Genocide and Communism May Destroy South Africa (1/2)

hi I'm Alex Newman I'm a foreign correspondent with the new American and today I want to talk to you about South Africa and the situation that's happening down there actually have a copy of this magazine we actually produce it in November of 2012 is the cover date on here it's a genocide and communism threatened South Africa unfortunately since we produced this years ago the situation has continued to decline it's gotten so bad now that former president of South Africa FW de Klerk who shared the Nobel Peace Prize with the Nelson Mandela has come out and said that his people the Afrikaners may not exist in in a number of generations if this continues he's accused the president of stirring up a racial hatred against the Afrikaner population the white population of South Africa it's a really serious threat that they're facing and unfortunately the US government had a good deal to do with with all these problems that are happening there now by insisting on imposing you know the the Soviet backed political party that that ended up taking power there so when I talk to you a little bit about what's unfolding there because the establishment media of course was also contributed to this problem has remained completely silent about it so first let's talk about the communism aspect of it the political party that ended up seizing power the African National Congress the ANC was thoroughly dominated by the Communists from you know years decades before they actually took power and this was well known to all the intelligence agencies that the leaders of the ANC were members of the Communist Party Nelson Mandela who who went to jail for you know terrorism and communism and blowing things up blowing up civilians carrying tons of weapons and secret membership in the Communist Party and of course sabotage and treason he was actually a member of the Communist Party as well he was on the Central Committee of the South African Communist Party and this was only revealed after his death unfortunately both the South African Communist Party and the African National Congress put out statements acknowledging that Mandela was not just a communist he was on the mem he was a member of the Central Committee the decision-making body of the South African Communist Party which was of course a Soviet front I think that gives a little bit of context to understand what's been happening there you know there's so many myths about what happened in South Africa nobody needs to defend apartheid to realize that you don't want to communist terrorists to take over a country and you know there were many many black people in South Africa from many different tribes the Zulus and so on for many different nations if you will who did not want the Communists to take power unfortunately these people especially blacks were targeted for terrorism for absolute brutality like you can't imagine winning Mandela Nelson Mandela's wife she would brag about how they were going to liberate South Africa with these necklaces and matches so for those who don't know necklacing is actually whose it was a tactic pioneered by the ANC by the African National Congress where they would fill up a car tire with petrol with diesel with gasoline and they would set it on fire around a person's neck so you know one of the most agonizing ways to die that you could possibly imagine and thousands and thousands of black people were murdered by the ANC by the ANC terrorists as part of this campaign and you know they were bombing shopping malls that of course the church Street bombing it was a really big one where they blew up lots of innocent civilians just you know atrocity after atrocity they were on the Nelson Mandela and the African National Congress were actually on the US government's list of terrorists until 2008 so yeah this was all well known to everybody who needed to know and yet the US government and the United Nations and Soviet Union insisted on this so-called solution which involved handing power to these very same people something is obviously very wrong with that and it was pretty easy to forecast what would happen if you if you go back and you read the new American of 30 years ago you'll see that the new American predicted exactly what's happening today you

  1. White people are only group of people to commit genocide (not in the European Jew sense of the word) in the real sense of the word.

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