1. I am posting suggestion. Hope you will take note of it. It would be great if you can communicate if atll you have read the same an what is your reaction.
    Challenge of new value architecture

    The greatest challenge of human civilization is to make man and the public truly knowledgeable. True knowledgeability is blurred and impeded by influence and assertion of preconceived notions. More than any era of the past our era demands basic priority and seriousness in this respect. For, ours is a totally new era. It demands a thoroughly new architecture of value in every respect of our life.
    Even the demonstration science and material science require guidance in their mode and design by the new value architecture. The advantage and compulsion in our era is that we have at our disposal resources, ways and options that can be used to create new value architecture. The exponential innovative progress of these sciences have created the new ecology and they have the resources and potential to support the building of this new value architecture.
    The preconceived notions and values that are still kept assertive by our ignorance are many. Of them most important are class of men notion, group of men notion, notion for intertwining power with liberty, notion of security, notion of threat by group of men against another group of men. These backward and backward looking notions are frustrating our endeavors for attaining human freedom and affluence of human society and civilization.
    When we start looking at issues or try to focus on issues with these notions in mind we always reach wrong conclusions. Today, in our era, we cannot afford wrong conclusions in any respect whatever. For, the software era is exponential in its speed of innovation. Like how a speedy vehicle in the street need special care for a balanced drive we need to take care of this fact. Otherwise, driving failure will be readily occur with self annihilating consequence.
    World Economic Forum means business for human welfare. In its reports writings investigations, actions and conferences its endeavor is ceaseless. But due to the backward approach to notions referred to it is constantly failing unknowingly. It must overhaul all those notions with all dimensional angle of views. Otherwise, it will prove itself to be obsolete as an entity meant for mankind’s progress and welfare. This is equally true for the United Nations. It also must come out of those obsolete notions to relevant notions that suite the software era of twenty first century. We must investigate further to trace out other obsolete notions pervading in our society and civilization. I have tried to give broad notes only. It needs more research and investigation.
    * *
    Prof.Dr.Mokhdum Mushrafi

  2. Before to late et us start debate on the creative and constructive dissolution of nation state to ensure that globalization takes place in a smooth way and all stake holders are kept safe in respect of their share, position and civic level of development. Let populism, migration and unilaterality do not impede simultaneous globalization and implementation of automation keeping the later within the grace of humane. I am devoting my self composed poem for your look and like

    Let us free men from legal terrorism

    (Devoted to world economic forum)

    Let us offer them a dignified life saving them from

    the barracks of slavery and

    unnecessary parade every morning.

    Once in wrong time wrong men with wrong understanding

    and wrong motive caused generation of institution of legal terrorism.

    But then the wrong time has been transcended, let’s construe that.

    Time has come to save those who are trapped by this cruel

    cause, cages, institution and barrack thereof and the humiliating uniforms.

    Liberty of man and regimentation do not go together, let us realize this anew

    and do not let those concepts be in the confines of books alone.

    Let us honor them with dignity and garlands of our heart.

    Let us embrace them in the heart of our heart

    and save them from the wrong route they have been thrown into.

    They must be given riches that we together must avail

    and enjoy with joy.

    Let there be rallies of constructive celebrations of this new era

    where capitalism is being increasingly socially fulfilled

    and automation building heavens for mankind.

    Let us all be ready for those heavens and build culture

    to share the same with heads and hearts held high

    as man and as mankind.

    They are our brothers and sisters and our uncles and aunts.

    Let us not be poles apart with fields of war between us

    and rivers of blood. Let our borders be broken off for planes

    of flower gardens alone in all landscapes.

    Let us sooth all stake holders between borders with their dues

    of life’s needs and standards. Let there be no checkless or reckless

    migrations and no civic loss between great and small groups of populace

    now known as nations. Let there be no nation of groups of people. Let there be

    a single nation, if nation at all, the human nation all over.

    Let there be mankind alone, and no nation or this concept anywhere.

    Let us not allow systematic killing a norm, a law,

    a matter of futile phobia, a fool’s pride or boast of monarchy,

    contradictions of power and liberty and misleading rhetoric of democracy

    to deprive men from the essence of man.

    Let there be no poles between men in any color, cause or motto

    * *


    Prof.Dr.Mokhdum Mushrafi.

    The primary war is not military.
    The death and maiming of our sons and daughters, fathers and mothers,
    brothers and sisters is not just on the foreign battlefields.

    The war is against technology that destroys and enslaves us to a lifetime of employment.:

    **Automobiles (Wiki: Records indicate that there were 3,613,732 motor vehicle fatalities
    in the United States from 1899 to 2013.)

    **Nuclear Power produces dangerous wastes we cannot fully contain in the future.

    **Medical Technologies produce dangerous wastes and create more sickness,
    bondage and pain in the treatment of diseases.

    **Televisions, Batteries, Cell Phones, Automobiles, Plastics etc. are huge polluters of
    landfills which pollute land and water.

