Growing Acceptance Of Marxism In Churches.  A Stand Up For The Truth Podcast

stand up where the truth is sponsored by lakeshore communications incorporated and made possible by your generous tax-deductible donations at stand up with a truth calm slash donate this is stand up for the truth educating empowering and connecting Christians to stand on God's Word and truth Emmanuel stand up for his own principles and not really a man at all get involved by emailing comments at stand up with a truth com now here's the host of stand up for the truth Mike LeMay cutting through the noise and fog of this world and pointing us to the eternal truth of God's Word Mike LeMay and David fear as well welcome to another edition of standard with David great to be back with you yeah welcome back little hiatus thank you for for managing the ship while I was gone you bet so sounds like you had some great guests I haven't had a chance to listen to often oh yeah really exceptional actually two brand-new ones and one from Rashi Oh Christy and another from let's see grace to you actually we had three new guests Rebecca Kiessling from that was a good one yeah she was conceived in rape and that was a just a phenomenal interview from that perspective the people who say they're pro-life except in cases of rape well here's a living example and there are a lot of them out there yeah hey you didn't go off the rails and like quote scripture or anything did you all the time all the time no we leave that to the guests we leave that to yes father we thank you for this opportunity to share your word over live radio to a worldwide audience we thank you for those who take some time out of their day to listen every day we we hope Lord that what we say edifies your church glorifies your name and and hold your word up in highest esteem as you wanted held up so Lord today as we look at a very important issue facing the Christian Church in America we ask for your grace and for your Holy Spirit to speak through us father these are tough issues we want to handle them biblically according to your word and we just thank you Lord for the opportunity to share the gospel and share your word with this worldwide audience in Jesus name we pray amen well as we've seen American Christianity bend over back words to be seen as loving to the world we've seen secular culture extend its influence within the church from the social justice movement to the powerful LGBTQ Lobby we see more and more churches accommodating things of this world that are directly contradictory to the Bible now in 15 months we have another presidential election on the horizon and we are seeing an enhanced push within many charges to embrace something that is incredibly directly opposed to the Bible Marxist socialism and we're going to talk about that a little bit today because you're going to hear more and more over the next 15 months about Christians and politics and churches and politics and David in a way we're kind of coming full circle here today because eight and a half years ago we started this show it was our response to Jim Wallace and avowed Marxist who is a masquerades as a Christian minister coming to a local event and really sharing Marxist ideals with young people and that's what caused us to start this show eight years ago so in a way it's kind of coming full circle but we want to take some time today to really talk about Marxism and socialism the church and the incredible movement we are seeing not just within young people but a lot of denominations in Christianity to actually look at socialism as something that's good not realizing that socialism is just a sugar-coated word for godless Marxism by the way I talked to a very mature Christian family years ago we went to church together they lived down in the valley they had no idea of what happened you know at life fest in 2010 with Jim Wallace coming and getting the main stage and so I just explained to him basically what happened why we decided to you know raise awareness about it and and they had no idea but I meet people like that from time to time they have they are clueless of the whole issue that kind of got things going and what we've talked about for so many years I think that speaks to of a symptom I see in the church David up until maybe the last 10 years or so it was almost like Christians could just live their life they could kind of trust what they heard in the church but in the last 10 years you you look at what's happened with the legalization of homosexual marriage how public opinion has now turned to where almost 60% of Americans think it's perfectly fine for homosexuals to marry now Cesar says they can do that God says that's not marriage so I think over the last 10 years all of a sudden Christians have woken up and said wait a minute the church doesn't look like the same church I was raised in anymore and it's not just one denomination it's hitting every denomination and even the evangelical community which calls itself nondenominational and one of the reasons is effective and relentless marketing by the left brilliant evil their marketing evil but it's been brilliant in the last 15 years you said it's 60 almost 60 it is now 61 percent approval 31 percent disapproval of same-sex marriage generally in the American public 15 years ago guess where it was probably the opposite exactly almost and exact within a percentage or two points almost an exact flip reversal of where it was 15 years ago brand new Pew Research I did a recent article on that last week brand new Pew Research came out and says this flip is just amazing if you think about so what has happened in 15 years I know the Obama administration pushed really hard if you just look at eight years of their policies and legislation on what they did to push the LGBTQ agenda and normalize that and then with Hollywood and the public schools and everything else it was relentless but I guess the average person maybe either wasn't aware or something but it affected their opinions because these polls now clearly show that their push of this agenda has been effective nothing new Under the Sun of Solomon Road I look at the first century church and you talk about a small enclave of people that lived in an evil world the Roman Empire so there's nothing new about this and I think the