Hallownest’s Ancient Civilization Examined

Everything falls eventually. This is true both in real life and in Hollow
Knight. Hallownest was a vast kingdom complete with
a network of pathways, ambitious mining operations, and nudist bath houses. But even the Pale King’s eternal kingdom
could not stand against the onslaught of time. Of course, not every kingdom is destroyed
by… one moth, but Hallownest’s fate isn’t necessarily unique in the world of Hollow
Knight. Mister Mushroom implies that the actions of
the Pale King were commonplace, with Wyrms creating kingdoms and ruling over them until
they crumbled. But in this video, we are going to look at
a different civilization. Seemingly long before the Pale King or the
Radiance existed a group of bugs that worshipped the “darkness”. This civilization doesn’t have a name in
the game, but for the most part, people online call it the Ancient Civilization. Other names include the Ancient Caste or the
Black Kingdom. In my humble opinion, all of those names suck
ass, so I’m just going to call it the Void Kingdom. Now, we don’t know if it’s a literal kingdom. For all we know it might be more accurately
called a Void Anarcho-syndicalist commune. But for the sake of simplicity, I’m just
going to call this ancient civilization the Void Kingdom. Discussing the Void Kingdom is difficult,
because the game gives us so little information to go on. After all, this civilization is said to be
ancient, so it makes sense that nobody in the game besides Lemm and the Mask Maker even
really talk about it. But there are still echoes of the Void Kingdom
found in the Ari Gibson’s artwork. So in this video, we are going to go through
the few scraps of dialogue we have, as well as discuss how some of the art in the game
might be hinting at certain connections. We’re also going to talk about the nature
of the Void, for like the 5th time on this channel. Some of the things I am going to be saying
in this video are highly speculative, so take everything in this video with a grain of salt. Also feel free to check out this document
on the Void by Sumwan and Toxicbrain. It’s very well done and super informative. Let’s start with Relic Seeker Lemm. In the Godmaster update, Lemm directly addresses
the Void Kingdom. In the journal entry for the Void Idol, he
says “Inspired or mad, those ancient bugs. They devoted their worship to no lord, or
power, or strength, but to the very darkness itself.” These Void Idols are described as being from
before Hallownest, and they are designed to contain void within them. Buy why on Earth would bugs want to worship
the darkness? Are they like Satan worshippers? Do they eat babies? Did they vote for Rick Scott? Well, we do have this dream nail dialogue
from the Shade Beast. This Chozo statue ripoff can be dream nailed
if the Knight has the Awoken Dream Nail. Dream nailing the Shade Beast without obtaining
the Void Heart gives the following. “…Void… Power… Without unity…” So according to this guy, void contains power. Which is kind of weird considering the Lemm
quote above seems to separate the void from power. Maybe the power within void is a result of
the void being worshipped, similar to how the bosses of Hollow Knight find stronger
forms through the Godseeker’s attunement. Regardless, there are examples of Void having
utility, which also might factor into why the Void Kingdom were so interested in it. But we’ll get to that later. Lemm also talks about the Void Kingdom when
discussing the Arcane Eggs. He explains that Arcane Eggs are a treasured
relic from a time before Hallownest. They prove the existence of this age, alongside
the Soul Totems found throughout the kingdom. These eggs work similar to Wanderer’s Journals,
acting as a store of information. While Lemm can only access the outer layer,
ancient bugs were somehow able to reach the information stored deep within. And finally, Lemm mentions that the eggs are
rumored to contain a will, and that they seek out a bearer. Lemm speculates that the eggs themselves are
drawn to the Knight, since the Knight was able to find a whopping four of them. One final detail about Arcane Eggs is that
they are described as being made of stone. Let’s start with this whole concept of Arcane
Eggs containing wills. It definitely sets them aside as being quite
unique, but they aren’t the only example of this phenomenon. When hinting for the Knight to go to the Ancient
Basin, the Elderbug says the following, “Did you know the caverns continue even below the
capital? Few have ventured that deep so the details
are scant. Those who made it back told of impossibly
old structures and roads formed as though the rock itself possessed a will.” In other words, the architecture of the Ancient
Basin was supposedly formed through the will of nearby rocks. So why the fuck would rocks want to build
roads or seek out owners? My pet rock doesn’t do jackshit. Maybe he’s depressed. Well, there is one explanation. But I don’t really want to say it, because
it devolves into saying a whole bunch of different things are made out of void. And this community is already too quick to
