1. Obama taxed some cigarettes I brought from Cuba in MIA airport. I bought it for 7 bucks in Cuba and here they are worth 20 and then some police officers in the Airport took me and my brother to a room and made me pay 10 bucks for each pair of cigarettes. I think Obama is a communist for this reason.

  2. I'd like evidence for why Kyle calls Cuba authoritarian, there are multi levels of governance with extensive open elections. Its just the president which is premanant, which isn't the uber powerful position it is in America, but just the face, which it usually is elsewhere. They also have fewer political and overall prisoners, so…yea.

  3. Obama is a communist. Everyone who raised him was a communist. His political career started in the living room of a communist. Why do you think there is an uprise in the antifa communists right now?

  4. You can see it in obamas eyes he's like, "Shit now what's Glenn beck gonna say about this? Put my fucking arm down dude are you stupid?"

    But also Glenn has a big point. It shows Castro thought he had that much rapport. And Obama was a member of the communist party in Chicago. But his presidency was the most neocon ever.

  5. I wish obama was a marxist. But how can you be a marxist communist and a maoist at the same time?? Marxists are the leading opponents to maoism and state capitalism.

  6. Yeah! Glen Raúl is so powerfull, an his country is so powerfull that he can untimidate the most powerfull man of the world, by the way Glen, he's black an the next mostró powerfull perdón un the world will be a woman, chock on that stupid sissy.

  7. you lose if you do, you lose if you don't, either he's buddies with the communist or he's the puppet of the communist. either way Obama loses. Shit, Obama might as well just act super cool with all the communists, might as well take all the guns away and start mass executions of political rivals. Sure, Glenn will say he's the devil… but he'd say that even if Obama didn't do anything.

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