Glenn Beck the Road to Communism #1

good news from the Western Front our glorious revolution is starting to take hold oh the revolution of change our fearless leader has just signed in s chips and earlier today he spoke out against capitalism listen up as part of the reforms were announcing today top executives at firms receiving extraordinary help from us taxpayers will have their compensation capped at five hundred thousand dollars a fraction of the salaries that have been reported recently now those capitalists will say that the mother country shouldn't decide anyone salary the only because you know those capital is will say they shouldn't have been bailed out in the first place but what would you expect a capitalist to say also in the news today our workers are uniting there in the nation's capital to improve the life of you the average worker with a union card check that way you can unionize everything now again the capitalists will say oh gee that's wrong because secret ballots are part of the American Way of life of course they would say that but I remind you what do they know about their way of life mmm good heavens what do we stop the music what the heck is happening to us i'm watching i'm listening to the president just a few minutes a few minutes ago and i'm like you got to be kidding me right i mean this is just the first step oh good well let's not even debate it let's just rush it in on an emergency tonight I'm going to tie some of these things together how the government is moving to nationalize our banks does that sound like a good idea at anybody we're setting salary caps for bailed out company executives and let me tell you something this one I'm actually for but wait until you hear me explain it the dangers of the union card check tonight the move towards universal health care ensuring SK the s chips to ensure kids kids by the way now defined by our government as people who are 30 years old if that's my kid get the hell out of my house you might say all glad that's crazy talk there's still our children no they're not you're living in my house they need my insurance get the hell out of my house and get a job deadbeat but maybe that's just me I'm going to show you how all of these things or have aaron i just love you i want to show you how these things are happening today and they line up with some of the goings-on in history's worst socialist fascist countries when did socialism become a happy thing for us these people may not be taking us on the same road that fascist dictators took the rest of the world on a long time ago but they're using the same tactics and the same propaganda our very country is at stake when people use emergencies to quickly shoved down programs down our throats without any discussion but why would I why would I expect otherwise after all isn't it global warming that they all say all the discussion is over you flat earther you Holocaust denier taken king and the Queen agon each piece is the same the difference between us is a part of the game

  1. There is no difference between communism and socialism, except in the means of achieving the same ultimate end: communism proposes to enslave men by force, socialism – by vote. It is merely the difference between murder and suicide.

  2. wow, just think about it. for a brief period of time if you tuned into fox news without knowing anything you might think it is a communist network XD

  3. Beck talks as if socialism and fascism are the same.  If he actually knew the political spectrum, he'd know that they are polar opposites.  His audience is so stupid that they believe anything he tells them.  He's just another conservative clown who capitalist pigs like Murdoch pay big bucks to brainwash people into thinking socialism is evil and capitalism is pure because they'll believe whatever Glenn tells them.  What fools.  

  4. The intro to this video makes me feel proud being a Marxist. However Glenn Beck has no idea what communism is. Neither do the majority of you. I suggest you look it up; non-Leninist Marxism is very libertarian. Our goal is identical to non-hierarchical, classless, anarchism.

  5. Relax, if you don't like capitalistic countries why you aren't now in North Corea? Perhaps because North Corea DOESN'T EXIST?!?!?

  6. A communist country isnt cant be achived… Thats why communism failed,because Stalin thought that you can have communism in one country… Thats the biggest difference between Stalinists and Trockists…

    Communism can only if it would happen on a large scale(a continent,or the entire world(even better))…

  7. There has never been a communist country. I don't think anyone gets that. A real communist country would be one where we the people control the means of production we have full control of government and we have provided for the poorest in our society. Where we actually get to make decisions that matter. It is a country where we don't have a super elite class be it Republican or democrat or any other party. It is a equality for all. It's a Utopian society.

  8. Good lord, one black guy suggests that we make the obscenely wealthy 1% give some money to starving families and all of a sudden the Right has an aneurism..

  9. @ComradeJordan Well, if Marxism, whether socialism or communism, didn't work in the Soviet Union, the Third Reich (socialist), Cuba, China, North Korea Vietnam and Laos, how on Earth can it work in the United States of America? Communism has birthed some of the worst mass murderers in history: Joseph "Uncle Joe" Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, and Pol Pot. If you were a communist at the height of the Cold War, like Obama's parents, you were a Soviet sympathizer, you were a traitor to our country.

