God’s Law Dismantles Socialism

hello it's John Boehner with the story of Liberty I readers may wonder why we introduced a book on God's law it's called the law and liberty book other able men have already written books on God's law why then did we introduce such a book well we discovered that though others have written on the subject their books tend to run many pages and are often ill organized and readers have a difficult time understanding the discussion in our handbook we attempt to explain in simple terms the key ideas needed to understand God's law and how it applies to our lives and our nation you may be surprised how much of an impact God's law really makes we trust God to enable understanding and anyone seriously interested in this crucial subject the Apostle Paul declares this in 1 Corinthians 6:1 and three he says do you not know that the Saints will judge the world so we want our readers to understand and believe that God's law frees individuals and nations the divinely inspired biblical writer calls it the law of Liberty the gospel of Christ in all its intent is salvation with all the life after it the law prescribes godly freedom and self-government that my friends is a big deal God's law protects the innocent from unjust prosecution it defines justice in just punishments God's law frees us from excess taxation and requires the people to provide a system a private care for the needy widows and orphans liberating them from poverty it also frees the people in general from the tyranny of socialism yes that is correct meanwhile in either socialists or political tyrants are safe under God's perfect law of Liberty folks God's law frees us from socialism and that's why socialists want the removal of God's law


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