play the v-card, so I’m a bit worried about this. We already know that void can take the form
of liquid and gas, given the Sea of Void and the billows of void gas we see in several
locations. But void can also take on a solid form as
well. One clear example of solid void are the void
vines we see connected to the Husk Dandy in the Queen’s Garden, as well as the Soul
Totems in Deepnest and the strange egg in the Birthplace of the Abyss. Another example of solid void is related to
the shade gates found throughout the kingdom. These dark balls look like solid balls of
void. These void stones are a little hard to see,
due to them being obscured by the surrounding structures. These appear to be modeled after the Pale
King’s crown, implying that he was responsible for placing these shade gates. Most of the shade gates can be found sporting
these artifacts, but there are a few examples in the Abyss showing these stones without
the Pale King’s additions. Finally, the entrance to the Pantheon of Hallownest
also features these void stones. And then we have the Black Egg, where the
Hollow Knight is imprisoned. Quirrel describes the egg as being made of
stone, but in the Dream No More ending, we clearly see the Black Egg turn into shadow
and void liquid as it exits the temple. So that’s three out of the five states of
matter void can become. Does this mean we might see void plasma at
some point? Or Void Bose-Einstein condensates? Of course the real question is, do the Arcane
Eggs and the roads in the Ancient Basin somehow contain void? Proximity to Void would seem to be the main
factor that differentiates these rocks from the rocks found anywhere else in the kingdom. What else could possibly give them this power? But then again, the Arcane Eggs aren’t near
as dark in color as the Black Egg. And I sincerely believe that we need to be
careful about what we say is void. It’s a slippery slope to complete and utter
anarchy. So for now, I think we can only conclude that
the Void Kingdom somehow utilized these will bearing rocks and stones. How exactly these were created and whether
or not the Void Kingdom was directly responsible remains to be seen. But this leads to another interesting question. Can void contain a will? If void can become stone, and stones can contain
a will, then why not? I don’t think we can say that void has a
will on its own, there is plenty of evidence to support the idea that void can be imprinted
with a will. The Kingsmould seem to carry a prime directive
to kill and defend, which might have been placed on them when they were molded by the
Pale King. The shades are described as being fragments
of a lingering will. These wills seem have originated with the
bugs that were originally killed when they were dropped into the Abyss. So again, the will isn’t coming from the
void, but it is imprinted on it. Same with the Knight, it also contains a will
according to Steel Soul Jinn and the charm description for the Void Heart. We also have the Collector. The Collector is a void being like the shades,
but it shows even greater cognitive abilities. According to William in an AMA, the Collector
was even capable of drawing a map of the Grub locations, showing a high level of intelligence. So where did this will come from? A likely candidate appears to be the Husk
Dandy in the Queen’s Garden, who implies that spending time with the Collector changed
the both of them in some way. But this is pretty speculative though. At the very least, it’s clear that the Collector
has some kind of will. Finally, let’s talk about the Void Tendrils
that flap around in the Sea of Void. Void tendrils are these weird shadow creatures
that thrash out at the Knight, that is until it receives the Void Heart. The journal entry for the Void Tendrils is
obtained in this strange room found on the east side of the Abyss behind a Shade Gate. The room contains some kind of desk along
with a strange formation in the wall. Inspecting the formation gives you the journal
entry along with the following prompt “An imprint of Abyss given form”. So we’ve seen the phrase “given form”
before in the Hall of Gods. The phrase “Void given form” is used to
describe the statue of the Knight as it appears in the Dream No More ending. So is void equivalent to an imprint of Abyss,
making the Void Tendrils similar to the Knight? Well, I’m not sure what else an imprint
of Abyss would even look like. Like, what is this shit? I’ve literally stared at this thing every
day for the last 18 months of my life and the only thing I can see is Florida, the state
in which Rick Scott is currently Governor. We don’t really know why the Void Tendrils
live in the Sea of Void or what their purpose was, but they might be the culprits responsible
for convincing the bug in the Abyss lighthouse to turn off the light, which might imply that
they have a will. So where did these abominations come from? I think it’s likely that the Void Tendrils
were created by the Void Kingdom. First of all, given form implies that the
void didn’t manifest into tendrils itself. Second, the journal entry for the Void Tendrils
