Gutfeld on being exactly one year from the election

  1. Eric Anthony Ciaramella, 33, 21 Horizon VW Prospect, CT 06712
    (203) 217-0131
    Eric Anthony Ciaramella, 33, 21 Horizon VW Prospect, CT 06712
    (203) 217-0131
    Eric Anthony Ciaramella, 33, 21 Horizon VW Prospect, CT 06712
    (203) 217-0131

  2. Why are they trying to impeach Trump for asking Ukraine to look into what Biden did over there under the books involving family why he was VP, wouldn't that be considered investigating your own government??

  3. Kentucky just got a new Demacratic governor can't wait to watch what happens hope it works out for you kinda like Baltimore.🤔🤔

  4. Items for the time capsule: One of Hillary's used EpiPens from 2016, Alex Jones's bullhorn, Nancy Pelosi's giant hammer & a bunch of Epstein's blackmail pedophile tapes.

  5. To keep our Constitution Juan TRUMP MUST WIN YOU IDIOT!!! MAGA/KAG 2020 VOTE OUT DEMS FOR GOD & COUNTRY! 😀

  6. Judge Janine we'll get you a new wooden gavel
    I had one, I broke it on the bench😂😂😂… A legend in her lifetime!!!!!

  7. I love Juan! He makes the show, your all pretty fun actually! I'm a Deomocrat and I actually think Juan is gonna vote for Trump.

  8. It would appear Juan is the "plant" in dicussions on politics. His job is to oppose just to add interest from viewers.

  9. Good god Juan are you sick, heart problems , what , not getting good oxygen to the brain, go back to sleep. And don’t touch our constitution again, you waste.

  10. President Trump is great! Dems love to complain about the election! Even when Obama won the Republicans went back to work. The Republicans didn't protest and cry! The Dems have groundhog day all over but for them it's election day! God Bless President Trump! God Bless America!!!!

  11. I can't believe democrats haven't figured it out. Trump misspells stuff on purpose, Every time they catch it it's free publicity for him. Dont you think the Pres. has spellcheck. Idiots.

  12. This! Has the potential to be the best political commentary show ever on cable news, but they have a Juan Williams problem. I admire the resident Democrat perspective to keep everyone grounded, but not when everything spewed sounds like utter hog wash and something a child would say.

  13. — Juan holding the constitution. Hilarious. You'd think it'd burn him like holy water to a vampire. Ah well, glad he's there to offer a differing opinion, dumb as it always is.

  14. Trump is not capable of acting in an official capacity outside of his personal interests. He has shown this repeatedly. This time he crossed a line and we can prove it. This is exactly why we didn't want him in office. We knew this would happen. He is a narcissist.

  15. "Looks like something I bought in college"! HAHAHHAHAH classic and it looked like nobody on the set knew what Gutfeld was talking about because nobody laughed!

  16. All of the idiots who promised to move to Canada if Trump won……..will have to go to maybe Mexico? Seems Canada loves Trump as much as we do. 2020

  17. I am glad Juan is on the Five because he shows us just how out of the realm of reality the Dems are. Almost every issue that comes up Juan is on the opposite side as he never gives the President any praise for his accomplishes. Very unfair and very dishonest. costantr

  18. Been homeless for 5yrs…lost my house during Obama crisis…and sitting here listening to these silver spoon snobs makes me want to puke in there gourmet soup…☝🏾♥️💪🏾😎

  19. Why is this disgusting display of a black man on this show…. Lying Lynching Juan …

  20. Did he say Pelosi' district is San Francisco?!?! If thats so, how can she still be in office?!?! Dont the people of her district see her failures?!?! Then they deserve to live in the sh*% they live in.

  21. No way should the people pay millions for the attempted get out of jail card the Democrats have wasted on their criminal corruption, attempting to forcibly impeach a President on a lie. make them pay out of their own pockets, No tax highs for the people. No one should loose out but those responsible.

  22. I like how they cut off the Lou Dobbs reference just before he claimed to be the greatest President in the history of the United States, surpassing Washington and Lincoln. How much does this guy need to stroke himself when onstage in front of only his supporters chanting his name and holding signs?

  23. Get rid of Juan and have an even Five Conservative Show. Juan is an idiot. I know Jessie wants to jump Juan's throat but he restrains himself by diplomatically making Juan looks stupid by words.

  24. Keep in mind Jesse, the wrong polls in 16 are not the same polls showing Trump behind now in 19. Polling companies need to be accurate to remain viable, and in 16 there was an unforeseen frenzy around Trump which was tough to overcome and predict. This time the Demon Dems from hell have had plenty of time to propagandize the public with 10 times the lies, rumor, and defamation.
    Let's just pray the polls are indeed wrong again and the silent majority will rise once again, because IF they don't, we will all be in for a world of hurt.

  25. I just love how he says we accept when trump won. I'm like dude ad soo. As he would. They started the recount then they started finding more votes for trump then they shut up about that then they moved on to stormy Daniel's. That turned out to be a flop then they moved out to rusia colision that turned out to be which hunt now they on this phone call. All this tonget rid of him. How is that accepting the result of thenelection

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