Generation OS13: The new culture of resistance

Greetings Citizens, this public service broadcast
is brought to you by Anonymous. In the light of recent events it is clearly,
and by that we mean all of us, are suffering an attack on civil liberties
at an alarming rate. Liberty is a concept of political philosophy
and identifies the condition in which an individual has the right
to act according to his or her own will. I think those bailouts were absolutely required
to save your civilisation, now if you talk about bailouts for everybody else,
you’ve got to say to the people “suck it in and cope buddy, suck it in and cope.” The Global Insurrection against banker occupation, people are angry and they’ve got their pitchforks,
they’ve got their torches. What the governments have done is to turn
from a democracy into an oligarchy, and we’re seeing an oligarchy and in fact
a kleptocracy emerge here. The Governments are not representing
the interests of their constituents. Jamie Dimon said: “Too much is too much,
not all banks are the same, I just think that this constant refrain
…bankers, bankers, bankers….. is just unproductive and unfair,
people should just stop doing that. ” You’ve been caught stealing money from americans,
stealing money from the globe, committing acts of financial terrorism,
in bed with a terrorist….. what do you mean is enough is enough?
Enough is not enough until you are in fricking jail, JAIL, JAIL. I’m sick of Jamie Dimon. Enough is enough
of Jamie Dimon, somebody shut this guy down. Off with their heads A thousand demonstrators chanting killers
in uniform, lobbed firebombs at police. This government minister was stoned by a mob. It all makes perfect economic sense, I’ve
calculated that you need to eat approximately 37 quadrillion twizzlers each, in the next
twelve months to balance the budget. When I was at secondary school in the early
seventies, we were told that we were going to have a three day a week leisure society,
in school, they said computers are going to come,
it will be three days a week work leisure society, sounded pretty good to me. And of course
there has been that money there and those things for us all to do that. Free papers are incredibly powerful means
of communication, I think that’s why we started “Bare Bones” as
a free paper, because we wanted it as a bit of an antidote to all this London Lite, Metro or
the Evening Standard, which are so powerful and across the board completely shit Our show, we make the news, and then we report
the news that we made. Even a newspaper can save you from a bad burn. I think there is a feeling that things are
very bad at the moment, the amount of bands that I have interviewed in the past six months, from
British Sea Power to Zola Jesus to Cold Cave to Liars, all saying quite honestly that they feel there is
sort of an apocalyptic air at the moment, what is going to happen, things feel like there is
something really unpleasant around the corner. I would say they are not mad conspiracy nuts
all these Artists, they are just very troubled by the
state of things and by discussing that in interviews
they are making a point. Does the Government really think they can win that war
if the young people are like “fuck this”, you can’t beat that, you can’t beat us, no.
It’s impossible, there’s no fucking way. All Governments are based upon the cooperation
and submission of the populations that they rule, the dictators are never as strong as
they tell you they are, and the people are never as weak
as they think they are early on. The Power that banks now exert over our affairs,
diminishes the power of democratic government to respond to what would be the real public
interest of its citizens. You must have a leader, because people are
like sheep and they have to be led. I think you know that I am there for you,
and I do care so very, very, very much. Throughout history, many of our heroes have
stood on the wrong side of the law, so to speak… Martin Luther King, or Malcolm X, tons of our so
called heroes when they first stood up and spoke the shit they said was against the law…..
and so we can’t really count on the law makers or the powers that be to see shit
as it should be when it first happens. Economic Dictatorship 97% of money in existence was created by banks
out of nothing, every time a bank makes a loan it creates new money and charges interest
on it. The banks then make securities from this debt,
this is known as a derivative, and allows the banks to create even more money
out of nothing. There’s no rule of law, it’s a kleptocracy.
And they sell poo-poo with each other and that’s the economy, the American economy
is based on selling poo-poo from one bank to another for fees, and then when there is too
much poo-poo in the system they declare bankruptcy and demand a bailout. Which is
like getting a clean pair of underwear, what do they do with a clean underwear? (fart….fart)
Ohh, that’s more American securities, look….look, lets sell these, lets get another billion dollar bonus
(fart) Ohh I just made myself another bonus. That’s what Wall Street is all about, it’s just
selling poo-poo, that’s it, it’s worth nothing. The creation of new money in this way leads
to price inflation in the goods it was created for. This process of money creation is undemocratic and
gives the banks power and wealth they do not deserve. The thing I noticed about house prices, now
in 1979 we made an Lp on our own and we had to borrow a load of money, it probably
cost 700 or 1000 pounds to make an album and press it ourselves. The house next door to
the one we rented was on sale for 3500 pounds and you could get houses for under 2000 pounds,
which is proportionally a lot cheaper than it is now, because it still only costs you
1500 or 2000 pounds to make your own album, but houses cost substantially more now. If we can inflate the value of these houses,
and if I can get you to pay me back three times the amount that I’m lending you, I
would much rather lend you half a million than 10’000, because I have you right were
I want you and I have your wife and your girlfriend where I want them, because they are going
to have to work as well, you won’t have one parent being able to support
the family. The systems that are operating currently are
in a state of dissolution, and people need to become aware of that,
to stop living lies, and to start facing up to the horrible bitter truth