interesting challenge we face these days David as we get into our show topic here is when we look at homeless sexual marriage for example Caesar has dictated the government that that's legal we as Christians are told we need to honor Caesar so we look at this law that we know is against the Word of God we we oppose it we don't agree with it we certainly don't participate in it but we don't cross the line to hating those who believe in it and it is a difficult thing for us as Christians for the longest time in this nation if you will the ruling class water Bible believing Christians we were the norm now weren't the minority and things have flipped here a little bit and learning to live in this world not hating sinners but also not embracing the sin they promote is a real challenge to us as believers yeah and I think one of the problems it we flip from that bible believing christian generally there were people of all faiths goes back years to our founding even people that were deists and people that were atheist but the generally it was people who stood on judeo-christian principles and values but in the last 50 to 75 years it went from generally bible believing and believing in church in sunday school and everything raising up kids morally now its flipped to maybe nominal or cultural Christianity maybe now entertainment is maybe more important but we'll go to church once a week and if we have time for other things you know so it's kind of flipped where the church has kind of gotten a little I don't want to generalize too much because there are a lot of good churches out there but lukewarm comes to mind yeah we've talked about that quite a bit you know I I love to study American history in American political history and if I remember my history right in the late 19th century there was actually a socialist who ran for president twice his name was Eugene V Debs de BS he absolutely got slaughtered in the elections now you fast-forward here a little more honest I think was another who's that Norman Thomas Norman Thomas six times and the Socialist Party ticket wasn't that during the the Great Depression and everything too yeah so a push to be even more of a socialist of Franklin was and by the way he ran on the ticket of the Socialist Party USA or Socialist Party of America he is the great grandfather or grandfather great-grandfather of Evan Thomas editor of Time and Newsweek magazines in the 70s and 80s so here he what kind of family line did he come from and of course Newsweek and time we've seen the direction of Newsweek and time now soft you know going towards socialism and these ideas that we're going to talk about today yeah it was interesting I was watching and I can't remember what network it was but the other day I was watching and they talked about the soft socialism of the Obama administration and how really it was it was more subtle some of the things they were doing as far as infiltrating education and in the various cabinets and departments in the federal government but you look now at the Democratic candidates that are out there and it's fascinating to watch how they are falling all over themselves trying to be the biggest Marxist in the group you know Bernie Sanders in 2016 nobody took him seriously but by all that's right he should have won the Democratic nomination I mean Hillary Clinton cheated him out of it with this super delegate thing and that maybe should have told us something four years ago Bernie Sanders has hit a nerve mainly with young people but also with some older people and and we're gonna talk a little bit about this today what is appealing to socialism about young people and also remember this as we talked about this when you hear socialism understand it's a precursor to godless Marxism socialism is a kinder gentler word for godless Marxism inevitably it leads to a Marxist government where the government is worshipped and of course God is is set aside so can I ask you something might be sure we get into the the topic in depth here Duke pesto was on week or so ago with us and dr. Duke show and a freedom project he had an interview with Steve dace and they both say within five years they believe that American taxpayers citizens will be responsible for paying this student loan debt debt will be canceled from the student loans it's all this massive and the tax oh well how else are they gonna pay for it so they say within five years what is your understanding of that how could that happen and what's your take on it because they see it coming and a couple Democratic candidates are campaigning on that yeah I I think it's gonna happen also I mean Bernie Sanders just came out officially and called for an abolition of student loan debt and you think about it you talk to young people these days I've come to believe David that college is the greatest shell game ever put on young people you think about it so we pump all of this money into public education they've been infested and taken over by radical liberals and Marxist in the universities we tell young people you can't possibly succeed without a college education yeah when in reality you can go here to your local tech college and get a two-year degree as a welder a mechanic a nurse whatever make a very good living doing it at a very low cost but instead we've convinced our children they need a college degree yeah well then we get them there and what are they coming out with degrees in social engineering and and and african-american studies women whatever it might be nothing that really applies to earning a living and don't you go to college to learn something where you can actually be a productive member of society have a job maybe raise children so as the federal government subsidizes American education and you have all of these professors that are tenured for the rest of their lives making hundreds of thousands of dollars the cost of education goes through the roof these children are coming out of school with useless degrees often fifty a hundred two hundred thousand dollars in debt and you've got this tremendous bubble out there I think it's one point four trillion dollars right now in student loan debt and these kids are going to default on these loans then they're never gonna be able to pay them back well it is the answer to penalize taxpaying