Hannity: Biden Inc. has been exposed

    Many US troops express ‘disgust’ with Trump’s calamitous Syria policy

    10/16/19 10:55 AM

    By Steve Benen

    In a recent piece for The Atlantic, Mark Bowden took a closer look at what it’s like for U.S. troops to serve under Donald Trump, interviewing “officers up and down the ranks, as well as several present and former civilian Pentagon employees.” The results were striking.

    “In 20 years of writing about the military, I have never heard officers in high positions express such alarm about a president,” the article noted.

    This, of course, was before the president ignored his national security team, withdrew U.S. forces from northern Syria, and effectively invited Turkey to launch a brutal offensive against our Kurdish allies. As the Washington Post reported yesterday, Trump’s decision isn’t sitting well with many U.S. service members.

    U.S. veterans have supported Trump in part because of his often-repeated promises to extricate the U.S. military from a generation at war, numerous polls have found. But the calamity on the ground in Syria has wrought angry reactions from service members like few other recent foreign policy decisions.

    Troops have reacted viscerally in interviews and on social media despite Defense Department restrictions on them expressing political opinions.

    The Post spoke with many troops who “expressed disgust” with the president’s decision.

    “I can’t even look at the atrocities,” one Army officer who served in Syria last year said. “The ISIS mission is going to stop, ISIS is going to have a resurgence, and we’re going to have to go back in five years and do it all again.”

    A day earlier, David Ignatius wrote in his latest column about a conversation he’d had with a retired four-star general who described Trump’s retreat from Syria as an “unsound, morally indefensible act” and a “disgrace” to America and the soldiers who serve this country.

    Ignatius also spoke to an Army officer who added, in reference to Trump’s decision, “It will go down in infamy…. This will go down as a stain on the American reputation for decades.”

    The president seems to assume that he enjoys broad political support within the military, which he perceives as conservative, and there’s probably some truth to that. The Military Times reported a few months ago on a poll of U.S. military veterans and the results showed Trump with a 57% approval rating, while 41% disapprove. This is roughly the inverse of Trump’s support with the overall U.S. population.

    But if the president believes those numbers can never and will never change, he may be disappointed.

  2. There is no Biden scandal, it is just conspiracy BS Cooke up by Trump enablers like Giuliany, Hannity and Co to deflect from Trump's treasonous self serving behaviour. Hannity the Trump family friend and favourite real estate developer will keep pushing his BS for as long as his viewers keep listening and the advertisers keep paying Fox. No mention here is Turkeys president Erdogan refusing to meet with a US delegation regarding events in Syria. No mention here of The National dept increasing by over $2trillion under Trump who inherited a strong economy rather than the recession and financial crisis inherited by the last Democrat administration. Now at a record $22 trillion, annual budget deficit to soon increase past one trillion and trade deficit increased by $84 billion in 2018.

  3. The crime here is Trump's using the promise of hundreds of millions of our tax dollars to pressure the leader of a foreign country to investigate a political rival in a U.S. presidential campaign. If you "see no evil" in that, you are either so close-minded and politically fixated that you deny every Trump malfeasance, or you are incredibly dull-witted. They are really not that different from each other.

    Trump deserves impeachment and removal for many crimes and misdeeds:
    1.violating campaign fund use laws
    2. violating the emoluments clause of the constitution
    3. numerous examples of obstruction of justice
    4. lying to the American people
    5. Conspiring with the Russian president
    6. pressuring other foreign governments to help him by investigating his opponents
    7. refusing to cooperate with congressional subpoenas
    8. alienating our allies and catering to our enemies
    9. being an embarrassing narcissist and complete jackass
    10. watching Hannity

  4. The whistleblower's name is Eric Ciaramella who was Joe Biden/Obama's NSC man for Ukraine, and he sat in for Joe at National Security meetings with Clapper, Comey etc.
    The whistleblower's source is Bill Taylor, who was number two to Obama ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch. We know this because the language in Taylor's texts to Sondland matches parts of the whistleblower complaint, including the errors in it.
    Adam Schiff hired two NSC friends of Ciaramella two work for the House Intel Committee and Ciaramella met with them to work out how to do the complaint.
    Intelligence Community Inspector General Atkinson obviously worked with Schiff staffers, that Schiff hired from the NSC, and who know Ciaramella to alter the form and see that the complaint was filed, not properly investigated, and listed as urgent so the House Intelligence Committee would receive it to use for impeachment.
    They are fighting to keep the whistleblower's identity secret so this conspiracy won't be revealed.
    Impeachment is supposed to be run by the House Judiciary Committee, but this one is run by Schiff via the House Intelligence Committee because it is Schiff's baby and his two NSC staffers are handling the asset, Ciaramella.
    I'll be the first to admit that I don't care about Trumps politics but he's the elected President of the United States. I care about this Republic & what these people are doing is illegal & is nothing more than a coup. I never thought that I would ever witness something like this in this country. What I'm seeing from all of the alphabet networks & their reporters makes me sick to my stomach.
    This what convinced me that this is a Gina Haspel & media led COUP.
    Gina Haspel, why her? Who is the one top federal official of an agency that you haven't heard anything from or seen in public in months? Out of sight & out of mind, the perfect person to direct & put together everything to pull off this coup. Wake up & think about it, you've forgotten all about her, the snake has been lying hidden in the grass all this time. The only difference between Gina Haspel & John Brennan, she a female. Their mentality is the same.
    This is my opinion & I'm pretty sure that I'm right.

