Guest Speaker Pastor Lloyd Pulley: Calm In The Storm

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before for those of you who might remember come on up Lloyd back in 2016
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let’s just close in prayer yeah let’s go was that me did I do that I did it hang on one
second I did that my fault it’s always my fault you know what can we just put a
blank screen up there I don’t want it to be a distraction yeah all right so back
in 2016 we had pastor Lloyd here and he spoke when we were at the old church and
we were in the process of building this church and I want you to know that he
was praying for us thank You God during that whole process but anyway he
was sharing with us also and I’m hoping you’ll share what God
did with you there in New Jersey and in New York but we were also praying for
him as well and isn’t God just amazing so anyway let’s just if you would join
me and welcome pastor Lloyd well it’s an honor to be here and yes
thank you for your prayer because we we are in the middle of this big radio
outreach we’ve gotten a signal that we got approved by the FCC to go into New
York City then we were looking for a tower and we got the Trump Organization
they have a building next to the UN so we’re on the Trump Tower next to the
United Nations building broadcasting to another four million people now in
Brooklyn and Queens so that was a huge a huge undertaking a huge step of faith
and thank you for your prayers and it’s a blessing to be here seeing what God is
doing here with the facility your outreach when he was announcing the
boxes I guess you guys had put together you know and I was waiting well maybe
you know 300 that would be awesome to hear 1,900 are you people crazy you guys
are crazy in love with the Lord’s work so that just really warms my heart and
encourages me we had a great conference as he said I was really encouraged and
I’m going to throw you a curveball I don’t know if that’s going to mess up the
tech guys I’m going to do a different message that I did from the first
service so if you heard the first service message all you guys hear that
I’m really sorry you might have to get the tape on that but I want to do
something else and if you turn to Matthew chapter 7 we’re going to cover that
passage Matthew 7 not that I didn’t like the first message but for some reason
the Lord was just telling me to do this one for whatever reason it might be I’m
going to obey because I’m out of my comfort zone I was prepared for the other one
but Matthew chapter 7 it’s the end of the Sermon on the Mount and really the
Sermon on the Mount actually ended in verse 12 or so of the chapter 7 of
Matthew and the rest of the chapter’s actually little tests it’s kind of like
going to learn something and then you get a test so He’s given tests on
whether you actually understood the Sermon on the Mount this is what the
Lord does and He finalizes it with this what I would call the final test
and Jesus says it this way verse 21 of Matthew 7 not everyone who says to Me
Lord Lord shall enter the kingdom of heaven but he who does the will of My
Father in heaven and many will say to Me in that day Lord Lord have we not
prophesied in Your name and cast out demons in Your name and done many
wonders in Your name and then I will declare to them I never knew you depart
from Me you who practice lawlessness therefore whoever hears these sayings of
Mine and does them I’ll liken him to a wise man who built his house on the rock
and the rain descended and the floods came and the winds blew and beat on that
rock and it did not fall for it was founded on the rock but everyone who
hears these sayings of Mine and does them or does not do them will be like a
foolish man who built his house on the sand and the rain descended the floods
came and the winds blew and beat on that house and it fell and great was its fall
and then He ends with those sayings with these words so language we speak to each
other language is amazing it’s a very thing that separates us from the animal
kingdom because God made you in His image
you’re unique you are not just like the animals and though more and more people
are getting away from the idea of believing in God that created them they
believe they’re just a higher form of animal and they act more like an animal
than a human that has capacity for understanding being aware of one’s self
and particularly language see God speaks I’m always amazed people bothered with
the idea that God wrote a book He wrote the Bible as if we can write books but
God can’t and well God is quite capable of writing a book because He’s the one
that created language He speaks and He gave us the capacity to speak we’re made
in His image and it’s interesting that the word is such a powerful way to
communicate you can understand what an animal is thinking or feeling
just by watching how they act and you could certainly understand what people
are about by what they do but you have a dememsion another aspect of who you are
coming forth from your expression you can learn a lot from what someone says
God has spoken and He has given us his word and of course one of the first
tests was back in the garden one requirement don’t eat of that tree of
the fruit of the knowledge or the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and
evil lest you surely die and that was the
simple requirement that God spoke and you have Eve who heard but she depended
more upon another sense her sense of sight she saw that the tree was good for