Americans who many of them in generations before went to college and paid their own debt working years and years and paid off their own college debt and I know it's gone up as genomically but it's a choice when you go to college you know that you're gonna have to take out a loan unless you're you have help from your parents so is it fair to the rest of us to pay that I heard one another possibility I see I don't know how they're gonna do this I heard they're somehow gonna pass legislation it's going to tax the you know the one percent the one the the millionaire's right and the billionaires they're gonna take some of that money to go to the student loan pay off student loans debt but also I don't know how they can do it without also raising our taxes to help pay for that do you understand your financial guy yeah somewhat I love your numbers studying economics and you know this taxed the 1% there's not enough money if you tax the top 1% in this nation at a 100 percent level there's not enough to fund this federal government it's a sham you're absolutely right it's going to eventually bleed down to the middle class and you know it this is a financial bubble the reason I think they're gonna do something to pay it off is what's gonna happen when all of a sudden 1.5 to 2 trillion dollars in debt isn't repaid remember the mortgage bubble in 2007 that really many people feel led to the election of President Obama all of a sudden we're gonna have this other bubble sitting here and there's going to be this huge crisis you asked is it fair no but you know they presented this fear well you know David and Mike it isn't really fairly dis AK rifice right so the younger people yeah so it's it's going to happen and it's it's it's I just you know we were talking about Carl Gallup's yesterday about every four years we hear the most important election that I like I really think this next one is because I think the nation's going to decide either to maintain a capitalist economic foundation or go other way of Cuba and Venezuela and just fall into this socialist utopia and absolutely destroy the foundations in the nation and we'll see you know President Trump many people love him a lot of people hate him so anyway is Marxism compatible with the Christian faith because we see Marx isms a kinder gentler cousin socialism being pushed on the church all the time we went to a got question org here's some of the information they shared Marxism is a political philosophy developed by Prussian philosopher Karl Marx that focuses on class struggle and various ways to ensure equality of outcome for all people I want to stop there for a minute mm-hmm nowhere do we have a right of equal outcomes in our nation we have rights of equal opportunity and when you cross the line from equal opportunity to equal outcomes you've crossed the line from capitalism to Marxism so there's your first point Marxism and Marx Marx inian analysis I have various schools of thought but the basic idea is that the ruling class in any nation has historically oppressed the lower classes and the social revolution is needed to create a classless homogeneous society so no longer male female black white yellow brown red green pink orange or whatever we're all treated like animals we're Hall streeted like dogs basically so and you think about it how this is I go back to Jim Wallace again and one of the people he's closely affiliated with Cornel West and talks about Black Liberation Theology and now we're African American people oppressed in our nation in the 19th century absolutely I mean slavery is is horrible it's important but nowadays look at all these calls for reparations by people like Cory Booker where all of a sudden now people who never owned slaves you and I now have to pay for the sins of our ancestors 150 to 200 years ago nor has anyone in most of our family lines grandparents great-grandparents great-great-grandparents because mine came over from Italy you know and so my great-grandparents my family line had nothing to do with slavery and most of us maybe most of our listening audience can relate to that and so we're going yes we understand it's a sad part of history but first of all it was eliminated and now we're going way back and trying to make up for it with generations that did not live through it now so I don't understand that yeah well I guess the moment we understand it we're probably in trouble before you go to break continuing a little bit on this article Marxism teaches that the best system of government is one in which wealth is distributed equally there is no private property ownership or productive entities are shared by everyone and every citizen gives selflessly to the collective now let's contrast Marxism with biblical generosity in the Bible we are told to be generous with everything God has provided for us that all things are gifts from God our job our wealth our possessions everything and we should be generous with those we should voluntarily in a good heart and good cheer help those who have less than us Marxism is the exact opposite Marxism takes it it's not voluntary it's taking it and giving it to poorer people how would you address that believe it's Acts chapter four or five where they redistributed the wealth at Pentecost they they voluntarily gave to one another as others had but it wasn't that a in that one of those scriptures were they hang around like Jim Wallace and they chapter two in Acts chapter 4 but the mistake they make again was the Apostles never mandated they never said you have to give this up because someone doesn't have it the other difference is within a church and how a church should function and here's the example I use let's say I say something really stupid on the internet' and get fired I and I just get fired and I go to my church and I go hey Nancy and I are in need right now and they realize that it was my own fault I did something stupid I got rightfully fired by my employer know go find a job so I mean there's a there's a level of accountability in the church that there never is in government and we have third and fourth generation welfare recipients now in this nation no longer is the burden on the individual to prove they cannot work now they just simply don't have to not want to lose not in and they get it so we're