Gallup Poll: 40% in USA Now Support Socialism, Super-Majority of Democrats

  1. 1-Its just a poll…since when do you trust polls, 2016 should have been a lesson 2-That being saidits amazing how far democrats can push their agenda(s) when not even in power…something is flawed somewhere 3-Makes you think about those videos all clamoring and being happy about the right's forays into the EU parliament…really, like everything will change overnight…suuuure.

  2. Of course the more minorities the more the country will desire hand outs. People with an avg iq 85 can't afford to support themselves.never mind six kids. And there children will be the same , you can't improve iq much with education.
    Libtards have ruined a once great nation , 22 trillion in debt, globalist bush and globalist Obama caused all of it

  3. SOME form of socialism? That could be like paying gas taxes to repair the roads. Let's see the questionnaire and how it's worded.

  4. I would want to see the exact question. Social Security is “some form of socialism.” I suspect a large majority like it, but don’t like how the money was put in the general fund.

    I just have a hard time believing that many people-even on the left-want true socialism. It must be some aspects of it, which is bad enough.

  5. People may support socialism in terms of “free” healthcare and education, but once the tax bill comes, they will reject it.

  6. I would like to believe that America has the most resilient society every created, and that we have antibodies within our Constitution and society to self-correct back to how things were intended to be. One thing is for certain, we are in a bad place right now, and it's getting worse by the day. Our self-repairing, self-correcting DNA is about to be severely tested in the very near future.

  7. How many of the 40% are Women? because Women are natural born socialists, and of course there's always a percentage of weak Men who will allow themselves to be lead around on a leash by their female masters

  8. What this goes back to the Fabian Society of over 100 years ago their whole idea was the heat the world up and remake it in there image that's Rob is socialism globalism crap got started. These people you're complaining about that want more socialism have no clue what the hell socialism is they think it's an even playing field where everybody gets the same opportunities and everybody gets the same outcomes they have no idea that socialism is what brought Cuba down Venezuela down Russia down will eventually bring China down the only reason it hasn't is because of their leeching off capitalism it always fails it will always fail and it is not an equal amount of anything we know what floats and that is exactly what happens in socialism and everything else seems to the bottom socialist never see themselves as the bodies in the ditch they always see themselves as the body in the castle

  9. The best way to stop the influx of illegal aliens is to become a socialist country. Its not socialism they want, they are fleeing from it. So stop the illegals from coming by becoming socialist!

  10. They look at Bernie's Firehouse Socialism analogy… Except only 4 out of 100 people volunteer for the Firehouse duty in our town.

  11. gen z is the most conservative generaton ever because they follow the most screeching over the top leftist generation ever ..

  12. people don't believe any poll ….they ask a few people questions and that's supposed to represent the whole country … way …..

  13. we have had so much socialism since FDR. read your history books. see where money is spent. but we are rich enough to help others. SS is socialism. Medicare and and Medicade are socialism. Free education is socialism. but some want to take it beyond that. that is the big problem. they want to get to a point where they want to take over the businesses etc that have let us fund SS and Medicare etc. and when that has all dried up, it will turn to Venezuela. That is the difference.

  14. If you believe in Socialism on this memorial day why don’t you just go P on a veterans graves I’m a disabled vet and you people make me sick who believe in Socialism

  15. "the problem with socialism is eventually you run out of other people's money" – margaret "iron lady" thatcher

  16. Socialism is great as long as the other guy has money! Why do you think the USSR fell? China is Socialist in name only. There is no incentive to work, it’s great if you want to have everything given to you but remember, someone has to work and make the things you’re given.

  17. Well lets see why;
    1) Schools are overpopulated with either lefites or socialists, and republicans do not care to combat the issue.
    2) When lefties are arguing for socialism, they say that it is the only moral system, and in return they only get two arguments a) Look at other countries b) Look at all the good stuff Capitalism brings.
    3) Lefties easily answer the arguments by stating that a) We will make a true socialism as other countries were not true as socialism advocates for good stuff b) who cares what capitalism brings when its immoral.
    I have yet to hear anyone arguing that socialism is immoral at its very core, as it promotes stealing from other people through government.
    4) If someone is arguing morals with you, why would you ever think that "good stuff" will counter a moral argument ? Bring the right arguments forth and combat the school problem already, or we will lose the country completely.

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