seems to be referring to the Void Kingdom. “The bugs of Hallownest sometimes wondered
whether there were other, older, stranger Kingdoms deep below them.” And for some reason the Hunter is omnipotent
and omnipresent, so this is some pretty strong evidence. If he think the Void Kingdom is relevant to
these creatures, then it probably is. Finally, we need to look at the objects found
in this room. So this desk is weird, it has four spikes,
similar to the Pale King’s, but one of the spikes is longer, so I don’t think there
is a connection here. Instead, there is something else in this room
we need to look at. Over the course of this channel we’ve talked
about whore lore, vore lore, and now we’re gonna talk about floor lore. So remember how Lemm said that Soul Totems
were another indication of the Void Kingdom’s existence? Well, the floor found in this portion of the
Abyss can be found underneath several of the soul totems in the game. Since we know the totems were created by the
Void Kingdom, it seems pretty likely to me that this room was used by this ancient civilization. This room might have been used as some sort
of observation deck or workbench or German sex dungeon. So to quickly recap, I don’t think that
void itself exhibits a will. Instead, a will is imprinted on void manfiesting
in creations such as the void constructs, the vessels and the Void Tendrils. The Arcane Eggs and the rocks in the Abyss
and the Ancient Basin can also contains wills, but it is not as clear how this process works
or if Void is involved. And what exactly does a rock with a will of
its own do? Is it like the ones from Road Runner? Going back to these Soul Totems, there is
another detail that is common among many of them hiding in the background, these twisted
pillars. They show up all over Hallownest, behind at
least 21 different totems. So were these things also built by the Void
Kingdom? Are they made of solid void? Well, these pillar show up in one specific
area that is quite interesting. These pillars can be seen inside the Black
Egg. Now the question is, do these pillars turn
into shadows and fly away with the rest of the egg in the Dream No More ending? That would imply that they are made of void,
but then again, does this mean these chains are void? Or these drapes. Why are Hornet and the Knight’s shell the
only things that are left? Where’s the Hollow Knight’s shell? Where are their nails? If the void sucked it all up, why is Hornet
okay? There had better be an explanation for this,
Team Cherry. I know where you live. Regardless of what these pillars are, they
do seem to be a calling card of the Void Kingdom, since they can be found near so many Soul
Totems. That doesn’t mean I think they made the
Black Egg Temple though. The Pale King appears to have been able to
create stone objects from void himself. We have the shade gates. And he also had these containers that were
used to store void that appear to use void stones as lids. Anyway, there is one other spot where these
strange twisted pillars can be found, that being the entrance to the room where the Ancient
Nailsmith can be found. We know this corpse was called the Ancient
Nailsmith from the text file containing its dream nail dialogue. Of course, the Ancient Nailsmith isn’t the
only giant corpse we find in Hollow Knight. We also have the Shade Beast in the Abyss,
as well as the Green Beast in the Queen’s Garden, whose names come from their sprite
art files. There’s the Wyrm corpses in the Kingdom’s
Edge, and finally we have the Temple of the Black Egg, which according to the upcoming
Hollow Knight artbook, was built from the carapace of a colossal ancient bug. The Shade Beast is obviously tied to the Void,
possibly as some kind of void worshipper. But it seems possible that these other giant
beings, minus the Pale King’s Wyrm form, were a part of the Void Kingdom. Giant beasts similar to the designs of the
soul totems might have also existed around that time. But it’s also possible that some of these
creatures lived before or afterwards. There is literally no dialogue related to
the Green Beast so we don’t know anything about it, and information regarding the other
beasts isn’t much better. While there does seem to be influences of
the Void Kingdom all around Hallownest, the Ancient Basin and the Abyss seem to be the
most important parst of their society. The most interesting aspect of the Ancient
Basin is that it’s called the Ancient Basin. Geographically, a basin is a depression in
the ground where water collects. Looking at the Abyss, the entrance is remarkably
similar in structure to that of a well. It’s a long vertical hole that stores liquid
at the bottom. This begs about 100 questions. Was the Abyss built as a way to store Void? Or did the Void Kingdom just find the Abyss
and set up home nearby? Someone had to create this architecture. If Void was being drained into the Abyss where
was it coming from? Or is there just an infinite amount of void
pouring out of the Shade Beast’s bowl somehow? There is also the question of whether or not
the Snail Shamans are connected to this Void Kingdom. Unfortunately, that is really difficult to
