP 2020!!!

  27. They are holding secret meetings because 1. They have nothing. 2. They're meetings are filled with treasonous rhetoric.

  28. Hedi you’re so right there’s nothing but corruption now in the Democratic Party they’re all a bunch of crooks and sorry to say so is the FBI commander in chief needs to get united nation troops out of our country and there’s one leftover general from the Obama administration that is an on the up and up because the way it’s going we’re going to end up in a Civil War

  29. Man, another breakdown is about to happen. Impeachment ain't gonna happen. No matter how much the Democrats wants it. They're going to have another breakdown just like the Mueller investigation that turned up nothing.

  30. There's one question that hasn't been asked and i'm surprised you haven't asked it yet,, With president trump poking and snooping around with what happened in the ukraine over the 2016 election,, WHY are the democrats so set in stopping him, after all were they not the ones who claimed russian interference and outside forces kept them from the white house?? Worse case scenario lol trump might be implicated with interfering along with the Russians in election interference,

  31. So tell me this, WHY, isn't our faithful military Arresting these MFKRS????? Or someone else doin it???? Riddle me that batman….!!

  32. As far as I'm concerned the house and the Senate all need to be fired. Once Americans realize we have the power to take back our government… politicians will be running for the hills.

  33. We will Sean it’s going to be a TIDAL WAVE 🕊🕊✝️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸✝️🕊🕊

  34. I'm waiting for the "white smoke" to come from the House of Representative's impeachment "conclave"………………….. What a joke

  35. We've been over this time after time for over a year and it just gets deeper and deeper….arrest them all now Bill Barr or Trump should use the Insurrection Act…

  36. Why aren't all these people all being carged with treason? And prosecuted to the full extent of the law? In other words, hanged, or face a firing squad.

  37. Sean Hannity just as democrats fan the flames of anti russian hysteria thru it's fake russiagate and russian "interference" in US elections, you're no different in calling these impeachment farce, "Soviet Style". what the democrats are doing have nothing to do with russia and everything to do with the lack of backbone these establishment republicans carry, in supporting the game show host Donald Trump. Stop fanning anti russia hysteria, Sean and call the impeachment proceedings or a lack thereof, what it is…..AMERICAN!!

  38. "I saw a crow building a nest, I was watching him very carefully, I was kind of stalking him and he was aware of it. And you know what they do when they become aware of someone stalking them when they build a nest, which is a very vulnerable place to be? They build a decoy nest. It's just for you." – Tom Waits

  39. "I saw a crow building a nest, I was watching him very carefully, I was kind of stalking him and he was aware of it. And you know what they do when they become aware of someone stalking them when they build a nest, which is a very vulnerable place to be? They build a decoy nest. It's just for you." – Tom Waits

  40. If this ignorant clown knew anything about the history of the USSR he would see that Trump has more in common with Joseph Stalin than George Washington or Abraham Lincoln who Trump loves to compare himself to (blasphemy).

  41. I strongly believe president Trump should dismiss Congress? Here’s how he can do it! I know Trump is worried when his terms is over he have to go back and deal with these people so he is being carful but now is not the time to be on the side of caution but to act before thing escalate. The laws are on the side of the president! Here is why Trump can do this.

    The president may even declare them unenforceable but the Supreme Court has yet to address this issue. Congress may override vetoes with a two-thirds vote in both the House and the Senate. It might be possible.

    First, the president would have to order his justice department to indict and arrest for treason, etc., the members of congress who s/he feels are most odious. Then, the others, to avoid indictment and arrest, would have to vote to give the executive powers to dissolve the current congress. In the wake of this, the executive would declare a national emergency and impose Martial Law. The executive would then rule by executive order, as the Obama did. With no congress to impede her/his actions, only the Supreme Court would stand in the way of total control. Since the congress would no longer exist, the executive could pack the court with individuals willing to do the executive’s bidding. Remember, the number of justices is not specified in the constitution. This situation could last until the next presidential election — maybe longer if the state of emergency persists.

    The Sixth Amendment or Amendment VI of the United States Constitution is the section of the Bill of Rights that guarantees a citizen a speedy trial, a fair jury, an attorney if the accused person wants one and the chance to confront the witnesses who is accusing the defendant of a crime.

    The democrats are creating an ex post facto! A law that makes illegal an act that was legal when committed, increases the penalties for an infraction after it has been committed, or changes the rules of evidence to make conviction easier. The Constitution prohibits the making of ex post facto law.

