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that said for me the legends fucking finished that's it it's fucking over lunch it's fucking over given a couple of thousand years you fucked it it's over it's fucking over take a Reformation your Vatican your fucking Mecca and fuck off disabled grandfather is sacked by Astor after colleague complained about him sharing an anti-islamic billy connolly sketch on his Facebook page well well well it seems another conglomerate has decided to step up as a moral warrior welcome Asda welcome to clown world capitalism please enjoy your stay a disabled grandfather has been sacked by Asda for sharing a Billy Connolly sketch of our religion on his Facebook page till worker Brian Leetch 54 was let go by the supermarket after seven colleagues complained that the comments in the skit were anti-islamic following the complaint the father of one deleted the post from mayor and wrote an apology to his bosses and colleagues but mr. leach from Jewsbury West Yorkshire was fired for gross misconduct on Wednesday after five years in the job for breaching the company's social media policy a disabled grandfather a well I'm sure his future job prospects look promising but who cares right he's old he'll be dead soon anyway and he's clearly a white Islamophobic racist to boot it doesn't matter if we a huge international company ruin his life over our pathetic devotion to social altruism all right Bo thankfully Brian has found another job since this happened but seriously this story had just struck a nerve with me when I heard about it earlier today it's an all-too-familiar tale isn't it how many times have we heard about people either losing their jobs or getting in trouble with the police over things posted on social media oh it happens all the time in clown world Britain but one subject in particular can not only lead to employment problems but can often lead to your physical safety being put under threat let's zoom out for a second shall we this man worked in an Asda in Dewsbury which is a town in West Yorkshire Jewsbury has a massive Muslim population in fact within Dewsbury there's a place called Savile town which I did a video about last year that has a 93 percent Muslim population according to the 2011 census so in reality it's probably closer to 100 percent at this point Jewsbury as a whole has a huge Muslim popular mainly of Indian and Pakistani origin and it also has a nice little Sharia court because you know British law in Britain doesn't matter what I'm saying here is it's a miracle Asda had a white English employee to begin with as the store exists in a place that shouldn't even be considered part of England anymore much like many other places because of this Brian leeches Safety has been compromised by both the actions of his employers and his fellow employees in a recent newspaper interview he said I realize it was poor judgment but it was just a joke and I didn't expect another colleague to post it to the entire Asian community I thought I was going to end up with a knife in my back when I was stood at the back of the store on a quiet night they said seven people all Asian as I understand it had complained including the woman at head office who escalated the complaint well first of all met let me just say that it wasn't poor judgment you've literally done nothing wrong nothing but that's besides the point in modern Britain isn't it so basically Brian posted a funny bit on his personal Facebook account his Muslim colleagues complained including a woman at head office who no doubt conducts herself completely without bias of course and one of them also decided nicely to share his post and possibly the identity of the poster in fact probably yes with the entire Muslim community for that particular area well then it seems to me that Brian is completely justified in his thinking that he could be under some sort of danger here quite intimidating tactics there wouldn't you agree but it's here where I have to play a devil's advocate for a moment and actually try to understand and sympathize with asters decision hear me out lads don't rage at me in the comments just yet it perfectly explains the situation Britain is in just for one moment put yourself in Oscars shoes you have a store in a heavily Muslim area in one of the most notorious towns in England for Islamic immigration and suddenly one of your white employees posts a comedy sketch which takes a jab at Islam your Muslim employees complain they share it amongst their neighborhood and suddenly overnight you have a situation on your hands because let's be real here it's not as if Muslims have never lashed out with troublesome behavior when something like this has happened in the past is it at the very least if their complaints are not treated with the most delicate gloves possible they will make a huge song and dance about it and you'll get the press knocking at your door probably some idiot like Owen Jones or ash Sarkar tried to get a nice racial scoop the Guardian would be all over it so the quietest thing you can do is get rid of the offending employee even if he is a disabled grandfather who's worked for you for five years because in the current climate in this country nobody in Britain gives a shit about the feelings of an old white man who has been accused of racism and he was accused of racism according to his interview in the paper he obviously denies that accusation and there's no reason to not believe him I mean if he was a racist why on earth would he live and work in Dewsbury you couldn't pay me to even drive through there never mind buy a house there so from osdas perspective they're off the hook here aren't they from a PR point of view this is the option that gives them the least amount of heat you can call it cowardice on behalf of Astor you can call them complicit but the situation for those on the ground isn't as black and white especially as the government and seemingly everyone in Westminster