food and desirable to make one wise pleasant to the eyes and she disobeyed
ate of that she trusted in her sight more and we’re in an image driven
culture as you know the farther and farther we get away from the things of
God the more images have more depth for us but how do we approach His Word this
is essentially what the Lord is finally putting the test to people that have
heard one of the most amazing sermons in human history from the beginning of the
Beatitudes of the character of the person who believes to you know all
aspects of what is true religion what is true relationship with God and now He’s
testing that knowledge so we receive His word that’s what we do with His Word
faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God we can also very much
interesting commit to memory His Word we have challenged our fellowship we’re
challenging them to read through the Bible and it’s life-changing and there’s
so many great testimonies of people that have done this reading through the Bible
in a year but also now we’re actually putting about a verse each week where we
it’s one of those powerful verses to commit to men
so we commit to memory and of course there’s by the way there’s a move in
China that they’re vigorously committing to memory each book of the Bible because
they know the time is coming and actually we had a plan to get some
Bibles into China this year because of what’s going on in a Hong Kong we had to
suspend that trip and what’s crazy is that the Word of God will still not be
unheard because right now many Chinese believers are committed
into memory so that they can have it even if it’s confiscate every Bible and
with such of the technology the Chinese have now too you know with facial
recognition and all kinds of ways to to breathe down upon the church they are
discovering caches of Bibles they’re discovering the house churches they’re
burning them it’s it’s right now a real difficult time for our brothers and
sisters in China but what a amazing thing to commit to memory and then we
could also meditate upon it ponder it think about it for me it
doesn’t really hit me until I really think what is he saying I’m sharing a
message at the conference on revival and I was already with the message had my
notes and everything and I just stepped back and I began to read a passage that
just struck me and I couldn’t get it out of my mind
Isaiah 44:3 I will pour water on him who is thirsty so I couldn’t just read
and I’m pondering and thinking He’s going to pour water His out pouring and
He’s going to do something but who’s He going to do that to oh to them who are
thirsty He who is thirsty let them come and drink you know your drink of this water
you’ll be thirsty again but if you’re longing for some real meaning you know
nothing in this world how can anything temporal satisfy a heart that has been
made in God’s image for eternity we could saturate ourselves with stuff but
it doesn’t satisfy so meditation and of course then we
study it and we take it apart we double-check it we want to compare it
that’s by the way whenever you start reading the Bible it’s always a
challenge because most of the time you don’t understand what you’re reading
it’s like what is this and I tell people just keep reading yes but right here I
was just keep reading but this part just keep reading I was
reading here why don’t just keep reading no matter what question you have amazingly
the Bible will answer it as you compare it and the interpretation of it is right
there in the scriptures itself in someplace else and then of course you
want to declare it I remember a very famous man George Washington Carver who
was famously known for all of his research on the peanut and how that
started was he actually really cried out to God to do something huge
and significant for Him with his scientific knowledge he wanted to
discover some great mysteries and discover the depths of God’s world and
God told him to study the peanut and that that would keep him busy for a
lifetime it did and because he was faithful to that that man
single-handedly saved the south because cotton was just depleting the soil and
when they started planting peanuts it revived the soil for cotton it also was
thriving for peanuts and then he had to discover uses for peanuts what do you do
with them you know now we know tons and tons of uses for peanuts
of course now we’re getting peanut allergies and so we have to back off on
them but just study the peanut so there’s the Word of God now the other thing
about the Word of God which is key is to remember it though again it seems complex
we’re not to give up we keep learning and one of the most powerful
pictures is well how many of you are moms here and you had those little
babies and you know you’re talking to your baby have you ever seen a mom
talked to her baby it’s quite amazing smart moms don’t do what’s so tempting
for all of us to do which is to talk baby talk to your baby how’re you doing you’re
just so cute you’re so cute how’re you doing today it’s so tempting they’re so
cute you want to just pinch those cheeks but
you see mothers that understand the importance of language and development
of their children will not do that they will talk to their children as if they
understand a normal sentence they will talk in a way that’s like the words
should be pronounced how are you doing today
you look so precious I’m so glad you’re happy and though you are expressing it
in a fun way you’re clearly articulating words now the child does not understand
