Goofball Republican Proposes Resolution Declaring Capitalism Is Awesome

Republican Senator Steve Daines from Montana
recently made headlines when he tweeted out the following. He said,
” Montanans are sick and tired of listening to anti-American, anti-Semite, radical Democrats
trash our country and our ideals. This is America. We’re the greatest country in the world.” And He tweeted that out in response to Donald
Trump’s tweet about the squad telling them, uh, if you don’t love America, you need to
go back to where you came from. Steve Daines, who most people had never heard
of prior to that tweeted out the following. He got himself in some headlines and now Steve
Daines with a little bit of popularity on his face, introduced a resolution on Monday
in the US Senate condemning socialism. Here is a specifically what Daines had to
say. “A radical, socialist, far-left movement
is growing across this country. And it has taken root as the new voice of
the Democratic Party … Today we make a choice. Freedom or Socialism. I choose freedom.” Such a patriotic speech, man almost belongs
in Independence Day, right? Right after the president’s moving speech,
I choose freedom over socialism. Here’s the thing, bud. You acknowledge in your little quote right
there that there is this a far left movement growing across the United States. It’s not just localized to the members of
the House of Representatives. It’s not just a few ultra-liberal cities here
in the United States. It’s across the board. Hell, we’re even seeing it in some conservatives
in this country. When you present them with a hugely progressive
democratic socialist policy like Medicare for all or green new deal, they actually support
it. So even your precious conservative base, they’re
starting to open up to the idea that, you know what? Capitalism’s kind of screwed us all over. Maybe this isn’t a great now that was just
a quote from Daines that is not part of the official resolution, but the resolution calls
capitalism quote, the greatest engine for human advancement in the history of the world,
bringing more people out of poverty and end of prosperity than any economic model in the
history of mankind. Now those are words from the actual resolution
itself the Daines has put forward to condemn socialism and praise is capitalism. Here’s the thing though, Steve Daines doesn’t
understand what’s actually happening in this country and what’s happening in this country
right now is that capitalism has failed us. That that’s why we have one and a half trillion
dollars of student loan debt. That’s why we have health insurance companies
out there writing letters saying, hey, sorry, your kid has cancer. We don’t want to pay for that because it’s
going to be expensive. Uh, would you like a brochure of tiny baby
coffins to look through because that’s what you need. That’s capitalism folks. Democratic Socialism, not the socialism that
idiot Daines is describing of, oh, it’s going to, we’re going to lose all our property rights. He said, Daines is obviously trying to get
a little bit more attention. He’s trying to go out there and further condemn
the word socialism to scare more people into voting for Republicans in 2020 but the truth
is that most people in this country can look around them and understand that capitalism
isn’t working the way it’s supposed to. There was a time in this country, believe
it or not, when we had capitalism that actually worked, and capitalism can work and capitalism
can be great, but not when Republicans are involved. Capitalism works when you have strong governmental
regulations to keep things in check. And that includes in many instances, price
controls. The government doesn’t have to control the
industry, but they could dang sure tell you that you can’t price gouge American consumers. Capitalism works when we have very strong
labor unions in the United States fighting for worker protections and worker benefits
and worker pay. Take those two things away. And you basically have the Republican wet
dream of what capitalism is today. No regulations, no worker protections, nobody
out there fighting for the average human being. All the money going to the top, none of it
trickling down. And that is why capitalism today is failing. And that is why people gravitate towards these
better ideas, these democratic socialist ideas of saying, you know what? Why don’t we do what almost every other industrialized
country on the planet does and give our people universal healthcare. Everybody else does it. Why can’t we? That’s all we’re saying. Plenty of other countries have debt free college. Why don’t we do the same if we want to say
that we’re better than everybody else, as Trump says, as Dane says, as most Republican
says, then why are we letting everybody else get ahead of us on these issues? Why are we so far behind on taking action
on climate change? Which Daines by the way says that the green
new deal is evil socialism. We’re falling further and further and further
and further and further behind everybody else in the industrialized world and it’s because
of this false belief that capitalism is going to solve all of our problems. It could have if republicans had never existed,
but they do exist. They’ve corrupted the system and now it’s
got to be changed to something else. I believe it is too far gone to fully be salvaged
and taken back to the glory days of what FDR had in this country. Instead, we need radical, systemic and rather
immediate change in order to fix this country and about. The only way we’re going to get that is through
these democratic socialist ideas that other countries have been using for decades, and
it seems to be going just fine for them.

