1. Автор взял видос и выложил прям на днюху моего бывшего друга и настоящего недруга!Случайно – не думаю,совпадение 100 лвл(Как везде и всегда)

  2. And it's beautiful. They're standard of living is improving, their education is competing with the West, and they're becoming an economic superpower.

    As the Free Market becomes more free the human race becomes more developed.

  3. pity that the communism not exactly belongs to this world. Now the only one steadfast in the communism is North Korea but it is in ever larger danger. China is now nothingism but so called 'special socialism'……

  4. Then why they did not do so before? Why not do it to past tyrants? That was an anomaly due to Lenin, it was not due to russian but due to that murderous mongol Lenin.

  5. Indeed. Up until Tzar Nicolas the second, the Russians loved their Tzars. Every single one was a just and noble king like Stalin was.

  6. Stalin's thought that by sacrificing the men of today, those of tomorrow would be able to live at their larges. He was right, but well, ends don't ALWAYS justify the means… :notrust

  7. he said they are the armys of the Soviet Union, China, and North Korea are they in that order or are was he just naming them off? Like is it : 1. Soviet Union 2. China 3. North Korea? 1 being most powerful and 3 being the least powerful?

  8. I love hearing people saying that Stalin was a dicator, but forget that the Russians killed their leaders once, and they do not want to Stalin, would have not killed?.

  9. he was because so many men and women mourned his death, and about 60 or so % of the people the made the pyramids were not slaves but were volunteers

  10. He wasn't loved. While he did push forward an industrial Russia, he did it with millions of underfed and repressed men, and while some did view it as glorious, the workers didn't fare so well.

    Same could be said for the pyramids of Egypt. Yes, they were huge achievements and are still influential today, but it was through sacrificing millions of slaves. History books are written by the winners.

  11. true but for all the people Stalin killed he was still loved when he died, because even though he was a bad man he turned Russia in to a modern super power all most over night

  12. @doggydimepicker
    Uncle Ho was not bad. The majority of those he killed were the racist, oppressive South Koreans (Let's not forget the Buddhists being executed under the South regime. ><) and American invaders.

    The rest though… Yea, yer' pretty right there. But Nam is not as bad as people make it out to be. Keep in mind when they attacked Cambodia and defeated Pot- Good communists against bad ones.

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