Gilad Alper: ZEHUT Will Free Israel of Socialism

Tell the truth. You still don’t understand why it is expensive to live here? Let me explain Why is it expensive in Israel? The land belongs to the State monopoly The electricity belongs to the State monopoly. Religion belongs to the monopoly that is called the Chief Rabbinate. The ports are a monopoly The Airport Authority is a monopoly Do you want to import items for cheap? That is also impossible because interest groups made sure to raise import duties so that it will not pay for you to import anything Israeli farmers and manufacturers export their high-quality products overseas where they have to compete against others We buy second grade merchandise for a high price because here there is no competition and no imports In other words, the bitter taste of the fruits and vegetables that you buy here is the bitter taste of socialism. I am Gilad Alper #3 on the ZEHUT Knesset list the only party that has raised the banner of a free, open economy which will eliminate the socialism here and with it, the high cost of living from which we all suffer In every country in the world in which they apply capitalistic policy the citizens prosper, with no exception This is not a magic trick just logic and learning from the experience of other countries On the 9th of April, vote ZEHUT and set yourself free from the chains of socialism. Zehut. For your Liberty.

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