talking about Marxism socialism how it's infiltrating the Christian Church how you're gonna hear a lot more about it up in the 2020 election and stand up for the truth and will continue more with it when we come back if you want more info on the topics of today's show then visit stand up for the truth com now back to Michael MA we're talking this morning about Marxism it's been carefully closeted as socialism that sounds a little better how its infiltrating the American church and how we're facing an election in about 16 months here that really at least economically and I also believe from a religious freedom point of view is a battle for the heart and soul of our nation and we're currently looking at a commentary and an article from God questions org and the ask the question is Marxism compatible with the Christian faith and now we're gonna get into the real meat of it here thus far Marxism has never worked in real life and without exception in the places where Marxism has been the government model Christians have been persecuted that's because there's a foundational difference between Marxism and Christianity a deep divide that cannot be bridged there are several aspects of Marxism as a philosophy that put it at odds with the Christian faith and here's a couple of them number one Marxism is at heart an atheistic philosophy with no room for belief in God none now let's look at what we see happening in communist China right now the underground church in China is growing exponentially there are estimates that within ten years there may be 300 million Christians in China China has a state-sponsored Christian Church they will allow you to go to you must register you go there what are some of the aspects of this church number one cameras audio and video cameras every sermon is is audited and is assessed by the Chinese government number two and we reported this a couple months ago the first commandment that God gave Moses cannot be taught in the Communist China state-sponsored Christian churches I am THE LORD thy God thou shalt not have any other gods before me Wow cannot be taught an article we're gonna probably not get you until later in the week is one where China has now man dated that Christian churches sing songs praising the communist regime so in our prison worship time when we sing praises to the Great God who created and saved us and granted us eternal life through his son China says like every other song you better be talking about how great Mao is and how about President Xi Jingping and all of those people are so Marxism is directly opposed to biblical Christianity and the thing we must understand ladies and gentlemen is when you hear the term socialist you have to start thinking about that in terms of Marxism it is a precursor it's always happened this way it happened that way in in the Soviet Union the Bolshevik Revolution it happened that way in China it's first presented as any Hitler did the same thing hey let's all roll up our sleeves let's all be generous with everything trust the government let the government redistribute this thing yeah and the next thing you know you've got a totalitarian state on your hands so Karl Marx himself was very clear on the point that it's an atheist philosophy with no room for belief in God and here's a quote from him from me criticism of philosophy of the right the first requisite of the happiness of the people is the abolition of religion in other words you've got to get God out of the way yeah to enforce this yeah I often wonder Dave going back to the Garden of Eden if if you know maybe uh maybe the serpent wasn't the first Marxist it's like you know a theology where we go to theology but it's almost heretics God gives Adam and Eve this wonderful garden and says you know what enjoy each other eat from all these trees walk with the animals do anything you want but don't eat from that one tree and somehow this this this communist serpent comes along and so that's not fair that's not fair that you know he's gotten you're not and the only reason he doesn't want to even that trees because then you'll be just like him so you know man wanted to be more than God created him to be so maybe the serpent was the first communist I'm not sure one of the basic tenets of Marxism is that the idea of private property must be abolished where Marxism has taken root landowners see their property confiscated by the state and private ownership of just about anything is outlawed in abolishing private property Marxism directly contradicts several biblical principles the first is the Bible assumes the existence of private property and issues commands to respect it Deuteronomy 5:19 thou shalt not steal is one example the Bible honors work and teaches that individuals are responsible to support themselves second Thessalonians 3:10 the redistribution of wealth mandated by Marxism destroys accountability and the biblical work ethic and in Jesus's parable in Matthew 25:14 it clearly teaches our responsibility to serve God with our private resources there's no way to reconcile Marxism with the parable of the talents what they try to do it ok let me ask you this about this idea of a wealth redistribution is it possible because I can just hear them on the left saying we're not stealing money we're redistributing it to people who have the need we're taking it from basically the Robin Hood taking it from the rich and giving it to the poor how does government do this without taking a penny can they can government do this because you need a bureaucracy of people involved to be able to oversee this implement it so you cannot just say hey we're it's going directly from here you people that are rich to the people that are in need it's not just doing that because they they have to take some of it right oh absolutely so it's so they are stealing that they are and I you you look at again with the Bolshevik Revolution in the Soviet Union in 1917 I believe it was the whole idea was hey the government's gonna redistribute all this get us out of this economic crisis we're gonna make sure everything's fair but what happens is you know things always become that which they claim to detest and you know Marxism they hate that one percent that evil one percent those rich people actually worked and earn something and put it away