Galaxy S10 / S10+: Keep Your Phone Unlocked When It's Nearby Trusted Devices

how to keep your phone unlock when it is nearby other trusted devices under Samsung Galaxy S 10 s 10 a or the STM plus now first tap on the HOME key to go back to your home swing then swipe down and tap on the Settings icon next up on lock screen then tap on smart lock next you need to put your phone P no password and then tap on trusted devices next tap on add trustees devices and then here for example it detects one of the device we can choose the one that wanted to be on before we can actually add ok now I'm going to try to use another phone this is a google pixel so I'm just going to turn on bluetooth from this one here and I'll say Payoneer device and on this test in here I'm going to pair to another device so pixel XL I will to add on end I'm going to pair it to this two devices here I says could not connect I'll give it another try so still saying cannot connect so we're given our try here so this in a turn bluetooth on off so try again this one here you see if we compared so there is have got tap on a pair or the okay button so this two device is now paired and I'll go back here and I will tap at trustus device and I choose pixel XL so they cannot device my show the Bluetooth device pixel is on and close enough to connect to this device so I keep on I'll try go down to bluetooth and then I'll see what's going on so I tap on that one there so lassies seem to be pairing okay so this is useful into the sense we don't need that so we try again so I'm just going to go back in here smart lock then I think upon trusted device then I added in tap on at choices device and I choose that one there so they need to be close enough and this is pretty close already it is paired the Bluetooth is on so I try again so since we're having issues with another device right here I just wanna loud connect so try again so now it works finally it works and I tell yes ad so that's connected as you can see it's not straight forwards so I have to do a few things that to get it working so now side both devices is connected then I could add it to the trust device now so I'm somehow some the phone will stay in lock us as it is her nearby device thing is say your devices in lock because it is near to one of this trisys device so you can see the difficulties of connecting the two devices together this is a google pixel and this is Samsung they are different brand but it still work so basically I trying to lock my phone here and I'll unlock it and I still can't get in without having to put in my pin and password and that's it thank you for watching this video please subscribe to my channel for more videos

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