a word you’re saying but as you keep doing it the child begins to comprehend
if you talk baby talk it takes a lot longer for the child to
comprehend now what’s wild about this is that we
have a whole change in culture among churches that when communicating the
Word of God there are pastors who are learning that well people aren’t really
going to understand all this stuff you’ve got to talk down and make it simple and
talk baby talk to people and this is why our churches are so anemic and
handicapped they are not learning the Scriptures when someone how many of us
have made we’ve probably done this when someone gets a Bible and they say
well where do I start and how much what would you say how many of you say well
start in the New Testament start in the Gospel of John learn about Jesus that is
the natural thing we think because we want to ease them into it folks I want
to encourage you to do something that might shock you tell them to start in
Genesis are you kidding that’s so confusing
by the time to get the Leviticus they’ll hate me
I get that but you know the amazing thing is some of the most crazy things
come from people that start in Genesis and especially in the mission field
because they’ll find there’s something there that relates to a culture and a
language that we could have never imagined and even just the thought of
how God dealt with the Jews you know one author said something very
interesting you know about the Bible you know there’s all these thoughts of
people that are anti-semitic and you know hate the Jews and he goes you can’t
find a book that’s more anti-semitic than the Bible in the sense that God
rebukes His Jewish people more than anybody He tells them they’re
hard-hearted they’re this or that and but that struck an Indian scholar Avichal nadgawadi with this thought he’s an Indian reading the scriptures
trying to understand what is here for him and he’s figuring out what who wrote
these things because our kings would write books and it would make them look
good this makes the Kings look bad so it couldn’t have been the kings writing
this book couldn’t have been those in power they wouldn’t have written this
because it all denounces them and then he went farther and he says probably
the priests and he reads oh it can’t be the priests because he’s denouncing them
too so wow it’s not the Kings it’s not the priests oh maybe it was just an
average person and he kept reading no God’s denouncing the average person too
you know they’re sinners they’re falling away and he kept going
and he’s trying to figure out who wrote this and why do I have to learn about
these Jewish people until he realized that God had given the Jewish people to
be a blessing to all the nations and they were there to be a blessing
eventually would bring forth the Messiah so keep reading the scriptures keep
reading the scriptures keep reading the scriptures so in this last part of the
Sermon on the Mount these are tests in fact in chapter 7 you’ll see a test for
the easy way or the broad way there’s an easier more popular way you can choose
go down that road you’ll miss the truth there’s also the
deception of the false prophets you know we’re warned beware they come
in sheep’s clothing but they’re ravenous wolves
so things that appear a certain way appear spiritual be careful on
appearances and then there’s the self-deception which we just read about
not everyone who says to Me Lord Lord shall enter the kingdom of heaven so it could appear right because it’s an easier way it could appear right because
it’s a spiritual thing it could appear right because I feel it’s right and so
this is a very powerful picture deception to get you away from the word
which would actually have an impact on you deception because first of all as he
says here they’re saying Lord Lord so they have a knowledge about Him being
Lord what’s wrong well you could have a correct intellectual knowledge about God
but that’s not enough the second thing is just the way He repeats Lord Lord
evokes what I would call the emotional response you know because I feel it but
I could be deceived by my feelings the third thing is well have we not done
this in Your name and done that in Your name and done we’ve done this stuff yes
but you can do all the right things and still end up separated from God so
trusting in a mere intellectual knowledge is not enough trusting in the
mere emotional response is not enough and trusting in the performance of
religious works is not enough so how can I tell I’m on solid ground how could I
know so He says in verse 24 through verse 27 the real test here He says
therefore whoever hears these sayings of Mine and does them
so you’ve got a very interesting picture here two different men building two
different houses on different foundations now they might be identical
houses subject to the same storms but the one is shaky let’s look at the
foolish man for a moment because most of us would read this and think okay so I
might be tempted to look at a person and if they’re not doing everything they
should be doing then oh well obviously they’re not a Christian that’s what it
appears when he says the wise man is the one who hears and does My Word he’s
obeying all those things he’s supposed to obey which proves he’s a believer
that is a mistake because He already just got done saying those people that
were didn’t we do this and didn’t we do that and didn’t we do this he’s saying
depart from Me you never knew Me so he’s not talking about doing it like you