you know they're the enemies and it replaces the one percent with the one tenth of one percent the government bureaucracy the people in power you know Lenin and Marx lived in luxury Hitler lived in luxury Mao lived in luxury while everyone else suffered so world leaders today all around oh the globe are living in luxury so I mean so the the the what's presented is okay we're gonna be the agent government to take from the rich and give to the poor the problem is it never gets to the poor it stays in the government see Detroit for example didn't John Dewey go to Russia and come back and I think was the 1939 keep raising the Bolsheviks yeah Fred and also using using the communist model for education to develop the American education system Wow yeah I mean he came back he was an avowed communist he was an atheist a humanist and he what was his role in education again well he's considered the father of American education John Dewey he is the one that the National Education Association and everyone really looked to so he he set the early seeds for public education and that the Dewey Decimal System different doing okay different Dewey but well I was gonna say something where David David remember there's no such thing as government funding yeah there is no such thing as government funding it's all people funded some people fund right exactly another reason on the article here it says Marxism is ultimately about material things Christianity is ultimately about spiritual things save difference yeah Frederick angles a close associate of Marx said that Marx's greatest insight was that quote men must first of all eat drink have shelter and clothing before they can pursue politics science art religion and the like in other words Marxism seeks to meet the physical needs of man and posits that until those needs are met man is incapable of any aspirations higher than an animal-like existence now Jesus on the other hand taught do not worry about your life what you will eat or drink or about your body or what you will wear is not life more than food and the body more than clothes therefore seek first God's kingdom and his righteousness Marx taught seek first man's kingdom and the stuff of this world so a big difference there but surprising but not surprising to me David and crash how when we talk a lot in this show about how when you redefine words we get in trouble and Marxism became socialism became liberalism and so liberals got into power became socialist they're being presented today Bernie Sanders is a proud socialist I'll say this about Bernie Sanders I admire him from this point he really believes what he's peddling he has been a lifelong socialist the rest of these people are johnny-come-lately for the most part you mean Elizabeth Warren is changing to try to win young votes but I mean Bernie Sanders I'll give him credit at least the guy he's been open and honest yes for all these years about being a socialist and we almost got the nomination for the Democrat Party last year the last yeah and the last election probably should have been close where you're talking about definitions Arthur's calling it democratic yeah Democrats a democratic socialism democratic socialism you know and even going back a little farther guys didn't we all weren't we all raised to say America is a democracy technically it's not a democracy it's a democratic republic here's the difference democracy is mob rule and our founding fathers realize that so we set up a system of laws the Constitution the Bill of Rights so we ought to be a nation of law not of the wishes of people and when you become a pure democracy or a democratic socialist country you go right back to that last verse in the book of Judges there were no kings at that time so every man did what was right in his own eyes so but you're right it's it's democratic socialism is what they call it now but a rose by any other name as Shakespeare said because it's really Marxism the utopia that Marxism seeks to develop is earthly and man-made Christians look at the Lord Jesus to establish a heavenly perfect kingdom someday I want to park there for a minute the more and more young people I get a chance to interact with that are very concerned about social justice found some success praise God by talking to them and saying you know what I want the same thing you want I want a world without crime I want a world without economic injustice I want a world without pollution I want those same things here's the difference we as fallen human beings will never accomplish that God has already showed us in his word where he will accomplish it the catches only those who put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ who confess of their sinful nature can confess that we deserve eternal death and separation from God and trust in him we're going to live in that place one day it's that new heaven and new earth that Jesus creates so I'm finding some success they're just saying look we share the same aspirations but how you want to accomplish it is directly opposed to how God says it must be accomplished and it it's interesting there at least perking up and listen a little bit yeah I've heard some on the Christian left say you know be they're doing what they're doing because they make this overarching generalization that the church has failed so many years truly helping the poor well you've got to define that what do you mean by the break that down in what capacities in America or worldwide hunger what are you talking about because the church the christianity has done more good for the world and has been more generous than any other possible religion or system or organization and helping the poor not just doing missionary work but actually you know Vapor you know building water wells you know but just getting housing food for the poor things like that so they're generalizing and people buy it because they don't know how to respond to that claim yeah and I think it's going back to what crash said earlier remember you ever see the abscess he cut out the middleman remember direct warehouse off cut off their middleman the middle man's the government's the middleman the government takes money from those who have it under the guise of helping others but most of it never gets there I mean it's it's it's consumed what