that for the last 30 years we’ve been involved in a boom and bust economy that’s got us nowhere
and has failed, and what we have now is a government that no-one
voted for attempting to repair it. You can think of the financial sector as being
wrapped around the real economy, almost like a parasite, and that is why it has
been called parasitic for so long. The financial sector extracts interest from the economy,
the property sector extracts economic rent, as do monopolies. The key thing about parasites is not simply
that they extract nourishment from the host, the parasite takes over the hosts brain to
make it think it’s part of the economy, to make it think it’s part of the hosts
own body, and in fact, that it is almost like a child of the host to be protected. And that
is what the financial sector has done today. The Nationalisation of the banks, doesn’t
follow any of the principles of free market capitalism whatsoever, it’s pure hypocrisy.
So what you are actually looking at is the maintenance of power. What I’m doing is not just a statement in
terms of the lyrics, but I think it is very important to make lyrics
important again and what is written about. So many people were worried about how it was sung,
they were only using music for escapism, and that is what often happens when we are peaking
in terms of wealth as a nation, it happened in the eighties and there was a lot of music
which was about what the musicians wore and that sort of thing, it was very consumerist in that way.
So people forgot that you could use music as a way to express your issues with government,
with society, with whatever, even if it is just talking about your own
little problem. Puppet Regimes None of the parties offers a suitable form
of government, they hope to organise a festival march to the
city of London to demonstrate against the bankers and financiers, who they say,
are the real people who control us. Western Democratic Governments have become
puppets to corporate and banking interests, violently subjugating descent in their own
populations, to maintain a corrupt and inefficient system. Technological progress has been used
not to better peoples lives, but to make a tiny minority extremely wealthy. The City in its own right, the city of London
corporation, which is the local government authority for the city of London, is in itself
a slightly alien political entity in Britain. It is not just another municipal authority,
it has all of its own rules that are very different
from what apply in the rest of Britain Certainly all of the political parties rely
on donations and traditionally that is were the conservatives have got most of their money
from, is from the city. London is a tale of two cities, London has
a mayor, currently boris Johnson and it has a lord Mayor who is sitting in the guild hall.
There have been reformers in the past who have said what we need is one government for
London, we need to expand the city to include the 8 million or so residents and you have
one single London government. The labour party for much of the past century
had a pledge in it’s manifesto to abolish the city of London corporation and merge it
into the rest of London. Tony Blair, as part of his bid for power decreed that that pledge
would be abolished and he made a deal with the city and made a promise to reform it instead,
and that reform ended up being an expansion of the corporate vote. It’s a totally bizarre story, I mean how many people in Britain really know
about this. What is sir Tony going to do if JP Morgan
goes bust? He’s a surreptitiously stealing money from
people kind of a Sir. Well of course, because he consults for JP Morgan,
at 2 Million Dollars a year and that goes back to the exit plan for the politically corrupt class,
in the UK they are allowed to walk out of downing street, walk across the street, walk into JP Morgan and say
give me 2 million dollars a year. People are becoming informed, and then at
the same time people like Julian Assange are threatening to really fucking inform us about
what is going on. And there is a reaction, there is a response to that information, once
people know, once people learn, then it becomes inevitable that people have to move and grow and change
accordingly. Technology is extremely empowering and the thing is they can’t control it,
because these kids were like born OS13. It’s beyond their control, and it’s always been
like that, that’s nothing new that’s how hip hop came to be, that’s how
so many things have come about. Tax Dodgers Something that has come up lot, is that these
cuts have to happen that they are an unhappy truth. They’re necessary, but they’ll be done fairly,
everyone will be hurt just the same, which just isn’t true. There’s 25 billion that
could be taken in by tax to cut the deficit, which isn’t either because of people avoiding tax
through illegal means or through exploiting tax loopholes. In 2005 Philipp Green, the owner of Topshop,
paid himself 1.2 billion pounds, but because his business is held in his wife’s name and can be channeled through lots of offshore accounts,
he escapes paying 300 million pounds in Tax. Settle down, Settle down, everybody settle
down, now one thing we forgot when we came in, what did we forget class? We did not take
the register, so Jenkins, Jenkins, Jenkins. Very good, now hands up anybody who isn’t
here. And there is what some of us call the Philipp
Green defence, which is no tax was avoided because no tax was due, but what he doesn’t
say, was “that no tax was due because I put a lot of work into making sure that no tax
was due”. UK Uncut was a new phase for me, it was something
that kind of exploded onto the streets which is absolutely fantastic. We are just at a
very early stage of a process, and UK Uncut is looking at one particular aspect of
this system which is corporate tax avoidance, which is a very important part of it, but what is
really out there is something that is much bigger than that
and much more all encompassing. Tax Havens Tax Havens have been completely under the
radar for such a long time, partly because there has been this perception that these
are just places for a few Mafiosi, and celebrity tax dodgers and a few spivs. The fact is,
that these are now the heart of the global economy, the figures are absolutely staggering, half of
world trade in a way passes through tax havens. Britain has a particular role in this global