  10. They're coming to take me away, ha-haaa!!
    They're coming to take me away, ho-ho, hee-hee, ha-haaa
    To the funny farm, where life is beautiful all the time, and I'll be
    Happy to see those nice young men in their clean white coats,
    And they're coming to take me away, ha-haaa!!!!!

    I always get that song stuck in my head whenever I listen to Glenn Beck (which is very seldom indeed).

    1. Consciousness comes from material existence
    2. Class is a relationship to the means of production.
    3. Classes are always in conflict.
    4. Change is due to the conflict between opposing forces
    Could somebody tell me what is incorrect about this?

  12. @crystaloverdose2
    UNBELIEVABLE Communist STUPIDITY: example; how much good to charity is $500 (20%of$26k) man going to do compared to the capitalist 20% ($6.4 million of $32M) Beck giving to charity. We need more wealthy capitalist that create more jobs for the poor so they can donate more to charity too. Can you commie liberals please get over the fairness BS. Your self centered look at life is blinding your logic and leading you further to your self detriment.

  13. @ComradeJordan

    Heeeey cant I watch unvolontary satire without beeing insultet?
    Glenn Beck making a funny imitation of himself. He can do it better that John Stuart does.

  14. @mrfuzzyboy100 I agree better dead than red ! Yet we are not fighting a country but an idea and that is hard to kill. So we the people elected a Socialist to power and now is bring and end to our republic like cesear did to Rome. What went wrong ? 60 yrs ago we shoot commies and they were traitors ! Now we elected one ? I foresee a Coup by the military taking back our government if Obama try's to be dictator

  15. @ComradeJordan No you red bastards have not won ! You may have in infiltrated our government, society, and economy but we will vote you guys out of office and republicans will take control ! I rather have an extremist right winger than a communist leftist ! It will not die with me ! The Republic of the America shall stand free

  16. @nonameposter Obama is a corporatist and miles away from anything 'free market.' You should definitely reexamine this term before you go about calling someone like our President a 'free market rightwinger.'

  17. I'm sure Glenn Beck was the result of a bet made by Rupert Murdoch which probably went like this:

    RM: I'll bet that in this time of extreme corporate excess, when the corporate elite have destroyed our economy, turned it into a casino where they always win and screw over the working people, I can make millions of Americans believe the problem is really COMMUNISM!

    Friend: No way, Rup! No one is that stupid!!!

    RM: Just watch, I've just bought this clown from CNN who'd be perfect for the job!

  18. Nazisms 25 point plan
    "at the State shall make it its primary duty to provide a livelihood for its citizens the abolition of all incomes unearned by work the ruthless confiscation of all war profits the nationalization of all businesses which have been formed into corporations profit-sharing in large enterprises extensive development of insurance for old-age land reform suitable to our national requirements"

  19. And who controls government? Business, they have all the money, they decide who gets elected, they sponsor media.
    But no, the government does not. The government does not exploit our labor. It's all business all the way.

  20. this guy is… if i see his ass walking down the road i would smash his skull with a hammer then cut his head of with a sickle

  21. The Mega-Wealthy enjoy the fruits of socialism. In essence, the working class is saddled with the costs of the welfare class. The welfare class can now buy the products made by the wealthy. The wealthy don't pay taxes, they're the ones who write the tax codes. Thus, the erosion of the middle class into the same standard of living as the welfare class. Anyone notice how the middle class in America is dwindling away, and becoming extinct?

  22. Sorry, nobody, even that fraud Thain, is worth 100 MILLION dollars. Beck's part of the overclass, and I suggest you get a gun and bodyguards. With 25% unemployment on its way, somebody is going to go bang bang.

    Don't talk about emergencies when the Bush administration gave 800B without strings to the banking "class".

  23. This is because we are dealing with socialist Fabians..who are just as marxist as Lenin…but they used different tactics to come to power. They took the sneaky slow road and infiltrated our institutions, schools, and the upper corporate and our government…took em about 100 years to do it. Please google Fabian Society.

  24. Yeah, its fascism not communism. Fascism keeps the facade of a market economy that is directed by the State. I remember people in the early 80s preaching about a cooperation between gov't, business and labour, well, this is it. As I pointed out then, that was the same thing the Italian gov't preached in the20s. Congrats Americans! You did it.


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