answer. The Snail Shamans are definitely some kind
of void creation. The Snail Shaman calls the Knight a little
shadow, implying that he knows what the Knight is. And the Shamans in the Soul Sanctum and the
Crystal Mound literally explode into void balls that get absorbed by the Knight. However, the Snail Shaman is surprised by
the Abyss Shriek, implying that that Shamans have never been to the place of its origin. I don’t think the Snail Shaman would be
wrong in this instance. I think a character like the Snail Shaman
would know what he’s talking about, but that is just speculation on my part. That leaves the question of where the Snail
Shamans came from, which I don’t really have an answer for. They have a very strange nature to them. The Snail Shaman in the Ancestral Mound implies
that it is bound to stay on the mound. We don’t know if this binding is physical
or what, but it kind of implies that the Shamans have been in Hallownest for quite some time. As for the altar in the Abyss where the shriek
is found, I believe this was built by the Void Kingdom. The faces are similar in design to the Soul
Vessels, which store soul similar to the Soul Totems. The Void Kingdom clearly knew how to capture
soul, so they seem like likely candidates for creating the Soul Vessels found in the
game. There is even a Soul Vessel fragment located
in an area in Deepnest that features those twisted black pillars. One minor point, we don’t know if anything
like the Shade Lord existed in the Void Kingdom. It appears as though the Shade Lord came into
being from the worship of the Godseekers, so I suppose it’s possible that the Void
Kingdom was able to create a similar being, but there’s no way to tell. The Godseekers wore special masks that allowed
them to focus their thoughts, giving them a Godly focus, which indicates that the creation
of the Shade Lord was a more unique occurence. And if something like the Shade Lord existed
in the past, it probably would have already murdered the Radiance. Which brings us to the downfall of the Void
Kingdom. The fate of the Void Kingdom is briefly mentioned
by Mask Maker after obtaining the King’s Brand. The Mask Maker denounces the Pale King’s
attempt at uniting Hallownest under his leadership, saying “No bug has ever laid claim to this
whole. Even the beasts knew their limits and bound
their realm at Nest’s edge. It is the ancient caste that made attempt
at such vast rule. Hallownest’s ruin reflects well those fared
attempts.” So the kingdom appears to have fallen apart
due to their attempts at expanding their rule across all of Hallownest. The Radiance appears to call the Void her
ancient enemy, implying that she combated the Void Kingdom long ago, possibly even putting
the kingdom to its end. Dream nailing the structures in the room where
the Abyss Shriek is obtained reveals that whoever used to live there, they plan on making
a return. Which should be expected. As a wise Star Wars trailer once said, no
one’s ever really gone. Now, if you’ve been following speculation
on Silksong, you’re probably aware of the Masters, these mysterious beings mentioned
by both Confessor Jiji and Steel Soul Jinn. They appear to be tied to the void in some
way, indicating that they could also be connected to the Void Kingdom, possibly as remnants
from before the civilization fell. If this is true, then that means Silksong
might shed light on what exactly the Void Kingdom was. Seeing as the last Hollow Knight update, Godmaster,
decided to give us more info on these void worshippers, I think it’s likely that they
will become important in Silksong. Alright, let’s run through everything one
last time, and remember, there’s a lot of speculation in here. Don’t spout all this off at a dinner party
expecting everyone to agree with you. You might make a complete ass of yourself. There was an Ancient Caste that existed in
the lands of Hallownest. These bugs chose to worship the darkness. They placed void inside of idols in order
to worship them, and imprinted void with forms that did… something. They also knew how to manipulate soul, capable
of placing it within different types of vessels. They also used rocks with wills to store information
as well as construct roads and pathways. This kingdom attempted to expand itself across
modern day Hallownest, but their plans were proved futile, possibly due to… one moth,
and their empire fell into obscurity. However, there might still be a few left who
have planted servants to carry out their plans. And there you have it. Of course, a lot of this hinges on Team Cherry’s
artwork being 100% deliberate which could very easily not be the case. You would think that the Pale King built the
Royal Waterways, so why exactly can Soul Totem be found there? Why is this wall replaced entirely with corpses? Are these load bearing corpses? Where the fuck did the drapes go? But hopefully, we were actually able to dig
up a little bit more information about the Ancient Civilization and the Void. If not, then the main point of my video is
still pretty strong, that being please vote for Rick Scott this November.