offshore system, there is no dispute really that Britain is responsible for about half
of the tax havens in the world, and Britain is a Tax Haven in its own right.
Every multinational Corporation these days will have offshore subsidiaries that they
will use for various reasons, cutting down on their tax bills is usually top of the reasons.
Recently the mail on Sunday did a great little investigation about how many offshore subsidiaries
the UK banks have and the top three, Lloyds, Barclays and RBS had 550 Offshore Subsidiaries,
it’s always the banks, the banks are right in there, this is the heart of the financial
system. Governments of OECD countries have found themselves
curiously reluctant to crack down properly on tax havens and when you look at the amount
of illicit money coming in under the table, it is hardly surprising it’s been so difficult
to crack down. I think now that there are a lot more people
talking about how rotten this system is, a lot more people are feeling uncomfortable
in these jobs, so I am hopeful that there will be a lot more revelations and people
coming forwards to explain what the system really looks like. Debt Based Monetary System Digital Money which makes up 97% of the money supply
comes into circulation as the result of bank loans, when these loans are repaid the money supply
shrinks, in order to effectively maintain the illusion of growth total bank
created debt must forever increase. If governments are unwilling to go further into debt,
someone else, such as students, must take on more debt to supply the economy with its medium of exchange. This is the way the debt based
monetary system is designed. If you’re leaving university with a 30 or
40 thousand pound debt, you have only one choice, which is to get a job straight away. You don’t
have the luxury of taking a year or two off to freak out and to carry on your
music project that you were doing or to do an unpaid job that maybe in the long run is
going to be a more interesting life for you. With that scale of debt, it’s total control
and that is the really frightening thing. Governments are actively promoting a system
which needs ever increasing debt, whilst at the same time pretending, that debt needs
to be reduced, in fact they are just shifting the debt burden. Banks should not have the
power to create the medium of exchange. I lived in a village and nearly everyone who
lived on my street worked in offices out of town and they all had houses that were bought
on mortgages and cars that were bought on loans, and that was the dream, you can become middle class
as long as you can sign the right papers. And that is really how the power is
maintained, by keeping people in a level of debt, in a deficit, at a disadvantage. They’re talking about instituting one hundred
trillion dollars of new debt, that’s one hundred trillion dollars of worthless cocktail
napkins with smeared lipstick that sais 100 trillion dollars on it, exchanged amongst
corrupt bankers for fees, to pay for these godforsaken overpriced hookers. A lot of the time it seems that politics in
this country hasn’t changed for hundreds of years. Where is the line? What is the point where
it is ok to have violent protest? I watched “V for Vendetta” yesterday, and at the
end of “V for Vendetta” at the end of the main credits, the song comes on, it’s a protest song,
at the beginning of it there’s this quote that sais “How dare you tell somebody to have a non-
violent protest, when you’re being violent towards them”. And I find that really, really interesting and I
think that there is a place for people to be violent….. I went on the biggest march this country has
ever had which was against the Iraq war and that was the point where I though, Fuck it.
I actually feel helpless, I feel like a baby living in this country,
that can do nothing. I think it’s funny how they interpret violence,
violence apparently no longer means a human being harming a human being, it means
vandalising property. So a trashed treasury window is much worse than Alfie Meadows being left with brain
damage, as a result of police induced head injuries. Or Jodie McIntyre being humiliated
and pulled out of his wheel chair. I think the media has some pretty skewed values
in terms of what constitutes violence. Silver Liberation Army. Men the Enemy has
asked for it, let him have it, seek no quarter nor give any beyond reason, be firm, be just,
and God speed you all. Stop. If you’re in the airport, stop. Listen
to me right now, buy silver and crash JP Morgan. And this is how you take down a giant, you
find that vulnerability, you go in there hard, in JP Morgan’s case they’re short silver,
that’s their vulnerability, you hit them there really hard and they will go down like
a sack of beeeeep. That’s the only way, you have to think of them like a vampire and
you have to drive that silver stake through their heart, they’re short billions of contracts
of silver, their balance sheet is at risk, the more silver you take off the balance sheet
the greater the probability they’ll go bankrupt and then we’re down one terrorist in the
world, you’ve got to do it. This then is the enemy, primitive, murderous
and fanatical, this war machine, this empire can be beaten. But let us make no mistake,
for total victory we must make total sacrifice. And Blast. It’s still early in the game for Jamie Dimon,
he may go the way of Jimmy Cayne. Flat fricking broke. Suck it in and cope buddy, suck it in and
cope. Our politicians are afraid, of you of me of
the ordinary people, they’re afraid of us. Wherever they are hiding, we’re going to
find them, and we are going to root them out, we’re going to smoke them out, and we’re going to
drive a silver and gold spike through their hearts, until they can’t breath another
FIAT currency breath. Something like 2% of the worlds population
have ultimate control over the money, which controls my life, your life, everybody’s
life. If that money was in our hands instead of their hands, then in fact the world would
be a much more happy place. They’ve shut down the banks, and now they’re
looking for those bankers, and they’re going to string them up by their
thumbs, and they’re going to beat them to within an inch of their life. I think that making you suffer enough will
ease some of my pain. Turning reality into fiction, and fiction into reality. Off with their heads.

