the eyes and three to one you look you don't be sad counting hugs right now getting this shit going shut up what's up YouTube mission boys die exactly whatever you want to call me until the day what's up guys welcome back to my channel I hope you're all having an amazing day so far before I even say anything before I say anything more I actually have a special gift before well before I say anything else I have a special guest with me everybody make some noise for aka Robert Stewart you know don't ever say that again when I got a break what are you doing but yes so I have Roberts you're with me here today he's actually one of my Texas friends you know I'm saying we were born in the same hospital together like when I was a one-bed you isn't the other and we were looking at each other like what we're doing today y'all is actually like it's an iconic series on my channel you want to explain ordering today so basically what we're doing today is our friend Bella's gonna say hi Bella you think they oh my god basically what Bella did was she went on Instagram and she screenshotted like how many do 17 is that thank god damned a Jew on Instagram a screenshot 17 different pictures of social media stars as faces like really really like zoomed in you know I'm saying so what we have to do is we have to guess it what the social media stars name is based on the picture that she zoomed in on does that make sense you already know how this video work so if you guys do enjoy it be sure to give it a big thumbs up how many thumbs up we can Robert 55,000 disrobing don't ever do that again all right are y'all ready yeah number one here we go four one three two one that's my baby girl she'd and Jake right now but like she'll reserved for me in the future so what's up time to hit me up I'm still here baby I did I'm playing a stopping plan right right right that is my cousin my amigo my everything bus my sister always never kissed head up on three two one that's weird that I know that but I just every time I look like Lori snapchats it's just early to be is well I know that face the amount of times that I've kid oh god damn the amount of times I've looked her in the eyes and spoke to that beautiful space I know it Danny Perkins my mom languages yes I don't know how is so cool 3 2 1 yeah let's get 3 2 1 what up what does that even say rude an it's mavens now we can see every picture yeah give us a give us it ok us and brothers don't win oh well wait whoa we're not ready hold on some I feel bad I feel something coming you couldn't throw nasty yes my god three two one white like a werewolf without a hairy ass this on his chin Grayson no Ethan no Lucy P my mom no that's a good morning everybody good that's low a bomb No juh Michael gebben hello Reese him these no fuck the replay I was a time I rock paper scissors for this point Rock Paper Scissors shoot yeah yeah three two one that's it yes it is come back your dare you break in three two one that's a Charles more Beach re no no way yeah we're turning to dance yeah it came back we had to get a move on realistically like what is that I know exactly what it is and I loves like ramp up you will give us a billionaire now dig one now do Mike [Applause] three two one michael jackson face banks know what way is that no no no Brian no no wait that's a big enough thing no it's not it's a it's attachment you know a tattoo of the Spade of the space no no no no two one all right fella you solve it what is that looks like someone's buyo xxx don't ask you know if you got that right yes I knew that was – yeah Oh picture wait I'm not God for that three more the score is 66 comment right now all right we're gonna take a 10 second intermission and come around oh he thinks in the window hey Tate is asking titties ass ass titties please assassin to this ass titties all right let's get it if you voted for him you're an idiot 3 2 1 that's only Arella no that's a bad kiss happy guys and beer Maggie Lindemann that's Nikita crying no it's not she's not me no but yeah I know stupid shut up three two one why there you go three two one baby no that may be no we do walk around we'll do one more round if he wins he gets I'll paypal demo whatever 15 dollars if he or I wins nothing happens I just wins you don't get on this it's gonna be all right awesome spirits are there right now me sitting Robert what irene's you sent BAM Justin Robert $15 and gradual ations I'm beating me nobody ever beats me in the stereo song all right guys that's youtube if you made this part be sure to give it a big thumbs up how many thumbs up 55,000 y'all haven't got that in a minute so we're just gonna say 45,000 45,000 thumbs everyone will do a part two to this and um that's pretty much it what else will we do I'll get a tattoo of Logan Palmer but for 45 you have fairy wings see these 60,000 thumbs up and I can attach to a loop on my butt comment what you want to see you next on this channel down below I promise I'm gonna read every single comment on response that's pretty much most of them so yeah leave a comment subscribe thumbs up everything all that good stuff any last words I love y'all geez pick it up oh come on mama you talking shit huh oh my god wait Bella show a bleep cookies I just spit on Bella yes that was an accident I'm so sorry


  2. “tHaT’s A dOlAn TwIn” NO ITS NOT OMG. you be guessin ethan and grayson in the most random person 😭😂

  3. Zach he always win so I like your haircut he's definitely going to win comment down below if you think it's Zach is going to win

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