Gun Owners Have a Personal Responsibility (Co. School Attack)

hey I want to make a video here today that's not gonna be very popular I'll say that right off the bat but I want to address some statements that have been coming in to me lately about the recent Colorado shooting people are saying oh this is the kind of thing you want cuz you're a no compromise gun guy so you don't want any gun laws so you're okay with this kind of thing happening what this eighteen-year-old did with a handgun well no I'm not okay with it because I'm not okay with murder I want to talk about the fact that a lot of people know that I'm a no compromise person but that doesn't mean I don't believe in personal responsibility when I say I'm no compromise I don't believe in any legislation that prohibits a legal non incarcerated citizen from exercising their second Amendment rights now doesn't mean I don't believe in age limits I don't think 16 year olds should be able to vote I personally don't think 18 year olds should be able to own guns now I know a lot of people under the age of 21 out there get all mad at me right now like who that's not fair come on dudes you've been dropping the fucking ball I mean come on Eitan pide pods and all that shit I think it's about time you all proved you just serve some rights but I'm not a hypocrite about it I don't say you got to be 21 doe the gun but you still voted 18 grab a card 16 I believe everything should be 21 I don't think you should be able to join the military tell you 21 I don't think you should be able to vote till you're 21 don't think be able to buy weed or alcohol tell you're 21 I think that's like a minimum age nowadays for people to be mature enough to handle all their rights and be responsible so I'm a firm believer that now all this stuff about oh you're a man when you're 16 that's back when people were fucking dying of you know sepsis when they were sitting three years old so you know you had to mature fast that ain't the truth nowadays that just isn't the case so I'm not a hypocrite I don't believe anyone should have it most of their rights and tell they're 21 years old I also believe in personal responsibility if someone sells an 18 year old a gun I think they take for that because they know this kids probably not a very responsible adult he's 18 years old you can't live in today's society and think 18 year olds are responsible adults they're not even physically and psychologically mature until they're about 25 so if you think 18 year olds are mature and you are willing to bet your reputation on that or your freedom on that by selling them a gun I believe you should take some responsibility for that I think that should be something that comes back to haunt you now I'm not saying it should be you should get a felony and go to prison for the rest of your life but it should be a current it should be something that you can be held liable for just to make you think twice before you sell a gun to someone who might not be responsible I'm a firm believer of that I'm a firm believer that if you sell a gun to someone who's sketchy looking they commit a crime with it and people can say listen you had reasonable with suspicion to believe this guy was sketchy there should be some responsibility for that like I said once again not the same level as the crime that the person with the gun committed but still some personal responsibility now where it gets even to where I think you should have more personal responsibility which may end up being the case in this situation and it's been the case in a lot of school murders is if you are a parent and you allow access to your firearms to your children and they commit a crime with it I believe you have even more liability because that's not someone who came in and stole your guns etc or anything like that or another person you barely know that's your own child that you have a certain level of responsibility for you allowed them to have access to something that has a great deal of potential to be dangerous and you just allowed that or that either through incompetence or willfulness whether you just allow it or you're just not smart enough to lock up your guns you as a parent should bear some responsibility for that so I'm okay with laws that say hey if you allow your kids to have axe two guns and then they commit a crime with it you are extremely liable not like I say not quite as liable as if you killed someone but still there's lots of felony level charges that aren't quite murder so I think you could be held pretty responsible for that and you know their shades of great less responsible if it's a stranger you know except etc not its responsible at all someone commits a crime to get your firearms someone breaks into your locked car breaks into your home that's someone committing a crime to access your property you're not responsible for that I am NOT okay with laws that say well you have to lock your guns up so your kids get them I don't believe in laws that legislate behavior or responsibility but I do believe in laws that hold you responsible when you fall down on your required duties to actually be a responsible gun owner or anything else I'm a firm believer if you loan your car to someone who's like hey they took my car you know in the divorce and I want to go drinking tonight can I borrow your car and you're like sure I'm a car and they get drunk and run over a bunch of people and you knew they were gonna be drinking and driving I think you should have some responsibility for that some liability for that you made a bad decision I'm a firm believer of personal responsibility I'm extra careful in the things I do I don't take unnecessary risks I don't even associate with people that I think are questionable people because I don't want to have to later apologized for my association with that person I don't take a lot of unnecessary personal risks I consider my responsibility to do the right thing to be something I take very seriously and I don't want to jeopardize that so I don't want to jeopardize you know people being able to trust me to make good decisions so even though I don't believe in gun laws that prohibit people from exercising their second Amendment right that doesn't mean I don't believe in personal responsibility it doesn't mean I support murder when someone does something irresponsible with a fire lock those people away for the rest of their lives hell I'm Pro death penalty in some circumstances so I'm okay with putting down rabid dogs but just because like I say because I'm no compromise when it comes to the Second Amendment doesn't mean I think the Second Amendment it is for everybody age lineup it doesn't mean I don't think you're responsible if you do something wrong with a firearm and it doesn't mean I don't think you're responsible if you make a bad decision in life that causes other people to hump be harmed I think you should bear some responsibility for that [Applause] you you