  5. Impeach will never get past the Senate? He's done nothing wrong! My largest disappointment is that Fox still reports this!




  7. The democratic want Trumps tax returns….. Why ??? We need the tax returned of all the politicians running for the presidency and Clinton.

  8. Now, we need to investigate Biden, his son and conduct an Audit, all documents of Biden, all his dealing for the past 20 years and last 7 years from him and his son.

  9. Media mob? but aren't you part of the media Hannity? Oh wait i forgot you are just a mouth piece for the rantings of Trump. In a sane country you would be mopping floors or parking cars

  10. I wished the Rupublican party would show some back bone and regroup, and go after the Democratics and all the corruption and protect the USA for once…. It's a NO BRAINIER.

  11. Don't be blaming Biden for Trump's mess. Trump has his own family in there getting rich. Wake up. Hannity your nuts… Sad

  12. The Deep State or AKA Globalist Money Laundering and Political Office Selling Syndicate must be exposed, prosecuted and incarcerated!!!

  13. biden tto Anderton cooper{ I am rooting corruption in Ukraine a.) by getting rid of the most hnest prosecutor and b.) gi9vinga pass to the most corrupt Ukrainian oligarch at Burisma ( Hunter's pay lord) How is this rooting corruption?? LOL

  14. The whistleblower maybe knows the truth about Biden’s, and the Democrats are now hiding him,because he knows Biden’s got all that money from China’s comrades. Hmmm Maybe they knew Giuliani was close to find out, So THEY started the impeach thing to stop Giuliani from finding out even more that just what really happened in 2015. Hmmm

  15. America does EVERYTHING bigger and better than anybody else, from politics to the personalities to the cars/trucks it's bigger! the World would have died years ago without the United States…..oh, the Bidens are as bent as a tupenny bit (Irish expression) sleepy joe has zero chance in 2020 people might not realize it but having their fingers in two massive cookie jars, Ukraine and China is a massive scandal

  16. Hunter Biden's qualifications are the same as his smiling, back slapping dad. He's probably less of a doofus than Joe.But perhaps not.

  17. To bad we cant watch all there bank account activities,,lol millions in millions out ,on a daily's bases now I bet,,lol

  18. Sean, please let guests finish a sentence. You interrupt them and they never get their thoughts out. Thank you! Love you!

  19. Who tf cares about Biden? Trump is going down in a fiery crash the likes of which hasn't been seen since the Hindenburg.

  20. Obama said "Joe…you DON'T have to do this'….but what he meant was "please don't do it…it will reveal your dad's, your's and MY OWN shady deals." Obama's un-heartfelt 8 years will finally lift the title of "Worst President in the History of the USA" away from Jimmy Carter. Carter can finally stop building houses to make up for the label and die in peace.

  21. Job Interviewer: "Hunter, why are you qualified to be hired?"…"well, after I was booted out the Navy for cocaine possession, and fought with my wife, and kicked my dog…I flew with my daddy on AF2 (by the way here are some matches from the plane for you)…and then I scored a $600,000/year job running a company that I knew nothing about…but hey, who did? It was really a money-laundering scheme so no worries…the I flew to China with my daddy and scored a $1Billion account, then they added $500million….yep $1.5Billion….so think I can handle vacuuming the NY Times Square Chic-Filet Store!" Interviewer: "Well that was informing…however we can't hire you." Biden: "Why not? Interviewer: "We just believe that the access to cocaine is just too easy here in the Times Square area and we have a Christian owner." Biden: "But I hate working Sunday's too!"

  22. I hope AMERICANS Don't think that is the only crooked deal in our Congress follow the money give all Congress background checks.

  23. Thank you, Sean. This such a big breach of duties by the Bidens. Creepy Joe still had the testicular fortitude to lie as he denied that there was anything happened.
    Shifty needs no more air time! He’s still calling it! Liar, crook, criminal!
    Even the whistleblowers know Shifty. Shifty is just using them. Once he gets what he needs, Shifty will drop them. If Shifty is able to fabricate this situations, he needs psychiatric help.

  24. He'll get the same type of questions from ABC "news" that his father got in the debates from Cable Clown Network's Anderson Cooper during the debate.

  25. Sean i'm on your side love what you do but your always saying you have huge new or bomb shell news so what the big news you need to stop saying you have huge news unless your ready to let us know what it is

  26. Over a dozen of trump's inner-circle has been convicted of crimes over the past two years, multiple of them sitting behind bars, and the prosecutor says the only reason trump himself has not been indicted is a DOJ rule saying that a sitting president cannot be charged with a federal crime (a dumb rule that puts sitting presidents above the law). But on TrumpTV (aka FoxNews), you won't hear any of that, instead you'll hear of "Biden Inc", which has zero crimes on its record.