    President Trump can also use the “bill of attainder law”! Here is the difference between an ex post facto law and a bill of attainder? So the differences are that only one of the laws is applied retrospectively and only one targets a single person or class of people and allows them to be penalized without any due process. But they are both unfair

    The democrat are also violating the “Bills of attainder” are such special acts of the legislature, as inflict capital punishments upon persons supposed to be guilty of high offences, such as treason and felony, without any conviction in the ordinary course of judicial proceedings.

    “Bill of Attainder" The Constitution prohibits both the federal government (in this clause) and the states (in Article I, Section 10, and Clause 1) from passing either bills of attainder or ex post facto laws.

    There are 4 criteria that are used to determine if a trial delay is unconstitutional? This requirement is known as the Miranda Rule. What four criteria are used to determine if a trial delay is unconstitutional? 15. A petit jury is a trial jury. If a non-law student can pluck all these imagine a season lawyer so what is really going on in congress?

  42. These impeachment hearings are illegal and we will not listen to you at all or allow you to touch our president you think this is some joke or something this as real as it gets

  43. Did he have the information and did he assist directly or indirectly to see if we can apply the espionage act as we're going so with Assange!

  44. What USA needs is Civil War, you need to take the Liberals along with all their children and make them never to be seen or hear from again like they did in Serbia 🇺🇸

  45. Soviet-style is exactly what it is.  "you define the punishment and I'll find the crime"  The Democrats have decided that Trump must be impeached so they'll keep looking for a 'crime' to fit that punishment.

  46. Wait hold up a second. Wasnt right-wing media bashing obama for everything he did? And now left-wing media bashes trump and you guys are like "please just stop this quote on quote witch hunt for the sake of our country." No, that's not how this works. Obama had 0 corrupt members in his cabinet. Trump has over 16 corrupt members. Obama doesnt have ties to russia, trump does (trump took Putin's word over the FBI, an american agency committed to solving crimes against our country). Obama never berated a veteran, but trump has (look it up, he literally said the words so it cant be fake news). Obama never used foreign help to investigate an American issue, he used the FBI or CIA. Trump used foreign agencies to investigate the bidens (his political competition) instead of the FBI or CIA. Why wouldnt he just ask the FBI for help, it's not as if the FBI are strictly liberals lol. Fox news bashed obama for wanting to meet kim jong un, but praised trump as a political god when he met kim jong un.

    So what I dont get is why did fox news bash Obama for everything that Trump is now doing lol. And they dont have the same energy with Trump, they just praise him or defend him. Do you guys see who the real fake news is? The real news provider that is misleading the American people. Although I will agree that there is bias on both sides, you cant argue with actual facts (that come directly from what trump and fox news have said). Please fix the stubbornness and let's get this bozo out of office. Idc if the next president is republican, so long as he/she is not a crook and can actually lead America

  47. Who's lying?? Are Trump followers blind, deaf, and dumb?? YEP! HE DID IT, HE'S LYING ABOUT IT, and IT"S ILLEGAL!! What can't you see. No one is out to get him, the Orange Idiot did it. Those rights will happen will happen when it goes to the senate, understand the laws of the constitution.


  49. all these democrats are doing is committing treason they need to be put on trial and and when their found guilty hung from the gallows



  52. And the troublemaker democrats get rich while they lie. What about the needy Americans that struggle Daley for basic needs.

  53. I am tired of Democrats wielding a self-righteous blowtorch to the structural girders of the governmental system wisely built by our forefathers.

  54. Liars dont know how to tell the truth they keep lying Wonder what Pelosi and Schift has to hide?? The truth will set us free.

  55. Repugs, start eating each other like wild animals when confronted with the truth. Lindsey Graham being one. Hannity is just a payed mouthpiece for Drumpf followers. Fauxnews is an entertainment channel.

  56. Ever since the democrats lost the election in 2016 they have been obsessed with removing Donald Trump from the white house. You know there is an easier way to do that if that is really all they want to do? Its called a presidential election. But the democrats have no one worthy to offer? Every one of the candidates now running are completely un-electable. From far left socialist/communists to anti second amendment gun grabbers to green new deal lunatics that want to send us into the stone age. I can't think of a single democrat currently running that is even remotely viable or that makes any sense at all? They have no plans, no solutions, no promises for a better country moving forward? All they have is hate! Just mindless stupid vile vindictive hatred of Trump, America, and all of you! So tell us all again? Why should any sane person ever vote for a democrat when all they are really offering is hell on Earth?

  57. The key now to everyone of us our future is: REGULAR ORDER…..RULE OF LAW.
    Every American can truly say "America starts right here where I stand".

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