  1. Cassieburk123………….about what violence do you speak? Taking down a website is not violence; it is called 'peaceful, non-passive resistance.' Shooting and pepperspraying and attacking protesters is violence.

  2. @cassieburke123
    I understand the frustration…
    But better yet, wait until I'm death before trying to change all this.
    I'd appreciate to live just a simple retirement as foreseen.
    Then, in some 25 years, beat the sh*t out these guys, Ok?

    Hum?… 🙂

  3. @totalammnesy There are more intelligent ways to go about it. I'm helping by signing petitions, spreading the word, to get new legislation put in as a base for change. The gov. can take these guys out in an instant if it gets bad enough. Wouldn't you rather see the Supreme Court ruling overturned that made Corp. citizens? And get the money out of politics? Those are the two roots to the problems that has changed the course. Only when that is done can we begin again.

  4. We will not be divided like they are hoping. Lsten to each other for solutions. Stay united and the answers will come.

  5. OK ish doc. Doesn't really have a solution to the issues addressed which seems to undermine their own arguement or something or stuff.

  6. @888Lutz wow. Troll much? TYT is awesome, but not a good source for knowledge outside of the mainstream. Yes, liberals can be mainstream too, hipster-lutz.

  7. This film definitely has some good things to say but what makes me nervous is how much 'anonymous' is advocating a violent approach. The only reason the Occupy Movement is continuing to make an impact and gain support is precisely because it is organized and peaceful. If it turns violent we should all know by now that the media will run with it and will twist it so that the general population can once again dismiss a legitimate movement as a bunch of left-wing nutjobs. Keep it peaceful.

  8. could've done with out all of the shit british music and actually interview young people that do revolutionary art / music whatever. cool music video though. oh also, ditch the dumb guy fawkes masks. v for vendetta wasn't that good. other than that, this is fucking great.

  9. Thoroughly riveting. A total paradigm shift. It''s ok to be angry. It's ok to defend yourself and your people. Anon is NOT EVER going away! Get used to it, bitches!

