GOP Senator Pushes for Socialism For The Rich

filipino up is been following that
hearings and he’s running out did differ proposals that people have a different
speeches that they’re giving and he noticed the proposal by chuck grassley
at ease amazing and it’s a pa christy to check grass is one of the in a gang a
sex and he’s uh… republican from iowa and he says under no conditions should
we have a public option that is just socialism ok the government
providing you know and option for people to buy even though actually people would
be premiums the government would not be subsidizing
it so what was his proposal he proposes that the government uh… we insurance for private insurance companies you know
what reassurances that means in this case in the way that
he structured this command if the private insurance is turns around
us hey look you know what we ran out of money because there was recess we didn’t
have a mandate there was a lot of free riders and uh… and they wound up you know
coming on board later and saving us with a lot of cost when they were not bring
premiums all on which is a real problem that could happen so grassy solution is
if the private insurance claim that that we have to do a bailout we reassure the private insurance so the government does gives all whole people money finishers
kopitz if they claim they ran out of money a pop up idea are you kidding me first of all his socialism okay except as usual or the republicans
socialism for the rich on t_v_ do u you wanna on shooting
urmila classier port although no one can get a sense that
subsidizing for anyone to buy it would and the politician you go by with your
money with with the thank you premiums all private companies a lot of sure of course it cut-offs do you want from the treasury it would be a creed at lapd saying hey
you know what if iraq money which is given to them unbelievable how could you propose that well that’s because want as we’ve told
you a million times these guys don’t give a damn about
health care reform unique about you know their main objective in health care
reform is how much richer it we make private insurance companies and all the
health care companies students would become richer because if they ever claimed they run
out of money which is given to them so they have a public option and well
public outfit under this republican proposals for private insurance company but not for you and this one is not even at premium you
pay it’s subsidized by you uh… exists and they demand every democratic proposal him that your bottom but it’s been socialism at the white this is a is socialistic a proposal as
i’ve ever seen but in this contacts of course in in
this debate and i wanted to start out okay it gives there so raised in about a it
just blows me away have you say you know that you might see
videos from today together you and your student gentle lauren

  1. The insurance companies will not be allowed to drop someone who has insurance with them just because they are ill. They also will not be allowed to refuse insurance based on a pre-exisiting condition. If they are dropped they will be able to get into another private insurance company through the exchange. They will not all end up on the public option. I am sure this is something they have taken into consideration, They know the insurance COs are crooked. I would single payer though. 🙂

  2. Health Care SHOULD be the concern of ALL Americans FOR all Americans FOR a better country. Just looking out for yourself is the reason your country is slowly failing. That attitude is killing America. Me first attitude.
    "Who cares about that guy or family…"

  3. It's OK Cenk, I'm sure the democrats will try to compromise with him and then meet him half way between their compromise and his corporate fuck us in the ass bailout plan. Thats why I'm proud to be a Democrat.

  4. Cenk say what? Subsidies are not socialism. It is subsidization. Cenk is using the republican dictionary definition of Socialism. How ironic since he is meant to be bashing them in this video. Chuck NOR Obama are socialists.

  5. Actually, others' healthcare (or lack thereof) does directly and indirectly impact those who do have it. It most certainly is a risk to you. And while freedom is indeed a big responsibility, you can only take the notion so far while living in a society.

  6. Its really simple people. Insurance is a profitable industry. Our government sees that they could open their own insurance company and offer lower premiums because profit isn't the motivator. Not taking a loss but breaking even. You are not paying for anyone's healthcare if there are premiums. That is a public option, and I think it's hard to find anything wrong with it. Unless you are uninformed (fox viewer) or you don't like having a black president.

  7. Who do you think pays for people's healthcare now? You don't think hospitals turn people away do you? No they don't. They get tax breaks to help with the costs. And they raise the price they charge YOUR insurance for YOUR healthcare. Then YOUR insurance raises it's premiums. So you are already paying for people's healthcare, why not make it more efficient and get some money back by way of low premiums?

