GTA 5 Online Funny Moments - Basketball, Social Experiment, & Pranks!

hey what is up guys vanoss here and before today's video starts I have a quick announcement so at the end of this month I'm gonna be going to insomnia 58 and I'm gonna be doing signings there everyday at the three black booth so if you haven't be going to that event feel free to drop by say hi or don't you know just look at me weirdly from a distance it's up to you and also we're gonna be hosting an event that's Sunday August 28th at 7 p.m. and I'm not gonna be on stage I'll just be somewhere just loitering but there's gonna be a lot of really cool youtubers up there on stage doing some fun stuff and afterwards there's gonna be another meet-and-greet slash signing and I'll be around for that so if you're interested in going to that event feel free to go check out the link in the description but other than that guys hope you enjoyed today's video and I hope to see some of you guys at that event thanks for watching and I will talk to you all later they're gonna go in your Instagram what no I'm playing Pokemon go no one plays that game I think I'm near primate I didn't catch him my pokeball fell I gotta I have a pole I have a pokeball Canon yeah let's do it Martin yeah that's right because we're poor right because grenades are a lot cheaper than basketball let's do this did you know that my uncle was in the NBA No oh it was Larry Bird same with my uncle yeah your uncle Yao Ming – oh yeah who is that chimpanzee Jordan okay that was very racist moving on all right who's first I got this Wow okay come on man make your make your uncle proud okay make sure you get it so he doesn't hit you you're a smart man and aimed low right blows so let's take a little bit of skill takes a little bit of skill yeah go oh my god it damn it remember what your uncle told you that flashback he'll never make anything of yourself yes here we go here we go Michael Jordan fuck and now the same I you know I got a better game I got a better game gonna throw c4s and whoever he gets stuck closest in the middle of the square how about that okay okay okay oh shit that was a good shine that was a good shot so the key is you gotta aim a little higher okay a little high you gotta give her a little bit of an arc okay like this and this should be perfect and Tiger Woods shit okay I might have miscalculated a little bit it's been a while I think this is what you meant to do like straight on yeah yeah I thought we just try to go crazy like we do our own thing like like I'm gonna try and get it on that circle from behind this building you're gonna get in the middle circle from behind that building in the middle guessing it goes on the bleachers okay who's going I'm gonna go I'm gonna go for it Louie oh shit oh shit I'm really excited for a second sink in a little more than that I should have let you like tweet about it and like just go like a whole week of just thinking that you've got that shot and then just send you an unlisted video on YouTube of you just missing all right for our next trick shot we're gonna try to make our si fours into that shark's mouth over there who's up for the challenge huh go Brian go let's see there's a slight breeze make some adjustments nice oh that's kind of honesty someone someone's gotta beat that I'll go be the judge why did you aim kind of along the shore like okay you see the ocean and you see the clouds kinda in the middle between the ocean and the clouds did I win yeah do I win a free I want a free surfboard yeah go get it cut TIF all right everybody flare the scene I'm here to investigate this crime scene with this flying saucer I'm here to save this city being the early bird yeah we have to we have to figure out what's going on and what's behind this massive alien attack Louie Wow we need your help the aliens are disguises coughs right now thank y'all the earlybird guys don't worry I got my protective helmet I'm ready to go I'm just took it off I'm in I'm in I'm in I'm in I'm in oh man man fuck you away damn aliens get in this fucking alien over here you everybody run the aliens are here the court will take a nap no you might want to get down Brock this journey here we go this is it oh this one matches me yeah that's right it was meant to be we're gonna make it we're gonna make it to safety we're gonna make it on the c-word yeah why did you jump off what are you doing I'm just gonna relax the cops are here we're gonna die all right let's go fine get out it's no time to relax all right here we go what's their mothership right here hey so what do we do how do we give it back got a do it hello boys I'm gonna do it together that's Karma prevailing are we really gonna end the video up in the bang like that what did you get a new outfit without a whole battle you managed to change your outfit yeah sometimes I like to just wear this and other times I like to just go back to this or bad or you know the original early bird or early bird mark to mark 3 or 4 or 5 you know just one of them's just mark is just some white guy mark 3 mark 4 mark what's up you too mom here with Mark and Louie yeah do a social experiment today on Venice Beach I can't go to aisle oh is our cameraman alright what's up YouTube today we're doing a social experiment near Venice Beach and a sketchy part of Venice Beach as you can see this is Sandra we got permission from her parents that we could pretend that she's a monitor even though she's actually 35 years old and we're gonna see if we can catch a predator today on Venice Beach because it's national predator day on Venice Beach let's see what happens oh there's our first victim he's wearing a red hoodie it seems to be in a weird mask must be a crease right there hey hey hey did you realize Sandra that you're talking to a minor that's illegal damn it damn it I was supposed to kill her on one hit oh wait social experiment gone wrong yeah experiment gone wrong social experiment coming through Hey ladies I was wondering can I get directions to the nearest clothing store no okay bleep lucky mom go okay well guess what I don't ask directions from the gold diggers hey hey well this is stupid why did you get into my car I didn't even ask you anything and you're already in here well you know what it's too bad it's too bad I don't eat gold diggers it was so bad all right officially retire my videos have gone to shit already and it's only my second video oh look at the dead corpse in a burnt car let me just finish though with water real quick fucking great job guys great job actually did a pretty good job Lily turned those fires off quick they did a good job of moving the car about four inches to the right against the wall looks like a rotten strawberry what the fuck would they ever do er they've got the sprayer with fire extinguishers okay I'm at my new job you work here too no I just like many people okay I'm just here doing my job I'm making hot dogs over here just like this used to be a pianist I am now a a wiener is that the same thing you're a wiener is and you were a penis no fuck this I quit done yeah you've got a job right now oh yeah what's this job I sell mustard oh no way ah you have any new bottles are they all used they like vintage mustard ketchup you I got them I wanted Buster this is a mustard shop oh is this place huh you call this a restaurant hi I'm gonna start hitting shit you call this a restaurant the only way to you don't even so mustard damn boy look at the service here he's okay he understands why I'm frustrated

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