  1. Thanks for watching! I wanted to share some counters to the points made in this video. It is entirely possible that void has a will of its own, and that it natural takes the form of tendrils that thrash about, given how often they come off of other beings like the Knight and the Lord Shade. The “imprint of Abyss given form” might be like some kind of “footprint” left by some void creature.

    We don't know for sure that the Black Egg is made of Void.

    There is a small part of floor in the Ancestral Mound that is similar to the ones we see near Soul Totems. However, this one is not near those totems. This might indicate that the Shamans are connected to the Ancient Civilization in some way.

    We don’t know for sure that the corpse containing the Colosseum of Fools is a Wyrm.

    Finally, some mask shards can also be found near these twisted pillars that I mentioned. It would make sense that the ANCIENT masks are connected to the ANCIENT civilization, so this is a nice bit of info for sure.

  2. Could the "Without Unity" refer to the reason the Ancient Civilisation worshipped the Void? They could have worshipped the Void to avoid the influence of the Radience as the Radience causes all minds to unify together which causes the bugs to lose their will, so the Ancient Civilisation worshipped Void to avoid this and keep their free will…

  3. 12:38 you said there is no clue that the shadelord existed in previous times, when in the video you actually show a dreamnailed dialogue of the giant bug in the Ancient Basin saying ´´…Lord of Shades…“`,can you explain it?

  4. If the void had a mind, they could infuse themselves with the rocks, making the interesting formations in the ancient basin like if they were building a nest or some shit like that, and if that is true them they could they build golens? No because void without a will or someone controlling it, like the knight when it gets the void heart, couldn´t because as said in the chozo statue rippof dream dialogue void doesnt naturally have union and apparently only do primitive stuff like ants protecting and expanding the nest, i am sure ants cant build golens, idk thats my theory

  5. Ha! I remember seeing the Shade Beast with the bowl in its outstretched hands and about a split second later thinking to myself "oh hello, Super Metroid" as I jumped happily into the bowl.

  6. whats odd is that even though arcane eggs predate hallownest, they still have the crest of hallownest on them.

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  9. What if the ancient civilization is to Hallownest what dinosaurs are to Earth, most of the dinosaurs died but some evolved into other animals that we have today like alligators or chickens xD, in the Quirrel comics they show a little bug that doesnt have mind because hes not in Hallownest but what if thats a descendant to the Ancient civilization. Just Saying :v

  10. I feel bad for the Snail Shaman, he thinks you met his family when in fact he is (possibly) the only living Shaman in the entirety of Hollow Nest.

  11. You could think of void as mana. A substance that can change to different states, be imprinted with functions (similar to programming the void), and used as an energy source.

    The snail shamans seem to be like wizards that use void energy instead of mana for spells. It would make sense that they are surprised by the Abyss Shriek spell since they merely dabble in void energy while the Void Kingdom were essentially masters of void manipulation.

    The Shade Lord is a pure void energy being, like an elemental.

  12. Well I know this can't be confirmed but regarding the void and the stone formed with "will" I always thought that the void sort've worked it's way into the stone to build through it. The void does seemingly have a "will". Of course the problem is the "why would it be trying to create architecture" aspect.

  13. Each Wyrm appears to have some manifestation of their power in the world. Radiance has essence, The pale king I believe has soul, is it possible that the ancient black wyrm had void? It's been speculated before that the king of fools is the black wyrm, but that doesn't really make sense because, well, he's not black, and there aren't signs of a horrible battle in that area. Welcome to wild and rampant speculation with no evidence. So pale king is pale, radiance is, well, radiant, I believe there were at least 2 more wyrms (but I'll explain why I believe even more later), the king of fools who gave his subjects a foolish bravery which made them great fighters, but also reckless causing the quick end of his small kingdom only taking up the small section of kingdoms edge, and the blackwyrm, deceased sire of deepnest, husband of Herrah the beast, Giver of void. This, I believe, Is why there was such a great war between deepnest and the pale kings new empire. He wished to dominate not just the subjects, but the other wyrms as well, wyrm which subjugated were left to their own or brought in like the white lady, and the fool (but not before being promised he can still call warriors to fight and worship him, this didn't last and he was eventually assassinated) wyrm which refused were fought back and killed or sealed away. Radiance was sealed away in dream, and the blackwyrm was killed entirely, This overlapping time was when the soul shrines were made, focused soul, in a shell of void. This gave the pale king a brilliant idea, focused void, in shell of soul, the vessels. I believe there is at least 1 more wyrm from before the pale king that created the fungus and gave the mushrooms their spore-speak. CRAZY? Yes. WRONG? almost certainly. FUN? I think so.