  10. For the love of christ… don't focus on he hipsters sheeple. focus on the fact that police are beating the protesters based on the fact that there protesting something. Im not really for the protesting cause but I do support the factor of the protesting. its a right of any american to protest a system that works against you. if you don't under stand that, in the words of Pink Floyd 'youre just another brick in the wall.'

  11. The problem with socialism is, eventually, you run out of other people's money.. Boy it was sure cold out last night. Glad I was occupying my nice warm house and not wall street. LOL

  12. @devid1969 You are a perfect example of a tool and a mindless sheep,brainwashed by the System today.
    I have a job i been working since i was 17 years old,you know what i got from it ?Fucked up back and knees i can barely walk normally and im 27 years old.
    I used to work for 20 hours straight and what i got to show from all that work ? Fucking nothing i cant even buy myself a one room apartment.
    That is not the world i want for my kids or anyone else.
    You and ppl like you make me SICK!.

  13. @urbanterror59 watch the documentary The Zeitgeist Moving Foward (you can watch it on youtube) and go to the The venus project .com

  14. @Ranyilliams2 right on not only this but lets look at the language used :
    anarchist – one who is self sovereign –
    hippy – one who is non violent – open minded- and eager to contribute and work when the game is set to be sane and rational, refusing to harm –
    therefore hippy anarchist = patriot
    Cowboy anarchist = terrorist. you can't use a game to nail – eat your food – you can't use it for fuck all most anything. a hippi anarchist is a pacifist. an anarchist is a patriot,

  15. remember that there aren't terrorists if there are hippies, if the middle east was hippies there wouldn't be al qaida or enemies. hippies bring world wide peace. they stand up 1 million against 40 so that you get tried of harming them, they could tear you limb from limb but they aren't like YOU they don't want to hurt innocent people. hippies are the way to world peace they work – but hard work is only to nourish capitalists – and they are thieves. the work day can = < 15 hours a week easy .

  16. this is all capitalism is = i give you 4 for every 4000 you give me. that is all capitalism is. its starvation. someone died of hunger while you read this. the OWS are patriots of the highest order unfortunately i am smarter than most of them they should listen to me more. capitalism is cannablism and satanism nothing more.

  17. and all your arguing – those adversaries – all it amounts to is telling the wright brothers to get off the pipe, man cannot fly. bullshit.

  18. @kazbh89 Crony capitalism (or corporatocracy to be more exact) is the natural evolution of capitalism. If you don't get that you don't understand the basis of capitalism: maximizing your profits. Controlling the governement, courts & media is naturally the most efficient way. See, ultimately, capitalism and communism are mere variations of the corrupt culture of exploiting our fellow man and our habitat. Time to leave it where it belongs: on history's smelly garbage heap.

  19. @Blexieblexie ok, so crony capitalism and communism are both eventual failures. You have identified the problem, and mention leaving them in some garbage can named "history", but yet you fail to mention a solution. Make a comment or two about what to put in place of these relics of the past, thanks.

  20. @Blexieblexie You're wrong, the basis of capitalism is actually free trade / free market. If there weren't so many regulations and laws about what people can and can't do and the government stayed out of trying to control everything there wouldn't be so much concentration of wealth as there is today. The problem isn't capitalism, the problem is that what we see today is pseudo-capitalism which in so many ways is more like communism than capitalism and becoming more and more that way every day.

  21. @oneagleswings seriously communism? no offense, but you are soooo soooo living on a different planet, there is no communism happening in the u.s. at all.the economic structures are completely night and day.

  22. @216Dead yeah I'm soooo sooo living on a different planet, that's why our government is trying to make sure everyone has healthcare whether they actually want or need it or not. That's also the reason we have a welfare state with so many people relying on the government for food, jobs, money for college, etc, etc. All of which is extremely socialistic / communistic. If that's not happening on your planet, please let me know where you live so I can move there.

  23. "the problem is, really dumb people, they get a say in everything too. And theyre subject to a lot of tricks-theyre subject to nationalism, theyre subject to these kind of ridiculous "rah rah rah America" speeches that dont say jackshit. They cant help it, they're dumb, they don't know they're being bullshitted. They grew up around dumb people, they go to work with dumb people, there's no one in their family that's interesting or asks any questions at all, and they just get sucked right into it"

  24. Don't want to look radical here, but the governments and authorities don't even know what they are against. Young people are way stronger then you think, just make a reason for them to act and you'll regret everything you said. First they will start attacking police with melee, then you'll make them use real guns. 😉

  25. To all of you that don't understand I got two things that I want to share with you. Firstly, it's a global class struggle and secondly, watch the "Inside Job". If you still don't get what is going on then we belong to diferrent social class and you are part of my problem.

