George Hotz | Programming | twitchcoq : pt 2, can we prove true is not false

shutage: yoyo yoyo_brobro: yoyo_brobro subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 6 months, currently on a 6 month streak! shutage: more coq Kreygasm equalizer_____: Hello form Russia vlntnstts: no way you are alive slow_manatee: oi bruv eax_ebx: Еееее бой hailstorm1422: 🃏 vossnorway800: What up vlntnstts: привет лол superman03: hola LaheyFPS: What’s today’s agenda? @georgehotz tonitcom: Hey bro stephen422: hello from korea as well imrtpk:the_shining: you zhongguo de ma SlaterUSA: RIP Terry πŸ™ Sylfine_Unreal: Yeah i actually liked that guy, in Germany he would get all the help he needed beaverater: Rest in peace Terry. One of the true greats. dongmuya: lmao templeOS Number___Nine: it’s all in asm lol eaoruhgadfhjglajsdlfgj: yes euranymous: temple OS is a meme DasMastah: It is THE Terry javadragoniv: yeah he’s the one Sylfine_Unreal: Its holy c its awesome SlaterUSA: @georgehotz whatcha drinkin’? Sylfine_Unreal: He wrote it himself christian__james: we can t see because of the camera angle dongmuya: the guy was legit out of his mind eax_ebx: ахахахаха sharmouta: don’t bite your nail georgie!! the_shining: what’s his email Sylfine_Unreal: Yeah That the terry but dont watch his vids on Stream XD sirleeroyjenkins: Figured out how to prove true is not false: (if 1==1){ true!=false } Sylfine_Unreal: Holy c is awesome euranymous: His tea didnt have SUGAR it had COCAINE and his tea leaves were LSD contaminated beaverater: No one has the right to cast a stone towards Terry until you write your own compiler and operating system that allows you to talk to God haHAAXDDDDDD: yeah terry loved the n-word so u rly shouldnt atleast not with sound:D javadragoniv: lmao offending code christian__james: christian__james subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 2 months! the best of the best 0twinshock0: whats you doing man ? SlaterUSA: Terry was a bit schizo who went off on minorities etc. euranymous: ignore terry @georgehotz beylu_cs: he walks like a sims character fafws321: @sirleeroyjenkins waow u are a genius myaocat: wash hands ragemaster999: i am mildly offended, but it may change at any point @georgehotz gal40: He was a schizophrenic myaocat: wash hands WutFace dongmuya: Terry carpetted N-bombs like it was Vietnam all over again fluzfluz: hello geooooooooorge πŸ˜‰ rapiddilemma: George what do you think of zsh instead of bash? Sylfine_Unreal: @Beaverater 100% agree euranymous: @sirleeroyjenkins Hey mate! sirleeroyjenkins: Oh whats up Sylfine_Unreal: Yes Number___Nine: you also need half-float, bro AtomicPandaAttack: Iritalin hkisthebest: what are we doing today? SlaterUSA: OpenBob? Sylfine_Unreal: Most wanted Job in 2020: Building Tractors😂😂 0_______________________o: LUL Ziv0: LUL euranymous: your perspective is amazing man Yeahsper: How high are you atm? mexeroserisback: yes LUL Keyeh: in the cloud i can be a drill Avelansh: high on tea kanogger: f o c u s e d DahOne: idk man, kinda feels like you on crack…some thinking drill crack Kappa MDSZilla: I guess we could say you’re squirelling ? devm0d: He’s on tea MDSZilla: I cant even spell right Vinndy: @grizvok at this point I don’t know if I feel there’s value on what I do or if the corporative bullshit they try to brain wash me with is working SlaterUSA: tea alone does not do that. extracheese42: NOT FALSE devm0d: Tea will mess you up man, you don’t want none of that jagger_rsw: @georgehotz you go to mars with musk’s rockets once possible? eduardoadf1: is coq=discrete math? iskjmss: Tea with marijuana leaves is still tea extracheese42: ANY TRUERS IN CHAT????? r4416: What tea is that? fluzfluz: green Number___Nine: Yorkshire Tes DahOne: @extracheese42 TRUEEE LULW Bombapil0t: TwitchVotes Number___Nine: Tea euranymous: Is that the same tea that Terry Davis drank all of his life? zacoaa: lmao u hear that Pryetranka: could have done ASMR tho extracheese42: TRUEEE @DahOne hkisthebest: Anyone from taiwan in chat?? Keyeh: brb smoking weed SlaterUSA: taiwan no.1 DahOne: @extracheese42 SQUADW? hell ya babay litesam: What do you think about book Principles of compiler design; that big dragon book. MDSZilla: You can play ADS as a Affiliate now…. There’s literally a button to run ads zibranja: How would you debunk hollow earth theory extracheese42: ANY NOT FALSERS IN CHAT?? programmer42: @Keyeh got some ? extracheese42: @DahOne SQUADW bbb SlaterUSA: any non-bots in chat? grizvok: @Vinndy yeah I mean try to look at the positives of the job. Are you learning new skills that you can take somewhere else eventually euranymous: me beginbot: woah woah, bots are people too jagger_rsw: @georgehotz any good movies or tv series you recommend? MDSZilla: @georgehotz You can play ADS as a Affiliate now…. There’s literally a button to run ads DahOne: @extracheese42 gordo later tonight with the squad ? ? Kappa luxbock: if you are confused about what proof irrelevance means, consider the following: luxbock: if you implement two sorting algorithms, say bubble sort and quicksort, mathematically they do the same thing, i.e. sort numbers SlaterUSA: @MDSZilla so you’re saying he should make money… WHILE HACKING?!?!?! extracheese42: yes ofc!!! @DahOne luxbock: however as programs they are clearly not the same, as they implement a different algorithm alexgorbatchev: what are you doing today? euranymous: 1 for using vim MDSZilla: @SlaterUSA he’s not hacking MDSZilla: You can play ADS as a Affiliate now…. There’s literally a button to run ads luxbock: if the type of your sorting program lives in SProp, you can’t tell bubble sort and quicksort apart, because proof irrelevance means all proofs are the same, i.e. either your program works or it doesn’t litesam: USE E M A C S Keyeh: any vimmers litesam: E M A C S Crocodillian: Is there a way to revert to op 6.0 and keep it that way? It performed best with my car SlaterUSA: real hackers use nano luxbock: if the type of your program lives in Type, you can tell a quicksort apart from bubble sort, because the proofs/programs are different Vinndy: @grizvok yeah I mean I could learn AWS and that definitely makes me more hireable but for what to just do the same meaningless stuff at a different company euranymous: VIM is life quelsarprime: lol Slacker serohh: Spacemacs💪🏻💪🏻 Crocodillian: vim and nano are both good, but i like vim because it’s modal SlaterUSA: spacemacs is pronounced ‘Spack emacs” micos7: Any programmer believing in the absolute true hasn`t seen JavaScript true table MDSZilla: @georgehotz You can play ADS as a Affiliate now…. There’s literally a button to run ads show us some ads πŸ˜‰ Crocodillian: I recommend symbolic logic philosophy course at any college gazny: I declined a job because of dress code once Number___Nine: FAANG Keyeh: have you listen to Jesus in King by Kanye West georgehotz euranymous: stop working for a man mexeroserisback: business development LUL beginbot: but the free snacks! msalvy: What do you mean by not creating value? Can you explain more cat3009: googleprojectzero is about money or culture? Number___Nine: FPGA trading for lyfe jagger_rsw: @georgehotz you mean ‘math people will replace mad people’ ? MDSZilla: You can play ADS as a Affiliate now…. There’s literally a button to run ads πŸ˜› SlaterUSA: @MDSZilla why do you keep spamming that… swsh: Hey, is it Coq? Why not Lean, I heard it’s strictly better. MDSZilla: SlaterUSA so he can make money LUL mikewow3: geohot is streaming micos7: Are you on hackerone? msalvy: What do you think about OpenAI? posixninja: amen Crocodillian: script kiddies Vinndy: @georgehotz i share that vision but I don’t feel like I have the resources to just drop it, it’s not Facebook or Google, it’s “rainforest” (don’t wanna name it) but I still feel like it’s meaningless kito__: hello jagger_rsw: @georgehotz still fan of yudkovsky? msalvy: lmaoo euranymous: Takeaway:Don’t work for the man JuisVen: Do you want us to never work for others and make our own companies caslecasle: !uptime mikewow3: ive concluded the singularity is fake news MDSZilla: Affiliates can now run ads George its in your dashboard… when you open twitch dashboard click the blue bar on top mikewow3: softbank is off a bean beginbot: LUL Crocodillian: i’m just booty chasing mexeroserisback: yes I am creating value for my ceo to buy another villa Kappa trajenx: i came hear to learn programming not economics micos7: being a parasite SlaterUSA: @MDSZilla jfc stop it already holy hell Number___Nine: additional business value Attlantiz_: is that coq warpoit: same Crocodillian: my value for the world is giving love to chubby girls coProof: I miss old George when he wasn’t always trying to prove something FeelsBadMan Keyeh: @trajenx you can to the wrong channel then lmao grizvok: i love the tangents george goes on Julll: erichtp: byte_baron: ms paint Jannnik: purplepinapples: yes @Attlantiz_ MDSZilla: SlaterUSA You were saying? tornpaperyoyos: that true is not false forkdb: Big fan… you are an inspiration to me to do better programming Jewishrambo: celiezz: learning economics from someone running on venture capital xD SlaterUSA: @MDSZilla i was saying, it’s weird that u keep spamming that stuff th3_maj0r: paint> tornpaperyoyos: hes tired of you always wanting to prove if true is not false and all that coProof: You’re proving if something is not true or false MDSZilla: SlaterUSA I didnt mention @SlaterUSA in the message so it wasnt for you πŸ™‚ Crocodillian: Untitled diaphragm Crocodillian: modus tollens anup_kodlekere: the right line is thicker than the left Keyeh: Kappa tornpaperyoyos: @coProof damn it he saw yoursz not mine lol thebastl: @georgehotz Do you like ruby on rails? shaymin_fakezz: 5Head Kustex: socialism Keyeh: big brain idea, worked