Green Party's Howie Hawkins on Anarchism

at the grassroots you gotta have institutions where people can participate a town meeting in New England is a popular legislature open to every citizen that you know adopts the budget for the town can pass ordinances and basically then almost a new parliamentary way Alexa Board of Aldermen that then executes with the town to science that's the kind of democracy we could have it you could federate from that level up that was the anarchist answer to the Marxian centralized state right Federation and that's an old principle and in this country the debate then becomes what things have to be rights that are across the Federation and what things do you you know devolved out to each level but in the end the important thing isn't even with the things you give to the central government those representatives to that legislative body should ultimately be accountable to the town meetings so like the Paris Commune in 1871 and this really goes back to the French Revolution in 1789 there the community was municipality and the council was accountable to the Assemblies in the neighborhoods the sections they call them in Paris and so it was a federated structure and in 1871 they called for a commune of commune of Federation of Community Arras where these Ward assemblies or you know citizen assemblies controlled their representative call it the imperative mandate so they would give instructions imperative instructions in some cases and they had to if an issue wasn't instructed then to come back to the assembly to get instructions for how to act at the council so the power was at the base doesn't mean the base has to take up every last issue but the important issues they can instruct their representatives and have the right of recall so you know marks both marks and Bakuman or marks of the Kropotkin well lacunae the parkin and marx and engels they all wrote how great that structure was in the Paris Commune Marx and Engels Kahn went back fourth you know they love the community but sometimes they went back to the central out state they anarchists or more the federated structure but I always call myself a lieutenant socialist as amicus that I grew in the 60s 70s couldn't organize themselves and a lot of are very individualistic they really weren't socialists like the original anarchist so I thought libertarian socialism was a better term so you stay a lot of these figures poured on recruiting Kropotkin how they influenced your own political philosophy I think very butch had more than any of them as a synthesis he knew marks inside out he knew Marx better than most Marx was he read the collected works three times and he had a problem with the centralism and also in the 60s the Marxist that we got in the new left was instant Marx was Leninism you know various brands Castro ISM ho ISM you know Stockman is Amaya's 'm even Enver Hoxha ism from Romania I mean anyway it was it was bizarre and it wasn't speaking American to Americans so he wrote some polemics you know listen Marxist that was one of the radical essentials projects pamphlets at that SDS convention and so but as he you know you're trying to get the amicus organized I told her what I met him I'm a libertarian socialist because I don't think the people who call themselves an artist can organize by the end of his life he was using that term to describe his own thing cause he ran into the same frustration and in a lot of it became sort of cultural expression he called lifestyle anarchism rather than you know really trying to change a structure of society escapism rather than you know social transformation so you know that's that's where you know Murray went to it you know we had a difference over you know should one thing he did that the actors didn't like is he said we should run for municipal office and you know I said especially after I moved to New York we got a run for state office to get about and president to get about lives in some states and he wanted the he wanted to radicalize to DeMarco was the slogan he wanted to take over Anissa pallies and in federated Miss Palace there's a counter power to the centralized state and I you know think that's a good approach but I think even to get on a ballot to run for Miss for office in a lot of states you gotta have a bad line plus I think to get a message to the people you got to go where the people are and they're they're paying more attention to the state and federal elections and those address issues that concern about people that local local election star so we disagreed on that in the end but you know getting back to the idea of D Central ISM I think in this is something it's really hard to bring up in state elections or a presidential election but I brought it up certainly running locally is that the green should be card for changes in our city charters to set up citizen assemblies in the neighborhoods or convert a town to a town meeting style of government and you know build that citizen assembly that that's what democracy is ruled by the people going back to the Greeks you know when you have elected representatives you have an aristocracy a minority ruling over the majority for it and we've lost those distinctions in even on the left and I think you know something we gotta bring back you

  1. local governments are just as corrupt… we have a monkey, see monkey do situation in america. (ie media from news, music, movies, tv shows, and state and federal governments).
    I lived in a town with only around 2,200 people… 30 people came to town votes… all were part of the town government, you can guess how they voted lol. When i went to these town votes to lend my voice, i was treated as a second class citizen, it was a rather vicious situation to be in, as if i was crashing their parties.

  2. Noticed that racist shit deleted their comment so that they could get rid of replies. And then had the cheek to repost the same comment.

    Don’t come here talking crap about multiculturalism. If you oppose multiculturalism then it is you who isn’t anarchist. Racism is authoritarian.

  3. Ahhhh, the sixties. We couldn't organize ourselves out of a closet because the doorknob kept melting. (Love this video!)

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