  26. I'm very happy with the new generation of brave youngsters.
    Good luck and stay strong!
    Thank you all!
    – The Netherlands

  27. anarchism is the only way to be equal and free. it would be the biggest loss of humans if they will always stay under fuckin goverments who use us and our work for own profit

  28. @1693bibs We are working on adding European Language subtitles, Italian, German and French possible in the next 3-6mths.

  29. Dunno man, not gonna take expertise from some full of themselves artists and youngsters fueled by good old fashioned youngster attitude against the system – a system nobody in the world quite understands: not me, not you, not them and not the guys in governments and private organizations. All of this mob mentality is rooted in very abstract agendas, it's kind of hard to see what constructiveness it offers to the table. It's okay to be fed up with the system, but it requires more than violence.

  30. The background music is very disturbing and not necessary to highlight the content, which is heavy enough by itself…..

  31. Very poor documentary, especially when compared to other documentaries that deal with this topic. Most things are not connected as they should be, and its very hard to understand the people that say something (poor audio). Poor choice of interviewees (pot heads, washed up musicians…)
    Big disappointment

  32. Suggestions for change at end of 2nd Presidential Speech re new PEOPLES PARTY of the 99%'ers are armed with an ONLINE CONSTITUTION and a way to take back country for the PEOPLE by the PEOPLE. In the PEOPLE PARTY your vote will count, really.

    2012 Campaign Speech 1 Very Important

    2012 Campaign Speech 2 Very Important

  33. completely agree with you. it's the history of mentalities that have placed the zeitgeist that, as a society, is inmersed with.

  34. The advance revolutionary workers and students of Europe will lead the global socialist revolution .Viva revolution!!! Death to Capitalism

  35. you are so right my friend but you are fighting a almighty power ..when you see that 150.000 have seen this and then see 100.000.000 have watched an xfactor episode it makes you feel sick easy to control the masses these wealthy crooks must laugh all the way to the bank people need to wake up….good luck..

  36. (1) /watch?v=nOO_AVwfZ9Q& and (2) thevenusproject (dot)com/en/the-venus-project/resource-based-economy

  37. An interesting Docu with some valid points made, but its wrong to buy into the left just as others buy into the right. Divid and conquer. We are all the same. El pueblo unido jamás será vencido

  38. Remind me to check the comments before I strain to hear something… I was just about to ask for a transcript. YouTube cc usually sucks, so thank you for your effort! I'll make sure it doesn't go to waste. Keep on fighting. Our numbers are always growing.

    If anyone feels like they're losing heart, feel free to message me. We need each other to win this. It's all worth it..

  39. We've had all this stuff for years see ZITGEIST nuthin can be done about it unless we all revolt whose gonna do that ? NOBODY

  40. nobody can have a comprehensive understanding of the inner working of this incredibly complex society, but what constructive reasons do you have to belittle the collective expression of frustration displayed in these movements. combined within these movements are a diverse set of motivations from a varied demographic and represents collaboration and solidarity between different groups against what is seen as the common enemy. critique is important but often leads to immobility and fragmentation.

  41. The guy at 8:00 is a fucking idiot. People like him make the legitimate cause look ridiculous. He looks like he snorts coke 24/7 and jacks off while browsing InfoWars. I wish people like him would get the fuck out of the conversation. We need intelligent, well spoken people willing to sacrifice their lives for this cause. Not idiots babbling about "poo poo" on tv.

  42. "you want to be somebody," herein lies the irony of any sort of "goal" "anonymous" claims to wish to accomplish. it's all self serving. it’s time to stop pretending anything means anything, and that anyone anywhere knows what’s going on. people are not like sheep, they are like people: fractured, confused, impossible, etc. what i’m saying is, i guess, is that this is corny, sophomoric, thinly disguised egocentrism.

  43. 0:10  I deserve LIBERTY from YOUR gang who HACKED and KEYLOGGED me.  DON'T talk about LIBERTY, when you stole MINE!!!  And also my Constitutional right to PRIVACY!!  So stop with the lies and deception when YOU'RE the ones censoring and violating peoples' rights!  Would love to hear from you about this…  Stand UP and be a man and answer me because I'm puzzled by all this…

  44. Europeans are socialists. Why protest them for avoiding tax? Government doesn't need to tax because the debt money system is fake anyway. Government shouldn't even be involved in the economy by taxing. A 0% corporate tax in the United States or for any economy would be most ideal. I'm scared the people who will assume some of the western governments when they collapse will be commies and people who don't understand the need for free-market capitalism.  