  14. The void is eldritch in nature and isn't a single entity but an unfathomable amalgamation of souls given substance.

  15. I have an idea: We have seen that both the masks and the pale king were able to give sentience to bugs. While I was thinking, I noticed that the ancients did not have any of those options, but they must have hat it, because otherwise they could not have built all those relics and structures we still find today. What if they were, kinda by accident, infected by the void, because they came to close which gave them the sentience they needed. This would explain why they 1. worshipped the void and 2. why their kingdom was ruined when they tried to expand, because it seems to me that the void can only control/influence beings near its domain implying that sentience can be lost if a host moves to far away.

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  18. And I feel as tho the void would have a will of its own because of the lakes that attack you wheb u go into the void maze building its willingly trying to attack you if u fall in it so it must have a will

  19. Ok I just had a thought about the "ancient enemy" part
    Did Radiance usurp the void as the local god/object of worship, like the Pale King later did to her? Is this an endless cycle of higher beings taking over, creating their own civilisation, then being replaced?

  20. Wait, so the Mask Maker refers to the creatures of the Void Kingdom as beasts (and clearly knows quite a bit of lore) and we have a character called Herrah The Beast. I'm not saying she was part of the Void Kingdom but perhaps she was a descendant or something like that? It's a pretty weak theory.

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    an entire kingdom created by fucking God*. Or. *one moth

    Answer: ONE FUCKING MOTH!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. The whole "roads from a will thing" could also just be a way of describing structures from a forgotten kingdom. Maybe the explorers weren't aware of this kingdom, so the roads would seem to have made themselves? Idk

  23. you know, i'm beginning to develop a theory that the shade statue with that bowl is the …. whatever you called it, the shade lord? try and see if you can dream nail that thing after each stage of the godseekers thing. it might shed some light on the idea.

  24. Satanism is actually pretty cool. I would say more about it, but ill just leave the tenets of the satanic temple here instead.

    One should strive to act with compassion and empathy toward all creatures in accordance with reason.

    The struggle for justice is an ongoing and necessary pursuit that should prevail over laws and institutions.

    One’s body is inviolable, subject to one’s own will alone.

    The freedoms of others should be respected, including the freedom to offend. To willfully and unjustly encroach upon the freedoms of another is to forgo one's own.

    Beliefs should conform to one's best scientific understanding of the world. One should take care never to distort scientific facts to fit one's beliefs.

    People are fallible. If one makes a mistake, one should do one's best to rectify it and resolve any harm that might have been caused.

    Every tenet is a guiding principle designed to inspire nobility in action and thought. The spirit of compassion, wisdom, and justice should always prevail over the written or spoken word.

    I dont worship any religion or anything of the sort. With the way my mind works, I just don't need to. But if i had to choose a religion, it would be either Satanism (Specifically the satanic temple), or maybe Buddhism. Note this is just my opinion and if you disagree with what i have commented then thats your opinion. But i swear to whatever god might actually exist, Dont say someones opinion is wrong just cause it isnt the same or similar to yours. Basically, Don't be rude.

  25. Void, power, no unity. So the void gives power and individuality.
    The radiance does the opposite it unifies but takes individuality.
    Both seem to be powers but oposing ones. Civilisation cannot exist on only one or the other.
    Pure radiance destroys the individual to serve a single being pure void destroys the chance for civilisation.
    An overdose of either will make the creature using it mindless slaves.

  26. I don't know if you've done a video about this or not (I'm new) but do we have a reason or theory on why the knight awoke as opposed to most other vessels

  27. I'm just thinking that Silksong will have something like the Godhome and one ending is by beating The Knight and there's just a different name. Idk that would be cool.

  28. Ok,What if the void kindom ALSO wanted to fight the radiance because it was putting their kindom un danger, after all that's why she says "Ancient enemy" so they made the soul tótems with the same proffit as the pale king and thats why they give off soul?

