George Monbiot: As the U.K. declares a climate emergency, we must recognize "capitalism is broken"

it is highly significant because it provides leverage for people like myself but people like extinction rebellion the youth climate strikers to actually say well now you MPs you members of parliament have declared a climate emergency you have to act on it and of course it's not clear that they've completely thought through the implications of this I mean on the same day yesterday that this climate emergency was declared there was a legal ruling saying a third runway at Heathrow Airport can go ahead well look this is an emergency and that means we need to start retiring fossil fuel based infrastructure rather than building more of it so what we can now do is to say to members of parliament you've agreed to this now you've got to follow through you've actually got to work this through see what the implications are and respond accordingly well can you talk about George Monbiot what kinds of effects you think this I mean obviously it's not binding and has no effects on policy but Jeremy Corbyn and Parliament's decision to declare a climate catastrophe could with the combination of activist pressure lead to some kind of change you've cited Jeremy Lent and his idea of an ecological civilization what would that take yes so this is one of several very important ideas which are coming forward at the moment for really looking at how we can replace our whole political economy with a new system because it's very clear now capitalism is broken it is like a gun pointed at the heart of the planet and it's got these characteristics which means that it will essentially necessarily destroy our life-support systems among those characteristics are it's the the drive for perpetual economic growth on a finite planet you just can't support that ecologically things fall apart it also says well anyone has got a right to buy as much natural wealth as their money allows which means that people are just grabbing far more natural then either population as a whole or the planet itself can support and so we need to start looking at a completely new basis for running our economies and one of the many excellent ideas out there is Jeremy Lentz proposal for an ecological civilization put forward in his excellent book the patterning instinct let me ask you about extinction rebellion George mambi Oh more than a thousand people arrested in a two-week period that's just wrapped up in London and other places people supergluing themselves to shells headquarters for example there you had the climate negotiator one of the people who helped craft the Paris climate agreement of 2015 well-respected attorney she herself said then we make laws now we break laws supergluing herself and being arrested it's an extraordinary thing that has happened extinction rebellion is an extremely well organized group they've got some great strategies for bringing these existential issues right front and center of the public mind which is where they belong and they've done so through some very clever and cheeky and disruptive actions but have managed to swing a huge amount of public support towards them sometimes civil disobedience alienates more people than it attracts but in this case there's been a very significant move towards a public awareness of climate breakdown and a public desire to do something about it you

  1. For airplane travel we need things like hydrogen based fuels. We simply have a shitton of engineering and manufacturing to do. We could do all of this, but the numbnuts are going to say things like "it's not economical". Money isn't even real! Just print more and figure out the manufacturing.
    We have to stop thinking capitalism can solve this, we need to plan part of our economy to solve this problem. As simple as that.

  2. Capitalism isn't broken per se – it's just it's normal modis operandi. Marx and Engels explained its workings using a scientific approach based analysis. Read the first sentence of page 1 in Capital. Understand the materialist conception of history.

    To claim it is "broken" is to admit that it is somehow fixable.

    It is right and proper to not be prescriptive about its replacement but it easy to state some principles that arise out of the scientific analysis that frame a new social system of common (not state or any form of proxy) ownership of the means of production and distribution:

    – no money, exchange or buying and selling.
    – no nations or state or government.
    – democratic administration by and in the interests of all
    – no wages or salaries or coupons or any form of reward other than personal satisfaction for labour of any kind. ie voluntary labour only.
    – Free access to goods and services for all.

  3. The UK doesn't have a bill of rights. Sorry folks, but you currently live under a system of tyranny…

    I live in the United States. We have a bill of rights that's being ignored by it's representatives As a result, we also live under a system of tyranny…

    But this delusion that we both have a monetary system that is "capitalist" in nature is false. It is a government managed, subsidized, and controlled system in which the government can incentivize, and back or partner with a private company to give them an unfair market advantage over their competitors. That is NOT free market capitalism. That is precisely the system that you're already clamoring for! Get a fucking clue!

