in an abandoned weapons factory on a paradise island in the Pacific something terrible is about to happen and the future of all humanity lies in the hands of only one Intelligence Agency and this Intelligence Agency lies in the hands of just one agent the sexy and daring ginger Panther central I've spotted the missile great you will definitely find the missiles and deactivation control at the end of the power cables on your right I can see it in fact I think that oh my god what happened ginger Panther a villain with a metal jaw it can only be excavator chin you need to get past him Panther the fate of the entire West Coast depends on that I was waiting for you my pants up who's that one now that's dr. Klaus he's one of the leaders of the organization quick pamper the missile can't be launched very well very well miss ginger I wouldn't imagine you'd go that far oh no it's the bronze pirate wait are you the one coming up with these nicknames for them I'm starting to get a little uncomfortable with this situation can he have a nickname that's related to his personality or maybe a funny story about his life I don't know Panther you have less than five minutes to avoid the launch just beat him up wait guys the dude is using a crutch is disability a prerequisite here or Panthers all right okay we're the launching codes it won't be that easy my beer pen oh no guys who's that one this is the relentless professor marionette see now that's just mean this one doesn't even have a cool villain name you just chose a ridiculous nickname because of his disability to a minute pants are speed up speed up what do you want me to do should I punch him like how do we cross the line here already the missile will destroy the entire West Coast oh my god but this is so wrong I don't even know where to punch America will pay for your weakness Spencer punch his face but he's drooling I don't know can I punch him in his forehead is that okay you can defeat me hahahahaha you made it Panther you disarmed to the missile by punching him that makes no sense careful Panther the professor marionette henchman can be a deadly opponent he's known as the cabbage don't be fooled by the machinery that keeps him alive and the family around his bed praying and hoping for his recovery oh no guys I'm done I'm done

  1. Seriously! He goes around fucking super villains into submission. But this is where he draws the line?

  2. So, is that the only time you can hit a person with disabilities and people won't look at you as if you were a dick?

  3. Did I just saw a trans-gendered guy wearing sexy outfit and spanked bunch of disabled men? And they are looked very pleasure to be spanked?

  4. (immediately shoots The Cabbage)
    "What have you DONE?!"
    "I just saved the world. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a date with Majestic."

  5. You know I’m not sure which is worse the fact he realized this was fucked or the fact he had to knock a cripple out of his wheelchair just to stop a missle

  6. And then the cabbage proceeded to toss Panther around like a rag doll with his telekinesis, breaking 6 ribs, a hip and two vertabrae.

    Teach you to underestimate a villain on a respirator.

  7. Bro keep doing this shirt y’all stay catching me off guard I seriously would love to have a smoke break with y’all

  8. why all of the villains nowadays have disabilities or some weird sickness that makes their skin look grey or white WHY?

  9. Don't worry.. I hear The Cabbage really grows on you. But wait until you meet his egyptian henchman: Ham-an Chiz.

  10. After fighting Darth Vader: Oh my god! I just hurt a man with four prosthetics and using a breathing machine! I’m going to prison

  11. He's known as the Cabbage lol ignore the fact his family is around him praying lol

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