in russia MDSZilla: I think we had a similar discussion based on TedTalks etc caslecasle: Jesus christ i havent watched this many ads since the super bowl gazny: You hire them and give them discounts to get them to give that positive feedback loop coProof: @tornpaperyoyos lol Crocodillian: geohot you’re such a casual entrepreneur coilru: ok give me salary ill be your customer wut andrewbhatfield: @Kustex that’s the dumbest notion of what socialism is i’ve ever seen Big_America_: hello twitch police, george is talking about MMT and i am afraid. Keyeh: in this channel: streamer explaining planned economy tornpaperyoyos: you lost me coProof: Can you acquire your twitch subs? Bombapil0t: follow him on instagram guys beginbot: as long as you are growing you never need to make money! euranymous: If they sue our georgie again we gonna tickle their lawyers to death Nequa27: FiveHead Crocodillian: government contracts is where it’s at mexeroserisback: Customers =C beginbot: what if we could create the customers??? instead of acquire euranymous: LUL YouPowerRush: sikk mikewow3: we’re heading into the deep waters now thyssen: LUL MDSZilla: So they consume the product lets make a Food Company Kappa gazny: Theory of cashback no? quelsarprime: George I’m drowning… you just broke my brain. Keyeh: 5Head Crocodillian: ponzy scheme Kustex: haha mmt in full force hkisthebest: this is pyramid scheme a_caspar: CoolStoryBob ahhhh tornpaperyoyos: “heres another scam we can do” – george hotz 2019 eduardoadf1: PogChamp coilru: why dont you start by paying all of your viewers for watching you Kappa le0n_: ah i missed the begining msalvy: George “take a look at this diagram that explains as scam” Hotz 0xBADBADBAD: This version of Lex Luthor is weird Big_America_: We could build a sailboat and power it by blowing into the sails from the helm. iagia: but they don’t want the money, they want the damn product beginbot: HeyGuys thyssen: good idea Crocodillian: not a scammer LOL Keyeh: LUL filipeoliveiraa: Kappa Pryetranka: Kappa roronoa_d_law: qu’est ce qu’il raconte coilru: Kappa eduardoadf1: george school of economics gazny: This is a Multi Layer Marketing coProof: Acquire us speeddrawing101: So when are we proving true is not false? @georgehotz mikewow3: they say you can buy revenue Crocodillian: Georgeconomics le0n_: oh MLM iagia: customers show up for the product YouPowerRush: sikk circle bruh mexeroserisback: Why not buy the investors too le0n_: lol Vinndy: @georgehotz you mentioned on lex fridman that you went to Carnegie Mellon to see what you had missed out and said that the courses were great but didn’t mention if after that you felt like you had actually missed out on something, how do you feel like about a degree after that? euranymous: Social engineering skills *insert mushroom cloud here* Number___Nine: Blade Runner tornpaperyoyos: tf are u talking about roronoa_d_law: speeddrawing101 already done iagia: they don’t show up for money Bombapil0t: iq>9000 ensareray99: How can you be this sure all customer wants to work for you? le0n_: thanks m8 Keyeh: buy me george FUSiONPlays: succ hkisthebest: @georgehotz how do you prove true is not false? iagia: that’s NOT a good idea at all searchingforlife: comma ai strategy leaked by gpt2 MDSZilla: george are you using the vanilla terminal of Mac or a different one? Crocodillian: false premise always results in false conclusion coilru: @georgehotz have you heard about terry davis (temple os), some of your things resemble what he said πŸ˜€ roronoa_d_law: print(true==false) outputs false so this proves true is not false. right ? Tyl3r44: is this prolog? MDSZilla: False is a set with no items what if the set is supposed to be empty? tornpaperyoyos: fucking temple OS LUL LUL LUL 0_______________________o: STALLING cause bad LUL gal40: Maybe a lot jagger_rsw: @georgehotz maybe ternary logic will be a better choice for your project πŸ˜‰ ? msalvy: George “get a load of this scam” Hotz Number___Nine: formally proven TempleOS ragemaster999: maybe there is some code on stackoverflow coilru: templeOS BlessRNG caslecasle: @georgehotz have you sold an Subaru harnesses MDSZilla: Sorts? Ascending or Descending thats all I know Kappa Number___Nine: Monoind in the category of endofunctors, bro devm0d: When George pushes his finger on his forehead that’s his Go button when he figures the hard shit out fghoekstra79: George. are hij aware you’re a cast reader? Zacharycht: yes fghoekstra79: i’m half way and he’s already finished! luxbock: @georgehotz consider two sorting algorithms, say quicksort and bubble sort. they do the same thing mathematically i.e. sort numbers, but as computer programs they are different iagia: I can’t spend any brain cycles on this channel any more… SEE YA prvk3: I did not understand a single world prvk3: word* rhizomia: О, вижу SF и HoTT luxbock: if you write your sorting program in SProp, you can’t tell quicksort and bubble sort apart, because proofs in SProp are proof irrelevant, which means that either you have a working program or you don’t ensareray99: Which lang. is that? Python? rhizomia: coq Am4teur: you kinda cute luxbock: if your sorting algorithm lives in Prop/Type, the proof/program of your type are data, which means you can tell them apart Number___Nine: ensareray99 some sort of Coq luxbock: I am not trolling, this is what it means tornpaperyoyos: LUL LUL LUL forkdb: Please read Big fan… you are an inspiration to me to do better programming devm0d: Oh dang, Am4tuer wants your nuts tornpaperyoyos: definitely trolling jagger_rsw: @georgehotz after youre done with, will you work on hacking our world simulation? luxbock: @georgehotz SProp is useful when you want to proof properties of your programs but not have to bear the cost of those proofs at runtime, this is because the proofs are irrelevant, they can be erased after compilation has completed Harm133: what is twitchcoq ? zenkai_oogway: @jagger_rsw dont talk about that here marezino: πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Number___Nine: time to order food Bombapil0t: sellout cmonBruh jagger_rsw: @georgehotz what do you want to be coached about? gindalf: DO IT! somebody please devm0d: You should just sell tea on your website Sarkin_dota: 15 minutes? DansGame gal40: What about 50 Zimbabwe Dollars? anup_kodlekere: thats smart MonkaSupreme: 200 an hour tornpaperyoyos: 50 bucks for 15 minutes? 0_______________________o: memes incoming LUL nightknight0000: lmao Bombapil0t: okok i see YouPowerRush: tap tap tap Sarkin_dota: Dansgame forkdb: Please read Big fan… you are an inspiration to me to do better programming FargioFarmani: paste your bitcoin address luxbock: @georgehotz again consider quicksort vs. bubblesort, and a program that has to deal with the behavior of those algorithms at runtime. if you only need to reason about the mathematical behavior (i.e. that they do the right thing), then SProp is enough and it’s probably better because you don’t pay a runtime cost. if you need to reason about the behavior of the algorithms, you can do so by working with proofs of Prop/Type Iliftmymousealot: i can I paypal you 50 dollars without coaching session Vinndy: somone paypal him LUL FargioFarmani: @georgehotz paste your bitcoin address jagger_rsw: I’m poor, so only 50 ukrainian hryvna? eduardoadf1: are donations enabled? forkdb: Please read Big fan… you are an inspiration to me to do better programming devm0d: Paste your private bch address again devm0d: When seadoo? Number___Nine: jagger_rsw I won’t even pay you 50 rupees for 50 hryvna πŸ™‚ YouPowerRush: haha eduardoadf1: 1 dollar LUL Abo7atm: youre taking donations? forkdb: Please read Big fan… you are an inspiration to me to do better programming tornpaperyoyos: “im really into scams” – George Hotz 2019 gal40: Donate to teamtrees instead. jagger_rsw: @georgehotz so maybe you want to give us 50 $? πŸ™‚ Number___Nine: cheleclol: how many hours you sleep a day? Mariosavitch: pyramid schemes? knysh: bitconnect LUL beginbot: Can’t wait for the episode of America Greed with @georgehotz luxbock: @georgehotz if you are familiar with the Curry-Howard correspondence between proofs/programs, it only applies when you are working with proof relevant types (Types) instead of SProp. proofs in SProp are not programs, they are just proofs eduardoadf1: bitconeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeect Abo7atm: can we buy equity in backspace tho? JuisVen: Like athene Quad___lol: bitcoonnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek forkdb: Please read Big fan… you are an inspiration to me to do better programming msalvy: Geoge “get a load of this fat scam” Hotz my_curiosity: how is any crypto currency not a scam? MonkaSupreme: you should check out athenelive crypto scam. he said it was a scam from the beginning gindalf: @georgehotz are you behind tag_gaming_stream: Wow, I have been following your comma ai archive videos all summer, I been waiting for a live stream, this is awesome you are a legend George! devm0d: You’re close to Mexico now, lots of import opportunity there beginbot: yes @gindalf prvk3: @georgehotz dude just get @luxbock in a call, and then u can give him 50 averagesizepens: stop running ads you rich boy ggandy: I love to hear your way of thinking / philosophy , do you ever consider starting a podcast? Number___Nine: fedcoin scam Mariosavitch: “were going to rip you off…”… “awesome, how do I join?” @georgehotz luxbock: @georgehotz you are talking about the difference between extensional vs. intensional equality DasMastah: Equivalance needs context, right? 