Galaxy S10 / S10+: How to Install Ad Blockers to Block Ads

in this video we will take a look at how you can install ad blockers to block ads on your Samsung Galaxy S 10 estany or the s 10 plus so while browsing internet you make love that here's how you can block them first tap on the HOME key to go back to your home screen then tap on the internet icon to launch the internet app from here tap on the Menu key at the bottom and tap on add blockers at the moment I don't have anything installed so from the suggested list here you can choose what after ad blockers the you want to use a block so I find softer popular ones and the one that works really well are these two here see you can install adblock plus for Samsung and then tap on install then you can also tap any other one that you want to install so you can install multiple app blockers right now so it's downloading the blockers so we just wait for that you're finished after it's downloading it will try to install and the phone as you can see and that's done so at the top here is the install so I got to install the moment and told him enabled and once it is installed that's it you don't have to do anything else whenever there is ads or any power ads it will auto money blog and show you how many ads is being blocked right here and I said thank you for watching this video please subscribe to my channel for more videos


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