thinking but what is He talking about well let’s think about for a moment the
foolish man the foolish man is building a house on the sand which means he’s
really not thinking of the consequences of a coming storm he’s not really
thinking too much at all he wants a house fast no time to waste on property
foundation I remember learning the drywall trade as a young teenager of my
brother-in-law and it turned out to be a very helpful operation because as I
learned that trade it helped me provide for myself when I started and planted
the church in New Jersey but in that process of learning I remember you know
cutting some corners and you know being in a hurry and trying to do something
fast and I had to go back and fix it and he always used to tell me my brother in law
used to tell me if you don’t have time to do it right the first time you sure
don’t have time to go back and fix it so he taught me do it right the first time
double check your work see a foolish man’s not going to take that kind of
instruction he’s not going to follow the rules he doesn’t care about all the code
spending thousands of dollars on the codes
and you know all the architect to builder just put her up there it’ll be
fine foolish man never considers the outcome
never thinks it through he doesn’t consider all the possibilities see how
close I’m at to the river will it overflow he feels it’ll be fine
the foolish feel very close to God by the way they’re are people that feel very
close to God I’ve got a connection with God but here’s the wise
man a wise man realizes his limitations and he gets advice I don’t know about
foundation though he never consulted an architect wise man thinks before he acts
he takes time he’s not in a hurry he’s not so quick to think it’s all okay
in fact he’s got a good amount of healthy skepticism in his own
understanding and he wants to rethink this thing through to borrow a
construction phrase that I learned in the field measure twice cut once
but if you only measure once you’re going to end up cutting twice and waste a
lot of money and time in the process so double-check yourself
now isn’t that an interesting thought as a believer when’s the last time you
double-checked yourself are you sure you understand this oh you think you
understand what God is saying I’ve got a confession to make every time I get up in
the pulpit every time I bring and I’ve and I’ve studied I’ve outlined I thought
through I prayed I’ve meditated I come up here with a sense of awe and
trembling with this one thought in my mind Lord I think I’ve got a good note
here I’ve got a good understanding I think I’ve got this I’m going to speak this
this is what I planning this is my outline Lord You know everything I
don’t know what I don’t know I might miss something I might miss something
crucial here Lord I pray I tremble His Word Lord you know I’m double-checking
myself that’s healthy to test and see whether I really have this right see the
wise man understands it’s possible to have a false sense of security and peace
and he just double checks himself that’s all
reading the Bible with that right mindset is very helpful I have a saying
too I am you know on the Millennial Kingdom when we see the ages will be greatly
increased and you know of course we’ll have our new body so we won’t have to
worry about anything but the people that survive the tribulation that will
repopulate the earth in the Millennial Kingdom in which we will live and rule
and reign with Christ those people that repopulate of them it will be said a
child will die at the age of a hundred which means that they’re gonna live a
lot longer lives like they did before the flood so if you see somebody walking
around and you say how old are you and they go I’m a hundred they go oh stick
around a little kid you’ll grow up soon you’ll learn a lot more there’s a lot more
you’ve got to learn so I thought wait a minute imagine this for a moment after
the flood when God decreased our ages so that on average we only live about
seventy years do you understand the trick of that just about the time you’re
getting out of toddler stage and you learn how to live you’re too old to live
it I’m not a hundred years old what do I know there’s a sense of Lord I don’t
know Lord show me teach me we’re all children we’re all rookies if you
will I remember one of my pastor friends saying that about marriage you know
he says if you’ve been married for five months or you’ve been married for 50
years it really doesn’t matter you’re both
rookies because the people that have been married 50 years are at a stage of
life they’ve never been down that road before dealing with health issues and of
life issues it’s all new everything’s new now you’ve got to
relearn how to get along with each other and a whole new parameter when you’re
first married you know you can learn how to live with each other and not kill
each other then you have kids and now you have to relearn how to live with
each other because this invader invader has come into your family and
it’s like you’re trying to sort out that and then you get another kid and then
finally you get the kids into school haaa but that’s a whole nother thing you
learn and then you get to college and take out a first mortgage on the house
to pay for college then they get married you take out a
second mortgage on the house and third mortgages and look the reality is we’re
all rookies at every stage of life we’re all learning and the key difference between
the wise and the foolish is the wise fears and does now what is this not
