Google Community Summit Brasil ’18

[Music] [Music] We are here, at Community Summit, a Google’s
event for developer’s communities in Brazil. It’s an event very
important for us, it have a good meaning because our
team have this esssence. We are engaged with all of
kind of developers in Brazil to foster them and so on.
So, for us, this is a great event. See everyone so close.
[Music] [Aplauses] [Music]
[Aplauses] [Music]
Doing partnerships! The reunion of friendships created in the community.
Lot’s of diversity and networking. Uai! Team work and sharing experiences, sô!
Is very good to be part of this event. Make this moment
very special for all of us! [Music]
[Aplauses] [Music] [Aplauses]

  1. O evento foi TOP mesmo! Concordo com que o Bruno disse, reencontrar amigos de outros summits foi demais! Fiquei impressionado de ver quantos amigos já tenho pelo GDG, Brasil afora.
    Valeu Alê! Valeu Carol!
    "CDG! CDG! CDG!"

  2. Foi lindíssimo arrazooooouuuu foi tudo! É isto! #CDG 😂🤣 Foi ótimo conhecer todos! #tamujunto 👊

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