  29. Being Mossbag is like:
    Staring at dark dots to understand are they void or dust
    Is this void or A SCREEN TRANSITION
    Is this Florida or imprint of void tendrils
    Floor lore

  30. -I suppose that the cue "stone possess a will" actually refers to bugs corpses. with all the shells that we can see all through the kingdom, we can possibly think that the pathes of Hallownest and even the ground itself at some point, are made with the corpses of thousands and thousands bugs, dead over and over for centuries. It is quite logical since that our own ground on earth is composed of the dust of billions of fossilized remains of ancient and new creatures.
    i think that somehow this "stone" is actually made of bugs corpses, and somehow still posess remains of their will from when they were alive.
    the world of Hollow knight may be a sort of gigantic graveyard, built and rebuilt over the corpses of previous generations so the next could live (so maybe that the concept of 'tombs" is not something that existed before the Radiance/King's reign?), witch could explain why the abyss are in the depth of the kingdom, and why the ancestral basin is named like that? were they like, the "begining" of the world?
    Plus, i also suppose that the substance called "void", may actually be…you know… Petrol (that is arbitrarly called "void" because it reacts like a black hole: nothing, not even the light can get out of it)?
    Petrol is a fluid created with the decaying and the fossilisation of former living corpses. If the stone is made of bugs corpses, surely that the void is a fluid coming from these corpses witch gathered and concentrated itself into a big lake? And if the stones still posess a will, surely that the black fluid still posess one too?

    which also could be linked with the nature of the SOULS and spells. The only people that can "teach" the knight spells are the shaman snails and the soul master, who share a deep connection with magic and souls.
    Surely that the Shamans are the last remaining members of this old civilisation worshipping the void? and that the soul sanctum (and maybe the king) wanted to study them in order to understand the secrets of the soul and spells? The spells that the knight use is completely different from the spells that other bugs can use: their is yellow, when the shamans and the knight's (and the soul master dive) is white (with eyes) and can be turned black after an encounter with a place linked to the void.
    Have shamans somehow fused with void at some point?
    are shamans former priestress of the darkness cult along with confessor jiji and steel soul jin?
    is the void not only "one" but "everyone"?
    is the void the oposite, the nemesis of the soul?
    is the soul the magic of the living when the void is the magic of the dead ones?
    the bugs under the king's reign have been able to build things in the abyss at a time, like the light house, so does the desk actually belongs to the Pale King? Has the pale king established some kind of office into the abyss? or was it already present before?
    moulds and Jin's armours seems to be made of pale ore, does the pale ore can actually help to contain and control and focus the void persistant will?
    the god seeker calls the shade lord the god of gods, the most powerful of all of them, does that mean that the void entity is the darkness itself that the civilisation worshipped?
    is the void entity an amalgamate of thousands of bugs that dead centuries ago? or just one will more powerful than all the others?
    light is the only weapon against darkness, but black holes never let go the light either, does that explain why the Radiance and The Void Entity are mortal enemies? does that explain why soul totems can contain soul?
    so many questions @[email protected] sorry…

  31. i think i've found a plot hole. isn't one of the requirements of being a purely hollow vessel a lack of will("No will to break")? if so, if the knight has a will, how did it contain the radiance in "the Hollow Knight" ending? that would mean that it's not completely hollow, or that Jinn's lines aren't accurate or canon.

  32. I think the abysm shrink and the voies in the dream nail sentence are linke to the other vessels an their suffering,not the ancient kingdom

  33. My sister thought I was playing 1 video but I’ve played about 5-6 videos of mossbag talking about hollow knight lore.

  34. you ever thought about, how the lifeblood creature might be of the void kingdom? its big, has multiple eyes, and if the ancient bugs were able to manipulate soul and void, why not lifeblood? there is lifeblood found within the ancient basin, the lifevlood creature itself resides within the ancient basin, as well as in the godhome, implicating that it has great power.

  35. I just realized something. There are people out there that ship KnightxHornet and KnightxHolloeKnight, but not only are the Knight and Hollow Knight full biological siblings, same father and mother, but Hornet is also their half-sister, same father different mother. As well as the Knight and Hollow Knight, not having a gender, not of their own will, as well as their entire purpose being to contain the infection, so they were made to not have a personality. But HK was an imperfect vessel because he developed an attachment to his father the Pale King. So the Hollow Knight and/or the Knight at the very least are physically and psychologically incapable of attraction and love. So these shippers are promoting incest and projecting sexual attraction on asexual individuals.