is the size of our government don't we'd like four trillion dollars a year we spend in government now I got this vision of The Wizard of Oz and the great the man behind the curtain that's our government right yeah because they already had courage and a brain and a heart well what they're talking about is bring me a check but not attract they you know they want they want the help but just stop just don't bring that gospel thing with it yeah well that's what they're talking about is send them the money over there but stop sending missionaries but did you just say you will always have the poor here's you know don't get don't build hospitals give money yeah now we're building like you said Wells we're building hospitals missionaries that are over there building churches not just just churches but also hospitals and better living conditions now some people attempt to combine Christianity with Marxist philosophy going back to got questions org their attempts maybe well-meaning but they are impractical the Puritans in the new world tried communal living for a while and when the Plymouth Colony was founded there was no private property and all food was distributed equally amongst all regardless of one's job one's job or work ethic but that system lacking any incentive to hard work was soon abandoned as a complete failure so it was even tried within professing Christianity the Puritans Plymouth Rock all this good stuff hey let's just all gather and share well it didn't take long for some people to realize I can sit and look at the clouds all day and I'm going to get the same amount of food and shelter as the the idiot out there who's busting his hump that started pretty darn early wasn't that the early 1600s ah yeah plumb out 16 days mid 1600 yeah so then maybe there was already people that they caught on to and go hmm we're all doing the same thing if I just kind of take it easy and you know they'll provide for me yeah attempting to combine Christianity with Marxism also ignores their widely divergent views on sin God equality responsibility and the value of human life and Krash going to what you talked about earlier the article says of course some people point to ax 244 through 45 as proof that Christianity is compatible with communism Wallace did that with me when I had my two one-hour conversations with him what about these verses and of course I used the able to show he was wrong and that verse says of course all the believers were together and had everything in common they sold property and possessions to give anyone who had need but now two things must be said here first this passage as with much of Acts is descriptive not prescriptive so it isn't a mandate that you do that it was something for that time that is this passage contains no command for the church to function this way it is simply a description of what the early church in Jerusalem did to meet some unique in urgent needs there is no indication that such extensive sharing was ever copied by any other New Testament churches and secondly the communal arrangements in Acts were completely voluntary and motivated by the love of Christ any attempt to apply this to involuntary secular godless communism really makes no sense and wrapping up the article here it says when Frederick Engels heard that some Christians were using acts to to promote socialism he wrote against melding his philosophy with Christianity this is angles himself quote these good people are not the best Christians although they style themselves so because if they were they would know the Bible better and find that if some few passages of the Bible may be favorable to communism the general spirit of its doctrines is nevertheless totally opposed to it so there you have it Frederick angles knew the Bible better than Jim Wallace and many of the people who claim to be Christians these days he knew the Bible was directly contradictory to Marxism and yet we've got people like Wallace and many others growing cast all the time equating Marxism with biblical values in short the Bible promotes freedom and personal responsibility and neither of those concepts last long under Marxism there's a reason why in Marxist states such as Communist China and Vietnam and the old Soviet Union Christians are always persecuted the ideas espoused by Marxism are antiphonal to the teachings of Jesus Christ the differences are completely reconcilable well if the Bible was compatible why is it banned in these countries there you go so if it if if it's a fairy tale and it's just a bunch of stuff why ban it yeah yeah exactly so why fear it why change it why why force the changes you see in China so interesting article thereby got questions organ when we come back we'll continue talking about how Marxism is incompatible with biblical Christianity if you want more info on the topics of today's show then visit stand up for the truth com now back to Michael a man is godless Marxism in any way shape or form compatible with biblical Christianity the obvious answer is no never but boy I tell you what there seem to be a lot of people confused about this and crash reminded me in the break dude to reiterate this point godless Marxism has been repackaged into something called socialism but they are inevitably they lead to the same place you worship government instead of God you're dependent on government instead of God want to talk a little bit in our final segment about how the left is being contradictory on this issue we often hear and just I got a phone call yesterday David after the show off m'lady Carl gallops is on yesterday and he said something to the effect of look President Trump was not my first choice for president I didn't like him but when he was the nominee and my choice was Hillary Clinton or President Trump I voted for Trump because he's pro-life and this and that and this woman just called me and just how dare you how dare you would let this man on promoting president Trump and undermining the work of a great Christian Barack Obama who tried to make this nation great again and it was interesting I didn't get a chance call her back because she didn't leave her number but if you're listening today as a former listener please feel free to do so because I'd like to talk to you a little bit about that the left will come out here