  1. Americans really need to learn the difference between social welfare and socialism, because I keep seeing socialists drum up support through appeal to social welfare ideals, and people don't look any deeper.

    Socialism is, by its very definition, the intermediary stage to communism (which has never been achieved on a large scale). Socialist countries are those like the former USSR, like China, like North Korea. That's what socialism is. Canada, the UK, the Nordic countries, these are not socialist, they are social democracies. The have regulated markets, a mixed market economy, not a socialist economy.

    There's a vast difference between a "social democrat" Like Bernie Sanders, who wants to reform the market economy along the lines of the Nordic model, and an actual democratic socialist like AOC who wants to overturn the economic order.

    The far left wing is damaging the Democratic Party. Saying that there is a growing far left movement is no more positive than saying there's a growing far-right movement. Extremism is bad, regardless of which side of the political spectrum it's on. Celebrating violence in the name of the far left – i.e. the interpersonal violence and property damage done by the black bloc – is that concerning to the political moderates (most of the electorate) as it would be if commentators celebrated violence by far-right groups.

  2. So goofball – Trix are for kids the State of Montana is home to one million people, the whole state!! Ok,ok San Diego California has 1.4 million people!

  3. If capitalism is so awesome, people wouldn't need to talk about how awesome it is. It's awesomeness would speak for itself. European socialism is pretty good.

  4. Steve Daines is just a Trump puppet and has never had a good Idea, nor has he helped Montanas one bit. I see him around town trying to act like he's something. He's gross.

  5. I find it odd that you bring up two segments of the economy,for lack of a better word, that have suffered the most from government interference. College and healthcare were both very affordable before the government got involved, then they got a huge influx of "free" money.

  6. This is America. If the majority wants a Democratic Socialist Government, I say yes.
    Democratic Socialism is not pure Socialism. It is a name right wingers use to deny others a decent life.

  7. Capitalists love working class pay the arm and police forces to protect their interest all over the world and get tax cut for themself.Greed will be their demise sooner than later.

  8. Steve Daines better not dare collect social security when he gets old since he is so against socialism.

  9. If you dislike America pack your bags and leave, like Negro Obama said jobs are gone and not coming back companies gone not coming back so you can leave America with Negro Obama and don't come back


  11. If there were truly socialism in America the tragedy of homelessness could be solved overnight: There are around 300,000 homeless people. There are 18,000,000 empty homes in America… Even if only half of them are livable and only half of that were in decent locations with jobs nearby that would still be 15 homes per homeless person. America is bass ackwards.

  12. History: Slavery was perfect capitalism; Coal and Steel Barons were perfect Capitalists; Monopolists are perfect Capitalists; Fascism was perfect capitalism; Nazism was perfect capitalism!

  13. Probably get hate but he's right about the Democrat party. It's not the party of my parents or grandparents.

  14. Steve dumb Danes from Montana is an inbred dweeb who believes in pedophilia / racism / kkk / abuse of women and slavery = asswipe Steve Danes the blue eyed 😈 !

  15. I’m bewildered by how many people believe this guy……
    It’s sad you viewers don’t do a little homework to find things out for yourself,, but instead, believe everything you hear… word!

  16. These assholes don't know what socialism is. None of these dorks have read Adam Smith, only subscribe to Ayn Rand bullshit philosophy

  17. Socialism is about caring for and helping each other and rejecting the Every Man For Himself Society. Look here unfettered capitalism has brought us to.

  18. This is dissinformation. Either that or the guy is simply stupid. Capitalism and socialism are illusions designed to trick the masses into conforming to the same agenda. Also, to those that use the term anti-semite, pls could u all stop using the term if u don't know what a semite is to begin with? The concept of categorising all jews as semites and all semites as jews is extremely inacurate and as racist as it gets. Thx y'all.

  19. Yeah, the Republicans as a party have outlived their usefulness. Let's go ahead and pull the plug on this dying party

  20. So today , corporate fascism
    is now viewed as freedom –
    our puppets determine what
    businesses fail or exist by
    how many cash bribes they

  21. what i don't understand is why would anyone accept anti-semitism as legitimate from the left, while condemning it from the right? its as simple as that

  22. The usual republican fearmongering instead of constructive policys that actually serve the people of this country.

  23. Socialism is a bad word only because of the lies of FOX News. The idea of taking some socialist programs is not scary, but it is one of the many boogeymen that FOX News tries to scare people about. Just a few examples of the socialist programs already here in the US:

    Socialist programs in the US:

    Police Departments, Firefighters, Schools, Medicare/Medicaid, AHA (also know as American Care Act or Obamacare, Social Security Disability, Social Security Income (both have the word "Social" in it letting you know it's socialist), your Social Security number and last but not least and the biggest one of all the MILITARY.