96terrax96: gucioHead Iliftmymousealot: is kickstarter a scam? programmer42: can you start writing code pls? devm0d: geohotcoin devm0d: I’ll be an advisor beginbot: I would transfer all my dogecoin to geohotcoin luxbock: quicksort and bubble sort are extensionally equivalent, in that they have the same outputs for the same inputs, but they are not intensionally equal, because their definition/algorithm are different data_day_life: ^ Quad___lol: pyramids are a scam gal40: Could you explain why the halting problem is a problem for your equality operator? tag_gaming_stream: Wow, I have been following your comma ai archive videos all summer, I been waiting for a live stream, this is awesome you are a legend George! JuisVen: Every sorting algorithm is extensionally equivalent then forkdb: Please read Big fan… you are an inspiration to me to do better programming yoloman1343: are you ever going to tour george amratesh: Sorry I’m late jagger_rsw: @georgehotz is it possible to use ML to break crypto, i.e. to create a model which will e.g. create sha collisions with enough training? guldPRIVANN: Hello πŸ˜€ How is life everyone ? πŸ˜€ MonkaSupreme: Bogosort yoloman1343: i would unironically pay big $$ to see u rap live Number___Nine: kolmogorov complexity tornpaperyoyos: NotLikeThis kishan0505: !pc euranymous: Is it the FBI? YouPowerRush: wash hands blankinator85: monkaS amratesh: I see you’re not playing on hard anymore. JuisVen: It’s the toilet baxteriia: thats a 1000$ chair tag_gaming_stream: If someone is able to hack his obs install python script into his paypal login and intitalize a donation animation you win gal40: Could you explain why the halting problem is a problem for your equality operator? Sarkin_dota: @yoloman1343 you could instead pay 50$ for a 15 minute life coaching session, and then ask George to rap like your life depends on it Number___Nine: typing ASMR yoloman1343: holy shit that’s brilliant @Sarkin_dota beginbot: Life coaching in the form of a fire Freestyle Big_America_: past streams paywalled PogChamp gindalf: but the haulting would be an internal property, no? yoloman1343: george hotz rap show when gal40: But we know the halting program couldn’t exist in the first place – so comparing it to another program isn’t an option jagger_rsw: does it make sense to use ML to break crypto, e.g. to train a model which will produce sha collisions or so? beginbot: but then where will you sit?? stalys_: $5k chair PogChamp beginbot: you can’t program without a chair tag_gaming_stream: TURN ON DONATION! tornpaperyoyos: bogo sort is the best sorting algorithm beginbot: 2 chairs! beginbot: Holy shit you are rich yoloman1343: george were you really bottom 5 in your class? amratesh: @big_america_ you can watch them on YouTube filipeoliveiraa: or sit on the floor Kappa amratesh: Comma Ai archives data_day_life: those chairs are extensionally equivalent Big_America_: then youtube knows what i watch tag_gaming_stream: Comma Ai Arhcives are king JuisVen: Is rich, sits on a 5$ chair eax_ebx: ok, how to be rich? hkisthebest: Do you code with vim in java? anup_kodlekere: new hoodie? SnakeOneMLG: @hkisthebest he doesnt code in java zoki_macola: when did the stream started MDSZilla: Georgehotz 100% Premium Merch coming soon Kappa euranymous: !uptime Quad___lol: its easy to get rich…just have no morals MonkaSupreme: i’d buy merch amratesh: @georgehotz when am I getting the Backspace emote we talked about? zenkai_oogway: @georgehotz thoughts on kanye’s new album? cozinn: Just WHYYYY data_day_life: 1hr, 1 minute ago ragemaster999: are they sure they are not trolling? hkisthebest: @SnakeOneMLG any reasons? tag_gaming_stream: @Quad___lol That is 100% true, sad, but true throw your morals out rich immediately eax_ebx: ok, I have not morals, what’s next? SnakeOneMLG: @hkisthebest he really doesn’t like the idea of the language I think MonkaSupreme: mylBbrain Number___Nine: eax_ebx go sell out luxbock: @georgehotz if you want to learn dependently typed programming, the book The Little Typer is a book written in the style of a childrens book, but it talks about the types of things you read on the Coq manual amratesh: @eax_ebx sell a kidney tag_gaming_stream: Find girls to make porn, pay them almost no money, upload the videos make money off royalties forever off their content they kill themselves in 5 years for ruining their lives and having no careers and you make money forever, boom solved luxbock: it’s an interesting juxtaposition tag_gaming_stream: no morals tag_gaming_stream: craigslist knilecrack: wsupp knilecrack: long time no see recursive_x: filter through x amount of logic gates to understand binary input and output and if its a perfect opposite then it is not false but also true tag_gaming_stream: Use recursion though lyricrush: 4Head amratesh: Geohot backspace emote! JuisVen: Do you enjoy software engineering or ML Number___Nine: can you use coq to prove simulation theory? tag_gaming_stream: @eax_ebx Read my method and he left and is now posting in craiglist to get girl hah eduardoadf1: can someone explain to a brainlet what coq has to do with sorting? also, in my head, coq is like discrete math coded and tested(?) amratesh: Simulation hypothesis is unfalsifiable Quad___lol: I have a problem no AI can help me with. I have been with a girl for 3 years, now she has problem getting a visa and 2 other girls here want me. What to do :/ dMunkei: become homosexual dMunkei: dodge all the girls grizvok: he alreaady is Lazylion2: @Quad___lol polygamy Number___Nine: have you seen Joe Rogan with that simulation hypothesis Swedish guy? euranymous: arrange a foursome in the country where the girl who couldnt get a visa lives luxbock: @eduardoadf1 I was using sorting algorithms as an example to illustrate a point, but the word `Sort` in the Coq documentation has nothing to do with sorting, it is more like a container/class/collection tag_gaming_stream: You need to use the distributed model knilecrack: merry her in her country and then she can move in eduardoadf1: @luxbock i see, thanks knilecrack: marry* luxbock: @georgehotz you are thinking of Russel’s paradox jagger_rsw: @euranymous with bostrom, he’s somewhat famous data_day_life: what’s the complement of the Universal Set data_day_life: ya Ipkstef: What’re we working on today? data_day_life: exactly berghyfps: category: Basic programming berghyfps: what is happening euranymous: @jagger_rsw I lost track of what i said, what are you replying to? recursive_x: if a set of all sets cannot be contained then all other sets can luxbock: fun fact: The Halting Problem, Russel’s Paradox, Cantor’s Theorem, Nash Equilibrium are all instances of Lawvere’s Fixpoint Theorem luxbock: Number___Nine: TempleCoq LaheyFPS: do programmers get girls? @georgehotz swsh: Here is the Agda proof for reference: grizvok: Yes we do byte_baron: @LaheyFPS watch the social network, of course they do ViktorTV: done with comma? asaalgk: tldr on Lawvere’s Fixpoint Theorem? Vinndy: so you’re saying you will be done with comma Abo7atm: ML as in Machine Learning? euranymous: @LaheyFPS you mean: Do the creatures above the food chain get a chance to mate? luxbock: @georgehotz if you want to take the long way, start studying Category Theory now πŸ™‚ scatterp2: @georgehotz can I ask you a question about aslr ? luxbock: I recommend the book Seven Sketches in Compositionality, it is freely available online luxbock: it is for “applied CT”, i.e. it has real world examples of applications Zacharycht: paradigm celiezz: how will coma become profitable exactly? grizvok: ive been thinking of literally EVERYTHING like that recently. every class, every file, etc. what are the inputs what is the desired output euranymous: whats ML? paradox109: machine learning? Number___Nine: ocaml AdvanceCoder4Life: What is your real goal, George? Are you creating an app or evaluating an algo using code? zoki_macola: Did anyone manage to create a mini-universe with cellular automata? With some simple particles and their interactions? swsh: Have you seen Bartosz Milewski’s stuff on category theory? scatterp2: it allows you to apply categorys to stuff there’s a very large maths book about it I thought it might work well for fuzzing Zacharycht: isnt that called overstanding Ipkstef: @georgehotz has CommaAI been using real-state data in its simulator and if so have you started training with that dataset? Zacharycht: when you fully overstand programmer42: brb I’ll take a quick shower tfue_is_dog_shit: can you prove 0 is 1 Number___Nine: zoki_macola John Conway did grizvok: that makes sense Keyeh: ml is glorified statistics Quad___lol: machine learning and AI is just advanced statistics … jagger_rsw: so ML is like natural evolution (program as DNA) swsh: true is not false is True by definition of “not” Keyeh: all nature physical phenomena can be posed as a optimization/minimzation problem dawgwhisper007: category theory simplified – c19946: Hey people buy Geo’s Subaru sh**s it’s great I promise… iTeQo_: F this shit. I‘m switching to Minecraft stream instead jagger_rsw: it fits your definition, life is a massively parallel search process operating on a biological computer immersed in slightly salty water scatterp2: there’s a book higher topos theory which helps explain category maths luxbock: @scatterp2 I think topos theory is great once you already know some CT, but if you are intimidated by regular CT, then topos theory is probably the worst possible area to start from tfue_is_dog_shit: talk is cheap, show me the code Aerdayne: monkaHmm vave2_: pajaScoots strminftr: @tfue_is_dog_shit do you even brain? Jewishrambo: Kreygasm scatterp2: @luxbock geo could handle it I suppose Kimx_: Plants are whores. Aerdayne: I spay my dna over everything too like plants Quad___lol: can you not say word sex? my mum always looks at me byte_baron: ^ byte_baron: please stop the naughty talk ! asaalgk: having the option is a better word than choice Jewishrambo: lol byte_baron: no randy talk please fella ! knilecrack: you can if bitches can show tits you can say sex zoki_macola: πŸ˜€ mexeroserisback: LUL jagger_rsw: so, what’s the search function that human brain uses to solve problems? Like going through known patterns and applying them one after another until something works? Number___Nine: Quad___lol so Coq is OK but SEX isn’t? :)) FargioFarmani: Hi mom! Zacharycht: bye Keyeh: if we can say coq we can say secs Zacharycht: sex Number___Nine: seqs sultantw: hyper active kid Bitcoin__: Bitcoin__ subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 8 months, currently on a 8 month streak! Love your content scatterp2: @luxbock what’s your background do you hack ? luxbock: @scatterp2 topos theory is categorical abstraction on higher order logic, which means in terms of abstractness it ranks just about as high as any subject I can think of, except of course for higher-topos theory πŸ™‚ luxbock: @scatterp2 I’m just an internet addict kektobiologist: whats going on i dont understand stream title Keyeh: prove it with coq asaalgk: sounds like from schmidhuber mexeroserisback: Why should I understand it, I just download Sklearn 4Head xrealyy: nice coq prvk3: LMFAOO paradoxeryy: i guess they meant in nature, everything’s a sum of smaller parts mexeroserisback: its a metaphorical statement Quad___lol: not sure if mr trump would like it Number___Nine: PhD. in Coq eax_ebx: mb it’s mean superposition? kektobiologist: im too 3Head for this channel hideoto: hambHey asaalgk: i remember reading the reason witty humor is funny is because it compresses information and we like that xrealyy: why proving something obvious? slArkBig: you have to put metaphor in order to finish this paper el_Razor: its a Sayl chair ? prezk0: @georgehotz what’s the point of all this? are you trying to win the hutter prize? spenceman4311: filler garbage Keyeh: because mathematicians are not real people 4Head jagger_rsw: are you seeing a chance for training models with ML to prove math conjectures in the future? murkythunder: N OMEGALUL hideoto: Most journals will probably reject too short (human wordy) papers vave2_: N squadOmega mexeroserisback: I think its a problem with the subject itself. The authors are trying to connect the math to real world examples but it does not really make any sense since the math is way too abstract Kimx_: haha love this guy. I always feel the same way knilecrack: this is easy to understand with structures and compositional. Keyeh: you don’t have the pre-requisites to understand this paragraph 4Head averagesizepens: install pre-requisites please scatterp2: there’s a video I can suggest murkythunder: gender KappaPride mexeroserisback: Maybe check Terence Tao’s website? He explains math extremely well scatterp2: largely it’s complicated all the way ViktorTV: I mean you are a college dropout so it’s hard for you to comprehend. Kappa CondomsWontFit: LUL dawgwhisper007: lol Ya_mums_granny: LUL whichtom: I mean you’re reading a pub, which inherently uses exclusive language because academia is wack tunacan_man: LUL Keyeh: WutFace Number___Nine: ResidentSleeper dawgwhisper007: oh spenceman4311: pseudo-intellectual bullshit lol tunacan_man: the capitalist paradigm of consensus LUL tornpaperyoyos: that sounds like a bunch of nonsense LUL averagesizepens: it is, it’s all hegel’s fault murkythunder: why u gotta do jordan peterson like that jagger_rsw: you should read about the ontological argument, it’s the same type of mind-bender from XI century πŸ™‚ luxbock: @georgehotz CT arose from the need to unify different areas of mathematics, it is often described as the mathematics of mathematics, which explains the language. because of this it has a very steep learning curve, but once you get there you have a very nice birds eye view on many topics outside of mathematics (such as theorem proving, machine learning, dynamical systems etc.) mexeroserisback: @georgehotz there is a math paper generator as well LUL veeniii: humans also generate a lot of nonsense, no need for a computer ^^ anup_kodlekere: your webcam blinks dawgwhisper007: what is a markoff chain jaalle: Marx was right purplepinapples: markov chain strminftr: got it, thx ViktorTV: good old hmms swsh: KarlMarxov chain paradoxeryy: the more they lean into abstraction the lower the truthfulness of the statement, since it’s building on other ‘can’t prove in reality’ stuff, hence y math>social sciences xrealyy: you want win noble or what? xrealyy: *nobel jagger_rsw: in literature Number___Nine: category theory ASMR prafaeltsantos: whats is @georgehotz favorite linux distro? πŸ˜€ paradoxeryy: nobel doesn’t award math accomplishments, The Fields Medal is your math nobel Number___Nine: prafaeltsantos Arch knilecrack: mac os luxbock: @georgehotz it means absolute value swsh: it is absolute value eax_ebx: btw I use arch xrealyy: @paradoxeryy dawgwhisper007: pipe character is to indicate absolute values shlver: math NotLikeThis sane72: distance is absolute value of the difference Number___Nine: meth prafaeltsantos: @Number___Nine hoooww boy, he really likes difficult things…. xrealyy: this is what happens when you code your entire life Number___Nine: prafaeltsantos there was a stream of geohot installing arch mexeroserisback: but it is true in the prime field Z_p kilo_atl: Love that noise luxbock: @georgehotz also negation does not preserve order, 3hammer or spear mexeroserisback: well rounded fake news kilo_atl: I just want the AI machine to be president Daniel_Duan: i watch geohotz grizvok: are you kidding yes shlver: Automation already is lmao Zacharycht: the odds of a better outcome are higher with voting then right? whichtom: the question is when, not if tunacan_man: The argument against that would be that more jobs were generated in other sectors paradoxeryy: @jagger_rsw that’s just the english derivation paradoxeryy: @jagger_rsw … itself a borrowing and Byzantine Greek σκλάβος sklábos “slave,” which was in turn apparently derived from a misunderstanding of the Slavic autonym (denoting a speaker of their own languages). Quad___lol: gender studies are the future OmarBeBallin: you mean they developed machines that were able to replace the jobs a lot of humans did xqcT Number___Nine: slaven sind sklaven xrealyy: Fuck automation and AI paradoxeryy: @jagger_rsw bla bla However, the origin of this word is disputed. thomasmas: ????????????? Keyeh: now look up services jobs over time celiezz: 4th toilet run this stream? Haffa: xrealyy ? why? shlver: lol don’t be a luddite. iron_lasagna: !uptime jagger_rsw: @paradoxeryy i don’t like half winning the disputes πŸ˜‰ Haffa: i would love to do nothing but what i wanted zoki_macola: !uptime grizvok: @tunacan_man some jobs will be generated in other sectors. that doesn’t mean it’s going to be some 1 to 1 thing averagesizepens: wash hands pls aresfour: i love these streams sixd: is this a view of his whole house? sixd: kitchen, bed 0om4ar: what the companies will be using all these people at ? MrBankster: dude when will web dev no longer be a job? dawgwhisper007: just learn rapidminer Keyeh: now look up services jobs over times Dawoud3: Hi George, could you explain how have you build the’s device that controls the car (hardware, software), or do you want to keep it secret? caslecasle: xD paradoxeryy: @jagger_rsw idk why you’re getting upset, it’s just your average fail fun fact stuff Xaotic: Somebody gift me a sub pls OmarBeBallin: That graph should plot number of humans and machines working in water and maybe it would be consistent xqcT Xaotic: I am in 3rd world country 5 usd is too much grizvok: @MrBankster a LONG time. Xaotic: gift me pl0x jagger_rsw: @pai don’t, just kidding, good to know more Haffa: the guy handing out mints at the male toilets. we need those Zacharycht: no’ Xaotic: I live in underdeveloped world @georgehotz catacata92: The only thing that it is or can be bad it is stupidity, even if you are poor or an billionaire or ‘slave’ it does not matter if you do not have variations in thinking and you are close to an potato jagger_rsw: @paradoxeryy i don’t, just kidding, good to know more Number___Nine: cooking stream zgamer0123: George can u sum up all the things you have been doing, i’ve just arrived πŸ˜€ paradoxeryy: @jagger_rsw grizvok: @zgamer0123 its been a series of awesome tangents friendfromfuture: Yeah can u sum up all the things you have been doing, i’ve just arrived ProfElements1: Learning and failing of category theory Lutefisk123: Yeah can u sum up all the things you have been doing, i’ve just arrived dyslexicat: geohot stream FeelsGoodMan dawgwhisper007: progamming jobs will be cut in half prafaeltsantos: We don´t need jobs, every one is going to have heath and the machines do the job……. TheIlluminati TheIlluminati Quad___lol: Yeah can u sum up all the things you have been doing, i am just retarded and stupid jagger_rsw: cooking, I was thinking that geohot survives on pure python injected into veins beginbot: They aren’t just a doorman they are a door friends! dawgwhisper007: hail rapidminer Caene: You look healthy, George. aresfour: @georgehotz are you tryna build the code search thing that erlang joe often talked about? Number___Nine: healthy 2019 friendfromfuture: There was a talk about doorman Number___Nine: like Putin dyslexicat: PogChamp dawgwhisper007: superficial whichtom: why tho Cal3b123: how come you have zotero installed 🤔 mexeroserisback: Kreygasm Quad___lol: πŸ˜€ JUST_5HEAD: lmfao shlver: that’s a goal? lmao why? thomasmas: Kreygasm jagger_rsw: just use some AI program to convert your pic whichtom: aren’t you a slave to instagram Haffa: woowoo woo. TOS no guns on stream Kappa xrealyy: can someone tell me why automation and AI is/will be good for us? Is it only to make life easier? MrBankster: huge arms man kito__: the question is are you eating enough athmo2: dat biceps tho Dawoud3: Hi George, could you explain how have you build the’s device that controls the car (how did you connect hardware with software), or do you want to keep it secret? hoffs: Do you have a day job rn george? Keyeh: what do you think that with automation humans have been working more than ever in history? Fulk33: did we prove true is not false yet? dyslexicat: but true is false πŸ™‚ aresfour: whats the endgame for humans tho tornpaperyoyos: @dyslexicat lies Number___Nine: “false” has more letters dyslexicat: north korea LUL swagettiyolonaise69: as if usa is a free country Keyeh: free country KKona c0alman: CarlSmile shlver: It’s a balancing act for the people in the power. Create inequality and work essential for survival, people become ignorant and only look forward to their biweekly payroll directrix13: @georgehotz have you used ACL2? Number___Nine: define “free” dyslexicat: monkaS tornpaperyoyos: china will ban you hoffs: china big investor Quad___lol: china is the best πŸ™‚ averagesizepens: scared of china LUL quickfloor: @georgehotz What’s a day bro MrBankster: get that china moneis Number___Nine: no more Shengen trips AntiVax_SoccerMom: MingLee “Yes cancel George Hotz right now” xrealyy: Im wondering if Geo is better than Snowden in coding ICAntF331MyFAce: That’ll affect the bottom line Keyeh: great country bro MingLee mexeroserisback: monkaS quickfloor: Also @georgehotz love’s chines foods . like rice raulciuntastefan: great country lulk hideoto: Don’t watch Winnie Pooh, ever again! Xaotic: CHINA NUMBER 1 tornpaperyoyos: the new form of “dont taze me bro” LUL astr0nils: china is going to be whats called world nowadays PogChamp and geohot is banned from the world Quad___lol: @georgehotz just say HK is China and all good πŸ™‚ sixd: what drugs are you on? tornpaperyoyos: instead of “dont taze me bro” nowadays its “dont cancel me bro” LUL okeeeeeee: george hotz stream PogChamp quickfloor: !uptime c0alman: @sixd Caffeine πŸ™‚ MrBankster: how much adderral you do this morning? paradoxeryy: @xrealyy how do they even compare lol, snowden is known for his activism while george is for his dev stuff, you just picked two famous techies Keyeh: i’m 21 πŸ™‚ FargioFarmani: @georgehotz What is your opinion about Siraj Raval? quickfloor: @FargioFarmani is he on drugs ? dorkmo: a/s/l ? okeeeeeee: LUL MatiGoG: ^ W1lkins: how are the airpod pros Kappa shlver: idk man, once i quit weed my productivity shot through the roof MatiGoG: exposed dannyy_r: so do you guys think the growing amount of programming jobs is just a bubble that is gonna burst in the future and then there aren’t going to be a lot of jobs in the future and lots of cs dudes with no job Keyeh: monkaS Quad___lol: what about sir raj? paradoxeryy: @W1lkins works for Palantir, say what okeeeeeee: wastes 280$ LUL SnakeOneMLG: you mentioned them on last stream lemonboxed: leaf juice is potent drug dorkmo: subaru video W1lkins: it was mentioned on the company who shall not be named stream slArkBig: are you going to buy the latest 16 inch mbp dannyy_r: OH NO prafaeltsantos: what…adderall helps concentration??? hoffs: coke laced green leaf tea spitza: Can you code while on weed? Keyeh: dude the proof that true is not false is RIGHT THERE quickfloor: !uptime friendfromfuture: if there is no jobs then how will people be able to buy food? paradoxeryy: @prafaeltsantos ye, it adds more erall’s to your system quickfloor: why uptime doesn’t work ? murkythunder: TRUE Cal3b123: @keyeh lol MrBankster: sometime you should do a stream where you hack video games mexeroserisback: ex falso quodlibet Number___Nine: spitza yes, but you gonna need a lot of adderall to fix that afterwards lemonboxed: that means u r learning Vjasal: false ->true=true Number___Nine: ANON_6 dimplik: is this prolog? eax_ebx: coq swsh: you can prove anythong from false, that’s what false is okeeeeeee: ?????? Number___Nine: some serious formal prove shite murkythunder: prove that you can it 4Head Fulk33: prove it by contradiction quickfloor: Like false isn’t true but true is false ? NotLikeThis mexeroserisback: True and not True ->False Number___Nine: so… we can’t after all lmao swsh: Coq is garbage asaalgk: it gets taught in the first class of discrete math sk84uhlivin: sk84uhlivin subscribed with Twitch Prime. Keyeh: bruh contradiction in 2019 mexeroserisback: Cant you just assume True and not True and then leave out the not True to prove True Cal3b123: dimplik: George Hotz the 1st, brought to his knees by the scripture written on half a pdf page. sk84uhlivin: Glad you brought the coq files back, have fun πŸ™‚ shlver: whats happening? OpieOP Fulk33: whats H? tornpaperyoyos: what language is George programming in sk84uhlivin: Coq Keyeh: god’s language Number___Nine: assert(true==false) movAX13h: true can not exist w/o false gimmighyone: you are speaking the language of gods jbyte1988: good jon jbyte1988: good job gimmighyone: good john astr0nils: good joe jbyte1988: StoneLightning Fulk33: love how @georgehotz is just guessing the next step and pretends he understands when its right :DDD Number___Nine: hack the logic okeeeeeee: ^ lol swsh: False is an empty set, the proof is just no definition by Curry-Horward Keyeh: he’s doing a random search bro ornis1: Что он делает? hoffs: is anything ever true gimmighyone: @Fulk33 fake it till you make it tornpaperyoyos: @ornis1 hes trying to prove true is not false itsChoudhry: I just tuned in what is this? what’s the paper? tornpaperyoyos: should change the stream message to “can we prove that false implies true” volere: does george have a twitter JUST_5HEAD: now im hungry too fuck Unsavable: What is the actuation force for these switches? okeeeeeee: tendies burger? Quad___lol: proving something is not is easier than something is πŸ™‚ MrBankster: microwave don’t take 25 mins Unsavable: They sound so heavy tornpaperyoyos: should change the stream message to “can we prove that false implies true” luxbock: @georgehotz note that the arrow in the book does not mean “implies”, it is more general and implication can be one form that it takes in a suitable setting, but if you read it as implies everytime you will be confused later Caene: @georgehotz You clearly excel in what you’re doing, programming and whatnot. Why do you think that is? What brought you to that point? Just lucked out on genes and turned out “smart” straight out the vagina? Or would you say there’s a specific thing, that other people can somewhat mimic/train themselves to do? Do you do something specific? Visualize problems/solutions in your head? Anything special? JUST_5HEAD: imagine not visualizing LUL d0ubletruth: @Caene its called adderall Number___Nine: ornis1 формально доказывает что true !=false zoki_macola: rust is better than python Mariosavitch: what the hell are these blog posts tornpaperyoyos: should change the stream message to “can we prove that false implies true” superragetastic: this is a family friendly stream boys and girls Kappa bytebacon: Category theory is plenty useful in functional programming Keyeh: some joe rogan dmt shit right there samtheprogram: Find a rust zero-day Mariosavitch: ??? swsh: category theory can make you feel smart Kappa camrod91: @Extern AntiVax_SoccerMom: LUL UrWifeMyKids: LUL AntiVax_SoccerMom: DO IT PogChamp Mariosavitch: false implies true my friend @georgehotz MonkaSupreme: diy stream PogChamp ornis1: @Number___Nine А для чего? Он пытается сделать свой ЯП? okeeeeeee: confirmed PogChamp Quad___lol: POG Keyeh: do it and stream it PogChamp gazny: Test it to prove it wrong Quad___lol: DO IT volere: seems this is your next project grizvok: LOL JUST_5HEAD: LMFAOO MonkaSupreme: DO IT PogChamp MonkaSupreme: donation goal PogChamp JUST_5HEAD: XAAXAXAXAXAX ziyaedin: I just ordered one Keyeh: infrared bro Number___Nine: ornis1 учиться как доказывать на языке coq hkisthebest: @georgehotz where do you live? W1lkins: This is prime hn shit MonkaSupreme: XAXA? okeeeeeee: fake graphs LUL asaalgk: OMEGALUL Keyeh: LUL MonkaSupreme: lol Quad___lol: LULW Mariosavitch: is that cummulative searches? bytebacon: Make slam in Haskell UrWifeMyKids: LUL okeeeeeee: its only usa, the world is caring about it Kappa @georgehotz JUST_5HEAD: LOOOL tornpaperyoyos: LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL soisoisoi: LUL grizvok: TENDIES lemonboxed: one of our worm ancestors evolved by being able to detect light with a hole in its head grizvok: TENDIES ALARM Number___Nine: food is here movAX13h: easier to put everything in a box for machines to learn Quad___lol: porn Mariosavitch: debt AntiVax_SoccerMom: gold AntiVax_SoccerMom: silver MonkaSupreme: gold Quad___lol: search for porn Cal3b123: pretty sure graph in blog is ngram graph hkisthebest: search geohotz ragemaster999: what papers are you reading? dorkmo: whats in the oven? asaalgk: based dorkmo: it beeped! Hueston94: Besides Zotero Connector and uBlock Origin what is the other extension you use? dorkmo: is it done? superragetastic: tendiiiieees SwiftRage Fulk33: Dude I bet mathematicians like math so much because LaTeX makes it look so good that yiu wanna bust a nut W1lkins: dorkmo, no he just put it in and it takes 45 min gazny: This just looks like Inequality squares dorkmo: aw cool okeeeeeee: tendies panicBasket AntiVax_SoccerMom: so why is category theory so cool now? lemonboxed: you can save on tender refrigeration cost by shipping live chicken bytebacon: Jordan Peterson hates postmodernists Cal3b123: so when are you ordering the near infared lamp whichtom: all the more reason to trust them W1lkins: Nice review “dont waste you’re time” Kappa Quad___lol: πŸ˜€ lemonboxed: maybe its working for him Number___Nine: AntiVax_SoccerMom because of all the bugs in software people are trying to switch to “safe” more abstract languages samtheprogram: Predict the next recession based on the popularity of category theory superragetastic: jp doesn’t know what postmodernism means πŸ™ Quad___lol: DO IT Quad___lol: buy a huge infrared lamp W1lkins: can you prove that a chicken can be turned into tenders using coq samtheprogram: That’s like regular business development tornpaperyoyos: should change the stream title to “can we prove that false implies true” bytebacon: Postmodernists are a bunch of verysmarts W1lkins: yo bro, what wavelength of infra-red light are you using these days Mariosavitch: the term “unemployment” would be better Fulk33: Lets write a turing machine, that can write to its transition function revolutionist123: i do it always, what the problem? 