is being accused of Islamophobia and campaigners are constantly lobbying to get them to view Islamophobia as actual racism now I personally don't subscribe to this bollocks of course I think we all need to grow a spine and assert our dominance in our own country for God's sake and that includes companies like Asda they need to protect their employees but the establishment view at the moment isn't that and I guess in the circumstances in this context I can understand the difficult position astha are in right now because the last thing they need is protests on the doorstep windows getting smashed or even worse and we all know what I'm talking about but other than people like me and you and others on the far corners of the internet who are actually telling it like it is who's doing this in the mainstream who's saying these things on television who can get on TV at all and even try and point out the obvious well nobody it seems even prominent political commentators like Brendan O'Neill who defended Brian Leetch on the latest spiked podcast is totally out of touch with reality on what this debate actually means let me play you as comments there's this thing that it's presumed to have a racist element if you can size Islam you know these like Islamophobia is presumed to be a form of racism but as far as I can see that the only racism in this whole discussion is among those who think that the Muslim community is so fragile uniquely among religious communities that it has to be protected protected from any kind of offense I mean there's a real actual racism to that yeah this notion that we need laws and expertise and and capitalists to protect them from ever hearing an off-color joke or a funny comment or a weird comment or an offensive comment I think you know a lot of the justifications for the policing of speech about Islam is is based on this idea that we want the Muslim community to feel welcome we want them to feel integrated and therefore we can't go around slagging off their religion ask gets things completely the wrong way around if you really want a group of people or a community to feel integrated into the United Kingdom then you should integrate them into what ought to be the core value of our society which is freedom of thought and freedom of speech Brendan this sort of weak clueless response is exactly why we're in this situation you this is so ridiculous but you say that the left are the real racists here because they believe the Muslim community at large is so fragile that they need to be protected from criticism otherwise bad things might happen you say this as if that's a mad thing to think what world are you living in Muslims are fragile they have committed horrendous acts of murder the basis of that very fragility they can't take criticism or jokes about their religion at all have events in Europe over the past five years taught you nothing you then talk about integration how if we promote unlimited freedom of speech including speech that Muslims find offensive they will integrate into British society on the basis of our values of freedom Jesus Christ they don't want to integrate into British society mate Jewsbury where this story occurred especially Savile Town proves this fact bradford proves this fact rather improves this fact Birmingham London I could go on the world that exists in your head doesn't exist in reality people don't band together on the basis of values especially those as flimsy as freedom of expression they band together on the basis of identity in this case religion and their respective ethnicities these towns Jewsbury and the like these towns are lost do you understand they're gone and it's because of our failure your failure as well to stand up and protect our own people yes on the basis of racial and ethnic identity that is what has paved the way for Islamic immigrants and others to do exactly that for themselves in our country and to completely colonize areas of Yorkshire and the south and birmingham and wherever else and we're now all so weak that we can't stand up to that we're so weak that huge corporations are terrified of the backlash if they don't suck a disabled grandfather for posting a sketch on Facebook of one of his favorite comedians of all time I'm so sick of these Talking Heads who just don't get it it doesn't click for them it's absolutely pathetic after everything we've seen in this country and across Europe they still can't admit it to themselves and they never will the left of the real race it's God Jesus what year is it in conclusion I'd like to offer my sincere support for Brian I really do wish him well for the few you did nothing wrong mate at all you're a victim of terrible circumstances I'm afraid I'd also like to address Asda as well now guys I know you've sacked Brian I know the comments in that video were quite offensive to some of your employees so am I also wrong to assume you'll be banning the Billy Connolly DVD that contains that sketch from your stores am I wrong to assume that you'll also ban his books he'll even ban him from stepping through your doors because you've just fired a man for daring to be a fan of one of the most beloved comedians in British culture those were Billy Connolly's words not Brian's and I don't know if you watched the clip guys but Billy also slagged off every single religion there is basically not just Islam so I'd be interested to know if a Catholic complained whether you take their feelings as seriously as you have the Muslims silly question I know imagine wanting a bit of consistency in life so with all due respect asta can you please release an official statement confirming your total ban of Billy Connolly and all of his life's work will all be waiting in hot anticipation I am sure Cheers thank you all so much for watching again if you'd like to spoil this channel usual ways are linked down below PayPal is one you can also buy a copy of my magazine from my website kit see you soon have a good one

