Galaxy S10 / S10+: How to Turn Off Send Diagnostic Data

Hachette enough sin diagnostic data and receiving marketing information on your Samsung Galaxy S 10 instant is 10 plus so first tab on the home keys you go back to your home screen then swipe down and on the Settings icon then tap on biometrics and security go the way down and go to the privacy section and turn on sin Diagnostics data switch to turn off so you can just deselect these items here and turn on OK and now it is switched off also to tower to turn off receive marketing information we're just gonna tap on that and to turn off now by default this information is turn on so we can just simply switch it off I don't know why it's turn on by default it should be turn off as we do not want our data you sent to someone else by default unless we know about it and that's it finally you can tap on the HOME key to go back to your home screen thank you for watching this video please subscribe to my channel for more videos

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