Gus Rodriguez | Communism Controlled Journalism

That in Cuba the libraries are controlled
by the government. There was no internet in Cuba during that
time. So everything that I could read was in the
official libraries owned by the government. So if you do research about any kind of point
like freedom or like democracy or like republics or like one of these concepts or I don’t know,
free market. Anything that simple that is very common
in our life. The only message that you can get is what
they want for you to get. Now. When I started what you say when I started
in the independent journalism and I made relations and connections, I had the opportunity and
I had the access to read different kinds of bibliography. I had the opportunity to read different kinds
of books that the government does not allow to circulate in Cuba. And then a lot of things that were confused
became clear in my case.

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