  4. We’re one of those enlightened “First world countries” that dump their raw sewage into their source for drinking water and recreational waters – hmmm what is it that I’m missing here? While worrying about a naturally occurring gas needed by plants and all living things eventually when converted to oxygen that accounts for .5% of all greenhouse gases of which the man made portion is a fraction of that. Shaking my head

  5. Recognizing when something is undeniably broken is an easy thing even for the most dumbest Specie,
    acting adequately on that recognition, in the full non-crony capitalistic interests of the whole Planet, a recognition which is required for any form solution findings, is still far beyond what this recent egomaniacal and primitive religious fanatic divided Homo Specie is able and willing to do in this recent evolution state.

    Meaning: Homo Sapiens has ready failed and is moving toward extinctions and our dumb politicians and riches are just playing charade.

    Meaning also thus that
    99,99% of all Humans all are just not there yet in our Evolution.
    The timeline where "mankind" accepts and recognize Earth's and its reality are one.
    ironic, we still have such a long way to go still. Start wandering, people.

    Godless Best,
    Projectheureka LLC

  6. “The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is. “
    — Winston Churchill

    "People only accept change when they are faced with necessity, and only recognize necessity when a crisis is upon them."

    – Jean Monnet

    "The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function."

    Albert Bartlett

  7. China, a Communist Country, puts out nearly double the carbon dioxide of any other country. Not to mention all the other pollution they pump into the air and water. They are still developing so it is obvious they will continue to put out more and more and more pollution of every kind. There is no one to stop them because as a Maoist/Marxist nation any descent is dealt with harshly.

    If the people protesting in London go to China and this they will be brave and would be fighting the major source of pollutants.

  8. Ha ha
    You call this highly—–regulated market not SOCIALISM but Free Market? HA HA HA
    What's broken is SOCIALISM which US has had for the past 100 years since FED establishment. Fossil Fuels means petrochemicals = every thing you see. The guy is DELUSIONAL. Free Market lifted every poor country on earth from poverty. Free Market of voluntary human exchanges IS the environment. Envy is an ugly thing.

  9. George Monbiot, you are a cock womble of the highest order! The elites are behind the extinction rebellion movement and well you know it . . . how come they are not kicking off about fracking, 5g, the trees being cut down all over the country to facilitate said technology, which is massively detrimental to human health, the flora and fauna of our environments and why doesn't any of its members mention proponents of geoengineering like Dr.David Keith? . . . because they want people to follow pied pipers whilst they are all being slowly poisoned to death as part of agenda's 21, 30 and 50, whilst pricks like you sit on their hands and look the other way ~ well, that won't stop you breathing in the shit that they spray above our heads every day, will it? I wish I could ignore you and that you'd go away because you are about as welcome as a fart in a wet suit. Enjoy your future illness from breathing in barium, strontium, caesium, lead, coal ash, sulphates, silver nitrates, aluminium particulates etc. etc. Ignore the HAARP facilities that are placed strategically around the country to bombard said 'chemtrails' with microwaves emitted from their antenna's which help to seed clouds and can facilitate and create high and low-pressure systems to control the weather at your own peril. Hey, why not write some bullshit article about it . . . if you are man enough to do so? You won't because you can't ~ your zionist overlords won't let you. You are a part of the problem along with the rest of the media who ignore the spraying of our skies every day.

    People do some research:

  10. My opinion here, and I am still learning and thinking:

    Capitalism, or at least a free market, can be a useful tool?
    But if it isn't subsumed to the best interests of ALL people, it becomes monstrous.

    (Yes, I'm a social democrat, for the purely practical reason of…soc dem seems to work.)

    I will think about your comments and not reply.

  11. Every sky towers must have an air filtration system? Cooler air to cool because of the population rise with us 80degree each at least LOL love Kumpuchea and God blessed

  12. tHE "PUBLIC" can NOT do nothing about it yet, these bastards in the parliament were laughing on chemtrail and Haarp issues.They are intended to ridicule all truth! Unless people start to shoot them down one day…LOL..

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