Government’s Own Report Says Economy Only Booming For The Super Rich

  1. Just read over the report, I'm not finding what you are saying in there.
    A $300,000 raise for the average CEO is less than 2%.
    61% can cover a $400 unexpected expense with cash or equivalent, up 5% from 2 years ago.
    50% of workers received raises in the past year.

  2. And of Course the bozo and chief says that we are all doing great under his leadership, well I am not in the top 1% and I make just over Minimum wage, and trust me when I say if I had one emergency bill I would be sunk, so where is this great economy I don't see it.

  3. I'm a security supervisor making almost 16/hr and i couldn't cover a weeks worth of expenses of i lost my job. And we don't have anything out o the norm. We have phones, boost family plan, we only have internet no cable tv, rent electric, water, 2 kids, gas, car payment, car insurance.

  4. If you think Trump has made great changes you should ask your self ; how has a lower unemployment rate, a thriving stock market , more industry in the usa and different relationships bad or good in other countries affected there life.

  5. Damn, I wish I was one of them, cause it sucks to be me and about 99% of the rest of the United States.

  6. When 45 says things are great—- he means his pals/ buddies are doing well. and expects you to believe that EVERYONE is doing well.

  7. when the economy crashes in 1 to 2 years, the rich get to buy up all the foreclosed places at pennies on the dollar, remember how Trump loved the 2008 crash for that very reason. I think this is why the Republican's like to destroy the economy, it always helps their rich friends take over more of the land wealth. At some point, only the super rich will be land owners.

  8. explains why all the blue collar workers I know are not doing as well. Between the trade war and less money in the economy going to the middle class, there just isn't as much money being passed around to the commoners. The tax scam has reduced the Governments income at a time when more people are hurting and need that assistance the government usually provides. It is going to get much worse before it gets better unfortunately. Many of us are not going to survive it, the GOP is perfectly fine with that.

  9. It's working for us.
    We are winning.

    Maybe if you go to Canada
    Australia,or the EU

    You'll still hate your life.
    But you won't have to live your life knowing that Trump rules.

    Wait,you can't escape it.
    Just die if don't love America.
    It's gonna be a terrible life since you hate everyday you wake up.

  10. Trump has increased the national debt and deficit by 4 trillion dollars in just two years more debt than any president in history he's spent more taxpayers money or travel than any president in history at 104 million in 2 years just for golf his total is approaching 200 million in 2.5 years more than 2 times than Obama spent in 8 years

  11. "Our economy is a sandcastle sitting on top of quicksand and there is a bulldozer headed dtard toward it" -Farron Cousins. True when he said it. Still true now.

  12. Typical of the Republican party feed the rich until they don't want any more and cut the poors welfare to pay for the republican party folly ! True Red for the Rich !

  13. By the end of the year or the first of 2020 the economy will show a downturn and reflect true economic numbers jobs and investment in wall street will suffer

  14. The rising tide lifts all boats ONLY IF the 1% are sufficiently taxed and regulated so that they aren't extracting our future prosperity. Otherwise,

  15. So soros, Gates, and Zuckerberg….. Hmmm the riches are on the left…. Yup they are. Don't worry people they aren't giving you money either 😉. But they are for you right……

  16. Man i remember when i use to pay mi rent mi bills and i use to have some money left i use to make 8.50 an hour now i make 18 an hour and now i have to save two pay checks to pay only the electricity and water

  17. In other news the sky is blue, water is wet, the grass is green, elected official take legal bribes known as lobbying, and 45000 people die each year because they can't afford healthcare. More at 11 on "the government doesn't give a fuck news"

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