    **Electricity and Plumbing add huge amounts to the cost of a home and keep us
    in bondage to employment so we are away from our home and family. Stress causes disease.

    **Processing of our foods and unnatural feeding of animals is keeping us in sickness and disease,
    weakness and pain.

    Famine: 90% of US grain goes to feed livestock

    1/3 of Africa's peanut crop feeds cattle in Western Europe
    Harvard nutritionist Jean Mayer estimated that bringing down meat production by only 10%,
    it would release enough grain to feed 60 million people.

    Letting cattle graze instead of being grain fed would release huge amount of grain for human use.


    World War I 1908-1919
    8 million died 21 million wounded
    Flu Epidemic 1918-1919 20 million died at close of World War I

    World War II 1939-1945
    15 million military and 10-15 million civilians died ("The war arose from
    the same basic political and economic conflicts as World War I")

    The League of Nations and later the United Nations were formed to end wars. Both have failed.


    We need to turn to a retirement lifestyle of edible landscapes and useful pets…

    A garden paradise of fresh foods produces good health instead of disease and insurance

    We are guided to be thankful and satisfied with the beauty and abundance that
    comes with nature;

    it saves us from conflicts and destruction of land and body. It is "eternal life," no extinction.

  4. Ive seen pictures of The lady In the burgundy/red sweater (head of the IMF) hanging out in satanic parties with Phillipine Rothschild.

  5. All in All each nation has to do the best for itself or not? If any nation did what best for its people under its rules other nation either play with or play not. No nation can accuse any nation which trying to improve itself because bilateral is the name of the game now and onward.

  6. Smug posturing/Cheap Shots @ Trump/VagueForecastsandRecap/BullshitData/best thing is creepie Japanese "hmhmhmhmhmhahaa" 🏛🤷‍♂️


    Global Economic Outlook

  8. The global economy has been changing at an accelerating rate since the mid-1970s. Stagflation in many countries brought on a resurgence of the politics of the right and the beginning of global deregulation of the world's financial system. This unleashed massive speculation in the world's stock markets, in land markets, in real estate generally, and in financial markets. An already powerful rentier elite gained even more power, which they have utilized to achieve a dramatic reduction in the marginal tax rates on rent-derived income flows and the so-called "capital gains" experienced on the sale of land and financial instruments.

    An excellent primer on the history of these changes was provided by British economist Fred Harrison in his 2005 book: "Boom Bust: House Prices, Banking and the Depression of 2010." Harrison is forecasting that the next major economic collapse is due no later than 2018. All one needs to do is look at land prices around the world, which are already stressing the affordability of individuals to afford a residential property and are claiming a huge share of profit margins of businesses. When property appraisals reveal a land-to-total value ratio above 30-35 percent, it is clear that land prices have risen to a level that threatens the production of goods and delivery of services.

    The solution is actually straightforward. Stop taxing earned income flows. Stop taxing commerce. Stop taxing actual capital goods (i.e., buildings, machinery and technologies). Shift to rents from land and land-like assets (e.g., the broadcast spectrum and other assets with an inelastic supply) as the source of revenue to pay for public goods and services. The economics is clear. The politics that dictate economic outcomes will stand firm in defense of the status quo (or even worse).

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  10. I cannot believe what I am hearing! Bullshit bullshit bullshit! We are in the worse state that the world has been in, however, I am not surprised considering that all these idiots are all part of the Illuminati / Cabal. Japan has bought 90% of the stock on the Japanese stock exchange,
    surely that tells you something.

  11. Easy people with the psychology of Lagardes need to go away, she and her like are part of the problem hypocrite. go on get your big fat fees and spend it on your self or better shove it in you tax avoidance account !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. If anyone ever comes to Brazil, please remember to visit the Paradise of the Beach town of Búzios ( , where we intend to start a yearly Global Sustainable Economic Forum in June, 2020.

  13. We from NOVO Party of Brazil support all governments with a Liberal Drive in Economy, like Donald Trump, Theresa May and Emanuel Macron .

  14. Economic Sanctions are the Valve that controls the Global Economy. Tighten the Valve and the Global Economy is Restricted. Open the Valve and the Global Economy Expands. This is not Rocket Science.
    Removing Sanctions on the Soviet Union and North Korea would A: Benefit Japan Economically or B: Harm Japan Economically? In 2020 all Economic Sanctions should be removed or ignored throughout the World.

  15. What these totally detached self important i am OKs call bad is the greater world populations norm they really no not want to get it So keep on talking to justify your existence and looking so knowledgeable and effective. OH yes you cannot have infinite growth it just cannot happen we live in a finite world its the biological norm in all ecosystems this mathematical certainty, equilibrium is the only long-term process for stability. I have doubts we have the collective intellect to attain this; where just to greedy as individuals. Christine Lagarde is a thief she was totally let by the courts for very doggy money dealings.

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