  1. What about the policy of the quaran or however you spell the evil cult's book of Death…"Death to all who is not islam"…but that mega death threat is ok same as the jehovahs witnesses. islam is NOT a fuckin race but a Death Cult.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It's just fake outrage iv experienced a very similar situation myself I was having a laugh with a work colleague outside of work hours an I said the word dickhead didn't call anyone directly the next day the same person had made a complaint of me calling people dickheads an my manager wanted me to write a letter to say sorry to no one because the original comment wasn't directed at anyone ????

  3. Do we have Jewish towns the magnitude we have Islamic ideology towns? Look, if they were westernized Muslims, and I'm beginning to doubt if that's even a thing anymore-it would be a non issue. But sharia? Westernized Muslims should be the only Muslims welcome and if they are practicing sharia then they ain't. They are ideologists. PPl need to seperate ideology from westernization when it comes to Muslimc, trust me the west has enough of its own ideologies to compensate.

  4. Muslims are filthy child molesteing terroist.they have not contributed anything good to the world.piss be upon them!

  5. Heh… the UK has itself become a joke, and most of the peasants inhabiting it have no idea just how far south things are going because they have no relative perspective allowing them to compare themselves to normally functioning societies. Short of purging the ruling elite with force, they're fucked.

  6. I don´t have any problem with Islamic people but PLEASE don´t come to Europe.They just ruining everything they get into fights with each other they break the law all the time and they want money cause they are guests at a country.And yeah you can call me racist I don´t care I only care about my safety and my family´s safety for example how many knife attacks immagrants did? Yes a lot and I didn´t count any gun violence in.But luckily my country didn´t let muslims in.
    And now I am waiting for the ´´you are a racist jerk´´ or ´´you are a Nazi´´ comments.

  7. its not right . i think companies shouldnt control peoples social media. its dancing close to censorship. but the old guy shouldnt of lost his job. but asda needs to get a grip on it before it damages there reputation. but sacking the guy after 5 years. they have stores all over the place , large and small. could they not have moved him to another store. this is the problem with the country these days. comprimise is an alien word to people. (imagine a long rant cut short).

  8. 1 fucking town full of non whites, and nobody is saying "That's too Muslim, we need to bring some White people in!". If it were 93% White they'd be pumping buses full of non Whites in to replace them.

  9. Ban billy, and ban anyone who likes billy. For they too are racist. Make billy apologise in person to each offended person.

  10. ASDA have lost their marbles, let them move down there and live there if they love Muslims so much. I hope his family and friends step up and start letting ASDA know exactly what hypocritical asswipes they are. Im sick of having our nations served to the Muslims on a silver platter because incompetent ignorant idiots are in jobs they should never hold at all. Maybe its time to start removing the idiots and get free speech back on top where it should be. PS: There is no free press, only spineless weakminded turds writing what they are told to write, just like any actor they say what they are told to.

  11. It's just bloody comedy innit! It's not meant to be taken seriously, thats the whole point of a joke!!! Gospel of Bernard Manning..Chapter 1…Verse 1:……..Amen!!!!

  12. 9/11 – "Yea, well America deserved that for the meddling in the middle east"
    New Zealand massacre – "OMFG! Hideous slaughter of innocent people by a right wing racist scum"
    I personally hate all religion and reserve the right to air my views as and when I see fit.

  13. Islam should not be protected, it is a nasty cult evil in almost every aspect and should be fought to extinction or it will extinguish freedom loving countries in due time.

  14. muslims are only in England to take over the country. get a gun mate. rich jews have destroyed your country. Save yourself bring back 1937 again and finish the job.

  15. a no no cause zionist want the muslims to destroy europe then america with israel being the world leader and in the long run only jews will be the only population on this earth.

  16. so according to asda muslims are now a seperate race from everyone else .. and saying ANYTHING at all bout them is racist .. WOW .. what a bunch of morons ..

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