  1. When I was 18, I was a law abiding college student who lived in a dangerous area. I had a level of responsibility different than my peers, because I was forced to mature faster than them

  2. Tym say's he's zero compromises on 2a, then proceeds to lists his compromises on 2a. Cognitive dissonance at it's finest!

  3. Your son should also be included right? So hopefully he doesn't own or have access to guns. Also I'm not 18 I'm 24. No compromise my ass.

  4. I agree with you on the importance of responsibly stored weapons. I badgered the shit out of my brother to get a safe. However, you can’t punish everyone for the stupidity of a few immature individuals. Like I tell anti-gunners: If you don’t like it, amend the constitution.

  5. Young people are responsible- I was 20 years old working on fighter jets as a technician without someone holding my hand- lots of examples out there.

  6. My parents bought me a SEMI AUTO .22 rifle (Marlin model 60) when I was 8 years old, and would let me take it out into the woods by myself, all day. But that was 1968, and things were very different back then. There were no school shootings. That is a recent thing, and it is a social and mental issue, not a gun issue. If I worked in a gun shop, I'd have to refuse to sell to half the people that came in if I went with my feelings about them. When I was 12 years old, I was given a single shot 12 gauge, and myself and other kids from school went duck hunting (by ourselves, no adults, they all had shotguns) When I was in 5th grade, I carried a Buck knife on my belt, just like every other boy there. Nobody thought anything of it. Things sure have changed, and for the worse. When I was 18, and just out of high school, I joined the Marine Corps for 4 years. I couldn't find a job that would support me. I still think every 18 year old male should have to do at least 2 years in the military, but I have no idea who would pay for all that training.

  7. Scary times we live in. I love my freedoms and treasure my second amendment rights… But if my kid were killed in a school shooting because irresponsible people let a troubled youth have access to a gun….. I can't imagine being thrust into those shoes.

  8. If you can go to war for your country you can own a firearm period. Don't like then raise enlistment age to 21. Then I have no problem.


  10. I agree with Yankee on about everyone of his points. I’d add that if someone breaks into your house and they steal your Glock from the top of your closet I think you should be held somewhat responsible for that, hell I think if you have a gun stolen from a locked vehicle you should be responsible. I understand there are gun free zones and we all want to follow the laws right? Well most cars have a separate trunk that locks or a glovebox that locks trucks most center consoles lock you can install a safe that locks in most center consoles so there are plenty of ways to make it safer to leave it and makes it a lot more difficult for a criminal to steal it most car break ins are crash and grab the crook isn’t sitting in the car for 30 minutes trying to get as much as they can find they’re in and out criminals are creatures of opportunity and exploit weaknesses. If you want to own a gun lock it up and keep it away from those that shouldn’t have them. This video from Steve Austin at about the 2:55 mark says it best. Plain and simple no the government shouldn’t be telling us it’s not legal to keep a gun outside of a safe but at the same damn time we all as gun owners have a RESPONSIBILITY to keep them out of the hands of kids and criminals

  11. And you bashed the HELL out of the NRA, Wayne Lapierre, Hickok45, Colion Noir and Iraqveteran8888 for their gun law waiver as you have been consistently bashing them for. I hope these people POUNCE on you for this slip up in your liberal thinking. This video is truly a keeper.

  12. Lol, yet you bash the nra. This is some fudd liberal shit right here. How the fuck can you hold anyone responsible other than the person who committed the crime.

  13. 9 minutes of TYM one-size-fits-all gibberish horsesshit.

    Maybe rest up till you get the other half of your brain back.

  14. I have my firearms in a safe from day one. My wife and 20 year old daughter don't even know the combination.

  15. And here the "Government" wants the Voting age down to 15 years old ?!! Do we have children running the Government ?!

  16. Red Flag Laws with judging people's character/demeanor (gray area), citizens should be 21 years old for all legal privileges, holding gun owners right to defend themselves at home responsible for another person's actions. Dianne Feinstein would be proud of you. You get a D- on this video. You are starting to remind me of Trump where he will say anything to be liked.

