Google Earth Anomalies: Å, Shrek BBQ, Kamchatka Bears and Communism

An Olympic sized swimming pool in the poorest nation on Earth. It really show that progress can be made. I wonder how this happened? Could it be- CaPiTaLiSm? Hello everybody and welcome back to Vexilloligy Hub I used to do a series called Google Earth Anomalies, Where I would look for weird things on Google Earth. And- Well, I haven’t mad a video of that in a while. But if you’re “Die Hard Vexillology Hub Fan,” You’d remember how bad this series was. So I’m going to do a little bit of a revamp, Hopefully make it better, And watchable. Why is that town just called Å? Wait is that the actual name of the town? Why is it called that? Who named it? Okay, It seems like Å is actually quite a nice town. I learned something new today. Å. Okay, apparently Å just means “To” That – That doesn’t really answer many questions. By the way, I absolutely love the new 3D landscapes, On Google Earth. It – It’s really beautiful. Now you can look at Å , From a whole new angle. Wait, what the hell? Is there another town named Å? In, – Also in Norway? How many Å’s are there? Wow, Tiraspol is a very big and developed city. I wonder how that could have happened? Could it be- CoMmUnIsM? One of my favorite fun facts about Transnistria, Is that’s where the Epic Sax Guy is from. That’s not a joke, the Epic Sax Guy is from Transnistria. Also, that’s a pretty beautiful statue. You know, I really love the new 3D building feature too. Like, people submit designs, And like 3D models for buildings and they put up. But like, they all kind of look the same from a distance. So you have to like, get up really close to see them. You would never guess this is Sofia, Bulgaria. Without me telling you. Oh, hey! It’s a British Broadcasting Company Building. Speaking of Bulgaria, In Google Maps there is what’s called “The Bulgaria Game” Where you click on Street View, You click somewhere in Bulgaria, And you see if the infrastructure’s good or not. Oh, hey! This is a pretty good spot. Let’s play another round! Okay, This is- Less fortunate. That concludes the Bulgaria Game! Okay, so I’m still in Bulgaria, lookin’ around, ya know, Seein’ the sights. What is there to see? Okay, I’ll move one tile forward, OH! BBQ Shrek! Shrek BBQ, huh. Well, These people seem to be enjoying there’re selves. This isn’t okay. This is NOT okay. Um, I’m sorry Bulgaria, Ya know, You have a nice country, But- BBQ Shrek is NO WAY acceptable, whatsoever. So, ya know, you’re going to remove that From your country. And I’m sure you’ll be fine. Okay, so guys, I’m looking for Shrek related things, And I found this place called Shrek’s Swamp, In Scotland. And- [Starts laughing] And that’s – That’s the Picture. On- On the little thumbnail, you see when you click on it. [Continues Laughing] Oh, that actually kinda scared me when I first saw it. Okay, I think we need to check this place out. Okay, so these are the 12 pictures of Shrek’s Swamp. Beautiful. Wonderful. Amazing. [Laughs] Beautiful. Amazing. Okay, that’s pretty cool. That’s not Shrek. That’s Shrek. Wha? What is this? Someone just meme-afied this poor gas station. Okay, this is- this is NOT okay, whatsoever. Wait- is that even a city? Is that just a spot in the desert? Madama. Oh, no it is a city. Oh. Madama does not look like it’s doing too well. Uoh The- There- There’s not even any- not even any S- Street View! Madama? You good? Okay. Wait a minute, Where the heck have I just landed? Uh, There’s a bunch of Chinese – Communist art- Oh, hello sir. Can you explain to me where I am? Please let go of me, sir! Xander Hoose! Xander Hoose, please let go of me! I’m just trying to look at this Chinese Propaganda And you’re kinda ruining it by being there. Does this guy not know how to take panoramas or something? He has a giant hand taking up 1/5th of the screen! Look, I’m- I’m just trying to enjoy watching a bunch of kids… Uh Sh- Holding guns d- and dancing around or something? Ya know, I also want to enjoy A bunch of people shooting at, uh Capitalist American Pigs. Okay, ya know what? That- That’s enough of this for now. Where am I? Oh, uh Ya know just at the crossroads between Fransico Road and Franco Road. They really should have thought that one through. Oh, where are you? Oh, I’m just in Washington D.C. ya know, looking around. Do not enter, oh okay. Stop signs. Another stop sign. China Town Marx Café. Revolutionary Cuisine, huh. Okay. So, if you’re ever in Seattle, And you want to check out something cool, Then, Then go to the statue of Lenin in the middle of a public square. Now my favorite fun fact about this statue, Is why it can’t be taken down. And that’s because it’s on private property. A little bit of irony there. It looks like someone vandalised him though. Al-Qaeda Grocery. (Why?) Okay, so I’m in Sakhalin right now, It looks like there is more potholes than road! Honestly though, Kamchatka is a beautiful region of Earth. And one that not many people get to experience. And, Wilson Wai Yin Cheung, are you standing on an active volcano right now? Because, That’s what it looks like you’re doing. Looks like there is another volcano over there. Wilson? You Good? As I was saying, Kamchatka is really a beautiful place. It’s full of Giant mountains, Beautiful forests, and Holy Crap, is that a bear? What a beautiful picture! Sponsored by AirPano! Does Google even let people put their watermarks on panoramas? Oh hey, look! It’s another bear. But, as I was saying, Kamchatka is really a beautiful place. I mean, imagine living in this house by the mountains. I’d just be beautiful. Is that seriously another bear!? But as I’m trying to say though, Kamchatka is beautiful. And these people are one of the few people to Actually experience how… [Vexilology Hub.exe has stopped working] Why are there so many bears??! No, but as I’m trying to say, Kamchatka is a beautiful region. Is ThAt AnOtHeR bEaR? Oh! No, it’s just a tank. In front of a bunch of warships. Beautiful Region. Okay, I just realized that Nauru has more provinces than Canada does. So, That’s cool. Look at all that phosphate! Wait, Are you telling me there’s no phosphate left? What are we gonna doooooooo? Wait a minute, What the heck? Well, that’s incredibly foreboding. What the heck is going on in Tasmania? Okay, so the more I look at Tasmania, The more I realize it’s even less hospitable than than regular Australia. Why is that called Creepy Crawly Trail? That does not sound enjoyable. I wonder if Australia sends their prisoners to Tasmania. Okay, maybe I was wrong, Maybe regular Australia is less hospitable than Tasmania. That concludes this episode of Google Earth Anomalies. If you want to see more Google Earth Anomalies videos, Then give this video a big thumbs up, And don’t forget to subscribe. Until next time, This is Vexillology Hub, signing out. [Sweet outro music]

  1. "Å" means "creek" in that case. It's pronounced roughly as "oh", another one of its meanings. Wikipedia has a list of short place names.

    Australia actually did have a prison colony: Norfolk Island. The conditions were so terrible there that murderers killed more than they wanted to just to get capital punishment. "Rather Hell than Norfolk". The buildings from the Norfolk prison colony were later used as the original homes of the settlers from Pitcairn, after the Pitcairners were relocated due to overpopulation.

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