Greta Van Fleet Drummer Apologizes For "Disrespecting Every Person" With Social Media Activity

Greta Van Fleet has quickly become one of the most popular rock bands in the world as a blast from the past with their music drawing comparisons notably to that of Led Zeppelin and while the band has mainly gotten their attention for their music unfortunately today they are receiving attention for all the wrong reasons Greta Van Fleet drummer Daniel Wagner has issued a statement on his Instagram after fans discovered his account was apparently lighting very offensive and troubling posts this is the screenshot that has been circulating publicly showing the post that was liked by Wagner's account which sent fans into a frenzy who could obviously see his activity on Instagram who wondered if it was him managing the account why he would be liking posts like that and so after persistent requests from fans on social media for some sort of an explanation Wagner has issued a statement on his Instagram account about that social media activity the statement reads I am so deeply sorry for disrespecting every person regarding the racist comments in the last few months social media has proven to be the most difficult thing in my life for the past few years now it's not getting any easier lately I have been visiting gvf fan profiles that have been commenting negative things and I have been liking their last post I've received countless messages regarding specific likes I have made recently I apologized to every person it has offended this was never my intent and never will be my intent it has really seemed that my actions on social media have been deliberate I understand completely I can assure you they have not been I don't get the chance to use my phone very often and that makes it seem like I'm ignoring or selectively liking and such we've been in the studio trying to write new music and balancing all of these things in my life is almost impossible successfully I will be most likely staying off social media for the summer because it is proving way too difficult by myself peace love and unity is what I stand for and what I have always stood for I need to focus on what I am here to do make music and make the world a better place so Wagner here is denying that the likes were intentional but rather that when people were leaving apparent negative comments on his profile he would visit their profile and like their most recent post essentially maybe to let them know that he saw their comment or he was trying to spread positivity it's unclear why he was doing that but stranger things have certainly happened so he said that it was not intentional and apologized for it and said he will be staying off of social media it does seem plausible that what he is saying could have happened most definitely so that is all for now thanks so much for joining us here if you're new here be sure to subscribe with notifications on so you don't miss out on breaking hard rock and heavy metal news thanks so much for joining us and we'll see you all very soon

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  1. For the love of God. Who CARES about what this guy does on HIS social media platform? I don’t personally like GVF. But. What happened to separating the artist from the art? Maybe he’s a neo-Nazi, maybe he isn’t. But UNTIL GVH’s music contains that specific content…. let’s not jump all over the guy or condemn his band.

  2. Dude, it is what it is. The people who really know you know that you aren't about that crap. Don't be sorry. You don't owe anyone anything for this.

  3. I don't know why people feel they need to give in to the demands of the infantile sjw bullies. If you just ignore them, they do go away. People need to quit apologizing. Social media bullies are nothing and nobody. They only have the authority that others allow them to have.

  4. I listened to their music. Nothing at all has any sort of hook to it. It has a Zeppelin sound. Like if some amateurs got to play their instruments but had no idea how to write good music. That is how my ears perceive this band. At least they are trying to be something different from the norm though. For that they get my respect.

  5. Please who cares what he likes on social media if you dont like it just move on this new generation of cry babies need to grow a set

  6. he didn't offend me and simony other people I was chatting to about this, we're offended by the sensitive people. why would you get mad at someone liking their comment saying nice things about them.

  7. When rockers become such twatts that they apologize to fantwatts because the feelings of the special little Fantwatts got tweaked— surely they cease to be rockers and become slaves to basement dwellers that aren’t going to their shows in the first place. Whatta joke. 🤟🏼🤘🏻🤟🏼🤘🏻

  8. Well I know how that feels… I have been bullied five years online and had rich assholes break into my network and whets for? Looking at ppls public Facebook profiles to see who knows who and liking videos on YouTube and uploading my own videos to my own YouTube account – this pissed some rich ppl off and a five ear war has ensued – what a crime?! They can go to hell

  9. He's either a complete idiot not realizing he is destroying his future / career or by the disheveled appearance he has some major psychiatric problems hopefully he gets help

  10. Does anybody else come to comments and count the number of naive thoughts expressed by people that need to be quiet and go clean their room?

  11. remember when AXL used to wear Charles Manson Tshirts and when people would ask him about it his answer was "FUCK YOU" and then life went like 3 months later when his dinosaur band got taken out by Nirvana, a band that put SeaHorses on its records because the male seahorses were the moms, supported womens rights, gay rights, everyone rights and when people asked him about it, his answer was "FUCK YOU". the moral of the story is no matter what your beliefs are when dealing with the media just tell them to fuck off

  12. This is what happened. The persistent requests for an appropriate apology came before he liked that photo and after tweets he liked were found that were extremely offensive, racist, and right leaning politically. He liked them when he was 16 years old (which was not a long time ago) and some just last year. He addressed the situation in an Instagram post and it was… very half assed. The people who were offended by the nature of the things he liked and retweeted deserved an appropriate apology, which they did not receive, hence the PERSISTENCE of the fans. Him recently liking this picture on Instagram did not, in any way shape or form, help his case in the “I’m not racist” department. So yes. People are furious especially people of color which the tweets, likes, and political views negatively portray them and ignore their basic human rights. They have a right to be mad and they have a right to a proper apology.

  13. I feel so bad for the guy. Every time the band posted a picture of Danny recently, there would literally be dozens of entitled people demanding he apologize. All for clicking the Like button on a couple of questionable posts. It's literally insane. I don't blame him for getting off social media, its a cesspool these days. Nothing healthy about it

  14. It's the case of when some of those people are trolls or even worse themselves. Spreading positivity is perfectly fine, but blocking out the hate could prove more effective, because if not, mistakes can be made. And this seems like an example of that.

  15. Soon we’ll all be apologizing for breathing the very air everyone is breathing cause it pisses everybody off.

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