referring to it can’t be referring to works salvation that you hear you what
you’re supposed to do and after you hear it you do it can’t certainly be
referring to sinless perfectionism because you know only the man who
carefully follows all this that is written is saved how can you tell if
you’re wise or foolish what He’s saying is go back to the beginning in the
Beatitudes you notice something about them at the very beginning of the
Sermon on the Mount blessed are the poor in spirit theirs is the kingdom of
heaven blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted blessed are the
meek for they shall inherit the earth blessed are those who hunger and thirst
after righteousness I will pour out water on him who was athirst the
humble you know the meek all of those qualities are an absence of a
proud fool who thinks he knows what he needs to know but are a part of a life
of a believer that’s just this is all new Lord I don’t know what I’m doing
cultivate that spirit and that heart whether you’re 80 years old you listen I
know something about those of you who are in your 80s you’re really teenagers
hiding out in those older bodies but you’ve got a lot more wisdom but
you can’t do all the things you used to do but you don’t look at yourself in the
mirror and who is that old person staring back at me because you’re still
young at heart in fact you’re even younger at heart because you’ve
drunk deep of the things of God and you’re growing spiritually
and I think if we looked at each other like that what a difference if we looked
at little children not as a go away little kid you’ve got nothing to teach me
but no as these amazing potentials wonderful young people that
God has started to bring into an awareness of Him and you look at older
people that the world would discount you go oh what rich treasures and you know
when when they get their new body you know how that glory of the Lord is going
to shine on them that what is hidden right now well remember Jesus when He
came His glory was hidden they didn’t understand this was the Lord of glory
and human flesh just the fact that He allowed himself to
be raised in a poor family in Galilee with a thick Galilean accent y’all know
how fun it is make fun of people with accents imagine Jesus allowed
Himself to have a funny accent that was mocked and noted by the intellectuals in
Jerusalem oh you’re from Galilee well we don’t really care for your folks around
here you know imagine this is what our Lord did and so if you just looked at
the outside you’d have missed who He is so the wise are going to take the time to
dig deep and not trust their own righteousness they’re willing to be
emptied of self-righteousness that’s a powerful picture wise man realizes his
limitations and limitations gets advice and he’s going to this thing he’s
digging down deep the spiritually proud person he thinks he’s already full of
light he doesn’t need instruction I’ve got this the humble person is cautious in
every estimation of himself he’s sensitive to he knows how liable he is
to go astray how quick he is to come to a wrong conclusion that his opinions
might be tainted by his own viewpoints a spiritually proud person shows his
foolishness in finding fault with others the eminently humble person has
so much to do in his own heart and life he’s not very apt to be busy with other
people’s issues he’s conscious of his own Lord help me he complains most of
himself and complains most of his own coldness and lowness and
grace and he’s apt to his team others better than himself Lord help me help
me I want to be more useful for You the wise is willing to let God search him
thoroughly the wise is willing to endure trials and temptations and pains because
well Lord You’re using these things for my good what a great picture the wise hide
God’s Word in their heart because they want to have they want to have truth I
hide His word my heart that I might not sin against Him so the question comes
are you building on sand or rock are you happy with the outward form of
spirituality and church attendance and say my prayers and hold a Bible are you
trusting well I feel I’m okay you trust that you trust I understand about the
gospel you trust that do you trust you know that you know this this picture
there’s the outward you know I’m doing all these works look at me you know
haven’t I done this haven’t I done that I surely am you can believe I’m a
believer see all of that stuff a wise man wouldn’t trust he’s willing to have
his heart searched when you build on the rock there’s a sense of you are making
sure you understand the gospel of grace that has nothing to do with your ability
your understanding your feeling it’s like you are trusting in what God has
said you’re not even trusting your own sight like Eve did you’re trusting the
Word of God and all the sudden the Word of God becomes like a powerful thing
instead of a yeah I’ve got to read my portions of my Bible today
I don’t dare just read a part of the Bible that I’m going to
on and think I’ve read the Bible I need you know when I studied a Bible to
give a message that’s one thing but when I just opened the Bible in a passage I’m
not teaching on just to let it speak to me because I need His Word to hide in my
heart that’s what I get out of this final test of the Sermon on the Mount
there was a man who was hired to take care of a ranch for a ranch owner and he
wanted to know if he knew his stuff the man kept saying I can sleep pretty