and try to badger and intimidate you as a conservative Christian into not melding politics and Christianity that the church has no place for politics the progressive Church in America has become all about politics it's all about pushing a socialist agenda it's sneaking up on Christians and church leaders and it's be it's really become an issue of social justice it's been cleverly disguised as ministering to the poor when in reality it's supporting a bloated evil government in reality the social justice movement is blatantly political seeking to open the church up to worldly thinking and government intrusion and of course we who oppose the liberal social justice movement David what are we called hateful unloving things like this judgemental judgemental and I want to go to our southern border here's an example of this liberals will take issues like abortion marriage and gender and never apply God's Word to them but they will take issues like gun control and immigration that the Bible really has little to nothing to say about and somehow apply the Bible to them and what have we seen at the southern border here president Trump is trying to enforce current border law and now we have this real humanitarian crisis where children are living in very tough situations and all of a sudden now it's become a biblical issue these people all Jesus said we should take care of children you know so I mean liberals will tell you don't bring politics into the church but then they call abortion gender and sexuality political issues yet they talk about gun control prison reform and immigration reform as biblical issues when again really none of that is addressed in the Bible unless I'm missing something no I'm glad you said that because they need to be called on that hypocrisy and I think the average Christian might not know how to respond to that they they hear them quoting Bible verses almost always out of context to try to back up a certain point whether that's is a gun control or or the immigration or something like that and it's it's just it's not contextual and we have nothing clear on that whereas it's overwhelming when it comes to God creation male-female marriage Jesus defined it it's God ordained talks about Romans 1 unnatural relations with man man and man and it talked about this clearly in so many different parts of Scripture and they don't want to dress that because it's political mm-hmm so that needs to be pointed out it absolutely needs to be pointed out and you know this this whole thing of separation of church and state the letter that Thomas Jefferson sent to a Baptist Church this I believe was a Baptist Church they were concerned that the government was going to one day mandate a religion for all people and Jefferson said no no no no no and think of this wall separating church and state and in picture this in your mind that is a one-way wall the Constitution says the government shall never infringe upon the religious beliefs or practices of a person of faith a church whatever so the government cannot enter that wall what have liberals successfully done they've completely flipped the wall where now the church is not allowed to go out into the public and proselytize share the gospel but the government is allowed to go in and intrude appear try to do it with us and you look at stories in California and Oregon where pastors are being fined for sharing the gospel let's clarify something about the First Amendment in the Constitution about what that says its establishment of a religion the government shall make no law is a pastor like Alvin Dupree at Appleton North High School saying god bless you at the end of his commencement speech is that his effort to try to establish a religion in Appleton Wisconsin no not at all but yet he got sued the Freedom From Religion Foundation students complained oh separation of church and state he's trying to establish a religion no he is not this is a free speech issue but you're right they've completely flipped this now they've completely flipped it and when I was out at the National Religious broadcasters and shared the stage and sorry coach your name is escaping me right now the courts from Bremerton Washington who got fired for praying with his students after a football game and he was told he couldn't do it again so he said okay he prayed by himself in the 50-yard line and got fired how is that trying to establish a religion that is expressing your religious beliefs but liberals always flip it to make make the real issue the opposite of what it is and that is the second part of that it's it's one sentence they cannot restrict the real it free expression there of religious expression they cannot restrict it government cannot make a lot to establish a religion nor restrict the free expression thereof so if you're kneeling publicly and then praying to God you're free to express your faith in God but now they've you're right they they've completely flipped it where people think oh wait a minute you shouldn't do that in public how how ignorant have we become like the the track of what's happening in America and within the Christian Church in America to me is an interesting one David you've from a secular point you've got the Constitution it's very clearly written in Christianity we have the Bible and everything is being flipped these days you you look at every research study from Barna people don't know the Bible anymore they don't read the Bible anymore most Americans don't understand that the Constitution is about individual rights the protection of individual rights it's now become a protection of collective rights and people being offended you know well I'm offended that pastor Dupree said that so therefore sue them you know there is no right to not being offended in the Constitution and so everything is flipped in in in the minds of these people we are going to hear over the next 16 months that if you're a conservative who happens to support Donald Trump you better shut up and you better not bring it into the church but you're gonna see this Marxism this godless Marxism pushed hand-over-fist and many churches the Southern Baptist right now are going through a tremendous ordeal since they elected JD Greer as their head many people are very concerned about his social justice stances and now