  27. Trump supporters are actually the same as Charles Manson followers, you
    people miss that because you were not alive in 1969 and Living in Los
    Angeles with a Job on Main Street and 7th. Ave. I was a young married
    man and I often walked over to H.O.J.J. to watch the Clown Circus- the
    Manson Faithful were always Gathered around the Entrance which filthy
    children, all wild eyed and Chanting 'Free Charlie, Don't Crucify Jesus
    Christ again.

    Yes, Trump studied Charles Manson's system of mind nullifying propaganda
    he learned from Ron Hubbard and Donald Trump, a veritable Genius in
    Mind Control and Mass Persuasion, is really a Closeted Scientologist who
    went 'Clear" in 1999.
     Watching these Red Shirts with their Black 10,000 Mile Stares,
    unfathomable that only 40 Year Later and 'new and improved Charles
    Manson would arise to bring the Gospel for the 21St. Century according
    to the Second Coming of Our Lord & Saviour Jesu' Christo, who
    proclaims 'I am The Everlasting Saviour of Mankind, Hear Me! By Drinking
    my Blood and Eating my Flesh I shall gift you, MAGA Faithful Herd of
    loyal Acolytes: Eternal Prosperity, Many Beautiful Women to molest at
    will, and when you Die, (because only the Great God Donald-Trump lived
    eternally) at lease you were able to See Me- the Holy of Helios, GOD
    in the Flesh.
    Be Joyful, Drink, Eat & Be Outlandish for Ye Ate The Frump's Trump's
    Garbage Bunch!

  28. Of course the Biden's will say "I never said that", "I never did that", "That wasn't me", ETC,ETC. Dem's will say, "okay you're exonerated", "Dems don't do things like that, there's no case".

  29. Jesus Christ won't someone please shut this morron up…. Is he for real or is it some American parodyshow ????

  30. America is really going down the drain…. There is No doubt now we only have one superpower in the World…. Russia owns America

  31. Congressman Adam Schiff is a bottom feeder in The Swamp violating the essence of what made the American political system great. He is a front figure of the oligarchy with unlimited clandestine power being the essence of getting the nomination for congress members. It is obvious that House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff is a qualified pathological lier who will keep on making himself an even greater Pinnochio-fool.

  32. Poor Hannity. Looks like he is about to pop a vain defending his master. I fear he may just go into a deep debilitating depression when Trump is removed from the Whitehouse

  33. What you are talking about, Hannity – is absolutely true. The Bidens are corrupt, no question! Does that mean TRUMP is clean? Of couuuuuurse not! TRUMP – and you are the insider to know that – is as corrupt and deeply involved into RUSSIAN-MAFIA-MONEY-LAUNDERING-SCHEMES as possible. What do we learn? POLITICAL AMERICA is not 100, but 200% CORRUPT!

  34. I’ll still vote for Biden. He’s better than corrupt trump and his disgusting children who he gave jobs to. Deport Trump

  35. I wonder what this storyteller is going to do when the Trump show is canceled he never was a news man and never has been just a storyteller I guess he’ll go on telling stories and gullible people will believe him

  36. Trump continually belittles and divides his fellow citizens but rolls over on his back and allows himself (and America) to be walked all over when dubious foreign Leaders whistle. He is not a patriot, he is a betrayer. I don't know how long it will take Trump supporters to wake up, but when reality eventually kicks in they're in for a shock.

  37. do you even realize that the Bidens are NOT attacking the children of Trump?? hehehehehe I think the Bidens are setting up a trap!!:-)

  38. So much criminal activity was done and still going on when the Dems got back into the White House with Obama and Clintons ! all criminals every one of them ! no wonder they never leave there Cush jobs in government !

  39. You will do anything for corrupt lying dump want you you hate who he hate you like who he like jackass you dont have a mind of your own or has dump taken that away too.

  40. The government ALL just absolutely sold out our national security. China and all the other countries know all of our business and secrets sold to them but Hillary, John Kerry, Joe Biden, Nancy pelosi, etc., All the kids of the deep state are also rich by selling us out. But they are all innocent.

  41. What are your sources? I see you appear on page 40 of a Senate Intelligence report having been targeted by Putin actually was duped by believing Russian troll propaganda and passing along to millions of Americans that should no longer trust your opinion, ‘cause it sure ain’t fact! Apologize to your views for being a spokesperson for Putin.

  42. The Democrats don't care if Americans are getting ripped off to make them rich. They are so easily lead with the fake news channels

  43. Jared and Ivanka made over
    80 million dollars last year.
    Not a word from you sycophants.
    And you all wonder why NOBODY takes you serious. Bunch of
    butt- hurt sociopaths.

  44. Do you want to tell me that President Trump and the Senate with all their clout, cannot remove Schiff from the Whitehouse?? I find that inconceivable!!

  45. And then there is the trumptards. Making money off the G7 summit. Wow! Lmmfaoays at all of the trumptards 😂😂😂😂

  46. All traitors need to be hung on National TV so we can all see it and hear their necks cracking. This will send a clear message to anyone else that would like to follow in their footsteps as Traitors to the American Republic.

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