soundly when the storms come one night a huge storm came owner panicked he
went out to see you know what was going on and he saw the barn locked up tightly
all the animals safely inside with plenty of food and water the shutters
were closed and then he understood what the man meant that he could sleep
soundly when the storms come because the man assumed the storms could come any
time and he was ready he didn’t wait till the problem came to now get panicky
and wonder what I’m going to do he already did it so he never had to panic you know
when you have that rest in the finished work of Jesus Christ you’re confident in
Him and Him alone you’re on solid ground you’re certainly on the Rock so this is
why He goes on to verse 27 He says the rain descended the floods came the winds
blew beat on the house it fell and great was its fall as opposed to verse 25
which says the rain descended the floods came and the winds blew and beat on the
house and it did not fall for it was founded on the Rock there is a final
storm coming in our lives we call it death death is going to test every
philosophy every belief every viewpoint ever had but unfortunately that’s a
horrible time to find out that you were wrong right that’s why many little
storms come fortunately we have a lot of storm warnings we have the ability to go
wow things are not where they should be there’s something going on and maybe you’ve
got a health problem and now that’s testing you that storm has come or maybe
a relational problem you know maybe if somebody decides I don’t really care
for you anymore I want out of this marriage I just prayed with a lady that
you know was just weeping for her husband totally found another woman he
wanted out she’s seen 25 years of marriage go up in smoke and she’s just
brokenhearted and crying and I said you know I’m not really worried about you
you’ll be fine Lord’s got you you know Him but your
husband’s in grave danger we need to pray for him let’s pray for him right
now so I was praying more for this man than for her and I wanted her to get
this picture this storm that she’s receiving is just revealing she wants
the Lord to be the center she’s coming to church for prayer she’s seeking the
Lord he was the one that was in danger he feels fine he’s in fact he feels like ah
so much for her you know I found another person I’m going to live my life I’m going to
enjoy he does not know the danger he’s in the final days going to test it all the
rains the floods the winds that we get now help us mercifully the Lord is
warning us that this type of Christianity that we think we hold on to
is going to be tested it’s going to cause us to face the question now when the bigger
storm comes death we will have that rest and peace and knowledge I know whom I
believed see there’s not always sunshine it’s going to be some illnesses that you
didn’t count on some loss some disappointments employment relational
crisis of some sort there’s going to be floods you’re going to be shaken to your
foundation devil is going to blow like a big wolf he’s going to huff and puff and
try to blow you down and what’s going to stand against those things essentially
all of your life is preparing you for your final
exam you know the early church was persecuted and we’ll be persecuted
remember we’re the invaders in this culture you know years ago when Jesus
incarnated that was the beginning of the first invasion He came into this world
as one who was rejected and despised and one who you know this world was not fit
for Him they did not it did not receive Him and then He sent His invasion force
in the Holy Spirit and the Empowered His church and we are now covert operatives
in this world bringing the light of the gospel to rescue people that’s our
operation it’s a rescue operation but it’s covert because people can’t
comprehend all of this they think you’re at the enemy you and your narrow
bigoted views when you realize it’s okay to be narrow-minded when you’re right
when you have the truth you know it’s so popular to believe anything but when you
believe anything you really don’t believe in anything you don’t you
believe nothing when you believe everything is what I mean when you
believe everything is possible everybody’s belief is OK everybody has
you know it’s all the same I think it’s like the old Indian proverb that you
know you know the blind men come up to the the elephant and one feels the side
oh the elephant is a wall and the other says no the elephant is a snake as he’s
grabbing the trunk and no the other one says a rope because he’s grabbing the
tail the others grabbing the the leg know that elephant is like a pillar
and they always use that to prove that nobody really knows but if someone
could see they’d say no you’re all wrong it’s an elephant that’s the truth the
truth is it’s an elephant it’s not a wall it’s not a pillar it’s not a snake
it’s not a rope it’s an elephant and those who have eyes to see you could
see that we don’t have eyes to see unless it’s revealed which is what God
has done He’s revealed these things to us
and my prayer is if we’re going to impact this generation with the power of God’s
Word we receive it to ourselves and don’t underestimate the
power of His Word listen this is one of the reasons why we invested so much in radio
there’s about twelve correctional institutions in our region that listen
to the Bridge Radio which is the name of our radio station and a number of them
listen to my radio program the Bridging The Gap and I get letters all the time
from these prisoners and I met two of them up well I’ve met three