  8. Where the line is happens to be arbitrary. But if the government is so incompetent and corrupt, you shouldn't be worrying about them "running healthcare". You should be concerned about the fact that the government is using massive sums of money to build a military that could kill you from basically any location on the planet. Anyway, the government isn't legislating to "run healthcare". It's trying to provide an insurance option to private insurers.

  9. I don't have kids so why do I have to pay taxs for someone elses kids? I can protect myself so why do I need to pay taxes for police? it will save you money if there is a public option.

  10. actually your health insurance is the master of your destiny. There is a good chance they would deny you coverage when you need it.

  11. Well, what you're describing is called "state socialism". Not all socialism is state socialism. And with most forms of state socialism they advocate the working class taking more control over the government by having more direct democracy, not a government dictatorship over the people like Stalinism.

  12. The godless liberals can't see whats happening. Thank god we have fox news and patriots like Joe Wilson to expose the truth. Obama is smart, I'll give you that… smart enough to trick you into falling for his socialist agenda. What do you expect from someone who is best friends with a domestic terrorist and whose pastor is a RACIST.

  13. Like Bush?
    As for keeping roads and education and bridegs running. This is where your government for the past 30 years is failing. The "protection" part is correct with the exception of 9-11….
    Saying this, look where most of "tax payer" money goes. It sure the heck aint going most towards those roads and education and brides…unless those are military related.

  14. Where your heart is…determines where your wallet is.
    This is why the US spends more on the military+homeland security and weapons then anything else.

  15. Fully agree.
    Tax payer money on the PEOPLE. Heck its your money after all. Education. Very important as it paves the way for future job creation in a competitive global market. Money for infrastructure. Money for social programs. Money for Defense and not make that the biggest cut of the pie. The rest pay off the debt. Surplus left over…spend on projects that HELP Americans. Not a new Aircraft Carrier.

  16. In which administration did this meltdown occur?
    2003 Greenspan cures recession with low interest rates. 2004 Paulson gets 30-1 risk reserves.
    2005-Spitzer forces AIG CEO Greenberg to resign due to massive fraud.
    2006-Paulson appointed to Treas.
    2008 Casano of AIG brings US/world economy down.

    Fed Chair Greenspan & Cheney were good friends.
    The Fed Reserve was never independent. Greenspan
    did what Cheney wanted.

    2 OFF BUDGET WARS+low interst+dereg+tax cuts=credit based growth=meltdown

  17. We will never know. Any of this stimulus money from Obama to Bush we will never know. They dont care…its tax payer money not theirs.

  18. More simpler then that, you do not have to talk technically about the war…
    Big public budget deficit= Big dispense for any reason.
    Low interest= More credit taken=more personal dispense
    More governement dispense+more personal dispense=inflation+less placement = meltdown.

    But, big military budget= people who have placement in the military complex (include gun industry) making more money.
    Meltdown= Gun industry making money because of pussy and suicide.

  19. Do you know what happens to societies that lose the upper echelons of society? They thrive. Example Rome after the disasters in the early parts of the second Punic War. Societies that lose the bottom echelons however collapse. This unbridled greed is going to destroy us. It would be a good time to put the breaks on before we go over the cliff.

  20. The last time I checked the unregulated capitalist economy has failed. Regulation over private industry such as banks for example isn't socialism, it's a form of an intelligent system of checks and balances. I think it's clear that you are still employed otherwise you would be collecting from the very socialist program that you have condemned. Apparently you feel that this country should function like a 3rd world shit hole for the benefit of the rich while the working class and poor eat shit.

  21. you IDIOT you don't even know the difference between 'won' and the homophone 'one' its a first grade concept. And fyi Karl Marx is the founder of Communism NOT Socialism, they're different. Do some research. Socialist countries, most notably in Western Europe, (France, Germany) etc. Have a stronger central government than ours, the government control keeps order more efficently with slightly less independence as consequence. BUT France and germany have the top healthcare in the world so shut up.