  36. I know I late to the party but, didn't they snail shaman sayed that you turning your spells into their stronger void form was accomplished by the knight turning the spells into his own nature?
    Also he said for this process the knight will need incredible amount of energy possible by absorbing the sense of the other snail shamans?

  37. Anyway, those chains binding the Hollow Knight are reacting to any vessel(?) that contains Radiance e.g. Ghost in first ending after it absorbs the Radiance from Hollow Knight..

  38. I actually thought those souls totems were made by the Soul Master because of what he says in his reports and this would explain why there are a lot of souls totems in the Soul Master's area! But the souls totems were created by this void kingdom…. So I think now that at the first time, those totems were not used to contain souls, but the Soul Master made research about them and discovered that they could contain soul and then decided to use them like they are being using nowadays !

  39. FlOor LoRe
    I love ur hk lore vids, i learned to watch hollow knight so much new ways by watch ur videos! Thank you and keep doing lore videos!
    Also can you next talk about wanderer's journal (book) and game how these doesn't match together

  40. i just tought that steelsoul mode is the real way u should play hollow knight… cause u ARE just like the siblings at the start of the adventure… im not gonna do that

  41. How can the knight have a will when he was made to contain no will and be completly empty?
    Also the void might have scattered will throughout it and then the knight can focus that will, controlling the void with the void charm
    (Just asking)

  42. i think the rocks in hollownest are all either one: Small/large living beings that barely move which would explain why the infection can grow on the rocks in hollownest and explain the ''rocks have a will'' comment. Or two: The rocks are made out of dead bugs which where once alive kinda explaining the ''rocks have a will'' comment and explaining why the infection can grow on these rocks/dead bugs. This is only a theory. Thank you for your time.

  43. Everyone is missing the most important question @mossbag asked.. where did the fucking curtains go?

    To complicate things even further.. did the curtains match the carpet before they mysteriously disappeared?

    Did void come from vaginas?

    What is a bug vagina called?

  44. 4:00 so you had lunafly in the previous scene while when in dirtmouth the shop is closed and elder is telling you to go to a late-game location. cool.

  45. hot take
    all things are void given form. aka void is willed into being. void by definition has no definition.
    the black ooze which suffuses hallownest is void misunderstood, aka void thought to be void but really just unclear will and therefore ooze.
    masks (ego/ persona) are used to focus will, creating beings.
    soul is highly focused will. like leveling up into the ethereal world as a sentient being (aka one with everything instead of non-existing)
    there's really only will. some will is stuck in ooze life until it can focus enough (maybe with a mask) to become a being. those beings develop soul and move into the ether as gods or moths
    or whatever

  46. Presumably the abyss went a lot deeper before the Pale King dumped millions of dead children in it it's possibly their kingdom is down their and was buried in corpses

  47. The Wyrm being part of the ancient civilization would make sense, I think.
    The fall of his kind would explain why he sought a new form; and if the ancients were destroyed by The Radiance, it would explain why as king The Wyrm attempted to end their worship.
    It'd also explain how The King was able to mold The Void for his proposes, if he was part of the civilization that already did such things.

    Not sure how much that'd hold up with what we know of The Wyrm though.

  48. I believe that there might be something to take out from 3 of the corpses, so hear me out.

    Bottom of Kingdom’s Edge: Obviously the pale king.
    Forgotten Crossroads: Guys I think I know why there are pale ferns in the Crossroads. What if the carcass there is from the White Lady? It would explain a lot of things!
    Top of Kingdom’s Edge: It’s a grey area here. A lot of people suspect The Radiance, and that seems to be a good theory. Of course, this is probably the one of the 3 with the least evidence to back it up.

  49. My personal theory is that they made the void and then something happens and they couldn’t control it anymore it left them and they forgot it and then their descendants had found it and mistakenly thought it was a god so they warshiped it. My evidence for this? Nothing it’s just a bunch of speculation

  50. i think i know the reason why there are soul totems in the royal waterways they were moved there they dont have the floor that the rest of them have as for why they were moved there i have no clue perhaps the bugs of the soul sanctum put them there to store extra soul for their experiments or so they could use the waterways as a secondary base in case they got found out

  51. Radiance’s dream nail dialogue saying “ancient enemy” kinda proves that there was a previous shade lord. Because I think void wouldn’t have been a very big deal to her if it wasn’t united into the lord

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