convicted murderers one that will never get out and two that are already out
after 30 years and one after 25 years of serving their sentences all three of
these are on fire for the Lord they tell me that it was the Word of God in that
prison that it was like seminary for them I mean they turned on The
Bridge they listened they were writing they’re growing they were learning and
and now they’re just on fire for the Lord that’s an encouraging thing because
it makes me realize there is in that seed of the word of God there is power
which is why the final test is how are you receiving this word don’t just trust
your feelings don’t trust your intellectual knowledge of it don’t even
trust your activity but overall humbly poor in spirit
you know meek say Lord I want to grow I want to learn you know what He will
answer that prayer and He’ll make you into a vessel that will withstand any
storm that comes and you will be even the storms you receive that you get hit
by God will use as a blessing everything that I’ve experienced that’s been
painful has always been turned out to be a beautiful opportunity to connect with
other people I thank the Lord for having a prodigal oh I didn’t for many years I
beat myself up what did I do wrong what did I do wrong as parents do and you don’t get very much help either from
people on the outside oh your parents must have done a number on you poor
thing it’s always about the parents right thankfully I had a I had not just a
prodigal but I had a one that was just faithful and I used to ask my daughter
what I do you know to mess up your brother what did I do wrong I mean was
that too hard on was it dad you were a great dad
he just did not want to go in the Lord’s direction and of course we remember even
God had kids that went astray so I was encouraged by that I remember someone
saying to me it’s not your fault because you take that to yourself but that’s
okay too Lord is there something I need to
correct that’s a good position to have is there something I could have done
differently and I certainly look back and I can look at those things that I
would have done differently but at the end of the day that whole period of time in
which my son was in rebellion and now he’s back in our life God has just
restored that it’s amazing what God has done but during that whole time I was
able to empathize and relate with so many others that had that very painful
situation and I’m thankful now I’m thankful for the privilege of seeing God’s
work in the midst of a two decade long issue because that’s what how long it
took and it reminded me that our prayers don’t give up that was really part of
the first message so I’ll give you a recap on that just don’t give up praying
because all those prayers that would have never gone up to heaven if you had
no problems think of the power that God has with all
those prayers that have been lifted up to heaven and they’re storing and even if you
don’t see an answer now even if you don’t see an answer until you die
your life is still working those prayers will still be answered even after
you’re in heaven so don’t waste time pray for everybody pray for everything
pray pray pray because it’ll be a delight to see in fact I’ve got to tell you
something I didn’t I couldn’t have said this first service because I didn’t
know it the last song you sing was written by a
good friend of mine that subsequently walked away from God completely the song is
amazing the very thing he’s writing about and singing about he failed
utterly in and as I was listening and that song came up and this man
also deeply hurt me by the way in many ways you know because he was on our
staff assisting doing all kinds of things and you know a lot of pain was
there when I heard that song nothing but a joy lifted up in my soul the thought
God You’re using a song that he had no clue was going to be used all around the
world to encourage people to put the Lord first even if he missed it you know
it made me say Lord I pray You bring him back to that place where he was when
he wrote that song now You do that work in him
so don’t waste don’t waste your sorrows when the storms come you know when you
put your trust on the solid ground what Jesus has done for you the accuser will
come will look at you you’re a hypocrite you’ve struggled here you’ve struggled there
well you can say you know my Lord and Savior has taken that unto the cross
and more and more as you’re growing because you’re not going to get out of
toddlerhood until you die you know that I mean we’re still growing we’re still not
yet a hundred just keep growing keep learning and I pray the Lord use you to
reach your generation thank You Lord for Your faithfulness Your goodness Your
love I praise Your I praise You for this fellowship and JD and just how much he’s
equipped these Saints with knowledge and Your Word and the prophetical
understanding that they know they have a have a hope in You I pray You use them
powerfully in Jesus’ precious name we pray Amen why don’t you all stand so for those of you who
weren’t here for first service he taught out of Colossians he didn’t know
that we’re in Colossians on Sunday morning so I hope that wasn’t the
influence to have you go into Matthew but that was a word fitly spoken and
thank you for that pastor Lloyd alright the worship team is going to close us and
song and afterwards if you’re able to stay we’re going to have fellowship
there’ll be some people up front if you need prayer please come forward

