1. Check out the Corbett Report's documentary about big oil. It has all the big players in banking and oil in it.

  2. The JBS is a Jewish protection organization. MAKE NO MISTAKE
    It is factually IMPOSSIBLE to discuss communism/socialism in ANY way whatsoever without ever mentioning the CREATION/FINANCING/SUBVERSION & COVER-UP by JEWS or their hirelings at the very center of communism. MARX WAS A JEW for fu^k sake!! Until you set yourself free from your OWN mental prison, you will NEVER understand communism or the extent to which AMERICA has been OVERTHROWN.

  3. Please read `the specter of communism is ruling this world'.

    This explains things in great detail how communism is taking over the west. It is undeniable and well explained.

  4. Good material. Allen was a trail blazer in 1972… perhaps responsible for letting the Rothschild cat out of the bag, which might very well explain his early demise at 50 years of age. Years ahead of The New World Order becoming publicly discussed, many "earth people" thought him to be a kook! Having read his "None Dare Call It Conspiracy" in the early 1970s, I, too, thought that what he was reporting couldn't possibly be true. Little did any of us know that he was merely scratching the surface. Oh, well…..

  5. OMG I just take a look at Wikipedia and it says that Mr Gary Allen died in 1986…at the age of ONLY 50 !!! Damn it's so young to die. they don't talk about the reason of his death indeed.

  6. So a redical is a CIA invention that inhabits the highest offices in the land and are beyond justice beyond good and evil ?

  7. None Dare Call It Conspiracy is an excellent book:

  8. I notice alot of people have not even bothered to view this, which just shows you how easily people are captured by the psychology of trusting too much in power and authority not being immune to corruption.

  9. He is very close to understanding the nature of the conspiracy though he is mistaken on a few points especially regarding money. The flow of money is not due to government printing money which it doesn't do. Government issues interest-bearing bonds, which the Fed Res buys and then prints money. This puts the government immediately into a debt with the Fed which it cannot repay with the money printed. Inflation is the product of the government having to issue more interest-bearing bonds to print more money so they can pay the interest on the previous bonds issued. This is his cookie analogy. The fluidity of money in the economy is controlled by the Fed. If it pulls back and dams the flow a depression will happen, if they release the flow of money and make it plentiful a booming economy occurs. What the Fed does is create a booming economy and people in such an economy get loans because they have so much money, then the Fed chokes the flow of money making it hard for the borrower to repay the loan enabling the bank to take possession. This is not government as he insists. this is the Fed Res, owned by the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Morgan, Carnegie etc.
    Another important point that he overlooked that needs mentioning is that while the Fabians were Eugenicists as were the Rockefellers, Rothschilds and other global elitists such as Prince Phillip and Prince Bernhard and Hitler. The question that people concerned with the one world government is; why are these capitalists funding what is supposed to be socialism? The wolf in sheeps clothing?

  10. Where he falls short on the cookie analogy is if there is someone to bake more cookies and the resources exist to back the cookies, then no issue with inflation.

    If however, someone else has put in an order for cookies too, meaning the cook & resources are allocated already, then you have a problem.

    Money is only meant to circulate against the existence of goods & services available. So it comes down to production, what can be produced, what is the demand for that & is their a surplus of production that meets any future demand.

    The futures market can be the biggest problem because as in it's name, it's about buying contracts of goods for future delivery. This means the goods don't exist yet or are not ready.. Lots can happening in that time, so speculators buy the contracts, banking on the increase in demand for the goods, against the supply of those goods.

    They then sell it to a real buyer, who intends to have delivery of the goods.

    If you have unemployment, then you have surplus of labour, this is a resource that can be used to meet issues of shortage in production. Either producing more goods or building infrastructure that leads to the ability to produce, deliver, supply goods.

    If you have this labour employed doing nonsense work, but paid enough that when a real productive business needs labour, but can't get it because they can't match your wages, then again, we have issues.

    Having an available labour is needed, but it does no good having them sit idle, hence the government is in the best position to identify projects that need doing, that can be increased or reduced in labour numbers, depending on the demands on non-government.

    If they have say 1 million unemployed and use them to build some bridges, roads or rail. There would be an estimated time of completion based in having 1 million people doing the work. If the economy picks up & people apply for other work, reducing the number to half, then all that happens is it takes longer to build these projects, which were not being built anyway, if it wasn't for a government program to utilize them.

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