  17. At 18 I was working full-time and going to Junior college and helping my parents out financially when I could. At 19 I joined the military and was surrounded by others my age doing great things that would be impossible to do in the civilian sector at that age. Young folks then and now are all a result of their individual choices and surroundings nothing more. I've seen more immature 30 somethings in California than immature 18-25year olds in the military. The type of environment is key to the fostering of a standard of conduct. An individal's choices compound off each other and always have consequences whether intentional or unintentional. Shitty environment=shitty standard and bad choices made off that bad standard lead to bad consequences. The two are mutually inclusive.

  18. Looks like you're going to jail. Now that you are a fucking raging liberal, as soon as someone you've donated a gun to uses it in self defense and still gets found guilty of some crime, your ass is getting fucked by bubba in a cell.

  19. A libertarian society is a society where everyone assumes the risk to maintain the free will we all desire. Mass shootings are unfortunate, but bad things do happen in life. Cancer, drunk driving, flu, and even the opioid crisis has killed more people than gun violence.

  20. So by your logic if one of the people who you gave a firearm uses it to kill an innocent person then you are responsible for the crime. Maybe you should stop giving firearms away.

  21. Dealers shouldn't sell guns to people who are "sketchy-looking"? Under that rule, if you came into my shop with half of your face paralyzed and wearing one of the many t-shirts that you wear in these videos, I'd tell you to take a hike.

  22. Holy Crap Yankee…You finally said something that makes sense. Could this be you mentally turning a corner?! Nah! I ain't falling for it…You're like that crack head, sooner or later l, (probably next video) you just can't help yourself, you're gonna give in and say something immature and retarded again….I just know it.

  23. I don't buy the age crap. I moved out and had my own place and a 50-100 hour a week job, WHEN I WAS 18. Everyone matures differently.

  24. You're a firm believer in personable responsibility……….yet others should be held responsible for the actions of criminals

    Lets get this right, you think legal to buy guns should not be infringed………..buuuut selling to legal customers that in the future commit crimes should be a crime in itself

    I agree totally with qualifications, the gov must supply a fortune teller that is responsible for declaring people fit for buying guns………..oh wait, those fortune tellers are going to declare everyone a danger if they have a gun

    ok ok I disagree

  25. People like you are why we have Red Flag laws. You have just lost a sub. Maybe your kids are too immature to own guns at 18 but my kids have been around guns since they were little and trained to use them. If you are sooo concerned about a young person owning and/or using a deadly item them maybe kids shouldn't drive until they are 21. Teens kill more people with cars than guns kill people every year. You really disappointed me with this video.

  26. If you have a mentally unhealthy child you probably shouldn't have guns in the house, and yes gender dysphoria is a mental issue.

  27. I believe that these days you do need to lock up your firearms if you have kids in the house. There are so many irresponsible parents out there that they need to be charged as an accessory to murder if their kid snags a firearm and goes out and kills someone. but then again I guess if you put that responsibility on the kids and don't legislate rules then the parent should be fucked legally right along side the kid.The age part is a real hard call. Parents and kids are so different from family to family. I'm not sure. Kids do seem immature as hell these days as compared to 40 years ago but that still cant be a blanketed assumption. I've met some really nice kids shooting at my club range that seem very responsible but I think they were at least 21. Gunshops are like any other business in that they should be able to kick your ass out if they think your bizzare or kind of mental. I know of 3 or 4 that have banned kids carrying loaded weapons into the store and slapped it on the counter loaded or just plain crazily sort of waved them around. I guess we as a firearm community have to do our best to regulate behavior if we want to legally carry whatever firearms we like. Unfortunately that may be narcing on people we know are nutjobs.

  28. Be careful what you wish for. The government had the same thoughts before it started to spin out of control. The problem is not a age or number, it's culture. No age will fix any of it.

  29. Normally I hold pretty similar opinions but this video i dont agree with. Your rights are ordained by God not whether or not someone somewhere thinks you are responsible. You cant take people's rights because you think they may be irresponsible. Well man I had a machine gun at 18 and handled explosives. When I was 18 I remembered seeing middle aged people who were pretty irresponsible with guns never once did I think about taking there rights. No if they accidentally shoot someone then that's where the law comes in. You went full libtard on this one man.

  30. Nobody wants to be responsible anymore.
    It's always somebody else's fault.
    So Obama and Holder should be in prison for handing guns to Mexican drug cartels.

  31. So this is the first time I’ve heard yankee admit he judged people on their appearance wick is not cool it happens to me all the time because I’m Hispanic and have tattoos but I am an honest family man who happens to like guns idk what to think of this man now

  32. Who are those 245 nae Sayers I always see up there? If they don't ever like what the Yankee is saying, why don't they just unsubscribe?" I unsubscribe channels all the time. It's the SAME button to unsubscribe that you used to Subscribe in the 1st place. Duh!

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