  1. I listen to Pastor Farag every week. To my surprise Pastor Lloyd who I've been listening to for a month since hearing him on the Bridge Radio is filling in today! And I live in California.

  2. Too many guest speakers lately. I look forward every week to the prophecy update, only to have it delayed once again. No offense to Pastor Lloyd.

  3. God bless you Pastor Lloyd. This was a wonderful message. God bless you Pastor JD for providing a time and a place for such a timely message from Pastor Lloyd. Proverbs 3:5-6 says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways submit to Him, and He will make your paths straight.” There are so many people who lean on their own understanding to make it to Heaven. Many believe their good works or living a sin-free life will get them into Heaven. It’s not about us, or what we can do. There’s only one way to Heaven, and that is by putting all of our trust and faith in Jesus Christ, and His finished redemptive work on the cross. Amen.

  4. I recently gave my 21 year old granddaughter a bible she had ask for. I didn’t tell her where to start reading. A few weeks later we had a storm with a beautiful rainbow. As we were admiring the rainbow she told me she had just read about the rainbow. God is amazing!

  5. We need one of those flash-drives with the KJV Audio Bible on it to leave behind in the Rapture! (And maybe a message from you on "What to do if You've Been Left Behind.)

  6. Brothers and sisters, there are so many occult channels on youtube with people playing with satanism. Please take the time to report these two fairly new channels before they get big, The Paranormal Files and Proving Demons. You just have to go to their about tab and click on the flag.

    3 minutes of your time can make a big difference and prevent kids from getting spiritually oppressed. God bless.

  7. You've waited two decades for your prodigal son??? Sooooo …. at FIVE your kid walked out of your lives????

  8. Start in the Gospel of John, b/c the Gospel is the most important thing and there are @100 verses that tell us how to be saved. Blessings.:)

  9. I need prayer the hospital broke my neck when I died in my bedroom the ambulance was called I had 42% breathing wer the Lord Jesus breathed for me all the way ther and I had no blood count and they gave me 2 pint's of blood and Lord Jesus sent me back to finish…but in a lot of pain but the Lord is taking most of it… thank you Pastor J.D and brother's and sister's for very much prayer's ❤❤❤

  10. Lawlessness is what every church of Pauline denomination teaches all are Catholic false sabbath Sunday followers so as Jesus stated all are destined for hell, the Commandments of God never were taken away but were altered together with a false Roman calendar system, search for the true Essene Sabbath calendar in the Dead Sea Scrolls

  11. It is great to see that Pastor Farag is taking a needed and well-earned break, but I won't lie, I was disappointed to see it wasn't him speaking this week. I have to say that after listening to this sermon, I wasn't disappointed, as it serves as a reminder that it is the LORD who speaks through those who are willing (and to those willing to listen).

    Blessings, Pastor Pulley and thank-you for being sensitive to the Spirit's leading. Blessings, also, to an amazing online faith community! See you all again on Thursday evening.

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  13. This is a good word in this message. It is my testimony. Twice when I was 8 and then again at 12 I went before the church, said a pre-packaged prayer, shook the preachers hand and was baptized. The Lord began to deal with me a few years later that I was being religious but did not have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in my life. I went to church, I heard sermons, but I did not listen to what the Holy Spirit was telling me in those sermons. I had character, integrity, and even a good reputation, but I was lost! So at 26 years old after being in church for years, I repented of my sins and turned away from my sin and begged Christ to have my life. I had no thought of a re-dedication. I was seeking salvation. I'm afraid many even in the church need to listen to the ABC's of salvation and ask themselves if they are ready to meet God in their current situation. Maranatha.

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