GOD Is Here! His Presence Is Present

GOD is here! Those three words are so
amazing and powerful to me. In fact, they’re so amazing
I wrote a book about them, called “3 Words That Will Change Your Life.” If you want to check out the
book, you can run over to timeofgrace.org/3Words Or you can just check out this series, this Grace Talks when this
idea was simmering in my heart. I hope you enjoy these messages. More than anything, I hope you
enjoy the power of God’s presence. Remember: GOD is here. I suppose I shouldn’t have cringed when I heard the eighth-graders talking about the joy of heaven. You see, at our church, when
our eighth-graders finish their
final year of grade school, we have a special
celebration of their faith. And we talk about the grace of
God, the forgiveness of sins and we make a video
of each eighth-grader. And they have to
answer the question, “What does your
faith mean to you?” And I sat in the back row and
I listened to their response. What they thought
faith was all about. And, do you know what they said? Kid after kid after kid, after kid, after
kid, after kid, after kid – almost every single kid
gave the exact same answer. They said, “My faith means “that, one day, “I’m going to be
with God in heaven.” And I wanted to say, “And?” [Laughter] Like, yes, amen, for all
eternity, we will be with God. That is such a joyful thing. And we want to celebrate that. But, but faith is not just
about the future. Faith is also about the present. I mean, Jesus did not
live a perfect life and die on the cross for our sins and rise from the dead just so
that one day we could be with God but for now, it’s just us. I mean how terrifying
would that be? If you had to face financial
struggles and battle cancer and deal with uncertainty
at your job. If you had to try to raise kids
or go through this life knowing, “Hey, one day there’s going
to be a great, glorious
God with me, but today, “it’s just me.” No, instead, I was thinking
about all those passages
that don’t talk about the future presence of God. But his present presence. That GOD is here. And maybe you’ve heard
of one of the most famous
ones from Psalm 23. In Psalm 23, a king
named David said, That’s an incredible line. He lacked nothing. He had everything he needed. Why? We’ll jump to verse 4. Now I’m not sure if you love
grammar, but you should. That’s an incredible verb. You are with me. God, I lack nothing. I don’t fear anything. I’m going through
the darkest valley. I’m in the shadow of death. My enemies surround me. My body rebels against me. But, God, you are with me. My faith says that Jesus died to
bring me into your presence. Right now, you are with me. I don’t have to be afraid. And so I want to tell not
just the eighth-graders
out there, but, but all of us. Your faith means you’re not
waiting for God to be present. I know you can’t
see Him just yet, like you will one day. But, right now, GOD is here. Not a small God, but a
compassionate, powerful, wise, loving, forgiving God. He is right here with you. He delights in you
because of Jesus. And he has the power to
fix anything in your life
that needs to be fixed. So, let’s remember, our faith is not a future thing. It’s a present reality. God will not be here one day. By the blood of
Jesus, God is here. So let’s pray. Dear God, you’re right
here in this room. I think of all my stresses. All my problems. The things I worry about. And they’re so small compared to your glory. And so I pray that
you would help me. That You would help
all of us to know that. That You would help
all of us to know that.
To remember that To remember that and to believe that. To never fix our eyes
on the problems tha,t that mess with our heart. Instead, to fix our eyes on
Jesus, who is so glorious that he gives us peace. We pray for that peace. Not because we deserve it,
but because Jesus is good. And because You’re here. We pray this all in
His beautiful name. Amen.

  1. Amen and Amen. Thank you Lord for your word through your servant this morning. God bless you servant of the Most High God

  2. I used to have that future promise perspective, it took a long time before I came to understand that right now, God is present! Best present ever!!!!!!!

  3. These words "GOD is here" are so powerful! I have used them so many times this week, when i was worried about something which was bothering me. Yesterday your book arrived in the mail I cannot wait to read and grow more in GOD's word. Thank you!

  4. Back in the 80's when I accepted Christ as my Savior, I really didn't understand what that meant and how powerful it was in my life. Over the years I suffered Depression, Alcoholism,Drug addiction and many other things because of my Past mistakes. The past mistakes in my life is what drove me to those addictions. Then, a little over 6 years ago, I got down on my knees and I begged God to take my life away from me, AND He did just that. God took everything away from my life that was poisoning me, Alcohol, depression,drugs. The biggest thing in my life that caused me those problems was the loss of my children over 40 years ago. When God restored my life, I reached out to my children and today, I not only have a close relationship with them, but I'm Alcohol free, drug free, I still suffer from depression because of the distance between my children and I but I have Faith that God will soon bring us closer so I don't have to travel so far to see them.

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