1. Spouting hatred between races, specifically white vs all other races, is AOC's mandate in Congress. No wonder why she wants all those migrants from the south/central America to come in. Appealing to all races, except white, of course, is not a bad idea but at the end of the day all AOC wants is her race to be the superior race. I wonder where she got that idea. Hitler's National Socialism, perhaps?

  2. AOC sounds so stupid everytime her mouth opens, her brain is fried, she can go to Hell as far as I'm concerned.

  3. Isn't she the one who screamed at the bosses that she needed a pay raise before she got her first pay day in her NEW government job?

  4. I'm so tired of hearing people claim oac is attractive. It's not just her ugly broken brain, but ever take a look at that horrendous face when she gives the phone smile? Ugly ugly person inside and out.

  5. When is AOC going to be spit out of the bottom of the porn industry like the rest of the bimbos ? I'd watch that.

  6. Alejandra (Given first name)? Ortacio (Paternal/family surname) Cortez (Mother's maiden name),. Spanish custom to repeat it, but …not assimilated to American/European/Anglo norms,

  7. For any of you who think having migrants coming into our country isn't hurting us, think again. Notice how every person in Congress who opposes capitalism are all from other countries. Some of them are 1st-generation-U.S. born, but they have been raised with the teachings of their parents (ideology from other countries), and got indoctrinated real good in anti-American/Socialist colleges right here on U.S. soil. Socialism is not an American-born ideology. It was created by the Communist Party, and was brought here by foreigners. It is accepted easily by those who do not have American values. Our educational system was strategically planned to eliminate American policy and promote Socialism. This needs to be corrected immediately.

  8. she needs not only to elected out of office so she does not receives the benefits of capitalism SHE HATES at 175 K with lush benefits

  9. The Communist Collusion News and the left will not ever stop because the head of the snake has not been cut off. These people will never stop because they have sworn allegiance, made a pledge, a covenant to their high priestess.

  10. How in the world did people who oppose capitalism end up in Congress? A.O.C. needs to go bye bye.

  11. Fox "news" pedals lies. Horrible hannity is an idiot. Climate change is real you moron. Stemming the tide should be a priority. Universal health care is not socialist. It's a guarantee that if someone needs an expensive procedure they won't be wiped out financially. For every Venezuela there's a Holland or France. Every 1st world country has universal health care.

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