I’m with Jocelyn from Artisan Talent, who
focuses on Social Media Marketing for your clients.
Can you tell me what is Social Media Marketing, and what are your clients looking for when
they hire a social media marketing freelancer? Okay, so they are looking for somebody who
can do anything of 1 of 2 things. Either creating content or actually designing in the actual
social media. We work with LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, a lot of them. They’re looking for
somebody who can use those tools to help generate their business.
I’m hearing social media marketing in terms of generating an audience, generating traffic,
for your clients. Yes. And your clients are from small to large. I mean you run the whole
gamut. Let’s say I’m a social media marketer, how do I go and just find where to find work
in the market? Or is it better to list in an agency like yours? That’s a loaded question.
How would that work? Well, I would always recommend reaching out
to an agency like us because a lot of them do work in this type of field and a lot of
our clients do requests and recently in the past 6 months we’ve had a lot of generation
in this type of industry because the clients are moving forward and digital and they know
that this is something that they need in order to build a talent base, build a brand, or
build whatever. It could be that their Build the whole market really. Totally.
Okay cool, so you’ve had a sort of a growth per in social media in the last 6 months alone.
The last 6 months has been pretty exciting for social media.
Okay, and what kind of projects are you looking at it? One day, one hour, one month
It could be anywhere from just like, could be like 3 hours to 2 weeks. It just depends.
I would say a lot of our freelancer opportunities tend to be part-time so it’s not something
that is going to be or that’s going to require a lot of full-time hours. A client will come
to us and say we just need somebody to help generate content. A lot of social media people
are able to use Hootsuite or schedule things so it’s very easy for them to work on several
different types of clients or companies (at the same time) at the same time (and then
like schedule them out ahead of time) then schedule them out ahead of time. So, and that
gives them a lot of variety in terms of different types of clients so they could work you know
in something that could be more consumer-based or corporate-based. It just depends. But they
really do range, it depends. And if I’m looking for a social media job,
sort of do my own social media job search, what kind of money could I expect out of these
corporate or clients? Probably, I would say it’s more in the range
of 25 to 40 an hour is what I’ve seen. Like depending on experience depending on the client
obviously and budgets and all of that kind of stuff.
Are we talking about Facebook only, is this kind of a Facebook job?
It could be anything. It can range from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram has been a really
hot subject lately. (Pinterest maybe as well) Pinterest not so much. I thinks that’s much
more of a personal social media tool but I would definitely say Instagram is on the heels
of Facebook in terms of building up a lot of retail for instance uses that as ways of
generating new clients, new customers. So let’s say in social media, I want a social
media job and sort of doing my social media job search but I decide to enlist with an
agency like yours. What’s my first step? How do I reach out to you guys?
First step is just use social media. You can tweet us. You can find us on LinkedIn. We
have a Facebook page. We also have an Instagram page as a brand new aspect but we use those
quite often. So just reach out through any of those media
as well as I presume through the website artisantalent.com. Or even you could make a phone call.
Or you can call me. (You could actually make a phone call) Yes.
Alright cool, so if you’re looking for that social media job and you want to reach out
to an agency. Artisan Talents’ in a whole bunch of cities across the country. Reach
out, talk to Jocelyn or people on your team and see if we can help you find your own ideal
social media job.

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