  22. I live in the UK.
    We pay tax on everything, what we earn, what we pay for and we pay more than any other country and I m 39 and already, I have paid out more in taxes than the average American pays in their entire life.
    However, having needed to use the NHS, I can also safely say that I would never swap our health care system for that in the US… NEVER!

    Pay to have a broken bone fixed? are you stupid? Oh right, you are!

    We pay for our health care – its called N.I contributions and its too low

  23. we've always had socialism for the rich in this country — even before the "bailouts". that's why the people's money is taxed to build sports stadiums that are privately owned, for example (and there are many more policies like this that "socialize" the cost, but privatize the profits).

  24. Thats absolutely untrue.
    Everythign we earn and everythign we buy gets taxed.
    Take one simplt thing… The car.
    We buy it, and we have to pay tax on it. We also have to pay the sales tax on it.
    We have to tax it every year to allow us to use it on the road ( Road Tax ) our fuel is taxed to teh hilt, it costs us £1.10p per litre so thats £5.50 per gallon, and the US gallon is smaller than the UK gallon so our fuel alone is twice as much as yours is, and insurance for the car is taxed too!

  25. Also, the poorest US Citizens paid 4.3% tax while the rihest paid out a whopping 25.5%

    However in the UK, the poorest paid out 36.5% and the richest got away with a little less and paid out 35.5%

    To even try to think that the people of the US even come close to what we pay, is a ludicrous and prepostorous idea that shows a lack of understanding of other countries.

    Why do you think taht the UK is still a fairly powerful player in spite of its tiny size?
    The effing people pay so much tax!

  26. a Tax cut can be counter productive. I would rather pay 15% more if it's help my neighbor to get his hearth transplant surgery for free ( which is most of private ins won't cover ).

  27. What's wrong with socialism? Capitalism caused your recession and job loss… Of course when jobs are lost, people seek money from the government for welfare. What part of this flow of logic do you not get.

  28. There is something wrong with socialism (pure form), is does not work (ala DDR). But we have not practiced Capitalism since probably '67 but more probably '78 – we have crony capitalism – a bastardized version of capitalism – most easily described as a corporate welfare system.

  29. It's clear through reading your comment, that you're an emotionally charged individual. Try taking a deep-breath once and a while.
    This show is pretty moderate. It only looks extremely liberal when compared to fascism.

  30. Bush destroyed the economy by deregulating the load market, creating the housing bubble, and then pumping ever last possible cent into war funding. Obama now has the lofty task of cleaning up Bush's fuck ups. Which include stripping american citizens of constitutional rights.

  31. thats how i see it. i mean i hated bush as much as anyone but when people made that connection i always thought that shit was ridiculous.

  32. Although this guy apparently has a very wrong idea to how socialism works he makes good point and Im not even surprised anymore what the people in the US congress comes up with to make the rich even richer.

  33. This is outrageous!! The rich have access to the best of the best, because they buy out politicians! What happened to the idea that America is the land of opportunities? Bullshit!! Also, can´t we call the bailouts socialism? If you think about, the US gov´t has nationalized some 80plus banks last year. That´s wrong. IT´s time for a real change!

  34. There is nothign wrong with earning money.
    No matter how much.

    If someone earns a billion a month, I dont care. Im jealous sure, but I dont care… IF THEY EARNED IT!

    But the money these people have, they dont deserve it at all, they have run their companies into the ground, andbeen given bailout money, and even withotu the bailout money, they were still giving themselves stupid sums of money, they are simply legalised crooks.

  35. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I've always understood fascism to be idea that the strongest will survive, and when applied economically it is GREAT for those who survive.
    And so, those who control the flow of money can justify the means of keeping that control through this philosophy.
    And, I must say, I see an awful lot of that when I look at American business today.
    TYT talks about how to negate that philosophy, while others believe that makes this show and its viewers "fucking retards."