  24. Who voted for this man to be in congress? He looks like the Batman Joker's twin brother! His pettiness is written all over his facial expressions.

  25. This show is a joke. Your ideas are so far off. You see who the president is abviously our country doesn't want socialism. Trump 2020.

  26. And let's not forget South Korea, Japan and China has 5G online and building it out..
    Meanwhile, Trump has a Wall…

  27. There is no such thing as an economic model. There are only economic rationalizations, post hoc – no predictive models, not a science. A religion every time

  28. Not one of these Republican mouthpieces know what socialism
    Is. When GE, Honeywell, Ford, Standard oil, and Beher nationalize
    THEN it's socialism. You know that's never going to happen.
    Educating our youth is not socialism, Its good ol capitalist
    business sense and it's INVESTMENT.

  29. So awesome it constantly needs to be bailed out and resuscitated from collapsing under the weight of its own excess.

  30. Like all neo liberals, he is referring to the Freedom Of The Market, not the freedom of the individual.

    Capitalism locks people into poverty, not lift them out.

  31. So Stupid McFuckface doesn't like socialism? I suppose that fucking idiot NEVER:
    Used police, fire, or ambulance service
    Drove on a public road, bridge or tunnel
    Used the Internet
    Uses city provided water, sewer or electric systems
    Watched the NFL
    Benefited from medical discoveries/research funded by tax payers including, but not limited to: drugs, cancer treatments, surgical techniques, life saving vaccines (yes, I know, rubber titties, e-cigs, botox and failed acting careers good; life saving medicine bad)
    Used or had a family benefit from WIC, SSI, unemployment insurance, EBT, Medicare
    Used or gotten PRIVATE insurance (Yes, you all pay in and assume the risk for the entire group. It is a SOCIALIST construct, even if it's run by private profiteers.)
    Breathed clean air or drank uncontaminated water due to government protections
    Visited a public park
    Used a public library
    Attended public school, community college or state university
    Paid taxes to support America's vast military empire and prop up the MIIC
    Purchased gasoline or other petroleum products
    Flew on an airplane that used US airspace and airports
    Rode on public transport or used a passenger train
    Received federal and/or state support during a natural disaster

    If Stupid McFuckface, YOU, or anyone you know used any of these things, then ALL. OF. YOU. are filthy, fucking socialists. We're all socialists. Time to STFU, educate yourselves, and learn what you're talking about. Otherwise, America will NEVER have nice things.

  32. All these Republicans are destroying this country they need to be voted out! Every single last one of them!

  33. While we're at it, make it law that after saying the pledge of allegiance or hearing the national anthem, we have to sing that song from the Lego movie, "everything is awesome".

  34. Here is the thing… If capitalism was so good, we wouldn't have a growing socialist movement. Its not a growing cult that is just grabbing members. These are everyday people looking for solutions to problems that our politicians have been failing to address for years. We have republicans that are deregulating everything which breaks the economy even more to enrich themselves and wondering why people are looking toward the opposite alternative to the current system. For the intelligent people who aren't influenced by cold war era mentality, both economic systems aren't inherently bad. They simply have flaws that can cause them to fall apart if they aren't properly addressed. Funny enough their issues are mitigated by taking traits from opposing systems and implementing them. Scandinavia countries already created a fine system for socialism to prosper and take care of its people. America hasn't gotten their shit together and makes up for their failings by lying to its people and taking resources from other countries usually through war or bullying nations into unfavorable deals. The game of Capitalism needs rules and regulations to make sure everyone is playing fair and responsibly. Taking away those rules puts more power into those with the most money, allowing them to control the country and sap the remaining resources from the "less fortunate" people who live here. In a good capitalist system, the most wealthy people in a country should not have more money than the bottom half of the country. It really doesn't take a genius to notice when a structure is top heavy and the danger it poses if it topples over.

  35. Forget about socialism I see Communism moving into the United States like wildfire , our own President claims to be in love with the top two Communist dictators in the world. Typical republican move, put out untrue statements knowing the undereducated and uninformed will buy into it hook , line & sinker. We need a cure for stupid.