they're getting into the issue of race here and many people are starting to think the Southern Baptists have sold out to the social justice movement so and it's not just them we're seeing at evangelicalism Roman Catholicism Lutheranism you name it but it's going to be an interesting 16 months ahead of us as a nation and the way the trends have been conservative Christians have been bullied into silence and progressive Christians have got the platform right now in it's getting sad because if even if pastors are talking about scriptures that are around that area then they're now they're called social justice here's the other spectrum you know what I mean yeah when they're talking about the love and grace of Christ sargon wait wait wait wait you're about to go social justice here yeah that crash that's such a great point because you have some pastors out there who are unapologetic about the Bible but then when they say you know we have a responsibility to help the poorest then you've got some right-wing Kooks accusing them but being social justice people and you know we as Christians we believe the Word of God is true we take the Bible's teaching seriously we should be generous we should help we just don't think the government's the best way to do it because the the help never gets to the people who need it the way the early church was established going back to acts 2 the early church was the governing body you know it's kind of like hey and we have a brother in need here can any well Paul had some churches gather some money for Jerusalem yeah so but it was voluntary it was done it was a move of the Holy Spirit he was making tents yeah yeah I'm not you know you're not paying me this money's going to Jerusalem and in course in Luke chapter 8 we know that Jesus had supporters that were with him as well but you know and it's it's interesting I think for Christians who do support Donald Trump as Carl Gallup said yes we've got a flawed candidate here I would never want him teaching a Bible study or a children's Bibles – the guy is foul-mouthed he's uh he's uh he's Donald Trump I mean he you know he's embarrassing sometimes if you're a supporter of Trump but again I think what you have to do when you're looking at these candidates is take a step back and look at the issues that the Bible addresses life marriage gender those are the issues we as Christians we need to focus in and not the personalities of the candidates can we stop on the issue of life for a moment Tony Evers newly elected Wisconsin governor is the third Democrat in history to veto a bill that would protect a baby from being killed if it was born through an abortion you cannot give a Tanner scan not help a baby or there wouldn't be any nurses in an abortion clinic but the workers there and volunteers and workers could not help a live baby writhing in pain and crying you got to let it die Tony Evers Wisconsin governor the third governor in America to say nope infanticide is fine because that's what the party wants and that's the intention the will of the mother when she went in for that abortion no so this is about as heartless as you can get so we've got three now and unfortunately the one in Wisconsin is is on the books where's the compassion in that there is none I don't know they defend it though how do they defend it well you know and you go back to roll V Wade in 1973 how do you justify abortion by saying the Constitution gives us a right to privacy that's what was used to substantiate it a right to privacy you know and and David you've pointed out several times how contradictory these laws are because in most states if a woman is pregnant and you kill her you're charged with murder twice double homicide well homicide but but the ends justify the means because back then doctors admitted they lied about what is life and they said well we had to do that because if if that's your argument then we're gonna show you that this is not a life well in the court case actually they could not prove it in the court case someone actually asked the question do we really know when life begins that was one of the questions asked in the transcript of roe v wade and if you read some of the transcript it's fascinating because the attorney for the Planned Parenthood Sarah Weddington actually said it would she admitted it would be an impossible case to prove if personhood could be established if it could be proven that what's in they just thought it was a fetus or a clump of tissue or a mass at that time if it could be established that that in the mother's womb was a human being a living growing developing human being she admitted that it would be an impossible case for her to prove but yet we got the law roe v wade yeah and now we know God says life begins when he puts in the womb from a scientific point we know at the very latest 20 weeks there's that heartbeat there's that heartbeat was at 8 weeks maybe even eight weeks so you know can roll v Wade be overturned time will tell when we come back we'll wrap up today's show and talk about tomorrow's guest we're getting ready to wrap up Today Show stand up where the truth is sponsored by lakeshore communications incorporated and made possible by your generous tax-deductible donations at stand up with a truth calm slash donate now here's Mike LeMay I can't Christians I identify between Marxism and biblical Christianity John Leffler steel on steel radio joins us tomorrow to talk about that also details are coming out about president Trump's quote deal of the century end quote that's supposed to bring peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors and the details are interesting to say the least and John's got some things he wants to share about that so John Leffler of steel on steel radio tomorrow ramped up folks it's going to be an interesting 16 months as we head into another presidential election season understand what your rights are understand who and what you are voting for and always do your best to make sure your vote best reflects God's values on life marriage sexuality gender and every other issue for David Fiorano and crash con el Michael amaze standing up for the truth be bold strong and unashamed of the gospel because the Lord your God is always with you you


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