🤔 Number___Nine: clear correlation AntiVax_SoccerMom: Number___Nine ah ty grizvok: LOL whichtom: based on a sample size of 1 dorkmo: leading indicator! Number___Nine: bored mathematicians lost jobs as business analysts scatterp2: correlation does not imply causation yum72: add bitcoin averagesizepens: is he trolling, i might belive that Keyeh: fake economy KKona AntiVax_SoccerMom: thats teh pump pereyy: i really hope you are trolling right now alphasweetpea: Im just tuning in, now i gotta google category theory Number___Nine: Nakamoto superragetastic: Galaxy fuckin brain PogChamp xLequix: is this still twitch? JUST_5HEAD: Kappa pereyy: google trends are not leading indicators of anything dude okeeeeeee: do a ted talk about it @georgehotz bytebacon: @scatterp2 models don’t necessarily need to differentiate that for them to be useful. JUST_5HEAD: and infrared averagesizepens: LUL jagger_rsw: corellation not causation? πŸ™‚ wiseai: 5Head pereyy: large funds know whats happening before the public alphasweetpea: Bitcoin has artifical supply, which is a red flag for me Jimbo51: ig nobel prize coming your way grizvok: at least a tedx talk pereyy: to suggest otherwise is complete nonsense MonkaSupreme: your paper is gonna influence the google trends results for category theory, so you have to adjust for that Kappa JUST_5HEAD: noise? W1lkins: throw some infra-red light in there too somewhere revolutionist123: PogChamp i just gain 1 more iq okeeeeeee: holy its true PogChamp no742617000027: is this real life? first time i catch a live stream Kreygasm MonkaSupreme: right now you are pumping category theory trends LUL Number___Nine: haskell mafia Keyeh: you so smart dude, have you been shining infrared light this morning? wiseai: Kappa revolutionist123: @georgehotz check if is white noise alphasweetpea: Hey is there any movement on your maps solution lemonboxed: whats the difference between infrared light and chemical x bytebacon: Can you verify that with a couple of more companies? Microsoft? Amazon? 751469823: alpha for sure Ammar410: hello murkythunder: LUL Keyeh: LUL camrod91: Are we still in a simulation? samtheprogram: This is amazing naabee_: Goodhart’s Law Zabiak12345: PogChamp christian__james: that’s a reverse 5Head Number___Nine: is category theory scam? JUST_5HEAD: your food is ready W1lkins: delete the vod @georgehotz alphasweetpea: Thats smart wiseai: we are not going to tell no one revolutionist123: too complex for me, can you go back to companies roasts? @georgehotz Ammar410: do u know abt RPA Development? dorkmo: subscriber only vod for catagory theory wisdom MonkaSupreme: buy buy 📈 christian__james: I agree lemonboxed: you can use category theory to destroy goodharts law murkythunder: suscribe to onlyfans SKPTCL: sec alert unikid93: KNOCK KNOCK SEC grizvok: im down samtheprogram: I always ruin stuff by observing it alphasweetpea: Lol i hope SEC isnt here SKPTCL: ive been undercover Sullyboy: isnt that illegal lol murkythunder: funds r safu AntiVax_SoccerMom: monkaS PanicPoint: I’m in MonkaSupreme: lets do it 📈 alphasweetpea: Thats only allowed by wallstreet banks George Vjasal: selling penny stocks big? i think i saw that in a movie dyslexicat: monkaS soopu: h revolutionist123: the next wolf? adriaroms: macOS? superragetastic: studio apartment costs 4k revolutionist123: cooking steam? PogChamp W1lkins: it hasn’t been 45 min, he’s gonna be poisoned πŸ™‚ W1lkins: RIP boys jagger_rsw: even people programming in coq must eat superragetastic: incoming salmonella πŸ™ raulciuntastefan: lol Number___Nine: coq people only eat prana adriaroms: Yep JUST_5HEAD: CHEW LOUDER 😡 abita: social eating adriaroms: adriaroms subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 3 months, currently on a 2 month streak! hello superragetastic: MUKBANG jagger_rsw: isn’t it in coq community guidelines that all coq porgrammers should eat only kale bytebacon: ASMR revolutionist123: chewing noise DansGame Extrn: eta wen h4ns_b4mbel: Metamath zero>Coq Fulk33: @georgehotz I like to think the universe is a probabilistic cellular automata with a cell size close to the plank length, thoughts? bytebacon: Where can I buy the label-less keyboard that George uses? lemonboxed: every stream becomes asmr lemonboxed: at some point SimStig: what are we coding? superragetastic: AGI movAX13h: @Fulk33 Nikola Tesla said that atomism is nonsense scatterp2: @luxbock do you know how to apply category theory in practice ? bytebacon: George, checkout Mendeley. Makes it super easy to manage all your papers lemonboxed: this sounds like the edm version of elevator music swsh: Let’s learn Lean Theorem Prover volere: PepePls anthraxvirus322: what are we coding today chat πŸ™‚ okeeeeeee: templeos in recommendations LUL camrod91: lol templeos Keyeh: RIP terry anthraxvirus322: neural network PogChamp anthraxvirus322: POG oksan309: RIP grandpa kitchen gazny: Temple os Recommended PogChamp lemonboxed: looks like anthraxvirus322: monkaS AntiVax_SoccerMom: shame anthraxvirus322: what was that bytebacon: Complicated Hilbert Spaces Keyeh: he was trying to prove that thix axiom was true pkacprzak: @bytebacon that’ll be remembered for many years C4TFive: We about to solve fermat’s last theorem live on twitch revolutionist123: here comes the time we realise how stupid we are superragetastic: tendies are done lemonboxed: it was implied anthraxvirus322: LUL tendies done SeemsGood swsh: Dude says they’re close at formalising Ferma in Lean anthraxvirus322: NotLikeThis Keyeh: almost Kappa anthraxvirus322: almos Kapp h4ns_b4mbel: Mindfuck O.o superragetastic: we want tendies anthraxvirus322: talking about chat monkaS averagesizepens: wash hands pls anthraxvirus322: wash hands DansGame lemonboxed: has anyone tried brushing oil on the outside of tendies and airfrying revolutionist123: never wash hands LUL xrealyy: where C4TFive: Unwashed bathroom hands give the tendies that je ne sais quoi okeeeeeee: Kreygasm anthraxvirus322: Kreygasm anthraxvirus322: what logic is this FeelsWeirdMan lemonboxed: a little fecal matter improves your immune system FargioFarmani: Very good reason indeed okeeeeeee: “germs cant fly high” bytebacon: wash hands vs. use sanitizer revolutionist123: sure Kappa unikid93: what if the line that intersects the first triangle edge is parallel to on of the other sides of the triangle @georgehotz wiseai: PowerPoint time anthraxvirus322: powerpoint ResidentSleeper lemonboxed: isn’t it like 1000 pages of proofs bytebacon: newton was one hell of a mathboi lemonboxed: mathlad* anthraxvirus322: is this used in moden algos ? bytebacon: absolute mathlad FargioFarmani: What if eating raw chicken would improve your gut flora? @georgehotz lemonboxed: unit zoki_macola: those windows are messing with my ocd awesomeo113: Ayyy Number___Nine: twitchmath Mariosavitch: we did it JUST_5HEAD: metameth lkmao lemonboxed: metameth W1lkins: twitch meth Mariosavitch: we are already on metameth awesomeo113: I love meth awesomeo113: I mean math lemonboxed: metameth is infra-red coke beamed straight into your dome lemonboxed: nostrils god_damn: the reddit classic anthraxvirus322: @awesomeo113 open up monkaS speejay1: george I type faster than you bro JUST_5HEAD: what if they think infrared in your brain is cool ? πŸ™‚ mcdrizzle_: I always outsource my thinking to top reddit comments Number___Nine: they’ve scammed geo into a meme Quad___lol: but we are sourcing our thinking to you so make a good decision CaptCalifornia: CaptCalifornia subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 3 months, currently on a 3 month streak! i work at Amazon and it fucking blows can you please do more leetcode on stream so i can pass my Google interview in January? big thanks bro revolutionist123: licking unwashed hands Kreygasm CaptCalifornia: man FUCK u BootsForCats: opening this many tabs gives me anxiety Quad___lol: only idiots work for corporations Number___Nine: found your own company CaptCalifornia: nah nah im not trolling lol CaptCalifornia: I mean I was trying to be funny but I’m serious CaptCalifornia: cmonBruh CaptCalifornia: any team, they all get free food grizvok: really deep bytebacon: georgieboi – he slacc, he hacc, but most importantly he loves his snacc anthraxvirus322: what do you think of AWS @CaptCalifornia is it as bad as amazon ? Number___Nine: no free food at amazon? JUST_5HEAD: @CaptCalifornia thats the thing bulbaz0r: george how do you get a data science job that isn’t shit is the real question CaptCalifornia: NO WTF god_damn: bro amazon doesnt have free bathrooms CaptCalifornia: @anthraxvirus322 yeah i’m on AWS JUST_5HEAD: lmao minmaxy: yep, amazonian here too FargioFarmani: Amazon is not a great place to work at, I heard revolutionist123: LUL CaptCalifornia: LMAO W1lkins: I wanna work on the hangouts team lemonboxed: amazon buys wholefoods does not have free food W1lkins: oh wait Kappa Mariosavitch: they dont even have gender bathrooms anon543264: lmao Number___Nine: amazon warehose SnakeOneMLG: facebook best company probably anthraxvirus322: @CaptCalifornia damn i was preparing for AWS wiseai: NO FOOD OMEGALUL Free3ze: OpieOP CaptCalifornia: I literally go to whole foods 3 times a day and give my money BACK TO JEFF BEZOS FUCK revolutionist123: probably pay to work LUL grizvok: shit i have free snacks at my company and we’re worth only 400mil Attlantiz_: a pkacprzak: that’s awesome, imagine people picking jobs like 100 years ago based on free food perks minmaxy: yeah it’s the “frugality” principle th3_maj0r: Does “the company that we can’t talk about” offer free food? anthraxvirus322: @CaptCalifornia which division are u working in i mean service ? Quad___lol: google propaganda, results have been adjusted W1lkins: that’s a yes th3_maj0r Number___Nine: is food free at CaptCalifornia: @anthraxvirus322 O CaptCalifornia: @anthraxvirus322 I’m on an AWS EC2 team bytebacon: i work for HERE. making autonomous car shizz ibimsmarry: how is comma getting revenue? unikid93: Hi amazonians pls teach us how to use lambda th3_maj0r: A disgusted “yes” CaptCalifornia: @georgehotz aight putting in my application now LUL jagger_rsw: working project-zero is not bad, on the left best haxor in the world, on the right second best haxoor, your manager is a really good haxxor leknar: does offer free food ? littlebighead82: is this an asmr channel ?!?! stalys_: imagine going outside in 2019 CaptCalifornia: LOOOOOOOOOOL thank you cybergenik: George I’m about to graduate school can I apply to your company, maybe just as a Jr. Dev or something. okeeeeeee: LUL anthraxvirus322: LUL wiseai: A M A Z OMEGALUL N W1lkins: leknar banned awesomeo113: I’d prefer to not work for a company that says implements bias FargioFarmani: Now all I have to do is to pass the Google Interview… cybergenik: pleeaaaaaaaaase Number___Nine: free bar at comma jagger_rsw: is it easier to get hired at project-zero or at comma? πŸ™‚ caslecasle: jesus tris790: hahaha zenkai_oogway: DansGame Ya_mums_granny: DansGame god_damn: run it under the tap Quad___lol: suck it gordovolador: DansGame pereyy: tendies in the keys NotLikeThis Fight_Stick: clean it with a toothbrush xrealyy: how many employees do you have in comma tunacan_man: @god_damn LUL bytebacon: @captcalifornia what is “bursting” exactly when it comes to t2/t3 instances? Julean: wait he doesnt have symbols on his keyboard minmaxy: that’s the thing, working at Amazon is my way of proving that I pass the bar, maybe not comma’s though CaptCalifornia: @bytebacon I have no fucking idea dawg Number___Nine: lear how to coq lemonboxed: leave the tender inside as a reward Number___Nine: *learn okeeeeeee: “bar at comma is very high, i have chicken tenders in my keyboard” AntiVax_SoccerMom: classy FargioFarmani: lol microwaving food? CaptCalifornia: I did 30 minutes of work for Amazon this entire last week I just went to other floors and leetcoded at work all day yum72: kiedy_sweter: @georgehotz what is your opinion about self d… estructive animals like giant pacific octopuses? CaptCalifornia: LUL understood wiseai: LEARN HOW TO COOK AND CODE W1lkins: I’ve learned how to remove chicken tendies from my keyboard bytebacon: free personal nvidia DGX-2 for new comma employees W1lkins: and to point near infra-red light at my head Number___Nine: cook and coq awesomeo113: He protec, he attac, but most importantly, he ban your acc eax_ebx: learn how to chill. Quad___lol: does comma ai offer free hookers and wild parties? W1lkins: Quad___lol banned Number___Nine: Quad___lol no, but you get to watch geo’s streams IRL CaptCalifornia: @Quad___lol nah that’s uber Attlantiz_: they have strippers unikid93: @Quad___lol yea they do and everyone can get drunk because the ai drives them hookers back K0enich: i heard Stratton Oakmont offers these services for their employees CaptCalifornia: KEKW Mariosavitch: jordan belfort hedge fund CaptCalifornia: BOOMER D: Attlantiz_: what happened to the razer laptop george wiseai: BOOMER god_damn: he really abou tit Mariosavitch: you said you like ponzi schemes xrealyy: where’s razer laptop okeeeeeee: cmonBruh Number___Nine: Attlantiz_ he’s selling it lemonboxed: snitches get movie deals Attlantiz_: did you not like it xD» xrealyy: no minecraft anymore? Attlantiz_: the Dell XPS 15 looks pretty nice cybergenik: Wait why did you sell ti what happened/ Mariosavitch: logic is a transparent ponzi scheme Attlantiz_: or a thinkpad bytebacon: you mean complicated numbers? Number___Nine: Attlantiz_ or Lenovo X1 Extreme Gen2 Attlantiz_: yeah thats a thinkpad Number___Nine: Attlantiz_ I hear cooling is better in Lenovo wiseai: Louis Rossmann told me only to buy thinkpads πŸ™‚ xxxelent: lol SKPTCL: stream rename: metamath phase 1 Attlantiz_: thinkpad is lenovo @Number___Nine lemonboxed: documentation looks reasonable jaalle: Damn are we done with cock nahamsec: 72 raiders from nahamsec have joined! b1tc0d3: its a raid boiis minmaxy: at least all the tangent talking serves a purpose euranymous: RAIDDDDDD Attlantiz_: no more co(ck) for george 740ii: nahamsDupsman Ekaeo: raid euranymous: nahamsBountyplz r4416: so are you gonna migrate everything to metamath? Number___Nine: Terry Davis HolyC.mp4 r4416: your previous code? Attlantiz_: george have you looked at the thinkpads x1 b1tc0d3: ooh basic math Kappa euranymous: We need @georgehotz as a guest in @nahamsec ‘s stream W1lkins: Grothendieck Kreygasm Number___Nine: Attlantiz_ after using Razor he called win10 the boomer shite, so I suppose he’s not interested Ash_F0x: Let’s go @nahamsec raid! awesomeo113: I hate it at google. I’m interviewing to go work at WeWork. Wish me luck @georgehotz CaptCalifornia: @awesomeo113 what the fuck Attlantiz_: boooomeeeer. A linux dist would be pretty nice too or even a hackintosh whichtom: holy shit nahamsec damn xxxelent: @awesomeo113 idk what wework is but pog Attlantiz_: he seemed to like windows 10 a lot in the first days though xD Number___Nine: Attlantiz_ linux doesn’t even have the floppy driver euranymous: LUL Attlantiz_: do you need floppy drivers lmao minmaxy: just install it and find out how it works Attlantiz_: is that for floppy disks slow_manatee: link it CaptCalifornia: EZ euranymous: link alphasweetpea: I learned application of math before I learned the theory Number___Nine: math hackers work at NSA minmaxy: CaptCalifornia: @alphasweetpea I never truly learned either FeelsBadMan Attlantiz_: methmath EugeneIonesco: WeWork is the latest IPO hotness Attlantiz_: why is everyone doing IPOs lmao neptun44: what’s up boys anon543264: @georgehotz did you graduate from university? neptun44: whats happening CaptCalifornia: Pog @neptun44 here’s Attlantiz_: they all want to suck on the money tit CaptCalifornia: is here* bytebacon: Check this out: Number___Nine: that’s what businesses do Attlantiz_: @anon543264 HE dropped from carnegie mellon afaik xxxelent: this pdf is existentially moving Number___Nine: twitchread SKPTCL: :/ Attlantiz_: nooooo georgeee dont leave us okeeeeeee: BibleThump SnakeOneMLG: link it SKPTCL: read it anon543264: @Attlantiz_ thanks okeeeeeee: link? SKPTCL: with stream onm wiseai: link pdf CaptCalifornia: pce out enjoy ✌️ Attlantiz_: yesssss wiseai: link the pdf SKPTCL: comfy Ash_F0x: can you link the pdf plz? purplepinapples: SnakeOneMLG: yes read it with the stream on Ash_F0x: thanks SKPTCL: reading with geohot πŸ˜€ Keyeh: WeSmart stream Attlantiz_: what is the pdf aboyt Number___Nine: does geo read as fast as he types? jay_al97: read together Number___Nine: reading book ASMR Attlantiz_: george do you suggest any books for like math and stuff for pre uni? or maybe for compsci Number___Nine: geo read aloud, plz naabee_: @georgehotz Number___Nine: nvm, I am trolling Number___Nine: siri can read though meedofenom: what are we doing here guys ? Number___Nine: meedofenom reading a book iTeQo_: Next page pls meedofenom: i mean .. the title … true is not false ? Number___Nine: meedofenom formally prove that Attlantiz_: not(False)=True Kappa lidermaury: come back later when you done reading Number___Nine: how many pages left? systemd_is_skynet: hopefully a lot meedofenom: oh, ok … proof by contradiction ? Attlantiz_: induction W1lkins: Number___Nine look at the scroll bar bruh kanogger: reading stream meridiansis: Terry Davis in the recommended section Number___Nine: meedofenom prove by SAT solving meridiansis: πŸ™ Attlantiz_: george do you have a kindle or something like that for ebooks Attlantiz_: or pdfs meedofenom: i miss this things from school πŸ™‚ dontbeameme: Quantum computing ? swsh: Thoughts? Number___Nine: Of course, you still don’t understand how… Number___Nine: true School47: Quantum is The rock Attlantiz_: quantum is a buzz word Kappa Number___Nine: quantum supremacy Attlantiz_: the media come up with all of the bs to get attention dontbeameme: Quantum programming meedofenom: what is this book ? alphasweetpea: Still fun to listen to in a group setting AntiVax_SoccerMom: ima take a deuce and get some pizza, cya guys Attlantiz_: @meedofenom W1lkins: PDF is laying out George’s future MonkaSupreme: its german lol meedofenom: @Attlantiz_ thx Number___Nine: you stream reading a book and getting money from twitch Number___Nine: what a time to me alive Number___Nine: *be meedofenom: still better than just dance renatobarresi: NotLikeThis dontbeameme: We in simulation nothing is true systemd_is_skynet: i cant watch if he’s not clicking randomly zigzati: @dontbeameme no swsh: is there any colab pdf reading app? W1lkins: swsh would you really wanna collab with twitch chat Number___Nine: talk is cheap show me the code swsh: true NotLikeThis tris790: norman mcgill vvapi: I wonder if stuff like this combined with fuzzing or neural nets could be useful Number___Nine: just train AI to do math