  36. they better condem and privatize the firefighters police ambulences road workers and rest that is socialist and see how that goes like how capitialists caused crash of 08 and rest

  37. The writing is on the wall. Capitalism is on life support and the wealthy capitalists are freaking out. The federal reserve has been pumping out money like popping popcorn for a decade now yet intrest rates remain at historic lows. We haven't begun to see how low the rich will go to prop up and protect a system that is failing for a large majority of Americans. If capitalism is so great it shouldn't require a declaration from the US senate for people to recognize it greatness.

  38. That's about as stupid as someone promoting Freedom Fries.

  39. Capitalism has only ever worked for white nations. The cheap labor that fuels this system does so in the form of slave labor conditions for the most vulnerable people the world has to offer. That is people living in 3rd world countries including children. Fighting for a healthy capitalism for us, is fighting for an unjust capitalism for 3rd world citizens including children. Capitalism is evil, and if we dont see it, then we are blind.

  40. This is a meaningless right wing virtue signalling exercise, and would trigger an onslaught similar resolutions from the Democrats, the next time they control both sides of the Hill.
    Forget Daines's resolution. Tens of millions of Americans agree with its message, and that isn't about to change any time soon. Moreover, the American economic order has been kind to those who are not crushed by huge mortgages or out of pocket medical insurance, and who know how to use an office computer. I would guess that at least 40% of Americans are economically content.

  41. Anyone who declares that Capitalism is awesome, in a country where full on capitalism is screwing over anyone who isn't wealthy, is a damn idiot.

  42. republican greed is killing capitalism. Daines, is an ideologue without the ability to have a rational thought, or any thought all his own. He and his ilk would rather destroy the world than have society evolve and become civilized.

  43. @Denise Mayosky…Dear Denise: if you feel preyed upon and taken advantage of by your capitalist pig employer try QUITTING YOUR JOB AND GET ANOTHER ONE! BETTER YET START YOUR OWN COMPANY BY USING YOUR OWN TALENTS AND YOUR GOD GIVEN FREEDOM. How possible do you think that would be in a socialist system!

  44. lol how republitards love to accuse the left of anti semitism, yet the right marches with tiki torches chanting "jews will not replace us" lol.

  45. 1:47 true I use to be a conservative voter but I might be switching my vote if the Democrats go towards popular policies that help 99 percent of Americans instead of just offering identity politics while keeping the status quo

  46. If you think you are free under Trump, you are wrong. He is messing with your mind. Heck, he doesn't even want you to think for yourself. He'd rather tell you that what you are hearing and seeing isn't real.

  47. I'm so sick andl tired of BS republicans, every time they take control the United States we the people ends up in an illegal war, deep in debt.and the economy takes a dive, then the people elect a democrat to clean up the republicans mess and they try to destroy their efforts then stupid republicans vote for another republican president and the whole shit stars over again. ever time there has been a republican president what follows is a rescission.
    Republicans want war, freedom for corporations to exploit American workers without accountability offer nothing in health care or work related illnesses or disability relating to poor working conditions.
    Trump thinks he is the answer to Hitler, but he can do it better.

  48. Isn’t he a public servant? Congressmen get free medical, meals even free haircuts. This dipshit should be last person breaking off about socialism.

  49. The engine behind the greatest country ever Farrah. Fascism and Communism responsible for 100 million deaths since 1917.

  50. These Republicans are lying Americans in the poorhouse. Vote them out! If not, we'll be reduced to being gathered in "walking dead" encampments!

  51. He's leaving out all the pollution, destruction of whole swaths of land, lots and lots of lives lost due to nothing more than wars for profit. No morality left, just the lust for more and more Schekels over the lives of even the next generation, YOUR KIDS! And all institutions seem to have been corrupted, we live in a Corporatocracy, where life is only worth how much money they can wring out of you.

  52. The owners of large corporations are still peeved off that they can't use our children for cheep labour.
    They convinced Reagan to let them move all their factories to China for more profit. There they can get away with a dollar a day to children. Just say it's been contracted out and your corporation is off the hook.
    Yes, this is what corporations do because they have no humanity. Citizen's United must be reversed.

  53. Capitalism is awesome just as long as it isnt perverted and exploited by corrupt elitists corporations and oligarchic fascists

  54. If Steve Daves hates socialism, he should stop funding DOD and send all the 'welfare' funds he receives from the Blue states to help keep Red state poor alive back to us. We could use them money since DOD now spends more then entire world on warfare & outspends all other programs combined. And they 'lost' 21 Trillion. Now that's a corporate socialism that helps the few to hurt the many as wars drive climate chaos and DOD is largest consumer of petrol.

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