Grange Insurance Association Celebrates 125 Years

Grange Insurance Assocation started as neighbor helping neighbor. That principle is just as important today as it was in 1894. From our humble beginnings, Grange Insurance Association has grown into a financially strong and stable company Serving the Western United States We are a mutual company, which means we are owned by our policyholders We don’t answer to shareholders or bow to the pressures of Wall Street Our focus is on building long lasting relationships And like the independent insurance agents who represent us We strive to do our best for our customers and our communities The future is full of unknowns And change is happening at a faster and faster pace One thing won’t change And that is that family and farms will still need financial protection from the unexpected While we navigate the unknown, our mission and core values of 125 years will continue to hold true We will always value what’s most important: our policy holders and our agents. Congratulations on 125 years!

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