Kelly,我有话要跟你说 什么? 我每晚出去是有原因的 我就知道!就是因为那些下贱女人,对吧 Roger?! Kelly,没有下贱女人 我需要给你看一个东西 我是一个超人 哪一个? Ginger Panther! 我应该认识这一个吗? 当然了! 我可以问你怎么变成这个Ginger Panther吗? 我的身体被医生完全重建了 他们在我身上放了假肢,让我变了更抵抗 我全身的毛都被脱了,让我能跑得更快 我的高跟鞋是当武器用的 等一下,你是在告诉我你是一个人妖吗? 什么?你怎么会这样想的? 你有假肢,全身脱了毛,用假发,高跟鞋。。。 Kelly,是用来打击犯罪的! 打击犯罪?哪我能问你你是怎么打击犯罪的吗? 我去很多夜总会,酒吧,派对,去找想做坏事的坏男人 好的,那你告诉我 你在打击犯罪的时候,你有时候会跟这些坏男人发生性关系吗? 嗯,会的,但是 嗯,有道理 字幕: Yimei Chan

  1. May not be much of man in the light of day but by night Im a hell of a lover….love this

  2. 0:35 I need help, someone please call 911. I can't take it. I won't be able to make it. Please

  3. Kelly is hot …is it wrong I want to see them lez out? Yeahhhh I knew the answer as soon as I typed the question.

  4. Uhh, is it weird that after hearing that origin story i still want to f$#% the ginger panther?

  5. Kellys next Question: And your location scouter for these bad guys isn't just the Grindr app on your iPhone?

  6. And then they just go back to watching TV.
    My god, you've shattered every horror movie for the past 2 decades in less than 2 minutes.

  7. I imagine these are the sort of clubs and parties where the "bad guys" don't need much prompting to admit that they "need to be punished"..

  8. And we never saw Kelly again….. because she probably f**king killed herself. Because Zack Morris is trash.

  9. Please please I love ginger panther make more of her, his, it, they, theirs outside inside,black, bucket, ricefields , nuclear, moon, nails, slide, house, teeth house or whatever it's gender is doesn't matter 😂

  10. I'd like to hear the story of how Ginger Panther when from local strip club vigilante to international spy.

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