  36. This is what Repubs are good at.

    They cry "They're going to take away your FREEDOM!" and when they get in they're the most active at taking away freedoms

    They cry "NO TO BIG GOVERNMENT" and when they get in they're notorious for making government even larger.

    They cry "COMMIE LIBS!" but they're the ones actively looking to create communist like governance in America.

    They cry "FAMILY VALUES AND FINANCIAL CONSERVATISM" but they fuck like rabbits and spend the most of wasteful shit.

  37. GOP = Hypocrite, one of the few rules that does not have a single exception. I challenge any of this brain trust of trolls to give one example of an exception to this rule.

  38. If only Howard Dean had not been such a spaz none of this would have happened. Bush would never have happened, the Birthers and Teabaggers would have stayed in their double-wides.

  39. A perfect example of how conservatives don't want government to help the working class, but, are ready to accept government bailouts of big business, which is also "socialist" by definition. Will the double-standard ever end?

  40. I don't know about all that but what I do know is that this is our current situation and we need a public option included in this reform or I fear it will in fact be a horrible mistake that will benefit only the insurance companies and I for one am tired of them taking advantage of us all.

  41. Socialism fails when the leaders set themselfs above the mass. To say Socialism fails is incorrect, Socialism trives in the US today. Insurance is socialism, the police and courts are socialism, the Milirty is Socialism, Fire Departments, Street Departments, the things that are not done for profit is inshort is done for the betterment of Society. Why is that so bad?

  42. I was going to rely properly to your post when in reading it in it's entity I see it would be pointless cause is obvious the word Socialism is a sensational word, something you just heard of last year from your Cronie leaders of Rush, Glen & Hannity.

    I'll just let Dogs lie.

  43. Yeah, it's terrible where that road leads… Canada, Sweden, most of Europe for that matter, Japan and every other civilized nation that ISN'T the USA. Terrible, horrible communist nightmares all of them.

    You want to look for some failed ideas, look in the mirror bucko, you're LIVING THEM.

  44. I think I'd rather take my chances with direct democracy becoming "mob rule" than with a corporate state which can easily become a totalitarian dictatorship of the few.

  45. This is not socialism, you know that Cenk. This is oligarchy. The base of all Republicans ideals focus on concentrating wealth in a small, elite few and hoping that the overflow from their cups will 'trickle down' to the masses.

  46. DEF: Oligarchy is a form of government in which power effectively rests with a small elite segment of society distinguished by royal, wealth, intellectual, family, military, or religious hegemony. Oligarchies have been tyrannical throughout history, being completely reliant on PUBLIC SERVITUDE to exist.

  47. Only problem with that is that its not really the government running things. They are more like speakers for all their defense contractors and big time corporations that give them money.

  48. "Socialism fails when the leaders set themselfs above the mass."

    Oh, like when the government decides to bailout Bank of America? You are right, Socialism is perfectly flawless in America!

    … Oh wait…

    Seriously, every example of "Socialism" you gave is contributed by State or local governments (interstates may not be in all honesty).

    Why should we be socialist on a national level and not a state level? After all, the lower the population the more individual representation you get!

  49. i wonder when americans will stop voting for republicans and start tos queastion and force elected democrats to do something radical for the people.

  50. Their pastors and Fox News would just tell them that it was Obama's fault and they would go on believing it. It took 8 years and second great depression for them to poke their heads out of the faith clouds long enough to see that bush was an idiot. It's only been a year since and they're already falling for the same crap all over again…

  51. Guess what Cenk, you dumbass….BOTH PARTIES are loaded with Wall Street controlled automatons who favor bailing out the banks and any other big corporation that invests in their campaigns.

  52. Not with a stable Democracy.We are a society, and need to take care of our own Country/people/rich/poor, before we try to fix anyone else. We can not do that as we are!

  53. We only benefit the rich, now!,Elderly, Disabled, Vets, Unemployed, Who is the biggest cause of unemployment By the way, The Gov, maybe?

  54. stop talking about things you know nothing about. repeating things from pundits and yahoo answers doesn't make it factual.

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