  45. The financial system and the economy are dominated by just one family: the Rothschild. It owns 700'000 billion dollars or 700 trillion dollars (that's more than half of the world's wealth), it founded both sides of each war since 1800 and it owns all central banks save those of North Korea, Iran and Cuba. Its evilness is beyond what you could ever imagine. 
    In the future Baha'i World Civilization that no power on earth can prevent from emerging there is no place for evil, only the well-intentioned, honest and loving human beings will
    thrive, neither is there any place for extremes of wealth and poverty.
    Society's structure will be changed so that society does not breed any evil
    persons anymore, save a tiny number that won't get any power, unlike today,
    where society allows many evil people to flourish. The change won't come
    through force, the heart of man has to change, a new race of men has to evolve.
    That's why the worldwide Baha'i community is involved in a collective learning
    endeavour called Ruhi with the goal of effecting personal and social
    transformation. Baha'u'llah is ushering in a civilization that will not be
    followed by darkness. That's a first in the entire history of humanity. Babes
    born in the future Baha'i Civilization will be more erudite and knowledgeable
    than today's most advanced wise men. The future Baha'i Civilization will also
    be the first really universal civilization in the history of humankind.

  46. It's all about buying just enough of the right people.
    The right politicians, the right media talking heads, the right CIA directors, the right coppers and mercenaries.

    George Carlin had it right… "It's a Big Club… and you're not in it!"

  47. Watch the trailer to our new documentary "The Spider's Web: Britain's Second Empire"

  48. I love the father Ted placards ("Down with this sort of thing", "The money was just resting in my account")
    Protest at its best

  49. Prophets Muhammad told if in the ends world, around the world will use dirham (silver) and dinar (gold) as a true money again. Look Libya went Gaddafi still leads, no interest. He just want sold oil for gold, that is why he is taken down by NATO. Cause dirham and dinar more fair and stable.

  50. 16:25 Yes they can control it. Article 13 just passed in the EU parliament. It's the key to destroying freedom of speech in Europe, and it will have a massive cascade effect across the globe.

  51. Can't help but wonder if Saul Williams might feel differently about the unassailable power of youth now that young people are the ones embracing corporatocracy, even cheering along as their biggest poster child for social justice shills for Nike; perhaps Mr Williams will live long enough to see himself become a villain….

  52. I ame old and gray,a grey phanter, been around the block a few times, young people resist this bullshit system , just do not play their game,avoid loans, do not buy what you can not afford, pay cash.I could go on and on, but the moast important thing is, think for yourselves, get information, because knowlege is power.

  53. I feel that we lack "resistance." Too many people subscribe to the status quo and only a handful try to find ways to break away. Minimalism, off-gridders, schoolies, van-lifers, preppers and others – all have some way to cope with either impending doom or simply not living the recommended life of consumption, debt and constant uncertainty and struggle.

  54. This is what bankers have done…..destroyed humanity. They did it with the help of the British Royals, Rothschilds and American bankers.
    It’s time for the people to take control of the world again. These fat wankers in suits are telling police to smack down the citizens.
    I wonder what the Police think inside their own heads. The people might be their brothers, sisters or kids. Sometimes a gun is the best solution.
    Eliminating the Rothschilds, Soros and the Morgan’s, Rockerfellas, Warbergs etc. These stinking assholes have gained power and position and are addicted to it. Just shoot them and let the people live again.

  55. When a politician speaks you know for sure it’s all lies. No politician has empathy, or compassion for his common man. They just line their pockets with stolen money. This is the problem. Solve the problem

  56. Historically revolution is successful when the police/military change sides, for example when the Cossacks refused to charge the bread rioters the Czar abdicated in a railway sideing he didn’t even make it back to St. Petersburg

  57. Tax should be decreased for rich and poor, and let the banks need to fail FAIL. I never understand the poor protesting the rich to be taxed. it should be a protest of austerity and over taxing. Bail outs but no bank ever bails in the people when they get back on top, instead they try to take more from the people that bailed out their system and our governments support them by looking to tax the rich and the poor of a targeted country, like Greece or Ireland

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