for you minmaxy: that’s him, says it in the linkedin review movAX13h: @Number___Nine thats one reason this topic is so popular dontbeameme: Use touchscreen it’s 2019 and you still clicking 0om4ar: BabyRage @number___nine grizvok: why would he use a touchscreen movAX13h: @Number___Nine math has to be formalized for AI to work on maths stuff W1lkins: This guy is an NSA contractor Kappa W1lkins: “Boston information group” sure Kappa FurikuriYugi: I got a touchscreen laptop and it was so cool but then back to ext mouse cause real life work lol W1lkins: add him on linkedin jagger_rsw: fyi Google CTF is in progress, I see some cool challsin the sandbox category πŸ™‚ shieeeeeeeeet: have you ever tried using Firefox tree style tabs? jagger_rsw: Number___Nine: $31337 minmaxy: says June sebiyy: true is not false because my mama said so yab_kat: is it just me or is your connection a bit slower today? sebiyy: is your head big ? or is it the camera angle jagger_rsw: macosx, one needs root passwd to read a *.c file πŸ™‚ dontbeameme: Show pw Number___Nine: lol School47: LUL Number___Nine: read the book, not the chat 4play_: what mouse do you use? sounds clickety clickey minmaxy: at this point we’re on level 15 of the tangent anyway MonkaSupreme: LUL HousedHorse: Steve J OMEGALUL bs swsh: code your own MetaMath verifier, that would nice dontbeameme: Take a shot fkham: holy, its the one and only! whats up george! dontbeameme: True is only true because the simulation says so systemd_is_skynet: huh Number___Nine: sounds like those guys at AI LAB MAC HACK and AI Memos asaalgk: someones been following wildberger Number___Nine: research grants? dontbeameme: No money=not cool zigzati: wtf is a computer TCarriesYou: Hi I love ur content, i’m a broke student but once I get some cash i’ll be subbing to “your shit”! zigzati: im watching from ipad FurikuriYugi: Money==tool dontbeameme: No money=no vagina exclamationpointe: wanna take over the world w me hoffs: keep those people out of my gates dontbeameme: Posers make good memes Number___Nine: homebrew selfdriving cars iskjmss: fucking hack my dna ProfessorMagikarp0: clip it Kappa milanx64: Yeah I agree….too much money…..its not even fair fruit of labour…. slow_manatee: turn it into a pyramid scheme revolutionist123: so we watching porn now or what? exclamationpointe: y is thag necessary the internet is here just git gud milanx64: Like Arnold Schwarz did the true american dream and he has 400 mil net and yet Jeff Bezos worked the same amount or less and had 210 billion meridiansis: are there any pictures? sebiyy: i want to be your e-girlfriend alphasweetpea: Lower than i would think 3even: So does Larry David MonkaSupreme: LUL ekalsuwaidi: cmonBruh my_curiosity: πŸ˜€ hoffs: cmonBruh dontbeameme: Kanye made 5$ dad shoes 300$ vave2_: cmonBruh exclamationpointe: lol spongebob meme “thirty years later” i bet after i _______ ill understand what catehroh therory is orami: cmonBruh sebiyy: he used all on steroids sebiyy: Kapp robbsalm: @georgehotz how to pass linear algebra? AntiVax_SoccerMom: wasnt he a millionaire before he started his acting career? selling exercise equipment or something ProfessorMagikarp0: need eye tracker so we can follow along with reading Kappa grizvok: dude was a millionaire from selling supplements long before he was like super wealthy from body building i think orami: Austria PogChamp Number___Nine: got get distracted bro grizvok: he hustled movAX13h: it is STyria milanx64: Imagine if we put like a 10 bil or so upper cap on wealth then used it for the environment …ah now im too political movAX13h: part of Austria in Central Europe W1lkins: Jebaited grizvok: YES 3even: HAHAHAHAHA Number___Nine: environment is a scam sebiyy: Kappa CondomsWontFit: yes please Ya_mums_granny: DO IT orami: 🔨 BAN whichtom: LUL iskjmss: B A N sterowiecp: LUL grizvok: BAN hoffs: communism is the solution grizvok: END HIM 3even: “HoW dARe YoU!” dontbeameme: Yes sebiyy: JUST make a cap and give the rest to me valleyisle: jokerd6Gold dontbeameme: 100% Number___Nine: dollar bills are green just as grass and trees jagger_rsw: out of cotton i think st47ik: bitcoin can be in paper too Kappa W1lkins: how many trees did you save @georgehotz I saw Elon saved 1M trees Kappa iskjmss: @Number___Nine duuuude weed is green too zoki_macola: cannibalism sebiyy: 420IQ FurikuriYugi: Chickens will eat chicken milanx64: lo Caene: poor guy πŸ™ milanx64: lol FurikuriYugi: True story hoffs: well 10 bil wont be dollar bills it will be couple of bits Sublimus7: chickens will happily eat chickens hkisthebest: @georgehotz how much is your net worth, I can’t find it online orami: XD FargioFarmani: but money is not solely paper robbsalm: how do I pass math courses in computer science? damn professors kinda sucks FurikuriYugi: Nun Ya dontbeameme: Never mind the cargo ships LinhoArecon: 4 mill i think jagger_rsw: monies are not paper, used to be cotton, nowplastic etc. valleyisle: jokerd6Gold tree hugger 3even: USA USA USA sebiyy: buy a 9 mil like h3h3 sebiyy: 9mil house dontbeameme: All land will be New York City SKPTCL: what city would you buy land in? dawgwhisper007: military pereman2: can u reverse a list ? BabyRage estilen: bruh dontbeameme: yep robbsalm: can you reverse a linked list? sebiyy: light is flickering dontbeameme: They pick and choose whichtom: the illusion of freedom st47ik: how about privacy in the US? valleyisle: Same KKona 🇺🇸 movAX13h: every country has a constitution prafaeltsantos: bro…..Portugal….come here….. whichtom: the collective koolaid Caene: and yet the words on the document means nothing, since it’s not being applied W1lkins: yeah because it’s always adhered to Kappa dorkmo: “read my new white paper, the constituton of the united states of american” hoffs: yeah like p much every other country has constitution dawgwhisper007: you were a slave owner valleyisle: America is just better emoneyKona Fight_Stick: much better than relationship and money under the table states “shitholes” we people live in sebiyy: MA GUNS mystkomir: is it hard to get yourself to work? @georgehotz jagger_rsw: Pharaoh’s egypt lasted like 5k of years quickfloor: That is hard cuz you didn’t made for it @georgehotz . you made to be an engineer Sublimus7: America is one of the only cultures where it was formally defined by smart people at the outset Number___Nine: Founding Fathers hacked rights SKPTCL: what state would you buy a house in? Sublimus7: Not perfect, but a start valleyisle: xqcG 2nd amendment Caene: how is constitutional monarchy not based on principal? dontbeameme: USA USA USA dawgwhisper007: SLAVE OWNER quickfloor: China ? πŸ˜€ Number___Nine: just wait for the Mars Colony hoffs: founding fathers is such a meme name movAX13h: england, netherlands jagger_rsw: movAX13h: today quickfloor: So you like trump πŸ˜€ Richardable: Have you watched the Zuckerberg hearings? @georgehotz shlver: what does that even mean? “founding fathers is a meme name” sebiyy: TODAY WE’LL BE MAKING SCRAMBLED EGG PASTATHE BEST FOODIt is easy, cheap, good, easy, great, tasty, quick, low-cost, cool, pasta, nice, and tasty valleyisle: China has no rights jokerd6Gold Sublimus7: Progress! Keep in mind, the American govt is one of the oldest in the world shanumbra: hie MrBankster: you like indica or sativa? LinhoArecon: France France lol quickfloor: Middle east ? orami: Kappa fulfy: Magna Carta. The US constitution is based on it. Huskieee: For example the king of sweden has fuck all rights, he is more of a PR person Number___Nine: if you were Chinese you would have fled to the US Number___Nine: under H1B quickfloor: is that right USA using middle east resources to be still a big player in world ? think about like afghanistan or iraq oil stuffs valleyisle: Kingdom of Hawaii had a constitution until it got overthrew by America I think Super_saiyan_3: CHINA NUMBA WON milanx64: mm Interesting jagger_rsw: It’s not good that for me living in Switzerland I must feel I have no rights as opposed to geohot’s position in USA milanx64: I spent time in the Phillipines on a rice farm Number___Nine: soisoisoi: arent there conecentration camps in china? ykim122: i think you’re right. alot of us aren’t in China so its hard for us to relate sebiyy: EU #1 Richardable: Finland number uno valleyisle: Brainwashing people hkisthebest: @georgehotz have you ever been to Taiwan? prafaeltsantos: what……..China GOV is so bad that they are making a society based on points…. FargioFarmani: Yess, Switzerland! dontbeameme: Switzerland is gang gang for war revolutionist123: how much to find me a girlfriend? @georgehotz jagger_rsw: Die Schweiz valleyisle: 🇺🇸 #1 quickfloor: Freedome Super_saiyan_3: China has a social score so that it can create a decent society valleyisle: 🇺🇸 🤝 🇨🇭 astr0nils: yall come to Switzerland its lit over here FargioFarmani: Grüezi i de Schwiez death_gadget: Financial credit is not the same as Social Credit iTeQo_: 🇩🇪 #1 Sublimus7: Yeah but your American Credit Sore doesn’t change whether or not you can get a flight out of th country Caene: When I think about America, I don’t think “freedom” anymore, honestly. astr0nils: Salü whichtom: isn’t america just society based on points but its points in a bank acc? Number___Nine: quickfloor: Maybe because there is like 1B people in china jagger_rsw: on the usa – best country on the world – sebiyy: we live in a society sebiyy: πŸ™‚ dontbeameme: America 1984 big brother quickfloor: No you live in a video game Number___Nine: Elon lives in the US milanx64: I agree Poselsky: Czech republic

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  2. i left web & mobile dev because of your videos, now i wanna learn deep about programming, mathematics, statistics and computer


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